[Product]  Shadow Orichalcum Aero Bite/Orichalcum Outer Octa

(Jan. 12, 2018  11:33 AM)Dracomageat Wrote: 1) I meant driver, not layer.
2) I'm dumb.
3) This thread is clearly about Shadow Orichalcum Outer Octa.

Shadow Orchalcum and Normal Orichalcum are different beys and this thread is about both of them.

and as for driver and disk its kinda true as they were only possible to get by Rare Bey Get challenge.
I bought a layer of Ωrichalcum, which is the cheapest and least competitive one among all three parts, but this is still about 60 dollars...
And now I am really grateful to Photoshop...
[Image: 6df107a8ly1fnz9m6sc0tj20qo0uj7b7.jpg]
[Image: 6df107a8ly1fnz97vlqm3j20qo0u0gty.jpg]

What is the “Rare Bey Get Challenge”? Intrigued as I keep seeing these parts on Yahoo Japan auctions and even separately they’re expensive.