Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force.

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What that mean?
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(Mar. 10, 2021  9:02 AM)Sahaj Buttar Wrote: This is fire

What that mean?

The story is great
Hey guys: I got a some good beyblade's names for the blueprints of my own Solar System Beys of the planet, dwarf planet Pluto, & the sun:

Planet Mercury: Swift Wave Anubis - a combination of Mercury Anubis & Acid Anubis (Anubion A2).

Planet Venus: Bright Shine Quetziko - a fusion of Death Quetzalcoatl and Qaud Quetzalcoatl (Quetziko Q2).

Planet Earth: Globaland Gaia - a combination of both Bandit Golem & Gigant Gaia (Gaianon G2).

Planet Mars: Mega Flare Ares - a fusion bey of both Variares and Infinite Achilles.

Planet Jupiter: Spark Grand Zeus - a merge bey of both Jade Jupiter & Zillion Zeus (Zeutron Z2).

Planet Saturn: Time Ringed Chronos - a fusion combination of both Scythe Chronos & Alter Chronos (Cognite C3).

Planet Uranus: Side Strike Uranus - a merge combination bey of both Duo Ice Titan / Uranus and First Uranus.

Planet Neptune: Oceanic Poseitune - a fusion combination bey of both Dark Poseidon & Nova Neptune (Nepstrius N2).

Dwarf Planet Pluto: Dark Dreadful Hades - a merge combination bey of both Fusion Hades (Firefuse Darkhelm) and Dread (Dead) Hades.

The Sun: Blazing Helical Apollo - a triple fusion combination bey of Sol Blaze, Left Apollo, & King (Kolossal) Helios.

I will make the blueprints of the 10 beys, it will take a lots of time. I hope you guys will like these beys & their designs?

Here is a questions, which out of these 10, you like to use the most?
This is the nineteenth chapter: The Elemental Bladers first team preliminaries round:
Chapter 19: Beijing Chinese World Championship Circle

On a cloudy day in Beijing, China, the u.s. Team was in a bus that headed to the National stadium of Beijing for the world championship in China. Shelby was sitting by Katie to say, “Wow, check those buildings.” as she looks at the site from the window. “Yeah, amazing.” said Katie.
Lemore said, “I heard some hotels have maids wearing kimono & their faces in white make up.” “Wow.” said the two girls. After their team put their luggage in a hotel that is 10 inches near the stadium. They see a lot of beyblade teams from all over China and parts of Asia. The Chinese Beyblade World Championship begins with the opening ceremony, while the announcer walks on wearing a red Chinese shirt, black pants, indigo vest, and white shoes to said, “Ni hao, everyone & and to the beyblade world championship in Beijing, china! I’m your host announcer, Bei Jin DJ!” as the crowd cheers wildly.

Bei Jin DJ said, “We got 16 teams ready to battle out in the world championship also our representative team, White Tiger Zhang X are prepare to battle the team with the massive skills from the Bei Claw Yang beyblade school temple, but this tournament got the U.S. team that beat the E.U’s best players. Now, let the Chinese World Championship begin!” as the crowd cheered. As the Elemental Bladers look at the tournament bracket to see which group their team is in. Steve said, “There we are, look.” “Cool, we’re in block A group.” said Drew. Ethan said, “That be something.” “Nice to see you again.” said a familiar voice.

The three boys turn to the left to see Kike, while said in unison, “Kike.” “I see you’re here, but where are your teammates?” said TJ. Kike said, “Right behind me.” the seven kids look behind Kike to see three more players walking to him (One has dark blue violet hair with pig tails on the back, light green eyes wearing light purple shirt, red vest, mango orange short, lavender socks, & red shoe, A girl that has brownish pink hair with two little gray buns also light blue and pink ribbons wearing a pink / light blue Chinese shirt, white skirt with yellow triangles, white short, & pink shoes. And a boy, who has black / golden yellow spiky hair, golden orange eyes along with some whisker markings on his cheeks wearing a black / golden yellow shirt, white vest, white wristbands, black gloves, a red belt band, black short, & grayish green shoes). The girl with brownish pink hair said, “So, you seven might be the U.S. own Elemental Bladers, I’m Mao Mai.” “My name is Goa Yuan Li, we saw your skills on T.V. as you guys handle the E.U team.” said the boy with dark violet blue hair. Then the black / golden yellow haired boy said, “I'm the leader of the team, White Tiger Zhang X, Rio Han Wang. Nice to meet you all.”

“Yeah, same here.” said TJ. Katie said, “You guys train from that beyblade school temple here in Beijing?” “Yes, Bei Claw Yang School Temple that was on in 400000 years ago.” said Goa Yuan Li. Shelby said, “Whoa, that is a long time like centuries.” as the Chinese team looked at the tournament bracket to find which groups their beyteam battle in Mao Mai said, “Our team is in group block B.”

“Well, the U.S. team is in group A, while the Chinese team is in group B. this is going to be exciting for the crowd.” said Angel. Steve said, “I can feel that is possible.” as Rio Han turned his head to the left & looked at Drew to said, “Oh right, Drew Myers. I got something but, you have to battle the team, your group battling first.” “I know we got this in the bag with our skills and the four sacred elemental saint beast spirits.” as the Chinese beyblade team left. In the stand, Mr. Rolando was with Ichigo & her friends to see the Elemental Bladers battle in their first tournament preliminaries in the world championship.

