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Name:Tsuyoshi ( su-yo-shi)
Gender: male
Beyblade: Electrode Watersnake WPCH65 (Water Producer Change Height 65-1000 ) EMFWD (Eternal Metal Floating Wide Defense)
Special move:Flooding Fury
Bottom feature: Best Balance Bottom when the wpch65 activates, emfwd changes into float mode, then the bottom's metal goes to the metal wheel and the bottom is left plastic while it has epic balance 0 percent recoil. when the other bey is beaten, the metal wheel transfers the metal to the bottom.

P.S ur story is eppic!!!

thank you But i only accept beys under real constellations so when posting a character with a made-up bey please specify its constellation for instance all of the spirit beys (with the exeption of kitsune who is under the constellation vulpecula) are under former constellations Ill put your bey under the constellation Eridanus the river

i forgot 2 mention this is under the constellation of hydra

Can you simplify this a little bit the bey is alittle......over fantasized as far as parts go but its a good Idea please re submit your bey with some dif parts I like the water producer but can its change hieght be a little less dramatic
chapter 11
I woke up in what seemed to be a metal room, but I quickly realized that I was in a prison cell. There was a faint glow coming from a light above. I ran over to the bars and grabbed them but they released an electric charge so powerful that I fell back. "I wouldn't try that again" said Cynthia in a teasing voice. "what do you want" I replied. "Oh nothing it's master Gen who wants you" she said back. "Where's Hotaru and Christian!" I shouted. "I don't like your tone of voice" she said in a mean tone. "I don't care where are my friends!" I yelled. "Ok if thats how you wanna be." Then she reached over to the wall and grabbed a silver rod with a black rubber handle and jabbed me with it, it released an electric charge into my body and I felt pain throughout my entire body. I wanted to scream but I clenched my jaw shut, I didn't want to give Cynthia the satisfaction. "If you must know your friends ran off, but we sent some guards after them but seeing as they are of no use to us their probably dead" she said casually. "Why didn't you just kill me" I asked. I wanted to throw up at the thought that my friends might be dead. "Because if we kill you then your bey will disappear and we want to experiment with it a little bit first." She said. "Its a shame your gonna die soon you had such a cute face" she said. I reached for kitsune only to find that it wasn't there. "We wouldn't want you escaping would we now" she said holding a glass case containing Rage Kitsune UW145CS. With that she set the case on the table she was sitting on and walked off leaving me alone. I sat in my prison cell waiting for the worst, the strange thing was, I wasn't even afraid of dying in fact I was accepting my death. I sat there for what felt like hours. Then I heard a noise coming from my cell door I looked up to see a red headed girl and two other people.
"who are you" I asked. "Were the resistance and were here to break you out." she replied. She then reached for the silver rod and jabbed it onto the bars before me they released a flash of electricity and then they suddenly died. "Oh yeah my name is Kotori and this is Nii and Akiko." she said pointing to a neon blue haired boy and a blond girl with glasses. "Akiko try to open up his cell." commanded Kotori. Akiko ran over to a computer and began to to tap away at the keyboard mumbling to herself." I got it!" she yelled, and after pressing the enter key my cell doors opened. As soon as my cell had opened I ran over to my bey and broke open the glass case. "Lets get out of here" said Kotori. As we ran we passed a room that had a holographic display of a map with 4 dots on it. "These are the spirit bladers we haven't found yet." muttered Gen staring at the map. I saw that there was one person in Australia, France, America, and Canada. These were some of the worlds major bey blading countries.
I continued to run along with Kotori and her gang. We managed to leave the building but we set off an alarm. The guards instantly began running after us but we quicly lost them in an alley. "Who are you guys!?" I shouted. "Quiet and we'll answer your questions later." she replied. Then she seemed to be searching around the bricks. "Ah there it is" she said then she pressed a brick and the bricks opened up into a high-tech elevator I stepped inside and we began our decent.
End of chapter 11 part 1
Yes! Nii is in! Thank you!
