Special Moves

(Jun. 04, 2019  11:34 PM)Fafnirfan Wrote:
(May. 13, 2019  5:23 PM)Strider Xanthos Wrote: I think that's cool but apparently Fafnir has a weakness where it can't hit the edge of a stadium otherwise its at risk of Burst. I don't know how that works tho.
well it doesn't hit the edge edge but it his the edge
the four corners edge or just the metal part.
i like requiem slash because he is striking with a axe and bursting everyone's beyblade
I like Zwei Hammer because it can make a person faint. Not really, I just like its power
I like kens chain launch
I like Wizard's Blow, at least the way Fumiya presents it.
Yeah, the way the scene is represented makes it look way more powerful than it actually is.
Hopefully he'll get stronger and either make a upgraded version or use more tools. Dude already has four special moves by episode 12, not even Gingka or Valt had that much in a short time.
I made a move for maximum Garuda called wind mirror. You tilt your launcher so that Garuda will cut diagonally across the stadium and when the other bey hits one of the sides it’ll get a KO most of the time

I like Suohs crimson lotus attack with heat salamander