Hasbro Names/Parts Predictions

(Oct. 19, 2019  8:47 PM)BeyCrafter Wrote:
(Oct. 19, 2019  6:56 PM)Requim Wrote: You Know How they Made Cosmo Kraken Instead of Cosmo Valkyrie I Could See a Tact Balor or Tact Ogre

Both Balor and Ogre are right-spin. And I don't think Hasbro will either make Tact or keep its gimmick when they do make it(because of its need of different weights to keep certain blades extended).

And their aren't any left spinning exclusives so maybe they could make a new bey for it all together
Now that some more GT Beys have been revealed, I think it's time to update the list without Hasbro's completely exclusive Beys:
Confirmed names:
Ace Dragon D5
Rock Dragon D5
Glyph Dragon D5
Sword Valtryek V5
Bushin Ashindra A5
Wizard Fafnir F5
Cosmic Kraken K5 (replaced Cosmo Valkyrie)
Judgement Joker J5
Dusk Balkesh B5 (I'm not 100% positive)
Venom Devolos D5
Lord Spryzen S5 (probably Right Spin Chip and no rubber on the Base)
Master Devolos D5 (probably only Right Spin variant without the flipping gimmick)

Zone Luinor L5 (probably no metal)
Erupt Devolos D5
Flaming Dragon D5 (Dragon Chip most likely will be replaced with a new exclusive Chip and no gimmick)
Unite Achilles A5 (probably no mode change)
Tactic Luinor L5 (Probably with a new exclusive Chip instead of Luinor and no gimmick)
Pierce αrkrisis A5 (A3 if the Infinite Lock is retained)
Reflect γenesept G5 (G3 if the Infinite Lock is retained, also could be released seperatley as a RipFire or RC Bey)
Knockout Odax 05 (probably with a built-in Zan or Retsu Weight instead of Gen)
Impulse Dragon D5 (probably no gimmick or rubber, could be released separately as a RipFire or RC bey.)
Null Spryzen S5 (Left Spin Spriggan Chip if released like this)
Bombard γenesept G5 (G3 if Infinite Lock Gimmick is retained)
(Jan. 02, 2020  12:06 AM)Valtryek Aoi Wrote: Confirmed Erase Devolos and Zwei Luinor

Whoa how do you know?
I'm pretty sure this was mentioned a while ago on a burst website
(Jan. 02, 2020  12:08 AM)Valtryek Aoi Wrote: I'm pretty sure this was mentioned a while ago on a burst website

Do you have a link for it?
Just to give an update on all the Hasbro names and stuff for this thread.
Slash Valkyrie - Sword Valtryek V5
Ace Dragon - Ace Dragon D5
Grand Dragon - Glyph Dragon D5
Rock Dragon - Rock Dragon D5
Wizard Fafnir - Wizard Fafnir F5
Bushin Ashura - Bushin Ashindra A5
Judgement Joker - Judgement Joker J5
Zwei Longinus - Zone Lúinor L5 
Venom Diabolos - Venom Devolos D5
Erase Diabolos - Erase Devolos D5
Master Diabolos - Master Devolos (Confirmed from Walmart Listing)
Lord Spriggan - Lord Spryzen (Confirmed from Amazon Listing)
Dread Bahamut - Dusk Balkesh B5
Heaven Pegasus - Harmony Pegasus P5
originalzankye I was just watching your video and happened to see that you posted this, so thanks for putting the info here.
Looks like I was right about Zone Luínor L5, but my creativity didn't pay off with αpocalypse and γenesis. Harmony Pegasus is an interesting name, although Healer would've been interesting because it has to do with the gimmick. The surprising thing is that they didn't change γenesis to something that wouldn't be confused with Genesis Valtryek, but I guess TT just wants to give Hasbro the short end of the stick when it comes to names...