Face Contest: Design a Beyblade, Space-Style!

(Aug. 15, 2011  12:11 AM)NobleGallade Wrote: ive got it drawn so how do i upload it

You can always scan it on a printer, and then transfer that file to your computer, upload it online, and post it here. You could also take a photo of it, but you would lose quality.
I have designed all the parts, and I am going to make a top view and a side view.
(Aug. 14, 2011  11:55 PM)Shabalabadoo Wrote:
Twinkle Littlestar SGrin Beywiki Article (Click to View)

that article is pure win

my art is allot worse then yours
A lot of thoughT went into that article. But I think it all tied together the way I wanted it to,

That took the most time. Although drawing was the hardest part. I went through several drafts of just the Metal Frame.
WOW, SSJ, that's amazing. That article... It should be on Beywiki.
Even though it doesn't exist, lmao. VERY good job on the bey too! I LOVE the Metal Frame, and the PC Frame too! The core though, looks too much like BBP's though Confused Just criticizing lol. Overall, that thing is pimp, and I want it. o:
Wait so, I would lose points for Creativity if I did this for a constellation, Kai-V clearly mentioned we could with no mention of losing anything.

I'm not going to answer that, but IMO you would. Needs to be something original, not like everything else! Grin
Than what? I draw a star?

Or a planet. Isn't there supposed to be a bit beast? Like Bull is Bull.

I was thinking of Centaur or Kraken? [Constellations]
What if it was a constellation so as to fit in with most the other Beys in the series, but also had other space related parts? That'd make it more realistic, to be honest. It'd make it seem kinda like it actually exists (if the other parts are realistic)!

Now before any body laughs at my handwritng or my colouring,I just want you to know that I do not have a steady hand and I was using fat oil pastels because they were the only things I had for the moment,I let my imagination run wild,It may look a little to overpowered,but to balance it out,it has horrible stamina.


It's called Solar Meteor

Face is Sun
CW is Meteor
MW is Solar
Track is Milkyway,(MW145)
Tip is Zero-Gravity(ZG)
TogetherConfusedolar Meteor MW145ZG
Large pictures in spoilers.

Mystic Flare N:D

This was my first draft, but I quickly figured I might not be consistent enough to draw everything I wanted to draw. (Click to View)

Nova:Drive, Clear Wheel, Face (Click to View)

Mystic Flare N:D (Assembled) (Click to View)

Nocto, that metal wheel has a sick mode change

Ultimate kcpj, why not put the picture on this page, and not just the link. Those pictures are hard to see (especially reading the info one)
I don't know how thats the only problem,I already scanned them on to the computer.
Nocto, sweet mother of Jesus, that's awesome. But one thing.
I posted my "entry" at the first post, which can be found at the top of the first page.

Critique if you wish.

As I mention my scanner isn't very good, i couldn't figure out how to enlarge the images.
A design contest ;p
I might be entering. Yeah.
Awesome, I will enter this. This is my first face contest
I joined this contest for fun Smile But it'd be nice to win Grin

EDIT: I have terrible handwriting XD
Very nice, Nocto.
Wow, everyones putting their entries in so quick! However, I'm gonna take my time, heh.
I've been waiting for a desigh a bey contest for so long!
I already desighed a bey ever since I saw the first contest, but sadly it dosn't fit with the "space theme". Crying
I wish i could enter, but I'm way to busy making videos.
Awesome job, especially you Nocto, but I'm sure a lot of people will make great designs and articles as well!
am i alowed to enter two bey there a set like the to ketos beyblades

btw first to use solar/lunar eclispe idea just saying so no one thinks i copied someon eelse
Not to be mean but you left out the horoscope series. But other than everythings great
(Aug. 15, 2011  5:24 AM)CrystalPegasus Wrote: Not to be mean but you left out the horoscope series. But other than everythings great

Who left that out ?
I will try my best to enter! Actually, I want to enter but I am not sure... Still, I want to participate!
I've decided the name for my bey, though-
Nova Quasar G145BH (G145= Galaxy 145, BH- Black Hole)
Not thought much about the wheels yet, as I need to make the design before I can say how it will be. But, my description for the track and tip are ready-
G145 stands for Galaxy 145. It is an irregular shape track, just like an irregular galaxy. I've always expected an asymmetrical track by TT, but they never made one... So, I'll make it here!
BH or Black Hole, is just another 'Hole series' tip, having a gimmick of opening and closing with the help of centrifugal force. It is a Ball tip, which retracts in a unique manner to form a hole tip. You may say Black Hole also means Ball Hole. Tongue_out

I'll give the advantages/disadvantages as soon as I am done with the designs! Smile
I should enter , but i have not decided my bey yet , guess i should take some time on this Smile