Hey bladers Ive decided that you can start sending in designs for the rip wheel I messed up Noctua's energy ring so it will be a while before the winner of the contest gets Noctua but its gonna be awesome I hope that you guys send in some awesome designs.
awesome story
OK Horologium here I took out the change height
beyEeelectrode Watersnake WP135 EMFWD
moveEeelectric Field (As you know, in science water conducts electricity so when the track creates water, the bey transforms into electricity then comes back up delivering a fierce smash attack!)
Other:When Watersnake's track produces water, watersnake attacks like its special move, but not so destructive.
Horolgium, forget about flooding fury, that kinda sounded a bit cheesy.
Chapter 11 part 2
"Who are you guys?" I asked as we descended to our destination. "Like I said were the resistance" said Kotori. I could tell she wasn't the talkative type. "anyway these are our beys." she said. As if on cue the others also reveiled their beys, Kotori had Ace CraneFT(feather tornado)125ES (under the constellation Grus) Nii had feathered dove DW(donward wing) 145XF, and Akiko had Ray Peafowl. "This is my bey" I said showing them Rage kitsune. With that the elevator stopped apparently we had arrived t our destination. The door openned and what I saw inside was like....I don't know what you would call it exactly a hangout I guess, there was a couch on the far wall with an old fashoned plasma screen television up on the wall (remember this is the year 3025) the most high tech part of the room was the holographic omputer setup in the far right corner. "It's not much but its what we call home" said Kotori as she sat down on the couch feet up on the coffee table. Akiko quickly went over to the computers and went to work on some kind of project, and Nii went to another room through a door, though I decided it was best not to follow him. Then I remembered Hotaru and Christian. "We have to find my friends guys their still out there!" I shouted. "What!" said Kotori in suprise. "You mean you have friends who can help us!" she continued. "Yeah their pretty strong bladers" I said. Without another word she led me to another door. When she opened it it reveiled a stairway. "We can't have those guards discovering the elevator while their out there" she explained. Nii and Akiko followed us up the stairs and out through a door disguised as a cardboard box. We ran around searching for a while I saw what the people of this city truly faced. They sat in the streets most of them and at that moment I decided that I was going to defeat Gen. After awhile we saw two beggars with hoods over their faces. "You wouldn't happen to have any money to spare, would you?" asked one of the beggars. "Ahh sure" I said handing him 10,000 yen from my prize money I still had about 71,000yen left, but I regretted it after seeing the beggars was Christian and Hotaru was the "Beggar" next to him. We took them both back to the home of the resistance but I couldn't help but feel that someoen was following us. We wnet down to the cardboard box and then we went down the stairs to their hangout...or something. "Give it back" I said to Christian. "Give what back" said Christian. "The 10,000 yen you conned out of me!" I shouted. "I have no idea what your talking about" said Christian holding the money in my face. I snatched it from him. "Hey!" he yelled. "My name is Kotori and this is Nii and Akiko" she said pointing to her gang. "Im Hotaru" said Hotaru. "And Im Christian" announced Christian with a smile. Kotori took us through a door while Nii and Akiko followed. "Were going to have to test your skills first." said Kotori. Everybody pulled out their beys. The first match was Akiko vs Christian. I saw that Akiko had a snip launcher with a black launcher grip with blue rubber on the handle. She attached her bey Ray Peafowl to her launcher. I noticed that her glasses seemed to have a see through display on the lenses obviously her glasses also had computer capabilities. Then soon her glasses had two cross hair targets on them and they were taking aim. "Let it rip" they both shouted. When they launched their beys into the stadium Akiko's peafowl struck cyberlibra at just the right angle and shot it out of the stadium, the battle was over before it had begun. Then it was Hotaru vs Nii they both launched in their beys into the stadium Vespa waited in the center of the stadium while Dove rammed it in feirce attack I watched as the an eight wing dove and a wasp fought each other fiercely but Vespa managed to repel Dove's attack and then Vespa countered by using Dove's momentum to shoot up the slope of the stadium and come back down with the force of an attack type but dove quickly dodged the attack. Then came around and struck Vespa and then he drove it up the stadium wall and pushed it out. Nii had won, he called dove back and it flew into his hand. It was my turn but before we could launch our beys into battle, we heard a huge explosion come from the main entryway. When we ran over to see what it was the door blew outward and flew towards Hotaru. Instantly I reacted I dove for Hotaru and pushed her out of the way before the Reinforced steel door crushed her. I looked up to see two bladers standing up in the doorway, one of them walked over and picked up their bey. "Who are you!" shouted Kotori. "I am Renjii and this is my brother Shinjii" Said the boy on the right. The boy called Renjii had black spiky hair with a purple in it and the boy called Shinjii had his hair styled vice versa. They both pulled out their beys Basalt eagle ED145 ETW and Divine Eagle V145AS
End of chapter 11 part 2/3
Sorry for the long chapter its going to be awesome when its finished
I hope you guys like it!
