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Hey guys I know I've been gone for a while ill start posting again tommorow
Im sorry but I will be leaving the wbo and im sorry to disappoint you guys but I am going to end this story if anyone would like to take it over then feel free anyway to my fans I bid you ado
bye musica thx for going to put my person in the story
i'll try to keep to the story and stuff but i geuss i should take over...

I was riding the plane to the u.s., it was dadrk and smelly the waiter passed by me. i sat down in my seat,"hmm first class cool". the seats were velvet and soft and were made out of memory foam."ahhh that feels good" said musica. i saw a dark figure go past the isle and to the seat behind behind me."who is that?" i asked musica,"he looks like Gen". "i have no idea". musica said."try to ingore him"."ok i said"

30 minutes later( landing on the run way)" you will never win ahhh hahahahahahaha"!... the nest chapter later to day or tomorrow.

(sorry its short and i hate reading my writting because it seems like i never add enough detail and i skip parts but atleast rate from 1-10 on how good it is as a start. and im expecting 1-3's and nothing higher so ya.)
ok im going to state one thing though: i cannot do this i have things to go to every day this summer i will try to make storys today and the rest of the week because that is all the time i have left to make storys unless during school on my phone or somthing... so ya im not going to be on schedudle all the time. sorry though i realy do feel bad.