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Country: Switzerland (Schweiz) Registration Date: Mar. 22, 2016

Hello fellow Bladers! My name is Falco [The Naga Blader] or Taliyra for short and I'm a veteran Beyblade collector and fan for over 10 years. I currently own over 100+ Beyblades and other accessories, and am willing to meet other new bladers in town. I'm also an author, currently focusing in on her novels that will soon reflect a unique video game / board game mashup called Dragoma. I have also participated and finished 4th place in the Beytuber challenge @ the 2018 Beyblade Burst World Championships in Paris, France. If anyone is looking for a battle, I'm ready as ever with my divine combos! Beyblade gives off some of the best inspirations for my writing! Also, if anyone knows how to 3D model Beyblades, please let me know! I have two designs that are in need of current and professional modeling! :)

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