Favourite online PC games

(Jun. 29, 2011  8:08 PM)Fang Wrote: Anyone play League Of Legends epicest game and Grand Chase and World Of Warcraft

I play grand chase too, my jin, sieg, ryan, and zero are all above lvl 40.
(Jun. 29, 2011  8:08 PM)Fang Wrote: Anyone play League Of Legends epicest game and Grand Chase and World Of Warcraft
I totally agree with Grand Chase as a favourite game because you can choose other characters to play, without creating them.
I play... wait for it.....
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I used to play AQWorlds and Club Penguin. I stopped Club Penguin so I could get a membership for AQW, which I've kind of gotten bored of nowadays. The only one I play now is Combat Arms, which is phun.
PoxNora is pretty cool. It's a nice RTS, and it reminds me of YGO in a way. You need some type of money to get better Champions to play, but the pre-built decks are pretty awesome as-is.
OK people im telling you to try these games
1. Club Peguin ( though som of u mightn't like this, i had a membership so yeah )
2. Happy Wheels ( if you dont like blood and gore dont play this )
3. Minecraft ( obvious if u havent played it *facepalm* )
4. Edmus
5. I forget it
My favorites are Minecraft and Terraria. I used to play adventure quest, runescape, dragon fable, and world of Warcraft, but I stopped a while ago.
MINECRAFT Grin HAPPY WHEELS Grin I only discovered Happy Wheels a few weeks ago when a friend told me to play it, 'tis epic. There's probably some others, but I can't think of them at the moment.
I know how awesome is happy wheels, right?
Nice video!!!! Liked it.. Thanks for sharing the link.
Please, ELABORATE! Otherwise, nobody cares. At all. And this isn't the place to comment on sigs.
Fiesta and Vindictus are my fav. on my PC. I've never lost interest.
I really love to play maplestory and combat arms.
I like M.A.T mission against terror
i dont play much but somtimes arcanists.
I used to Play Runescape a fair bit.
Now I mostly play on steam so

Team Fortress 2
CSS (occasionally)
Guild Wars (rarely play it)

But I play my PS3 more then my PC
Adventure Quest Worlds!!!(AQW)
Terraria is a pretty good game I play it with my brother online sometimes. I would love it if I had someone online that we could to PvP (Player vs Player).
I started playing dragon adopters. Its fun, oh and I started Neopets again, im making a thread for it
my favorite game is dragon adopters! (i dont have any x-box or other stuff like it)
pretty much you adopt a dragon and then you get people to click on it and it grows!
this is my dragon he hasn't hatched yet

[Image: dragonpixel_698569.png]
Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online
I love Atlus and this one is the first one where you create your character.
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The attack on Titan tribute game by feng lee.
And avabel online, which is in some ways a knock off of sword art online, but in game form.
Well lets see...
I play...
Minecraft (I run my own servers Tongue_out)
LoL (League of Legends) occasionally
Sometimes I play AQW, DF, MQ, AQ, and HS, too.