awesome man i cant waqit for the next chapter
So since you waited to post Vampire 123's request, then probably you will do the same for me. AWESOME!!Stupid
(Feb. 24, 2011  12:58 AM)raffy614 Wrote: So since you waited to post Vampire 123's request, then probably you will do the same for me. AWESOME!!Stupid

I will but he won't be a good guy I had an awesome Idea and its gonna be awesome but its gonna be a while before I post him
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I was in a crowd of people I felt the excitement in the room grow, I was at battle bladers year 3025. I watched as my Idol ,Dante, battled his opponent with his bey ,Poison Unicorno 130HF, The beys dashed around wildly throughout the stadium as the beys clashed. The sound of metal scraping against metal only raised the excitement. "Special move" Commanded Dante,
"poison horn strike" The bey lit up with a purple energy then the bey rammed its opponent at full speed shooting its opponent out of the ring. Dante Had won the championships, of course I already knew he would, I watched him as he won challenge match after challenge match, his skills were undeniably good. It was my goal to defeat him. as I walked home I thought about the battle and how I could better myself to be able to even qualify for the battle bladers tournament. First I would have to get a better bey I wanted a bey and begged for one day after day, but my dad got me a crappy lightwheel heat gasher, I couldn't even pull of a special move with it!, but my dad said "Show some talent then Ill get you a better bey." I lost every battle Ive ever been in but I never gave up. I saved up my money working at a nearby B-bit, I had my eye on their best attack type bey. The way it shined made me feel pride as a blader. It was then that I ran into them. They were three strong looking people, I could tell they were bladers because they had beys strapped to their belts. Without a word two of the boys held me down "lets see what you've got", said the third as he reached for my bey. he held it and nearly laughed. "Ha, all you've got is this crappy light wheel" then he threw it into the river nearby. "Hey" I shouted, wondering what kind of people robbed an innocent 14 year old boy, seeing as they were clearly much older than me. He raised his fist ready to strike me but then I saw a gleam in the distance and a bey shot out and struck the boy knocking him aside. standing there was my friend Aron. "Hey Nico hows it goin" said Aron. The boy stood up launcher in hand "Why you" He yelled, red faced. he and his friends launched their beys, but they were no match for Aron. In one strike he sent all three beys flying. Then his bey Cyber Aquario WA130R2F flew into his hand. "Im sorry about your bey" said Aron as we walked home. "Its ok it was a crappy bey anyway" I replied even though I felt awful. When I got home I went straight to bed. As soon as I fell asleep I began to dream. I was standing in total darkness with the exception of a single flickering flame in the distance. As it grew closer I saw that it was in the form of a fox. "You are weak" It growled. "Always needing some one to rescue you" it continued I wanted to cry. "I can give you true strength if you can show me the strength you hold within by taming me" I stood up to face the fox and without a word I took on a fighting stance "Ha" the fox looked as if it were smiling. the large fox then took a fighting stance waiting for me to make a move. I was the first to attack with a kick towards its head. the fox easily dodged and struck back. I got back up we fought for what seemed like hours. "Why don't you just give up" said the fox. I stood up I wanted to stay down but I knew I couldn't I was going to win this battle there was none here to rescue me. I jumped up and struck the fox with my fist, the fox fell, hard. It stood up, I took a stance ready to continue fighting. "You have bested me human, I have been looking for someone like you for a long time" the fox then turned into a stream of fire and dove directly into my heart." When I woke up in my hand was the bey Wild Kitsune.

