[Product]  B-134 new series Booster

To be released alongside the DX Starter of the new series in March 2019.
its gonna be cool,i guess
One of the many posts clogging the "new posts" section.....Can't wait for all of these to come out!
I know this is kind of off topic, but this might be AIga's new Bey. Either B-133 or B-134 will be Slash Valkyrie, and the other one might be Aiga's Bey.
As I said elsewhere, I'm too skeptical of the whole "New Valkyrie/Achilles" thing. We just got Cho-Z Valkyrie and Cho-Z Achilles. I don't think they're gonna replace them this soon, even if they're major characters.
Tbh I wish the balance type was Spriggan, and they went with the s1 route with the old group. But tha5 prob won’t happen sadly