Ripped official art - BeyBurst Bey Avatar backgrounds, icons & more!

CrystalKleure Thank you a lot for this awesome thread. 😊
(Dec. 07, 2018  12:45 PM)TL14 Wrote: @[CrystalKleure] Thank you a lot for this awesome thread. 😊

No problem, dude! πŸ‘
Updated the OP!

Added more s1 and s2Β character art and bey art from usa.beyblade, as well as transparent s1 and s2Β avatar art [also from usa.beyblade], which had not been available anywhere until recently!

Also, Cho-Z Achilles' bey and avatar art from was added automatically today, replacing the art for Z Achilles, so I've re-added Z Achilles' bey andΒ avatar art!

(Nov. 06, 2018  6:26 PM)CrystalKleure Wrote:
(Nov. 06, 2018  6:15 PM)CuzaΒ AckermanΒ 1 Wrote: Could you find avatars from Beyblade Burst God/Evolution?

Sadly, I don't think officialΒ pngs of those exist on the web; didn't start adding transparent pngs of the avatars to the character pages until Chouzetsu UncertainΒ The only place I could imagine I'd maybe be able to find art of all the avatars would be in one of the mobileΒ apps/games, but I don't have a smartphone so I can't access thoseΒ OTL

They exist now, and have been added to the OP! ✌
Updated theΒ Misc.Β section!

Added some miscellaneous assets, more misc. character art, andΒ more backgrounds from usa.beyblade!
Updated the OP!

Added Kit Lopez's character art, and Air Knight's bey and avatar art! Both new and old versions of Phi's character art,Β andΒ  Revive/Dead Phoenix's bey+avatarΒ art are available now,Β  as well!