Revive Phoenix Down

  Los Angeles, California
Grand Park Playground
227 N Spring St
  Picnic tables next to playground
12: 00 PM on 07/28/2018
Hosted by

Only official Beyblade Burst gear can be used.

Full Rules
5 cash  or Free with Passport*

Free entry with Blader Passport

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Revive Phoenix Down
Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, July 28, 2018
Grand Park Playground

Make sure you create an account first before you attend the tournament. Click the “Join Now” button on the top-right corner of the page! When you arrive at the tournament, be sure to present your WBO profile on your smart device during registration.

JoJo [Jp0t], Alta,ThaKingTai

Swiss Format, then Single Elimination for finals,
OR in the event of 33+ players Double Elimination, then Single Elimination for finals.

Event Schedule
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM: Registration* & Free-play
11:30 AM - 11:45 AM: Bracket Set-up
11:45 AM - 12:00 PM: Announcements
12:00 PM: Tournament Starts**
*We will be enforcing a strict cut-off time for registration to start the tournament on time. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before registration closes.
**Tournaments can run up to 5 hours. Please make sure you have your day cleared for this event.

Entry Fee
$5 for the day (Cash only, paid on site)
OR $15 for a Blader Passport. A Blader Passport is a one-time payment that grants access to all WBO tournaments for free for an entire year. Can be purchased online or on site.

Tournament Spot
Picnic tables next to Grand Park Playground

The nearest parking lot is Classic Parking in between N Hill St and N Broadway St. $10 for all-day parking.

To be announced at the tournament.
1st place gets first choice of the prize pool.
2nd place gets second choice.
3rd place gets the remaining prize.
A raffle will be held for players who did not make it to the finals.

Other Important Notes
- Please be respectful to all players and their belongings.
- Bring food and water for yourself as this will be an all-day event.
- If you need to leave the tournament, please let one of the judges know.
- Have fun!
Wish I could go but do you know when the next one in is?
Revive Phoenix has 2 weakness which’s That good
I was near the area but I cound'nt make it

(Jul. 24, 2018  3:01 PM)ClexBlades Wrote: Aww dang it I’m in China and will be back before the 12th I would have loved to come help and battle with my revive Phoenix and beat some bladers *coughaltacough* but I hope everyone has fun and jojo hope there could be a tournament in August
August is great but just not any Saturdays.....
A big thank you to ThaKingTai, Jojo, and Alta for organizing the event. Just incredible that they volunteer their time to make this possible.
Not asking for official winning combos list but could someone tell me the combos that were generally used and were also used by the winners

Also congrats to all the winners👍
I saw a lot of hell salamanders and archer Hercules win
JoJo [Jp0t]
Funds sent and spreadsheet done Smile

Winning combos are known yet or no

Just got it ,my bad ,sorry