Fun Combos thread!

Burn unicorno 145 JB. It makes no sense that it spins for 3 and a half minutes but it does.
Hah, you'd be surprised. JB isn't well known, but because of the relatively low friction with the stadium from spinning only on the tiny nubs, it actually has good stamina. Burn had better stamina than the 3 min Virgo mold, and 145 is a decent stamina track.

If mine weren't worn, I'd look into a comparative test of JB against B (though, due to that wear, it could never replace B as the least wear-affected stamina tip).
flame bull h145 hf its fun to see cyclone gemios 90 f send it flying out of the staduim
I'd actually been meaning to get a JB after someone mentioned a Thermal combo they liked with it... Thermal Lacerta DF105JB, I think? It sounded interesting.
Thermal is quite an odd wheel, it always got mixed results in various peoples testing, despite no noticeable mold differences. It's largely irrelevant now, but some of the results it got (and I have no reason to doubt them, though I was one of those who got poor results) were definitely on par with other top-tier stamina wheels of the time.
I had it KOing Basalt BD145 combos one session, but I have never been able to replicate it. And they were big, wall-hopping KOs, too.

It reminded me a lot of your ordeal with Screw.
Kei actually, has had the best results with Thermal. Smile
@th!nk- Well, due to it spinning on those tiny nubs, its been quite easy to KO at the same time. Smile
Each nub is a part on its own, actually. If you manage to knock it off that nub, it has no other lifeline to safe itself. As for the B tip, I've hard it creates a lot of traction, so it at least has a bit of grip, preventing it from getting KOed. It does have OK stamina though...

Owing to my do-not-customize motto, my favorite 'combo' is a Gravity Destroyer uncustomized atm. I understand why the anime calls it a Defense bey. It actually is a Defense bey according to anime standards. In the anime, Defenders not only withstand Attack, they toss out the Attacker. To make it look more dramatic, the Defensive bey is sometimes pushed back a bit.
I made it battle former Smash King LLD. LLD came in for a head on attack, but was powerfully thrown out of the stadium. Reasons- LLD's recoil, plus Gravity's smash made it go right out. The same would apply for Gravity too(LLD's smash plus Gravity's recoil would have thrown it out), but as it was on WD, yeah! Tongue_out
As I said, to make it more dramatic, the Defense bey is pushed back a bit. And of course, Gravity was pushed back a bit due to its recoil! XD
I love playing with my Gravity Perseus BD145B (left spin) in the Super Vortex Stadium (rubbish).
The moment it is hit by another bey, the BD145 hits the stadium floor and heads for the other bey at an incredible speed. Do to the heavy amount of recoil created by Gravity, the opposing bey literally flies out of Super vortex!
Basalt 230 HF/S is interesting. Its pretty heavy and unballenced its fun if you use them againts tornado L-drago XTS. 230HF/S conbos vs xts tornado battlers are so funny! I did it at ma buddys house.
It was in a TT atk stadium and the XTS kept losing!!!LOL
Here is one of my favorites ,mf-h hell horogium 125xf,this is a fun combo in most stadiums with it's awesome smash power. Hell and xf are a cool combo for attack and smash
my favorite fun combos are galaxy pegasus 90Rsf , and thermal wolf sw145hfs
i notice that pegasus has more stamina but tends to ko it self or knock it self out of the arena wit rsf so idk its a fun bey to make
My faves right now are Earth D125WD, Burn Byxis CH120RS, and Ray 100F (Very fun in Bolt Blast).
(Jan. 01, 2012  10:11 PM)beyhawk Wrote: Here is one of my favorites ,mf-h hell horogium 125xf,this is a fun combo in most stadiums with it's awesome smash power. Hell and xf are a cool combo for attack and smash

In reality, there are many better MWs for attack than Hell.
You'll be amazed to see their power, if Hell amused you so much. Grin
One of my combos that I use for fun is Lighting L Drago M145Q because when you put that combo against an uncustomized Lighting L Drago, if Lighting L Drago M145Q gets hit while it's in the air then it goes flying.......not fast, but at a decent speed. It's always cool to see beys fly out the stadium faster than usual.
I had recently created a combo for fun. I didn't even put thought into it. Now it does pretty good against some of my combos! Despite it not having good defense, Night Scorpio 100FS is just great to have in a battle. It's light, so it gets knocked around a bit... It also smashes a bit due to the shape of the wheel. It just acts a little unpredictably for me, but it definitely helps me a little...
a combo i made for fun was ray pisces 125 sf i gave it the ray ring for strong hits and the sf so it could spin for a good amount of time i think its good but idk what u guys would think about it though
mine will be...well i have a lot of bey combo's but these are my favorite combo's
Rock Capricorn GB145WB love its great defencive play
Killer Leone ED145WD great withdrawl of attack types
Burn Libra 100F super duper fast extremly love it
Basalt Leone 145WD (custom evolved version of my leone thats fusion whell broke)AWESOME DEFENCE
CUSTOM LEGEND BEYBLADE Killer Capricorn SW145WD or EWD (unique and awseome balance lacks attack thought)
thats my custom beyblades
(Jun. 22, 2011  9:11 PM)Uwik Wrote: MF-H Leone 85 R2F

It's compact, small, and the top view is bare-naked metal... Gorgeous, and it's a decent attacker too.

wong cross AR ten balance WD BB/SG bearing base from metal dragoon bearing stinger,its got descent balance and endurance
Why did you quote a completely irrelevant post?

And that combo is pretty average. Using Semi Flat Base would be better (10bBistool), or wide defense/survivor for the weight disk, but even then it's pretty outclassed.
the most fun combo i ever had was back in plastic bb days. i used the flash leopard 2 attack ring ( I believe its called panther head) with the ten heavy weight disc and the driger f blade base. (i think full auto clutch).

the thing would just go wild. it would either KO its opponent or KO itself every time. there was no OS in any fight with that thing
Well, a personal fave is Scythe Kronos 230WD, it is GREAT in stamina but I am using a Hasbro stadium so when I get a Takara Tomy, I'll see if it is still beast. Smile
It was on the top tier list last I checked, but D is a much better tip for 230 in competitive play. WD opens you up to a lot of opponents.

By the way guys, this thread is for combos that are fun, not necessarily combos that are good (though yes, fun combos can be good). I'm sure everyone would really appreciate it if people explained why their combos were so much fun, as that gives them a much greater chance of seeing why a combo is fun, motivating them to use it, and when they do, they will be aware of why it's fun and then probably have fun. Yeah.
Midnight Byxis GB145R2F

>dat recoil

It's fun to watch it bounce around, failing to KO uncustomized Flame Libra. Smile
Midnight Giraffe 125 sf its fun to see it knockout of a hasbro super vortex staduim by stronger bey
Really Enjoying Pegasis BD145 R2F. Grin Funny how it sprints towards Basalt, and gets flicked out and basalt doesn't even move .__. Grin