End of chapter 1
by the way I put kitsune under the fox constellation vulpecula

ok story but i really love ur signature its really cool mines WEIRD
ok story but i really love ur signature its really cool mines WEIRD
good enough of a start
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(Feb. 24, 2011  12:58 AM)raffy614 Wrote: So since you waited to post Vampire 123's request, then probably you will do the same for me. AWESOME!!Stupid

I will but he won't be a good guy I had an awesome Idea and its gonna be awesome but its gonna be a while before I post him
That's fine with me as long as he will be used.
Chapter 11 part 3/3
"Battle us!" said both brothers in unison. "We've got this!" shouted Akiko and Nii attaching their beys to their launchers. 3.....2.....1..... "Let it Rip!!!!!!!" The bladers all launched their beys. "Meet me at the rendezvous point" said Kotori to her group. We ran off trying to put some distance between us and those other bladers. we continued running and then someone stepped our way someone that I least wanted to see
(Gen about 30 minutes earlier)
"We need results now!" I yelled. "Im sorry sir but a forced evolution is nearly impossible you have a 10% chance of it succeeding." replied his scientist. "I'll take that chance I need more power!" I replied. I shove Noctua into the hand of the scientist. "Ok I'll do what I can" said the scientist he was nervous. He placed it in the Bey converter System and began typing in multiple passkeys and encryptions I watched as the bey began to radiate a dark energy then a red light flared. "Its overloading! Noctua can't gain anymore power!" shouted the scientist. "Keep going!" I ordered. Then in a flash of Dark energy the pod exploded knocking the scientist and slamming him into the wall. His body crumpled to the floor. I went over and picked up my new bey Malicious Noctua ED145AS

(Back to Nico.) It was Cynthia wih about twelve guards. "Let it Rip!!" shouted the guards as they launched their various beys. "Go Rage Kitsune! I yelled Kamikaze Strike!" My bey shot at its opponents encased in flame, then when it collided created an explosion that blew away the entire group of guards. In the confusion we continued to run. We then stopped in an old abandoned airport. When we arrived we saw that Akiko was standing there crying. "Wheres Nii" commanded Kotaru. "He didn't make it" She said (flashes back.) It looked as though we were going to win my calculations were perfect. I tried to pull up some information on them from the computer in my glasses. They were apparently the tag-team champions, the best on the island of Honshu. I was confused the battle seemed to easy. My Ray Peafowl was easily blocking all of Divine Eagle's attacks while Nii's feathered dove was pushing Basalt Eagle back. Just when we thought we would win, everything went wrong. "Special move!" they both commanded, "Eagle wing formation!" they called out the beys seemed to disappear. Then they reappeared in the air coming down in a wind storm that looked like an eagle, when they came crashing down they released a huge storm of wind. When we looked back we saw our beys were still spinning but had suffered severe damage, I thought it was over but then they released their second special move. "Eagle Claw formation" the beys then moved towards us circling each other and created a whirlwind they soon clashed with our beys and released another storm, which sent feathered dove flying into our generator and exploded. The flames consumed our opponents and when the flames died down they were gone. The buildings began to collapse we ran for the stairs as large chunks of debris began falling. I was almost crushed but Nii pushed me out of the way, and wanted to stay as Nii tried to hold up the boulder but he shouted "Go!" and I ran. I saw as the rest of the base crumbled.(flashes back to the present) She finished her story while staring down at her broken Ray Peafowl. "Im sorry for your loss." I said. "We have to get out of here" said Kotori. Hotaru, Christian, and I followed as Akiko and Kotori opened up a garage. Inside, we saw an old broken down plane. "We've been collecting parts until we finally fixed this baby" she said running over to open the door. "Have you ever flown it before?" I asked "Nope" she replied. We ran inside and we all sat in the old six seater. Kotori began flipping switches as Akiko took the copilots seat. We drove down the runway, and in a matter of second's we were off. "Where do you need to go" said Kotori. I thought back to the map on the wall in the dark nebula HQ. "Were headed to Europe." I replied.
