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Full Version: (Melbourne, Victoria) Australia Bey 2, 26/1/2012
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[/b]NOTICE: due to this is an old topic i have edited, ignore all posts up to 40 as they were for my last planed tournament, oh, and ingnore the poll
last Australia day i hosted a fairly successful tournament known as Australia bey, so this Australia day, im hosting Australia bey 2, and hopefully official this time. all i need are judges and stadiums, oh and attendants of cause. details bellow:

venue: Queen Victoria gardens (location of the championship)

Map (this is omega's, not my own):

cost: $5 (if official, passports will be accepted)

date: 26/1/2012 (Australia day)

time: 12.00pm sighn up, 1:00pm sharp starting time

prizes: (subject to change)
1st: bey or gear of choice (hasbro unless cheap takara)
2nd: quick release case
3rd: key ring bey

rayquazonX (if needed)

JINX (maybe)
Hammer Hades
Do you know how to but?
As in do you have any experience?
Yes, he does. Not in official tourneys, but his last BA one went pretty smoothly. I'm interested, pika.

Also have a clear attack stadium, and in the process of selling my black. Maybe not though, I will inform you as time passes.
i have done one before as i said, not official but was good practice, this will be my good draft of a tournament, im not going to leave one detail out.

edit: just so you know, for competitive prizes i can only get stuff in australia to reduce travel time so probably a bey or 2 for first and a string launcher for 2nd and grip for 3rd. if non-competitive it will be stuff like face bolt clocks (home made) and key ring beys (surprisingly good spin on those, not like the plastic series key rings).
Please delete.
i do need hosts but im only allowing people i can trust to host, so you are in chups. ill try and work as hard as i can to get this going. i may not judge because last time was a little chaotic and we had to restart my section. i allow anybody to ask to be judge but if i don't know you i won't allow you, unless something else comes up. you know this was going to be a benefit for the Queensland floods but i took to long.

edit: as i said before unless you have the prizes on the day i will supply prizes as that was one of my mistakes in my last one.
We need another OLDER Person for this As well. PM blah possibly.

Go for Beyday. Now!

Thanks fro Judging! XD Im so honored.
i cant go for bey day till enough people want this, and i haven't realy seen blah around but ill pm him anyway.

edit:i wouldn't say experienced, just a very fast learner and has the-- well let's just say im a writer that can use criticism.

edit edit: what do you think of a name, i was kinda thinking of L-Australia Destroy for some reason.
want to battle
i do hope to get this as a bey day event, im going to start on the sigh up sheets now, if anybody can think of a name i would love it, im thinking big bang australia bash now.
(May. 07, 2011  1:54 AM)pikabattler Wrote: [ -> ]i do hope to get this as a bey day event, im going to start on the sigh up sheets now, if anybody can think of a name i would love it, im thinking big bang australia bash now.

Cool name! You should make it Sunday (29th) since Chups is hosting one on Saturday
yep, just posted something on that topic about it, i am going to use that name as im not realy good with names so when i get a good one i have to use it before i forget it. so this tournament is now called "big bang Australia bash". im still going to work on this like hell, i just turned down a Pokemon challenge because of this, and i never turn down a challenge.

edit: I've changed the venue to a park in wood st in Preston. the park is huge, normally empty, has toilets (one problem of my last venue) and water, there is a milk bar just around the corner and tram, train and bus access. ill get a map for it up soon.
bump. i realy want to do this and i can't go to blah's and chup's because it's on a saturday when my brother is going to karate (he just got to yellow belt), my sister goes horse ridding and my dad gets the grocery's so the only way i can get there is if i go by my self on the train and i realy don't want to do that. anyway enough about why I cant go to theirs, here is some news about mine. i got 2 friends coming and i have yet to notify a 3rd that might be interested. here is a list of prize ideas for each poll choice:
non competitive: 1st: face clocks + certificate 2nd: beyblade keyring 3rd: beyblade torch
competative: 1st: storm pegasis (if found)+ string launcher 2nd: grip or string launcher 3rd: the remained prize from 2nd.
fusion: 1st: random bey i pick or face clock+ certificate 2nd: remained prize from 1st 3rd: keyring.
I'm a maybe actually.
never mind this has been delayed for another day, this is on hold unless i get a bunch of members saying they cant make it to a tournament because it's on a Saturday, im clearing the attendance list.
ok, first, every post but the OP above this post are erelevent now. i have got a new date, 30 July. sighn up is open now but i recomend not tomsighn up till winters prime is over. now, im fully commited to this tournament after winter's prime so i wont do much before then. i will not prepose this till after winter's prime and i have at least 8 people interested. also limit is down to 24.
Why don't you just leave all the tournaments for Omega? Seriously, he's been hosting for years now, there's no need for a change, he's extremely good at them as well. Besides, this isn't even official hardly anyone would want to come.
well not yet. plus i want to hold a tournament cause my last one was fun to hold, plus thats what people said the last time i was holding a tournament but i did it anyway and it tuned out well.
(May. 06, 2011  8:14 AM)pikabattler Wrote: [ -> ]fee: $5 unless you have a passport witch you can get for $10 there, but wouldn't recommend it.
Pika i no it might be fun hosting tourneys , but you have quite a few people in Melbourne who could host an official one , if you want to help host it with them try to organize something , but i don't think people like to go to un-official tourneys.

And what is with the bold i would recommend getting a bladers pass , whats wrong with it?
in the case of the bladers passport, i recommended not too as im not to be trusted with that kind of thing, not that the passport isnt any good. i am just worried i might not get the people's passports. im now allowing people to help but the last time i did that, well i still have a prize to give because it came late and now i cant find the guy im supposed to give it too.
You shouldn't host if you don't want that kind of responsibility.
it wasn't a problem of me, more of a problem of my perents credit card. got it sorted now. all i need now is 8 people to be interested.
put me on the list! yay
I'll judge, and bring an SK Attack Stadium. I'll also help organize and finally, I'm most likely coming.
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