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Country: Switzerland (Schweiz) Registration Date: Mar. 22, 2016

Yo, Falco276 here. I'm 21, a girl, and I LOVE Beyblade! Also a fanfiction writer and willing to publish fanfiction for profit. (Dream Dismissed) Not only that I'm into Beyblade, but I also like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Kingdom Hearts, and Smash Bros. (Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Kid Icarus Uprising) I'm officially part of the Smash Bros fan group known as the MemeMemeMemeBrigade who team up with the Cute Toot House and Aquila to overthrow the feisty Hot Topic Krew and the Big Bads (Yoshi&Co.). BEYBLADE TOURNAMENTS ATTENDED: Blackwater BeyRevival Tournament at TL14's house (Burst) July 28th, 3:00 2018 Beytuber World Championship @ Paris (Burst) 4TH PLACE My quick life story and how I properly got to know Beyblade: -Born in Basel, Switzerland. -Got to know classic Beyblade (Bakuten Shoot). -Used a bunch of caps from sports bottles to play Beyblade (I was 4 back then- call me silly! xD) -moved to Gainesville, Florida in 2001. -lived my life of basically nothing. -Middle School hyped me up for being a fan of Pokemon, Bakugan, and Beyblade. -Got to know Metal Fusion in K-mart in 2010. -That's when I began collecting Beys until my parents mysteriously threw away my Metal Fusion Beys. (Wish I got them back. :(((((((-) -In 2012, I started collecting Metal Masters and XTS. -Started my Youtube channel. -Still have those Beys today. -2013 I bought my beloved Hyperstrike battle set for 35$ until it was mysteriously given back to Wal-mart. -Thanks to ebay for boosting my subs and views, I finally am looking forward to get more. :) Ya, PM me if you like. Avaliable 24/7! :D ------------------- Top 5 Faviourite Beyblades (and Characters)! METAL FUSION: 1. Storm Pegasus 105 RF 2. Cyber Pegasus 105 F 3. Rock Leone 145 WB 4. Lightning L-Drago 100 HF 5. Earth Eagle 145 WD METAL FUSION characters: 1. Gingka Haganei 2. Madoka Amano 3. Tsubasa Ootori 4. Yu Tendo 5. Ryuga Kishatu METAL MASTERS: 1. Rock Zurafa R145 WB 2. Poison Virgo ED145 ES 3. Galaxy Pegasus W105 R2F 4. Ray Striker D125 CS 5. Grand Cetus WD145 RS METAL MASTERS characters: 1. Dashan Wang 2. Chao-Xin Mao 3. Gingka Haganei 4. Masamune Kadoya 5. Zeo Abyss METAL FURY: 1. Big Bang Pegasus F:D 2. Phantom Orion B:D 3. Omega Dragonis 85 XF 4. L-Drago Destroy F:S 5. Spiral Fox TH130 W2D METAL FURY characters: 1. Gingka Haganei 2. Yuki 3. Ryuga Kishatu 4. Dashan Wang 5. Chi-Yun Li METAL REVOLUTION: (Fan made!) 1. All Pegasis Beys 2. Blast Furnace Qilin 3. Final Volt Unicorno Z:X:G 4. Nova Kerbecs WBD145 CMD 5. Cosmic Barracuda LW105 F:D METAL REVOLUTION characters: 1. Gingka Haganei 2. Dashan Wang 3. Chao-Xin Mao 4. Ryuga Kishatu 5. Wesley Bryan BURST Single Layer: 1. Wyvron Armed Massive 2. Valtryek Wing Accel 3. Kerbeus Central Defense 4. Spryzen Spread Fusion 5. Unicrest Ring Defense BURST Dual Layer: 1. Victory Valtryek Boost Variable 2. Storm Spryzen Knuckle Unite 3. Rising/Raging Roktavor Gravity Revolve 4. King/Kaiser Kerbeus Limited Press 5. Wild Wyvron Vertical Massive BURST characters: 1. Kensuke Midori 2. Shu Kurenai 3. Rantaro Kiriyama 4. Daigo Kurogami 5. Wakiya Murasaki 6. Valt Aoi BURST God/Evolution: 1. Drain Fafnir F3 8 Nothing 2. Valtryek V3 6v Reboot 3. Wyvron W3 4 Glaive Atomic 4. Garuda G3 8 Flow Flugel 5. Satomb S3 2 Glaive Loop BURST God/Evolution characters: 1. Free Da La Hoya 2. Valt Aoi 3. Wakiya Murasaki 4. Silas 5. Rantaro Kiyama BURST Cho-Z/ Turbo: 1. Revive Phoenix 0 Star Orbit 2. Zet Achilles 12 Meteor Volcanic 3. Hazard Kerbeus 10 Cross Operate 4. Hot Salami 11 Extend 5. Luinor L4 8-Meteor Destroy BURST Cho-Z / Turbo characters: 1. The Phoenix user, Phi 2. Fubi guy who own Forneus 3. Valt Aoi 4. Ranjiro 5. Aiga

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