MF-H Phantom Cancer (Aquario) E230 (upper mode) EWD/TB

oHmockingbird used the combo. I felt Cygnus was better Tongue_out So I let him use it Smile
Did you go up against it? Any memory of what it beat at this point? I'm personally 11-0 with it in tournaments and I'm curious what other people are doing with it.
I have access to a defense stadium for the next couple of hours if anyone has some tests they would like.
I would like this to be tested against Dragooon BGrin, Dragooon SA165BWD/GF Duo W145WD/BGrin, and Wyvang/Balro Wyvang/Balro SA165/E230/SP230GF/GCF. I can now test too.
Can't do anything with Wyvang or Balro, but against

Duo BGrin
Phantom EWD Wins: 75% (15 wins, 13 os, 2 awesome ko)

Duo 145WD
Phantom EWD Wins: 80% (16 wins, 15 os, 1 awesome ko)

Killerken Dragooon BGrin
Phantom EWD Wins: 15% (3 wins, 3 os) The only time this thing managed to beat dragoon was when it was able to control the center of the stadium which it has a hard time doing being so outweighed.

Killerken Dragoon SA165 BWD
Phantom EWD Wins: 25% (5 wins, 5 0s) a little bit better luck against this, no obvious explanation)

Begaridoas Dragoon SA165 GF
Phantom MB Wins: 90% (18 Wins, 18 OS) This dragoon just doesn't have the lad/precession of the others to pull out the win
Now might I ask how you're 11-0 with this if it loses to Dragooon? How did you never go against a Dragooon custom with this?
Begirados and Dragooon have bad balance synchromed. Man, use Reviser or Wyvang!
ShinobuXD people in md tend to have blading personalities, for example there's 4 people who love f230 so I kind of just know when people aren't going to use dragoooon
If people wouldn't mind testing this on TB, I think it might even be better than EWD from some informal testing I did in a bb-10