HMS & Plastics Remembrance 2017 - BeyLotto & Generations Results

Hey World Bladers!

This has been long overdue, but we're finally here to announce the results of our Remembrance BeyLotto and Generations contest! So, without further ado...

Remembrance 2017 BeyLotto Results!

[Image: beylotto.png]

It's here! It's finally here! We know how hyped some of you Bakuten lovers were for this giveaway, so let's get this underway!

Our 8 winners are...

8th Place: Driger MS, Flash Leopard
...@[Ashmit Mohanty]!

7th Place: Dranzer F, Master Dranzer, Death Driger

6th Place: CLASSIC Set
Bakushin-Oh! (Black and Bronze), Salamalyon, Sparkling Attacker, Ultimate Dragoon

5th Place: DEFENSE Set
Sea Drake, Advance Guardian, Draciel V, Draciel V2

Driger V2, Dark Effigy MS, Kids Dragoon, and Dranzer GT
...@[Sayantan sen]!

3rd Place: ENDURANCE Set
Galeon, Vortex Ape, Guardian Driger, and Bearing Stinger, Zeus (Hasbro)
...@[Tushar Verma]!

2nd Place: ATTACK Set
Dragoon MS, Trygle, Dragoon G, Griffolyon, and Strata Dragoon G

And our main prize winner...

[Image: qs1ErvJ.jpg]

[Image: XkVy5Rk.jpg]

1st Place: SCARlet’s Custom 3D Printed Black Dranzer + Case's @[DSiks]!

Congratulations to all our winners! As a reminder, in addition to your prizes, all 8 of you can also choose a Bit Booster from below!

Beyblade Photography Contest 5: Generations Results!

We had many stunning entries, and it was difficult to choose a Top 3 for this contest! So much that we've decided on a Top 4 for this contest instead! But the question remains; who wins that elusive Venusian G..?

[Image: dxfG3PE.jpg]
...@[ronitnath], it's you!

Congratulations! Make sure to pop us a message with your full name, shipping address, and phone number and we'll get that Venusian G out to you!

As for our runners-up...

[Image: IMG_7217.JPG]

[Image: DqXwuHm.jpg]

[Image: DSGK8F0.jpg]

Congratulations to you all! Be sure to pick a Bit Booster from the ones listed in the BeyLotto section above for your prize!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this year's Remembrance festivities! We hope you enjoyed reliving the glory days of the past with us!

Tune in next year for MFB Remembrance 2018! :djdisappointed:
Congratulations to all the winners! You guys pictures are beautiful!
ayolemayo congratulations to everyone else, I’d like a Bit Booster Vivid please
I'm shocked to see my amateur entry make it in the top 4! Thanks for holding the contest and I look forward to participating in the future.

With that being said, I'll take Bit Booster Onyx por favor.
Congrats to all the winners.
I'm Really happy I made the top 4 for the photography contest. It was fun participating and I look forward to future events like this one.
For my bit booster, I would like the garnet one.
Congrats ! Ronit that is beautiful
Thank You. I placed second. I will take bit booster jet.

How do I claim bey lotto prize for which I got second place?

Congratulation to everyone.
Congratulation Ronit da.
I called it Ronit will win photography contest! Congrats @[ronitnath] bro! you deserve it!

BTW congrats to all winner.

(Dec. 05, 2017  10:49 AM)SayakNath Wrote: Thank You. I placed second. I will take bit booster jet.

How do I claim bey lotto prize for which I got second place?

Congratulation to everyone.
Congratulation Ronit da.

I guess you need to PM some committee member with your shipping details
First of all congratulation to all winners specially ronit bro.
As i am elected for the 4 th place so i will take bit booster vivid.
Thank you.
Oh my God!
Can't believe my eyes.

Congratulation to all the winners...
I see so many from my home-country.

Thank You Mana and all the WBO committee members.

I wish to see millions joining WBO and support the generosity.

Thank You all the members who donated their precious beys for Remembrance Day.

Knew I was forgetting something, haha.

Yes, any winners for the BeyLotto, please do PM me with your shipping details!
Wow never thought i could actually win a bey
Congratulations to all other winners Smile)
I am thankful that i won the 3rd prize and i would like an Onyx Bit Booster!
Ayyy lemme get that bit booster jet. Congratulations to the other winners
congratulations to all the winners.
I am not sure if mana has received my message.Can any of the mods let me know please when the prizes are gonna be shipped?