[Humor] What if another company you dislike took over the Beyblade license?

Ford: Makes beyblade cars. Since people colliding with their cars is a problem, they make mega big airbags as gimmicks.

EA(again): Make a Store where to go in you pay $30. Each step is $2. To touch the case for a bey is $5, to go to the cash register is $40, and the bey costs $5.

Minecraft: Each bey is a block, and one solid color. To have the beys burst you imagine how beys could burst.

Wendy’s: Rosts the beys that are bad and only sells the good ones.
(Feb. 06, 2019  5:54 AM)MagikHorse Wrote: Bethesda: Accidentally ships several people a set which hasn't even been teased yet. (making fun of Fallout 76's secret dev room here)

EA: Half of all released parts are unusably broken and incompatible with anything akin to "Shadow Amaterios Mistake Version". Also contains a great number of "Upgrade" parts that all cost extra.

Facebook: Shares which beys you own and what combinations you've assembled automatically for the whole world to see.

Any major airline: Only lets you battle after your beys have gone through a stringent security check, along with a valid proof of ownership.

Microsoft: Automatically forces you to update your parts to the newest version every month or so.

Lol the Facebook is so accurate

Rapidity: Besiedes mass lead poisoning there would be a whole new anime called GyroTop Burst and it would be Beyblade Burst but with real bad graphics and the catchphrase would be “let’s go super top”