[Humor] What if another company you dislike took over the Beyblade license?


Every year or two they make a slight upgrade to the original Beyblade and promise better performance; but it's marginal or like their advertising for Ray Tracing, a gimmick which shouldn't supersede raw performance increases. Then they make various "in between" or variations of that same Beyblade line; weird variations that seem unnecessary, confusing to the point in which consumers question why they even added those versions to their lineup.

Oh wait-I just explained Hasbro and their line of SlingShock Beyblades.
Tesla: beyblade is run by Elon musk, who invents self launching beys with minds of their own, sends one to mars, then slowly becomes outclassed as other spinning top companies decide to make their own takes on the sentient self spinning spinning top, or SSSST for short.
(Feb. 06, 2019  4:12 AM)DeceasedCrab Wrote: Let's say that Hasbro lost the license to produce Beyblades outside of Japan, and TT sold the license to someone else. Entirely hypothetical, unfortunately that's not likely at all. What's the worst that could happen?

Well, I'll tell you:

Adobe: Instead of being sold in single or dual packs, Beyblades are now sold in entire sets (like all of Cho-Z or God at once). But aside from having to purchase it, you have to pay a monthly license to play with them, or they won't work. They're decent quality and mostly true to the TT originals.

Tesla: Comes out with new innovative designs, but they're so innovative that not only are they completely illegal for tournament play, but they have a rare tendency to burst into jagged shards that harm you.

LEGO: The good news is that you now have way more branded layers and themes! The bad news is that they lock together with LEGO studs, and the Beystadium is full of studs.

Keurig: Single use layers. Or maybe single use tips. Or both.

Rapidity: Mass lead poisoning.

Games Workshop: Turn based Beyblade. Rulebooks hundreds of pages long. And lore, so much lore.

What other alternate and/or Beyblade manufacturers could you think of, and how badly would they mess it up?

McDonalds: Beyblades are covered in layers of grease and the whole stadium is covered in randomly places seasame seads.

TacoBell: All judges are required to carry around hot sauce to punish the looser of a match. Also when someone wins a battle they ring a huge bell in victory.

Adidas: Every Beyblade looks basically the same: but it’s driver is always being improved and being made faster and grippier.

Atari: ...... XD
(May. 07, 2019  12:40 PM)BounduAtakku Wrote:
(May. 06, 2019  2:26 PM)Infinite.DX Wrote: (Focusing on the anime/manga more)
4Kids: Turns Beyblade Burst into Beyblade Xploders. Fills in the gaps of the 12 disk. Censors everything that can potentially make kids scared (COUGH PHI’S EYES TURNING BLACK COUGH). Makes beyblades only one color.
DC: Makes beyblade really dark (Looking at you Killer Deathscyther/Kill Joker)
Nickelodeon: Tries too hard to make Beyblade Burst “hip and cool”.

Beyblades dab when they win.

They've already done it with Clio XD
sega - makes two really good beyblades... Then forgets how to make them.
buy fake ones that would probably be better