(Melbourne, Victoria) Australia Bey 2, 26/1/2012

Poll: what kind of prizes should i give

a mix of both
Total: 100% 37 vote(s)
well you see, my budget doesn't work for takara tomy gear due to having to use e-bay to get them, though stuff like grip rubbers might be viable. they only cost $5-$10. we will see, but for grip rubbers ill put them as 3rd prize unless someone wants the keyring (as if).
hehe lolz, you should also let the winner choose their prize
as i said, 3rd is keyring or rubber grip. 2nd is any hasbro gear and 1st is any hasbro bey or gear. most selection i can do.
I think you should have 3 prizes and give the choice to 1st and 2nd
sorry for asking so late but can i still enter?
Is it official?
(Jan. 25, 2012  10:08 AM)Saygin10 Wrote: sorry for asking so late but can i still enter?

sure, ill put you on the list. man this is getting alot people than i expected for the last minute. unfortunately, i haven't and proberbly not have this official, ill try tommorow (wait, scratch that, im posting this at 2:00 in the mourning, tommorrow is today) to get it official but it's just too late, but that means i may be able to improve the prize sellection as all money collected will be used only on prizes, and any remaining will go towards my next tournament, either prizes or stadiums.

ps: just want to make sure nobody goes to victoria park and goes to queen victoria gardens.
I'm so psyched for my 1st tournament today! Grin
Where are you guys I can't find you
I'm in front of the 3 palm trees on a hill across the art centre
oh carp, back to the location. is anybody else there?
I'm near the 3 trees too.
Not that I know of
Where are you
sorry guys, total bust. it's off. if you wish to see me go to eb games on swanston street now.
lol what a day only 3 people where compeating so it was free play...... my 5 year old brother wrecked us Smile
That sucks. Will it be on another time? Hopefully not on such a busy day where roads are closed Gasp And in a place easier to find, like across the road from National Gallery of Victoria next to the 3 trees on the tiny hill. Smile
it was right next to that hill, in the empty grass area, the circle on the map was where we were supposed to meet. ill try again soon but not this month, thats if omega desn't fill each month with a tournament.
What a pity, tourneys are usually easier to find, attend, etc, it was still fun though
Guys I'm thinking of making tourneys so if you think you'll wanna come then pm me
sorry i didn't get there i got to the park at 1pm and couldn't find you guys so i left
Have you thought about when you'll hold the event again?
I wish I could host an event. But no prizes, just everyone battling for the fun of it.
well, i could try something like that, will never be official but it would be fun, we could have a section for every series of beyblade, plastic, HMS and MFB. pm me if you would like to get involved.
I would like to go... but my family and I are going away to New Zealand so good luck to everyone