I picked up my bey and began to board the large airliner loaded with the rest of the dark nebula. As we took off I launched Noctua towards the the ground and it exploded with a dark whirlwind of energy and the city exploded with dark power. I wanted to laugh at the thought of everybody dying but I had other matters to attend to I stepped inside of the plane.
end of chapter 11part 3/3
Can I make one?
Name: Tamy
Bey: Rock Unicorno
Special Move: Confusion! The other beyblade goes crazy and flys in the air. My bey flys into the air and goes BOOM! The other bey is defeated.
Tamy wears a sweater with sweat pants!
Hi Horogium I made a few updates to hydra
BeyEeelectrode Hydra W²P105 EMFWD (W²P105 = wind/water producer height 10.5)(Eternal Metal Floating Wide Defense)
Special MoveEeelectric Field (Water splashes like waves then the stadium is flooded with water then the other bey's owner cannot see their bey but Tsuyoshi knows where hydra is since Tsuyoshi uses his senses. Then hydra creates high voltage then the other bey starts to lose spin but hydra is not affected since the track is designed to push away water and electricity by producing wind.Then, hydra smashes the other bey while the other bey is left soaking wet. Then Hydra's W²P105 track absorbs all the water then the battle is finished.)
After we took off we watched as the city exploded in a dark whirlwind of energy, I knew it was Gen's doing, but it meant something awful, Noctua had evolved. We were headed west towards Europe, France to be exact, the map in the Dark Nebula building had shown that one of the bladers were looking for is there. We flew for hours and it soon grew dark, the plane ran on the energy collected from the winds around it, the friction was transferred into electricity which was then used to power the jets engines. We decided to land in Italy to rest. Sicily was such a beautiful city. I watched young bladers crowd the different stores. I tried to figure out what they were saying but unfortunately I can't speak Italian. We decided that we would have to learn various languages to travel around the world, of course this being the year 3025 I could always buy a translator. I noticed that I was low on cash, we were going to need to find a way to get some more money. That's when I saw it, there was an advertisement for a tournament called the Sicily, survival battle. It was to be held on some small uncharted island in about two days. I ran over to Kotori. "Hey look over there" I said pointing to the advertisement. The prize money was another 83,000 yen. We spent those tow days preparing for the worst the tournament lasted for as long as it took for everyone to be defeated. That could be a matter of hours or even days. We first bought some translators so that we could speak to everyone. We then spent those two days training as hard as possible. Akiko couldn't enter the tournament seeing as her bey was broken, I promised to get it fixed if I won the survival battle. After the two days were over we packed our bags and ran to the meeting place at the airport. We boarded the plane and sat down waiting for takeoff. A holographic display of some random guy was telling us all of the rules I decided to zone him out and think to myself. We soon made it to the island and landed, afterwards we all began to run from the airport. I couldn't say I wasn't excited about it I was ready to battle. I ran into a group of bladers that seemed to be wor4king together. "Hey!" they yelled. "Lets battle." I pulled out Rage Kitsune. "Let it Rip!!" we all yelled. Rage Kitsune flew across the ground towards its opponents. They all dodged me in unison b ut I had expected that, I came around and struck my first opponent into the air, then I came around again and easily swept away my second opponent. The last two guys were fairly difficult..but I wasn't even using my full strength. I my bey clashed into one of my opponents and they were locked there with a shower of sparks flying from them, but then the second came around and held me in between he two. I was trapped, or so they thought. Kitsune tilted back and ground its upper wing spintrack against its one of my opponents and then smashed my opponent into the ground. ow that Kitsune was free I decided to end this quickly, "Kamikaze Strike!" I shouted. My bey burst into flame and then flew towards my opponent creating an enormous explosion, sending the bey flying straight up into the sky. "Damn" said the kid. I ran off in search of stronger opponents. I eventually ran into another group of bladers, and another and another. I won multiple battles and soon I was exhausted. I began setting up camp, I also wondered how Hotaru and the others were doing. I went to sleep, I knew that tomorrow was going to be harder.
End of chapter 12
I wish Nii hadn't died, but I love the story! Can't wait for more!
