Fakes Purchase Discussion

So a lot of times people just buy random stuff off of Ebay, from beyblade parts, beyblade accessories, to the whole thing. And lots of times, people unfortunately buy things that are crappy, very fragile, and easily breakable. Basically, that is a fake.

This discussion is for people who have bought fakea, just realized they bought fakes, or just bought some fakes to lose some loose change.

I had once bought a fake Duo Uranus, which was for $3, from eBay, from this guy named Mookebo. In the end, just about evreything broke, and I had to throw the Duo Wheel. At lest it wasn't for $10.
you really need to read Thefightyellz guid to fakes it will help you out alot Smile it was created to prevent this from happening...

There is already a thread for Fake Beys. Tongue_out Just be sure to read around next time.

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I see... There really aren't that many thread ideas anymore