Fun Combos thread!

(Jan. 23, 2012  1:27 AM)Primal Wrote: When I used to do that, I just put the Bottom on the surface of the stadium and spun them. Didn't work every time, though.

I've got a bunch of fake beys, and the launchers they come with break too easily. Once the prongs break (the horizontal hook-like structure breaks; leaving behind a small, vertical prong), it proves out to be handy to do such weird stuff. Launching a bey without a CW is one of my favorites. Especially when the MW you are using is extremely shiny. Tongue_out

My current favorite- Gravity Destroyer AD145LF.
OK, the only reason to be using LF here is to get a decent height. The reason to love this combo-
Epic tornado stall, and amazing sound! Plus, this combo depends upon AD145 for the most. Its AD145 which makes the highest amount of contact in a bey-battle. A bunch of Upper Smashes are clearly seen, and then of course, thanks to LF's poor Stamina; the bey finally stops spinning. Tongue_out

I'd actually been using Gravity in Defense combos, as I found it perfect for anime-defense. But this was a slight change there. Tongue_out
I remember... One of the most stupid beys I ever made...
Once one of my friends' Eagle CW broke (it was smashed in half somehow, but the semi-circular structure was there so the bey could still be properly attached to a MW). The same day, one of my other friends' fake H145 broke (I guess you people can imagine what a broken H145 looks like). Also, there was one of my friends' peculiar, fake Vulcan MW which couldnt attach with tracks properly. It could, somehow, but the track had to be connected at an angle. I took all these parts AND a Q bottom, to create Vulcan Eagle H145Q. With all parts broken, its weight was all over the place, and because it had a tilted track with a Q bottom, this thing could have set a new Beyblade High Jump World Record hands down XD LOL
MF-H Big Bang Pegasis 230HF/S (HF mode)

A super high beyblade!
Okay try this

Galaxy Pegasis 145BS And MF Variares D125RF it's so awesome because the Pegasis combo is extremely light and then the Variares combo is heavy and strong plus has great speed! It hit Pegasus out in every hit! In a thunder whip stadium !!
(Jan. 23, 2012  1:27 AM)Primal Wrote: When I used to do that, I just put the Bottom on the surface of the stadium and spun them. Didn't work every time, though.

ive found that you can launch right spin beys without a CW from a left spin launcher, almost normally. it falls off alot though, and some MW are easier to do this with than others.
Probably because the combo you made involved melting a Kreis MW.
You don't have to cook the goose, it's just recommended Smile the rest of the combo is legit.. Not viable lol but fun at least.
Repost it without the illegal bit. We've just had a bunch of illegal stuff posted though, so it would have to come under "mutilation/modification" or something. There's a thread for illegal modifications somewhere in Your Creations, though.
I like using Basalt Cancer AD145 BS. It randomly KOes the opponents and wobbles as if it's on m145q. Sometimes it also scrapes and acts like a wheel.

flame zuraffa ed145 fs
grand pegasus w105 mf
i made another combo i thought would be fun but u might think its stupid but i like it its counter striker ed145 es if u guys try it then i hope u will like it
So, here is, a very fun little combo. It's MF-H Bakushin LeoneBD145CS, it kind of acts like Basalt, it grinds opponents down to beat them. The difference between this and Basalt is it's much smaller and sloped so the opposing beys just glide off of it.

I haven't done much testing, although, it does seem really good. Test it if you want, it will end up looking like a UFO when you're done though so, you'll look kind of funny. I love it so much, my favourite clear wheel is Leone, so yeah. Because of Coat Sharp, you can also shoot it to be an offensive bey against some stamina beys. Because they're so light, its little smash attack doesn't really have a problem. Although it does poorly in attack, its stamina is very good and it does really well in defense. Probably not top-tier, but it does compete with Basalt sometimes.
I've been using this combo and it's quite hard to KO. It has some pretty outclassed parts but meh, here goes: Flame Ketos 100D funfunfun.
Updated my old white whale combo (previously burn ketos ED145/WD145HF/S)

Death Ketos BD145 HF/S. With a clear BD145, of course, and death in attack mode to simulate wavy seas. A beautiful combo just to sit and watch, and fun to play around with all together.
I put the metal ball tip on the duo Uranus from the dx set, it got really good stamina and defense!
I have made a combo thermal eagle lw105 hf, when left spun it wins about 90% of the time against MF-H twisted libra tr145 wd and 95% of the time against earth virgo gb145 jb. When right spun, it rarely wins.

What I think makes it intresting is that hf, lw105, and thermal, although neglectible, can manipulate air. Also, the slops on thermal allow a good destablizing attack. It has really good spinstealing abilities. It's, for the most part, my favorite beyblade.
Dude, earth eagle is better than thermal eagle, why would you change it?
Guys, this is "fun combinations" not "post random combinations and say they are competitive without providing testing." Please keep that in mind when posting, or expect this thread to disappear...
I love launching JB customizations on the slope on the arena, because of the odd way it moves. It can randomly zoom 2 inches into a different place, and before you know it, it goes to another.
I made a combo it is galaxy serpent SW145 WD (Defence mode). Looking at it from top view looks really cool espesially with L-drago's face bolt. It also has good defence and stamina because of WD. Try it out and see for yourself! Smile
(Feb. 05, 2012  2:19 PM)Andy12 Wrote: Dude, earth eagle is better than thermal eagle, why would you change it?

This thread is about being fun, not being good. Like the title says.
One of the most fun things to watch is a Burn/Phantom Gemios 85 R2F (mint). With all of the weight around the outside it moves like Speedy Gonzales.
(any wheels) M145RS. Bouncing + Grip = WTH??
galaxy Pegasus 85xf, in a Hasbro stadium, it can score cool ko's by jumping out of the pockets, and i think that is cool.