I woke up the next morning and the sun was just barely rising. I packed up camp and began walking. I decided to take out as many opponents as possible in a short amount of time, I wasn't going to hold back anymore. I sat down on top of a high cliff waiting for somebody to come finally I saw someone. Unfortunately it was Hotaru. "Hey!" I shouted waving. "Hi" she replied. "Lets battle" she said holding out her Vespa. "Fine" I replied standing up ready for battle. 3...I attached Kitsune to its launcher. 2.....I was ready for battle1........... "Let it Rip!!" we both shouted as we launched our beys. "Go Kitsune!" I yelled. Kitsune stopped balancing on the tip of its coat spike and shot towards Vespa. Vespa dodged my attacks, then came around and drove my bey towards the edge of the cliff. "Hey!" I yelled. "Sorry" she called out. "I got a little carried away" Our beys sparked as the clashed, and the battle was heating up. The tension seemed electric. Kitsune moved in a zig zag and seemingly disappearing as it moved at high speed. Vespa waited for my attack and when they collided, Vespa used its sheer weight to hold me off. "Kamikaze Strike!!" I yelled. as my bey burst into intense flame and shot towards Vespa. Vespa then burst into brilliant light and then it began to change. I had to look away, the sheer in intensity of the light was too much. When it was over I looked to see Vespa was gone. I then heard a clashing sound and Vespa sent Kitsune flying into the air. I saw that Vespa had now become Toxic Vespa ED145EWD. My Kitsune shot towards Vespa and when they collided, Vespa was almost totally unaffected! The beys spin-track and performance tip being free spinning cancelled out the effect of the attack. "Lets go Vespa!" shouted Hotaru. The bey moved towards Kitsune in a defensive pattern and when they clashed they released a furious storm of sparks. Each time the beys collided they released an explosion of raw power. Vespa was strong. "Special Move" shouted Hotaru. "Toxic Rage!" Then a giant wasp shot our from the bey and then shot down towards the ground. Once it collided with the ground a series of venomous thorns shot from the ground shooting my bey into the air. from the beys came a flaming fox and a giant wasp. When they collided Kitsune created a huge explosion and Vespa was blown away. When the dust and smoke cleared we looked to see Vespa had stopped spinning. "I guess you win" she said. She walked up and grabbed Vespa. THen walked over to the airports where she would be picked up and taken back to Sicily. Then a holographic 3D image showed up before me. It was blader DJ. It looks like you and five other bladers have made it to the finals it" it said. It took a moment for my translator to translate the words from Italian to Japanese. The image then changed, showing the faces of the finalists. It showed Kotori, Me, a guy named Dominic, and the last two were the faces of the to twins who attacked us back in Japan. I began running looking for a challenge, but when I found somebody I had walked in on Kotori's and Dominic's battle. "Go Ace Crane" shouted Kotori, her bey responded by slamming Dominic's bey straight into a tree. Kotori 's Crane flew back into her hand. "Hey!" I shouted. "Did you see the finalists" said Kotori. "Yeah" I replied. "Well looks like were gonna get our battle after all." she said taking a stance and holding out her bey and launcher. I got my bey and launcher out. 3........2.........1.... "Let it Rip!!!" The beys flew into the stadium Ace Crane waited in the stadium. The feather Tornado spin-track created a small rotating shield around it. I tried to attack but my bey was blocked by the rotating air shield. I decided to create another tactic. My bey then tilted back and the upper wings cut through Crane's air shield. When the upper wings collided with Crane and then it smashed downward shotting ace crane shooting it into the air. "Special move!!" shouted Kotori. "Defensive Rotation!" the bey released a large rotating air shield. "That trick wont work!" I shouted and my bey came around using the same tactic it used to get past the shield the first time. "Special move!" she shouted "Lightning Rotation!" The wind speed from the air shield increased and then created lightning. It was surrounded by an electric rotating shield and then it shot tendrils of lightning at Rage Kitsune. I did my best to dodge the attacks. "Special move" I shouted "Kamikaze Strike!" My bey burst into flame then shot towards the lightning shield and when it clashed with the shield the flames of my bey intensified. Then they exploded the explosion was so massive it could be seen from the WBBA pick up area miles away. (I hope Nico is ok) thought hotaru to herself. During the collision the was a flash of lightning and flame and the sheer force almost blew us both away. Once the shield dissipated I saw as ace crane shot upward into the air and landed in the dirt in front of Kotori. Rage Kitsune shot into my glove and while it spun in my hand there was a shower of sparks emanating from the friction. I had defeated Kotori.
end of chapter 13
awesome dude.
