Illegal Beyblade Modifications Discussion

i made a pre syncrome bey with the ldrago destructor hyperblade wheel and the omega metal wheel hardcore weight and defense
That looks awesome!Grin
Diablo allows a bunch of weird stuff like that - and not only with X: D (Hell+Phantom Metal Frame Kerbecs X: D LOL). Then there's using ED145's spin track with LDD/LDG's Metal Frame, haha, though the horrible scraping means it's completely impractical, that combined with Scythe+ one of those two Metal Frames makes a pretty intimidating ball of metal haha.

I should take some photos of all the weird illegal beystuff I've done (seeing as I spend a lot of my free time seeing just how ridiculous I can make things) . For example, using an MF-2 set, you can use a single Chrome Wheel without using a Crystal Wheel, amongst other things (a bunch of us were looking for a way to use chrome wheels without crystal wheel interruption for figuring stuff out and I stumbled on that as a solution, though in the end the information wasn't useful, it's still pretty neat!)
I just did this and OMG it's awesomer than the above thing:

I do wanna see some of yours th!nk.
I created Duo Spiral Orion S130LRF
First I put an Orion (you can use any CW) on a spiral (must use spiral) then I put on a duo frame underneath (must use duo) then I added S130 (must use) which holds it together. And finally I added LRF (any tip will work).
Don't screw the face bolt on too tight or it will fall apart and mess the Facebolt up.
(Jun. 29, 2013  6:10 AM)Tri Wrote: I just did this and OMG it's awesomer than the above thing:

That's awesome! Even the colours look really nice.

By the way, I've changed the threads title, as I find it quite misleading.
Phantom: Ultimate Balance Mode!

If you don't tighten the face to much, the metal frame actually moves freely!
You can actually get a Hell to go on on top of phantom, with the tip being in varying positions depending on where phantom is sitting when you screw it together tightly, you know Wink
I don't have a hell metal wheel with me but that does sound neat!
Reviser Destructor! Just use a stone face, Aline it right and you made it!
I made Dragooon Destroy(Destructor)!Smile
Here's my 2 illegal combo's i've got a video and a picture the first one is Duo Phantom sagittario 2 BD145mb and the second one is MF-H kreis cygnus 230 lots of metal frames cf
Duo Phantom sagittario 2MF-H kreis cygnus lot's of metal frames video
Holy cow!!O.o how did you make that Cygnus bey!?Smile
it's easy really you just take 230 put metal frames on it then put on cf or gcf simple but I have to it I got the Idea from lewis1138's 7layer beyblade
Oh yeah! I've seen the video before!Smile I guess I just forgot about it!😅
I made a combo by putting grand on top of the Fang frame and then aligning them with M145.
(Aug. 28, 2013  2:25 AM)Bularieleone Wrote: I made a combo by putting grand on top of the Fang frame and then aligning them with M145.

That sounds cool! But I'm pretty sure it's weak since you used M145!XD
If you position it it the middle, It's pretty good.
Cool I'd really like to try this out but I don't have FangUnhappy maybe I'll buy one soon but i heard it's kinda uselessUncertain
I made "Fake Nemesis" by putting the Diablo frame on Kreis' core....
yo can i post pictures of my illegal stadiums here?
You could, just don't use them for tourney...
i have a two, mf-h saggitirio 2 basalt nemisis ed145mb ( from hasbro proto nemesis) i don't have pictures but i have directions : take the claws off eternal defence and replace it with the nemesis energy ring ( the metal piece) and assemble the bey.

next is msf dragooon rock nemesis ed145mb ( hasbro proto nemesis metal piece) directions: take dragooon place it on rock ( you might have to wiggle it around so it fits right) and do the same thing with the nemesis energy ring i said to do on the other combo.

i hope you liked them.

p.s. on the last combo u can replace rock with flame.