Face Contest: Design a Beyblade, Space-Style!

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(Aug. 14, 2011  9:37 PM)Nwolf Wrote: nice design dude, i like it, also some of you guys you have said they're nearly done, make sure it's the best you can do! you have a month, and you can only enter once

If you were talking too me thanks, if not i agree NICE DESIGN FOR Polyow!
I'm SO in. Grin Probably won't win, but it's for the fun! I really love the subject; already have a vague idea in my head. Good luck to everyone!
hhm, alot of people have posted MFB beys, just wait til you guys see my plastic bey!
ow, thanks guys Smile

I just re-read that it's suspicious if the post was edited, but I only edited 2 spelling mistakes O.O
and there were no entries yet on that time + 3 people atleast saw my first entry, wich still is my entry, I hope that won't be a problem..... :s
I so want to win this! if i don't get top 3 i'm going to dedicate all my time for the next one of these, just drawing a whole load of amazing designs
Egh, I'll be spending about a week on this. Hopefully, I can find a way to post it, likely by taking a picture or something. Oh, look. My printer is a scanner. I'll see if I can get the damn thing to WORK. I'm just happy to enter. Not saying that I don't want the prize, but this'll be the first official WBO contest I enter.

This has to be made 100% on our own, correct? So we cannot use someone else's photo with permission.

IE: Someone using a whale sketch someone else made then coloring it in?
no, becuase people might draw beys, and someone else colours it in and that bey wins, even though that guy didn't design it
Oh, god, I'm losing all of my hope in this competition, I've been googling the old winners of the contests now, their drawings were all such professionally-made beyblades, completely designed on the computer, with epic graphics... D:
Well, if you put the effort in, you might not need all of those graphics, no?
yeah, you just need to keep trying, i mean my entry ages ago was carp, but mine now is alot better, hand drawn, completely original, coloured with the finest indian ink pens, well thought through. the only thing i wish i could do was the spinning beys, if only we were aloud to ask for help with some stuff
Well, I did put much effort in the idea... xd
I'm still not sure if it will be enough if the pro graphical editors will enter :p
porbably not, but all you have to do is practice, trust me i sucked at beyblade designing when i joined, now i'm possibly as good as those pro-editors, without even usiong a computer, but you know i might use the computer to edit it
I'm joining! This sounds fun! Grin
ha, the entries close on my birthday. ive got all day to start this, im not going to school because im sick. im going to get my brothers in this but we will not work together. time for a brotherly battle. the thing is i think my youngest brother will win, he is the best drawer and he is 9. every man and women for themselves in this comp.
I already finished,but I don't feel like putting it on yet,maybe at the last moment.
P.S-Mine is horribleUnhappy
doesnt consterlation fall under the space theme?
Of course...

I am so entering.
so, from 11:00 am to now, which is 3:00 (before writing the description) i've been working on this.
man my art skills suck, i hope the idea will make up for it though. I did it now so I dont have to worry about it later, plus i'm going on vacation this week.

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dun. now its 4:00
(Aug. 14, 2011  11:40 PM)njrk97 Wrote: doesnt consterlation fall under the space theme?

yea but loweres you originality score if you do conterlations on an mfb as nearly every one is based off a constlation.
This is awesome! I'm not that great, but hopefully I have a chance! It would be AWESOME if I could win a face booster, or even a Strongest Blader Set! EPICNESS. I shall enter, best of luck to everyone else!
I called dibs on 9 planets idea.XD
ive got it drawn so how do i upload it
You know i'm in this, i've been waiting for this since i found out about these contests, i finished my design after i found out about this at two, and now i just have to fix my printer, and then upload it