Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force.

I am making a beyblade spin off series for the Elemental Warriors: Defenders of the Solar System series.
The Epic Beyblade adventure of the kids before they were Elemental Warriors. The Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series is a spin off series of the Elemental Warriors as young kids in the second grade in Centennial Elementary School in Plano, TX. This is the begin when they start to play in the Beyblade World Championship in 2000.
Young TJ Thornton, Ethan Lee, Katie Scherer, Drew Myers, Shelby Scott, & Steve Lekas first met Raven Storm Mack and Angel Armstrong in the regional tournament of North America to form The Elemental Bladers team that will competition in the World Championship.
This team will be battle against teams in Europe, Russia, Africa, Japan, Hollywood,CA, Brazil, and China

The Bit Beasts of the Elemental Bladers obtain two different elements in them for crazy & powerful move & attack.

The Team Elemental Bladers from America:

members: TJ Thornton, Ethan Lee, Katie Scherer, Drew Myers, Shelby Scott, Steve Lekas, Angel Armstrong, & Raven Mack.

Team White Tiger Zhang X from China:

Members: Rio Han Wang, Mao Mai, Goa Yuan Li, Kike Xian.

Team Super All Star Breakers from Japan:

Michigan Darker, Tackier Strong-son, Emmy Yodeler, Eden Wheezes, and Stein Rusher.

Team Majestic Cali-bur from Europe"

Elbert Kongo, Enriches Torn-an, Soph-era / Olivier Poland, Johannes McGuire.

Team Barth Ganglionic from Brazil:

Miguel-o Marcia, Hilda Asgard, Clan Ravages, and Aaron Silvia.

Team Babushka Boys from Russia:

Kalevala Valor, Lean Papal, Torrance Romero, & Brogan Kuznetsk.

Team Wild Saint Fang Shields from Africa:

Goya Tate min, Dunkirk Harridan, Marie, and Josue.

The tournaments in this special series are:

American regional Tournament in Austin, TX.

European Tournament in London and little Greece battle tour competition.

Little Battle Tournament in Hollywood, CA back in North America.

Brazilian Tournament in Brazil, South America.

African Tournament in somewhere in Africa.

Japanese Tournament in Tokyo, Japan.

An extra chapter with be made when, I finish the chapters for this series.

Whicih of these Team with be the champion on that Tournament in the off spin series.

America Team - Elemental Bladers.

Chinese Team - White Tiger Zhang X

Brazil Team - Barth Ganglionic

Japanese Team - Super All Star Breakers

Europe Team - Majestic Cali-bur

or Russia Team - Babushka Boys.

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To be honest, I find some of the team names as well as member names... let's say a little too inspired. There's certainly some obvious similarities to team names from G-Revolution and MFB Baku.
This are the team with their member'beys in this spin off series of the Elemental Warriors.

The White Tiger Zhang X team from China:

Thunder Lion Black Lightning -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008190857]

Scratching Lynxic -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008185729]

Swinging Monkey -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008185825]

Axe Gal-Bear -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008190435]

Super All Star Breakerz from Japan:

Triple Eagle 3 -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008190531]

Needle Tri-Scorpio -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008190658]

Catch Sea-gator -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008190711]

Charging Bullhorn -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193526]

Boulder Bison -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193552]

Majestic Cali-bur from Europe:

Legend Griffin Destroyer -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193800]

it's change mode parts -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193813]

Sickle Salami-Blaze -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193859]

Twin Ampicillin-Draco-r -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193938]

Spear Uni Striker -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008194021]

The Babushka Boys from Russia:

Blitz wolf Ice Frost -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008194103]

Wave Whale Grand Sea -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008194153]

Falzor Slash Winger -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008194233]

Strike Land Serpent ail-
[Image: latest?cb=20181008194306]

Which one of these beyblade do you like & why, tell that on the reply button below the post.

The Beyblade teams in the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series.

The White Tiger Zhang X team is a combination of White Tiger X & Wang Hu Zhong Team.

Combine Wang Hu Zhong's four hundred year knowledge and the White Tiger X's fierce training make this team, a strong longest wall in history, A team that represent China in the World Championship.

The Super All Star Breakerz team, This is a combination of the PBB AllStarz & Star Breakers.

Uniting the All Starz's technology and Star Breaker's data research, make this team as a technology Data lab for the World Championship and is a technical team that represent Japan and battle the Elemental Bladers team in Tokyo, Japan.

The will type the other teams later.
Here are the Cover for the Elemental Warrior's Beyblade Elemental Force series on Fiction Press or in Fan-fiction for Beyblade series.

[Image: latest?cb=20180916163444] 
E.Ws Beyblade Elemental Force Series Vol 1 Cover.

[Image: latest?cb=20181020093746]
E.Ws Beyblade Elemental Force Series Vol 2 Cover.

[Image: latest?cb=20181020093817]
E.Ws Beyblade Elemental Force Series Vol 3 Cover.

[Image: latest?cb=20181020093835]
E.Ws Beyblade Elemental Force Series Vol 4 Cover.

