(Melbourne, Victoria) Australia Bey 2, 26/1/2012

Poll: what kind of prizes should i give

a mix of both
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sorry i cant come cause it a one and a half hour drive from here
You might not be able to do it.
Who are you talking to CosmicDestroyer?
(Nov. 25, 2011  7:20 AM)Giraton Wrote: (update) new tournament, Australia Bey 2. looking for hosts and stadium suppliers.

I may be able to provide a stadium if i purchase from AD in time
I can bring my Bolt Blast Stadium. I think that's what it's called anyway. I can't remember tho coz I left it in Melbourne and I'm in Qld for holidays. It's the red one. Would you use that Giraton?
as it states in the wbo rules witch is what we are using, no hasbro stadiums can be used in this tournament. if you have a takara tomy attack or balence stadium we could use that but if you only have that stadium then no, we can't use it.
Uhh. That's a shame. Does it HAVE to be a Takara Tomy because I have another stadium. I'm not sure what brand it is tho. It's probably about 40cm long, darkish blue and it was from Korea.
(Jan. 02, 2012  7:06 AM)BlizzardBoy Wrote: Uhh. That's a shame. Does it HAVE to be a Takara Tomy because I have another stadium. I'm not sure what brand it is tho. It's probably about 40cm long, darkish blue and it was from Korea.

That is an illegal stadium not done by any official company at all.
Oh. Sorry Giraton. I can't provide a stadium.
Put me down as a maybe
(May. 06, 2011  8:38 AM)Swirly Garlic Wrote: Yes, he does. Not in official tourneys, but his last BA one went pretty smoothly. I'm interested, pika.

Also have a clear attack stadium, and in the process of selling my black. Maybe not though, I will inform you as time passes.

Ill buy the Black off you name your price?
(May. 07, 2011  6:32 AM)ShinobiKid Wrote:
(May. 07, 2011  1:54 AM)pikabattler Wrote: i do hope to get this as a bey day event, im going to start on the sigh up sheets now, if anybody can think of a name i would love it, im thinking big bang australia bash now.

Cool name! You should make it Sunday (29th) since Chups is hosting one on Saturday

which one is it and i want to know when every tourney in melbourne is so how do i see?
BeyFan: you quoted old posts, they were with my other failed tournament and i had to use this topic to make it for my new one. those posts are erelavent to this torunament.
Ok my mistake, and ill only be able to come if its at queen victoria gardens but i think were doing an australia day bbq so im not 100% sure.
mabye i can go tell me how it works and rules
can some one tell me how it work i am very new
ok, we should now have enough people to try and get this official so thanks to all who are supporting it by going. im bringing the banner i used last year so people can write on it like last year, so it's kinda a tradition almost.

ps: need more stadiums, if you have a takara tomy attack stadium, takara tomy balence stadium or sono kong tripple battle stadium, please come and bring it.
I have anattack stadium
good, that should be enough for a round robin tournament, but we will need 3 if we get enough for a round robin block tournament, plus the more stadiums the better even if we do end up with a round robin tournament.
Is the time and location official yet?
the time and location is final but it's the tournament that isnt official, yet.
Okay. So we need to be there at 12pm, but the tournament starts at 1pm. It's $5 unless you have a Member's Pass or whatever it is. And it's at Queen Victoria Gardens. Cool Smile
P.s. Have the prizes been decided yet?
yes, but they are seacret for now, im putting them up tommorow.
so is the tourney official and what are the prizes
prizes are in the op and im still talking with kai-v about the proposal, i hope to sort it out today. prizes will not be given on the day but will be sent to the winners or picked up, or if this is unofficial, i could run to the store with the tournament mouney right after the tournament, buy the prizes, rush back and give the prizes out, but i proberbly won't do that.
you should probably have some kind of tt grip addition/upgrade, like launcher or grip rubber