[Product]  B-130 Random Booster Vol. 13

(Jan. 13, 2019  11:09 AM)Jinbee Wrote: So I've been hearing the issues of Air Knight and Level Chips, that the chip gets stuck and fits ridiculously tighter compared to other layers. Mine does that too and I finally know why. I don't have the white one which is said to be easier when it comes to taking the LC off, but I think the blue one is so tight is because there's two thin notches around the teeth section which are actually a little wider than the hole of the Level Chip, at least enough that it required a little force to slide the chip in. Taking it out was harder for me as I didn't have as much leverage on the chip to take it out as easily.

Hmm... I just came from a local tournament and used an all-blue aK.10G.At for a just-for-fun test match, and I did notice that the LC (translucent yellow) is quite hard to remove. I had to use two Disks and my long index finger nail to simultaneously remove that, praying to all deities that it doesn't break. There was a cracking sound, but the LC was successfully dislodged. Never again ahahaha
Has anyone found a use for the expand frame?
(Jan. 18, 2019  12:58 AM)Blader92 Wrote: Has anyone found a use for the expand frame?

Works nice for mG (A-mold chip).7E.O and dC (A-Mold chip).7E.R

I used the translucent yellow Expand on banana mG and pearly white Expand on original color dC

My take on the Expand Frame is that it's supposed to help in guarding attacks with the risk of scrape. It may look heavy but Wall/Bump/Turn/Lift can provide more balance (if you're thinking of using Expand for Sr or CZ-Spriggan).

In a local tournament I attended (Philippines), some of the kids were still using Expand with the stock aK Layer (either the blue or white) but replacing it with the Atomic on the same set (which seems to have the best free-spinning ball 'n' ring parts) or Xt+

Needs further testing for the Frame, but the aK Layer has proven quite useful against opposite spin since the design of the Layer pushes down the opposing Bey for destabilization and prevents too much draining of spin.
3 kinda looks like something from the Plastic Gen. I like it.