Awesome chapter!
Just an interesting fact when kotori uses her special move lightning rotationthe friction from the wind speed increases creating lightning thats why she must use defensive rotation first
It was time for the finals. I ran up the mountain in the center of the island, while I ran I promised myself that I would get them back for what they had done to Nii. As I ran I saw the WBBA camera copter fly up next two me. They followed me up the mountain for about a mile than apparently got bored and flew up to the top. Once I finally reached the top I saw that the twins were waiting for me across the crater that would act as the stadium. What amazed me was how large the crater was it was colossal and had to be at least 100 feet in diameter. The WBBA copter was also up there. "nd the finals have begun!" he shouted in excitement. "Will the victors be twins Renjii and Shinjii or will it be Nico Hitsuguya!" he yelled. "Let it Rip!!" we yelled. Our beys flew into the stadium. Both of my opponent's beys shot forwards ready to attack. I successfully dodged all of their attacks, but then divine eagle attacked my Rage Kitsune and then instead of being sent flying it was then hit by basalt eagle, which then knocked my bey back and forth between both eagles. "Go kitsune!" I yelled Kitsune then moved out of the way as Divine eagle was about to attack. "Special Move Kamikaze Strike!" I yelled. My bey shot towards both of my opponents encased in flame. "Special move!" they yelled in unison. "Eagle Wing formation!" both beys shot up into the air and came crashing down in a wind storm shaped like a eagle. When the form collided with the ground, all hell broke loose. There was a giant Typhoon swirling around us easily stopping my attack Kitsune was then shot up into the air. We didn't show our full strength back in japan so get ready to lose!" they shouted. (Akiko) "Oh no!" yelled Akiko, she had almost jumped out of her seat as she watched the survival battle from the hotel room. (Damn it!) thought Akiko. "Nii died against them and that wasn't even their full strenght!!" she said. "Hotaru and Kotori saw the storm from the plane heading for Sicily. "Oh my God!" exclaims Hotaru. "Nico!" she watches with her eyes widened. "He's going to be fine" said Kotori. "He's strong enough to win" she assures Hotaru. (At least I hope) she thinks to herself. Then she turned on the TV screen in front of her seat to watch the battle.
The storm was intense and not even my Upper wing spin-track protected my bey from the full force of the storm. I noticed that I was sliding closer and closer to the edge. Then the two twins each released their individual special moves. "Jet storm!" shouted shinji. and his bey responded by launching itself within a tornado at my bey. "Talon storm!" yelled the other one. It created winds so powerful it made the typhoon even worse. There were multiple tornadoes all around I didn't know what to do. Then they used another special move. "Typhoon Storm Formation!" they yelled. They then began circling each other and circled faster and faster until it broke the first storm and then created an even larger storm, it rained and hailed. I felt the shards of ice strike me. Then the storm blew me away until I was barely hanging off of the cliff. I couldn't pull myself up and I was slipping fast. Then I thought about Nii, I had to win! I through myself up back onto the cliff. "Special Move." Rage Storm!" I shouted with all of the fire in my blader spirit. The bey then created a tornado of fire and flew around snaking in the air. The fire cyclone dove down and pulled up tearing up the ground and striking the eye of the storm. Then it pulled back up on my command, it seemed that I could control the direction in which the tornado went. It danced in the sky lit up with fire then came crashing down into the center of the storm breaking the tornadoes as my flaming attack came down then it pushed both beys out of the stadium tearing up the ground as it went. "Yes!" shouted Akiko jumping up into the air. "Yeah Nico" shouted Hotaru. Kotori seemed to be deep in thought. (He's more powerful than I thought) she thought to herself. I watched as the WBBA copter landed and DJ blader Handed me my prize. 72120 Euros (100,000 US dollars 8184000 Japanese Yen.) This would definitely be enough to get us where we needed to be
END of chapter 14.
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