Pokemon X and Y!

Does anyone have an Unburden Treecko by any chance? I've been trying to get one for a while now but no one's been kind enough to read the description on the GTS.
I've got some good stuff to offer, like 3-5IV Moxie/Rock Blast Heracross, Stealth Rock Skarmories, an Adaptability Eevee, and some other random Pokemon.
(Mar. 23, 2014  12:08 AM)Flambo. Wrote: Ok thanks, I don't have either vulpix or ivysaurs in my friend safaris. Can somebody trade me a drought vulpix and a chlorophyll bulbasaur? My friend code is 1289-8483-9049.
I do Let me rebreed mine and give to with a Fire stone to evole it to Ninetails. Plus what nature would u like Modest SPA minus Attack / or Timid increase Speed but lower Attack.

Plus click the spoiler button for my.....
I'm giving away a level 100 Delphox with a japanese name that I received. Also may give away a level 100 Xerneas soon too. PM if interested.