[Image: latest?cb=20190707083110]
E.Ws Beyblade Elemental Force Series Special Vol Cover.
Hey guys, check out this story idea, for my Elemental Warriors x Beyblade crossover story: The Elemental Bladers vs Avatar Psychic Team

A Elemental Warriors x Beyblade Crossover series,

Plot: The Elemental Warriors were invited to Beybattle in a place called the Neo Grand X Battle Tower somewhere in N.D / North Dakota’s forest mountains, but the bad guys want to steal the Elemental Blader’s Bit Spirits to suck out their powers for evil world takeover plan. At the entrance, when Angel & Huckle were almost hit, they were saved by Dragoon V2 from Tyson Granger and the BladeBreakers were at the main entrance to handle lots of security Blader gear robots, while the Elemental Bladers head to the first battle stage, where Katie is battle against Avatar Jim. Katie win the battle, but her Draciel was taken by the Bad guys, so it Drew turn to battle Avatar Selima & win about his friends.

Ethan is going to bring a beat down on the group that hurt Kai’s friend & classmate in London school, in the final battle, Tyson vs Avatar Kane to save the remaining Bey Spirits of the Elemental Bladers. At the building begin to crushing down on TJ & Katie went up to get Draciel out the storage room and get out from the destruction.


The Elemental Bladers:

TJ Thornton

Ethan Lee

Katie Scherer

Drew Myers

Shelby Scott

Steven Lekas

Angel Armstrong

Raven Storm Mack

Strawbie Thornton

Orangina Lee

Lennon Scherer

Angie Myers

Bluebette Scott

Ginelle Lekas

Huckle Armstrong

The BladeBreakers:

Tyson Granger

Max Tate

Ray Kon

Kai Hiwatari


Hilary Tachibana

The Avatar Psychic Team:

Avatar Kane - Latrell

Avatar Goki - Hane

Avatar Jim - Ilian

Avatar Selima - Ramella

The Beys in this story

Elemental Warrior’s Beys:

Dragoon Hurricane Victory - TJ Thornton

Dranzer Flame Volcano - Ethan Lee

Draciel Aqua Fortress - Katie Scherer

Driger Lightning Vulcan - Drew Myers

Strata Dragoon Earth Spike - Steven Lekas

UniPegasus & Bison Charger - Shelby Scott and Angel Armstrong.

The Bladebreakers beys:

Dragoon Victory 2 - Tyson Granger

Driger Vulcan - Ray Kon

Draciel Viper - Max Tate

Dranzer Volcano - Kai Hiwatari

The Avatar Psychic's beys:

Cyber Storm Dragoon - Avatar Kane / Latrell

Cyber Fire Dranzer - Avatar Goki / Hane

Cyber Water Draciel - Avatar Jim / Ilian

Cyber Lightning Driger - Avatar Selima / Ramella

Tell me about this idea in comment, please.
These are the Plot for the beginning & the first three chapters of the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force spin off series:

Beginning: E.Ws: Beyblade Elemental Force Vol 1 - This is an Elemental Warrior's spin off series of the Elemental Warriors as young kids, that tell TJ how he got his family's sacred spirit, Fire Wind Seiryu / Dragoon from his grandpa & started his beyblade journey to becoming a world champion with his friends, in the first volume of the Beyblade Elemental Force. There are 8 chapters of the very first volume of Beyblade Elemental Force.

The Chapters:

Chapter 1: Starting Fresh - TJ went to the store to get some stuff & he beybattle against a boy named Hever, soon Shelby & Steve arrived at his grandparent's house. Then the three kids find someone that stealing beys from young kids, so they meet Raven that tell them about to beat him.

Chapter 2: The Rise of the Fire Wind Blue dragon spirit - After TJ defeating the creep, He face against a mysteries person with a blue bey that have a red Phoenix bird with Aqua flame wings on it, during the battle, Dranzer Flare destroyed TJ's beys into pieces. Then TJ's friends, Raven, Steve, Shelby, and his grandpa help him to make a new bey & the spirit, Fire Wind Seiryu enter his new bey & named it, Dragoon Cyclone in the battle in a incomplete building site for the mysteries person to revealed himself to be TJ's friend, Ethan Lee from Centennial Elementary School. In battle, the two tops started hitting each other, when they released the two spirits, Seiryuu renamed Dragoon & Aqua Flame Suzaku renamed Dranzer to fight in one second. When the battle is over in a tie, Ethan quit the gang & free raven.

Chapter 3: Arrived of an old friend - When Raven, Shelby, Ethan, & Steve are helping TJ to master his Dragoon Cyclone bey, at a dog accidentally fall into a raging river that send it up stream, then they meet their friend, Katie Scherer that help them to save the dog, They went to a beyblade toy shop to check Dragoon is okay. Katie & TJ decide to battle in the stadium, as a man in a suit from B.B.S.T.A (Beyblade Battle Star Tower Association) to invite them to enter the American Beyblade Super Star Battle Tournaments.
These are the Europe Team that the Elemental Bladers team of America battle against in the European World Championship:
This team is a combination of the Majestic & Excalibur with royal families & lots of pride in their title & battle.

[Image: latest?cb=20190809150409]

Their team name is Majestic Cali-bur Sabers.

[Image: latest?cb=20190809150448]

Elbert Kongo - The leader of Majestic Calibur Saber, & own Griffin Destroyer.

[Image: latest?cb=20190809150702]

Johannes McGuire - the powerhouse of the team with his Sickle Salami blaze.

[Image: latest?cb=20190809151108]

Enriches Torrance - The Rome boy with stylish hairstyle go for double attacks of his bey,Twin Amphi Dracor


[Image: latest?cb=20190809151040]


The last one is Sophera / Olivier Poland - With her bey, Spear Uni-Striker that brings this French girl mastery of the power.