MF-H Phantom Cancer (Aquario) E230 (upper mode) EWD/TB

Hey good thread idea and well orginised tests! however.... could you consider testing Gravity Perseus AD145WD or Phantom orion BGrin

Testing against those combos wouldn't prove anything.
Argh I messed up on the test. Everyone is curious because i didn't put better details.So Time the CW was virgo (I thought it was better since i don't have cygnus)
Ghutain Why would anyone test Gravity perseus In Zero G stadium ?
Yea just because something has gravity in its name doesn't mean it's good in zero-g (gravity)
I think he wanted you to test Gravity Perseus in it because, that's a Bey that he has, and so he wanted to see what Perseus could do against it.
Like I've said previously, I AM NO LONGER ABLE TO DO TESTS, so don't address any testing requests towards me.
LMAO Okay then,I'll help him

HEre is the testing
MF-L Gravity perseus AD145WD vs Phantom Cancer E230MB
PC =10 (All Wins OS) GP No wins
Gravity Perseus AD145WD(left) vs Phantom Cancer E230 WD
GP 9 wins (all os)
PC 1wins (OS)
Not very surprising since E230 Have bad LAD the one win phantom had was because WD
Note:Gravity is always in counter mode.
And I didn't use EWD because it is worn now
It seems that PC is stronger with MB.IDK why
MB has been known on occasion to have better endurance than worn WDs and like I said, its not much of a spin-steal counter
Yes MB has super stamina.however it has bad LAD combined with E230.
Anyone wants to request tests
If you could test it against flash aquario r145gcf much would be appreciated
I Don't have GCF i only have CF which is coming around 2 more weeks so i can't
Could someone please test this against some synchrome on gcf other than the one I already did

Also, what category is this? Balance?
I would classify this combo as a Balance type, considering it's a Stamina-Defense hybrid.

Equipment (Click to View)

Conditions (Click to View)

MF-H Phantom Aquario E230MB v. MSF Phoenic Phoenic E230CF:
PA: 24 OS
PP: 6 (4 OS, 2 0GKO)
Ties: 2

Phantom Aquario Average Win Rate: 80%

MF-H Phantom Aquario E230MB v. MSF Phoenic Phoenic E230GCF:
PA: 21 OS
PP: 9 (1 OS, 1 KO, 7 0GKO)
Ties: 0

Phantom Aquario Average Win Rate: 70%
Impressive, correct?
Well MB was already known for its impressive sway defense.
Yuko is right. If you're not going up against B : D or any of the D series of bottoms, sway attack is actually quite useless, IMO... I did a testing thread with defense tips for zero-G, and MB came out on top, so it was prob. just the tip. This thing would get completely wiped out by sway-attackers if you used EWD... But it's good that it can resist sway with MB, since I think that would be the most obvious of the two bottoms to use. Smile
It does do better than most other things would be able to do on EWD at resisting sway
Do you have tests for that? Because non-synchrome weels are swayed MUCH easier than synchrome... Phantom is probably one of, if not the, easiest to sway of all the parts that are competitive in today's metagame, so all in all, I don't think it does. I could be wrong though. I'll try to have a tests up for that soon. Smile
Simply by being on e230 it has some sway resistance
@theblackdragn were you still going to try to do those tests?
I'm still serious about being of the opinion that this is top-tier, why has discussion stopped?
Because as theblackdragon said, Synchrom just does better than this at almost overall
Find me one test where that is true and I will drop my argument.
Fine, expect tests by tonight or tomorrow.
I will be showing how MF-H Phantom Aquario E230 (upper mode) MB compares to a synchrom combo using the exact same track/tip set up, the synchrom combo will be Killerken Genbull E230 (upper mode) MB. I will test both vs Balro Wyvang SP230GCF.

Killerken Genbull E230MB VS Balro Wyvang SP230GCF
Killerken Genbull win %- 70% (4 KO's, 7 SKO's, 3 OS's)
MF-H Phantom Aquario E230 MB VS Balro Wyvang SP230GCF
Phantom Aquario win %- 45% (2 KO's, 5 SKO's 2 OS's)
EDIT: Sorry for the double post.