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Nice pics! I really like L-Drago Guardian pics! Smile
Zero-G collection so far..
[img][Image: sxypzd.jpg][/img][img][Image: 2gspu88.jpg][/img]
(May. 02, 2012  12:54 AM)MFB Mad Master Wrote: Nice pics! I really like L-Drago Guardian pics! Smile
for some reason they look like they have been carved from stones..
That's what made those pics look epic, I really agree, it does look like it is carved out of stone. Imagine how heavy that will be lol XD
(May. 02, 2012  5:18 AM)TooManyPegasis Wrote: Zero-G collection so far..

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Nice Zero-G collection! You even got the other version of Pirates Orojya! Gasp
Actually, that is Shinobi Orojya Cute
Sorry if these pictures are not the best quality, but I am not feeling very well.
These pictures were taken by my mobile phone, besides outside isn't the best lighting right now.

I don't think these guys need any introduction. Eee (My Collection, minus Galman)

My top 7 beys. Grin
The front two are my babies. Cute (and don't act like you were surprised) XD
This is not my photograph, but the Beyblade looks quite good :
Fifty Beys/Blades, baby Smile:

(May. 06, 2012  11:27 PM)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Wrote: Fifty Beys/Blades, baby Smile:

That's a nice collection, awesome attempt at writing your username!

I did my best without Internet access and heck, I keep all of my parts in separate compartments of a tackle box; I pieced everything from row four and (going up) down this morning. xD

... Time to delete the picture so no one else knows my parts and Beys. Take the Face and run, BWA HA HA HA HA! ;/)
(Apr. 04, 2012  3:52 PM)dio Wrote: have a long long time haven't post beys here.
let's guess the mutual point of them

OMG, howd you make those? theyre so cool
Alrighty, I got my Random Booster Zero-G Volume 1s today, and cracked them all open! In the order I opened them, here are the reveals:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~total beyblade count: 133. woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop

EDIT: Oh, and, as Brood mentioned in the Thief Phoenic thread, GCF really does make a HORRIFYING sound in the Zero-G Stadium. It is pretty much identical to lightly wetting your hand and sliding it very roughly across extremely dry plastic.

seriously I flinched the first time I heard it

never using this tip again
Nice pull.

I'm hoping I get a phonic in one of my boosters.
I took a picture of my Thief Phoenic E230GCF and Samurai Orojya 145WD after putting stickers on them. This one's a managable size, so no spoiler for once:

[Image: DSC02976.jpg]
That Samurai Orojya...
Looks beatifull!
I really don't know what to think about Zero-G designs, they just don't feel like Beyblades; naturally unbalanced, half the designs seems like pretty things to look at or made for anime pose. Ifraid has such a dorky smile too. At least Pirates looks somewhat good.

Took hours of time, but im glad with it. I present, Uriel MS (Metal Stampede)
And I present, a broken link.
Wowza, now that's cool, haha.
What'd you convert that from? Advance Guardian, right?
(May. 11, 2012  4:29 AM)Granblue Wrote: Wowza, now that's cool, haha.
What'd you convert that from? Advance Guardian, right?

That's right. Its a combat yellow advance guardian i bought from Evo!
Not bad, but I don't know about the choice of base blade for it - While Ariel 2 had the RS tip, both it and Ariel were more notable for highly aggressive rubber flat tips, and I'm also not entirely sold on the AR. It also needs to be more ridiculously breakage prone somehow, or it's just not an Ariel.

I'm overly critical about the topic for probably obvious reasons, but aside from that it's quite a nice custom Smile
My sexy as Dranzer GT! It was worth the $73. Smile

I was just bored, aha.