(Melbourne, Victoria) Australia Bey 2, 26/1/2012

Poll: what kind of prizes should i give

a mix of both
Total: 100% 37 vote(s)
ok, but remember wraith, im doing most of the organization and rayquazon is in charge of prizes, at least i can see him almost any time i want and make sure the prizes are sent this time. and thats one stadium out of 3, rayquazon isnt bringing his cause it is getting a little banged up at these things. ill add you 2 to the list.
Learn how to spell Melbourne, seriously ... You live in it.
blah says hi
oh boy i still have that wrong? i thought i changed it. nope still there in the tital, dang.
i hope we get more users
ok, i have to get this sorted, so if i don't get 2 more people comming by tommorow, this will be marked unofficial. also, if i don't get 12 people in total by the end of the week, i will delay it by 2 weeks. benerfits of it being unofficial are: bigger prizes, more mouney put into the tournament, lower entry fee ($1 or $2) and i can even make it a benerfit one like i have been planning to do, but only if i delay it. negatives of it being unofficial are that there will be no support by the WBO and that no battles will affect you rank, witch is also a good thing if you are a noob or newbe and you think you are going to lose alot.
i dont think will get 8 or 12 so take me off the list if we dont have as much as we need
ok, well then, ill have to make this unofficial, unless there is a high demand to make it official. now i need 12 people by friday, otherwise it's delayed, again. at this rate i should quit, but i won't, im stubburn about this.
Well if you held it in the usual spot I'm sure it'd attract more people to come rofl.
Even for me to get to Preston it takes quite a while.
well yea, for a few people, but then there are other who are the complete oppisate. the last tournament of mine had heaps of people from south mourang, witch is where it was held, and omega's alows anybody who can reach the highway or know thier way around the area. i have trouble getting to that park everytime, only recently getting the hang of it. i thought that because preston would be on the border of the city and some of the northern areas, i would get a moderate amount of people. so far, i havevent even got sucks who aparently lives in the area, so it's either my reputation, omega's rep, the fact that it was unlikely to be official, the area or how i got the tournament out, or even all or most of the above thats making nobody come. i love that park, big, grassy, got toilets and a water bubler (wich i think they fixed, having a hard time remembering if they replaced it or not), close to shops and transport, and it's close to my old house, realy close, so i thought it would be the perfect location.
ok, that puts the count at 6. we need 2 more people before i can do this.
done. one more person to go. looks like this will go on. i am alowing the public only because this is unofficial and the more people the merrier. i have developed a poster that i will put up at the location. i will now pm a few sutible members that i think may be able to make it. the show must go on now.
put me down as a maybe.
alas, i must cancel this, i am sick and i don't think i will be better by tommorow. i will remove all people from the attendence list and figure out a date when im better. sorry for any inconvenience but the world is against me on this tournament. i may have to change location as well.
aww pickabattler whatd you get sick for!
(update) new tournament, Australia Bey 2. looking for hosts and stadium suppliers.
Ill try and host, can you tell me what's involved?
im so in but me on the list
If its next aus day I might be able to come. Also Is hosting like judging or like what we did at the champs where one person recorded all the wins.
i think i stuffed up on the op, hosting is ment to be judging. and yes it is next Australia day.
i could be judging if we dint go anywhere

and put me down as maybe
oh i must note that i need at least 8 people to get this to work and at least 15 to get a round robin block based tournament.
Sorry giraton, I just found out that I will be at Jan Juc then. Again, sorry, and I would have come if it wasn't so far from where I was going.
I think I can go. Please put me down as maybe.