Fun Combos thread!

I've been using Kreis Cygnus 100HF with a new launch technique. I don't know if I'll announce it, but it DESTROYS (I cannot stress that enough) defense and stamina types when you do it right.
I was randomly mashing parts together, then got Fury Capricorn W125SD. It actually does pretty well, and looks awesome.
Other favorites of mine:
Thermal Pisces 100HF
A relatively good amount of Stamina, yet functions well as an Attack combo.

Midnight Escolpio (Scorpio) 85B
Hurls stuff across the room, and still spins afterward.

Gravity Perseus 100XF
Gravity Perseus. 'Nuff said.

Lightning L-Drago W125XF
You get the idea.
I just threw together Thunder Leone CH120WD, and it's crazy. Despite the recoil, it works very well in Hasbro stadiums against attack types.
(Feb. 27, 2012  11:22 PM)CRUelty Wrote: Sorry for sort of a necro, but I've been messing around with MF-F Phantom Cancer AD145MF. It usually outspins my Duo defense combos, but it could be the fact I may have a light Duo or heavy Phantom... I don't really know, since I don't have scales Tongue_out

I haven't tried against Duo stamina combos, though... could be fun, with some KOs and hopefully some out spins Smile

I've used that combo at tournaments before. In my testing, it's out-spun every Basalt, Defense and Stamina, combo I've thrown up against it. Duo, well, mine is heavier, but I don't know by how much...

On topic, MF Counter Uranus H145RSF Vs. Pegasis M145Q in a BB-10 is quite the interesting battle to watch. High-recoil battles are so much fun!

And the following combo either KO's its opponent and itself near the end of the battle, or it's opponent at the beginning:

AR: Cross Spike
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Left Customize Engine Gear (Metal Semi-Flat)
BB: First Clutch Base

So much more recoil... Stupid
Yeah... Fang Aquario 100XF has SO MUCH RECOIL... always immediately KO's something... usually itself. Tongue_out

Usually, when it's in action, it's wise to duck.
Phantom 100HF vs Burn B:D in super tiny Hasbro stadiums (super vortex, graffiti den, triple battle set, etc.) SUPER FUN RECOIL COLLISIONS!
I was thinking about customizations for attack type beys and I made a phantom cancer S130XF vs L drago destroy and my phantoms attack power was so powerful and out of control it sent my l drago flying out of my room. I was all like "hey, l drago come back!" It was funny and a new experience! You should really try it people with those parts.
MF-Basalt Bull GB145 JB

I have no idea what's wrong with this combo. It likes to randomly KO other beys (in Hasbro stadiums at least).
I like to use Counter _____ 90WD.

It always gets crushed like a bug by any Bey. Mainly Diablo Nemesis.

I always seal off my Attack Stadium so it's a cage match.
I love watching Gravity Destroyer BD145 R2F one hit KO smaller beyblades, I also love watching my own home made storm Pegasus made from timber, and rubber for the tip own every other beyblade.
I also love using counter Scorpio 85 MSF (fake rapity tip) since it attacks everything with its energy ring. And usally wins every battle, mostly in the wide square
Using fake (edit: and homemade for that matter, that could just go in Your Creations) parts isn't exactly encouraged on here...
I didn't really think that anyone would like to see my timber made beyblades, launchers and grips which are scale modules just 3 times larger
Duo (Attack Mode) Lyra M145 Q (all outer). Epic imbalance.
I made the weirdest combination once, ans it worked. It was Basalt Pisces 230 CS, and it was able to beat almost everything I used against it, despite being topheavy and off balance. A combo I like to watch is Storm Cancer M145 ES, just because it sucks so much.
Basalt 230CS was a top-tier defense combo for a very long time.

What a helpful (for you) coincidence that you made it on your own though!
I love Grand Capricorne 145D vs. VariAres R145R2F. Grand Capricorne once flew out and hit my ipod and put a scratch on the screen Crying
Hell____BD145XF, It's just crazy & fun!
Hell Lynx H145R2F. Hilarious with its mega recoil!
ScytheKronos 90MF*
*B is also good if you're not comfortable with MF

This is the closest thing to an MFB upper-attacker as I could get. Scythe's low recoil and wide area make contact easier. The PC frame and Clear Wheel work in good synergy to form a kind of "Polycarbonate ramp". The polycarbonate at the top won't cause recoil when under a taller bey's metal wheel. The effect of this combo is really nice. You get a good mix of destabilization, in addition to what may be actual upper. Use something at about 130 height as the target. I have gotten some surprising KOs, where Scythe tosses the other bey out of the stadium. Other times, it flips the opponent over.

IDK which mode is better, I'll test that later. Try mah combo!

Basalt Sagittario 230B. Seriously, this thing works unbelievable wonders. Sure, it's not as good as CS, but it still works very good. It is also good if you don't like an aggressive Basalt 230...
JBlader: I'll try your combo but something with ZERO ramps at all (I mean jesus you picked Scythe. SCYTHE LOL) doesn't seems like it'll have amazing, actual Upper Attack (lol not possible in MFB, whatever)
Lol, closest thing you have to upper in MFB is crash, but that sucks gravity balls.
(Mar. 19, 2012  3:47 AM)Dan Wrote: JBlader: I'll try your combo but something with ZERO ramps at all (I mean jesus you picked Scythe. SCYTHE LOL) doesn't seems like it'll have amazing, actual Upper Attack (lol not possible in MFB, whatever)

I might have glorified my combo too much, haha. You won't get DEMS upper, but a tall, weak combo will jump back when Scythe gets under them. There is definately destabilization too. And I won't lie, beys have gotten tossed out of the stadium when they were near the exits.

You must be a believer. XD

Takara-Tomy had the chance to create a 4D metal wheel with polycarbonate ramps or something for upper attack. I was vainly hoping for that, along with an MC (Metal Change) bottom. Such is life.
Did Fury Pisces BD145WD for teh lulz, since Fury is so small and BD145 is HUGE.

one I know is one that I put in the wrong thread
here it is earth gemios ed145 wd
the reason i lke it is that the earth wheel and wd tip work well together and its cool to keep track of its stamina