Last movie you watched

I watched Wonder. It is about this kid named August which has been through lots of surgeries and he doesn't look normal (i put it in the nicest way). He has been homeschooled his whole life so now he has to go to school. He goes to the struggles of everyone staring and bullying him, but gets some good friends. It really has a strong moral to it.
I finished an anime movie called "Majokko Shimai no Yoyo to Nene." It was the most fun movie I've recently seen because of how ridiculous everything in it was.
After all the fuss from my friends, I've finally decided to watch Coco. And I've just gotta say...

Your Name (Hindi Dub)

After Watching this movie. It became my fav anime movie
When We First Met
The Shape of Water

The story's about a mute girl working as a janitress in a secret government agency who fell in love with the secret government's new asset: a nonhuman creature.
It was a very heartwarming and touching story. I loved it! I can see how it won the oscars.
Sadly the LEGO Batman Movie... For the around the TENTH TIME. My youngest sister always watches it.

the movie itself is not bad funny jokes and plenty of references. It just losses its charm when put on repeat.
Watched Hancock the previous evening. There are "lol" minutes, however kid, did the threaten quiets the hell down when (Download Showbox APK For Mac 2018 Free (iMac/Macbook Air/Pro))then it began being not kidding. What's more, I enjoyed it. It's another "Kill your Brain" sort of film, yet it is great, not adequate to get more than a "meh" from me in any case.
The Kid Who Would be King.

"The Kid Who Would Be King packs an unexpected charm with its clanging armor and monster jousting. There are lots of funny bits. And some surprising bit parts played by some seasoned actors.

Ultimately, this pic stands strong, trumpeting solid lessons about unity, friendship and courage in the face of wicked malice. It states that when men's hearts grow hollow, when they have no purpose to cling to, no righteousness to claim, that's when evil prevails.

Who's gonna sneer at an Arthurian life lesson like that?"
(Plugged In Review quotes)
I have seen this movie many times before but I watched it again today.
The Last Jedi is a very good movie because all the epic scenes and battles. I really liked it because all the different things going on at once.