Bei Jin DJ said, “Ok, time for the 1st preliminaries round in group A block. The two teams battle first are the Thail Chi Busters of Thailand against the Elemental Bladers of the U.S.A!” as the crowd loudly. At the stadium floor, the Thailand team sent a Thailand boy in light violet and pale yellow Thailand style clothes & orange shoes to go first.

So the U.S. team chose Drew to battle 1st. The Thailand boy said, “I’m Lek & my bey with the yak bull power will crush you.” “I don’t think so.” said Drew as the stadium released itself to the players (The stadium showed to have a bamboo forest and two water holes on each side with a main stadium center & edges). The announcer said, “Now you two, let's get this first round started!” “3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . !” said the crowds. Drew and Lek said in unison, “Let it rip!” as they launch their beyblades in the center part.

Lek’ sunburst colored generic bey attacks Drew’s into the bamboo forest area & he said, “Gotta lose, little one?” “Don’t be in your life, pal. Driger!” as his bey ran through the bamboo. The Bei Jin DJ said, “Uh no, bad for Lek. Drew’s bey Driger is using the bamboo like a white tiger in the wild to use the jungle surround to hurt it’s prey.” as the gray bey came out in full force.

“Final Attack, Driger!” said Drew as Driger hit Lek’s bey out of the stadium for the DJ to say, “Wow, will an epic quick win, Drew Myers have won the first match!” as the crowd cheered to him. The Elemental Bladers said in unison, “Yay!” “Mmm-mmm, that is my skill.” said Drew as he picked up his bey. Angelia said, “Drew’s bey sure is something in battle like a real one in the wild.” “Yeah, Drew’s bit spirit, Driger is such a so tough tiger in his way with his partner.” said Mr. Rolando.

Soon the second match started with Katie Scherer against Kiet as their beys almost hit each other by five inches apart. It happened again 3 times, while Katie began to sweat in some weird heatwave. Bei Jin DJ said, “Man, it feels like a pan is put on super hot in an oven.” but not just him, the audience & U.S. team begin to sweat some more than Katie. Kiet, the Thailand boy wearing bright yellow and fiery red orange clothes said, “What wrong, girly? Couldn’t handle heats, is like a desert in super extreme heat like my bey is doing.” as his orange yellow bey creates a strong heatwave that causes Katie’s Draciel to melt it’s energy into a liquid form on the edges of the stadium. Raven pulled his laptop to check for a way to beat this technique. TJ was held on the bench trying to stand in the heat, while to said, “Man, this is brutal heat.”

Raven said it to Katie, “Hey, I got it! Katie uses the water hole to cool down Draciel & uses the water as a cool shield to handle the heat by Kiet’s bey!” “Right . . . metal balls bearing defense go! Now Draciel, attack!” said Katie as the green bey pull out the metal balls on it’s Blade Element Base to stabilize stamina and create a barrier wall of water from the water hole after it went to it. As Draciel charged at Kiet’s bey, while shielded itself from the heatwave to hit it out of the stadium to stop the heat surge & win the match.  
The Chinese DJ said, “Whoa, with the score 0-s, the Elemental Bladers are on a roll! Now the final round is TJ from the U.S team against Aroon from team Thailand as a Thailand boy wearing dark green / violet red Thailand clothes with bandage wraps on hands, wrists, feet, and lower legs headed toward the stadium same go for TJ. When the players got there, Aroon showed some Thailand boxing & also his beylauncher on his left arm band for TJ to said, “Snap, he got an arm wrist beylauncher!” “Ready for it, little red flare.” said Aroon. TJ said, “Let's do this!” as he loaded his bey to his beylauncher.

As Aroon loaded his dark violet red bey in the beylauncher, he got ready to launch. TJ was also ready. Bei Jin DJ said, “Ok, 3 . . .” “2 . . . 1 . . .” said the crowds. TJ and Aroon said in unison, “Let it rip!” as the Thailand boy did a punch launch, while TJ did a normal launch. Both beys were in the beystadium center in a head on battle.
Raven said it to his friends, “I got ya, uh no. From the search on that fighting style on Aroon, it looks pretty bad.” “Huh, what do you mean Raven?” said Shelby. Ethan said, “He means Thailand style box fighting, where they use both legs and arms in boxing matches.” “That's crazy!” said Steve. Drew said, “I hear this from my dad, there are many risky & dangerous moves for boxers from Thailand to do.”

Back at the Bamboo forest beystadium, Aroon’ genetic bey is pondering hitting hard on Dragoon Cyclone. TJ said, “Dragoon, hold on!””Attack!” said Aroon as his bey hit Dragoon 20 feet in the air, but the white top landed safely on the stadium ground.

Ichigo said it, while holding her baby sister, “That was a hard hit on TJ!” “Wonder if he can handle him?” said Mania. Hick said, “He can do it.” as the beys keep hitting each other. TJ looked at the waterhole near him and said in his head, “Hold it, I got an idea for a counterattack.”

When Aroon’s bey hit Dragoon Again, this time fell into the waterhole near TJ, while his bey went by it to see if the white bey stopped spinning until TJ said, “Got ya, Dragoon Go! Special Attack Move, Firestorm Attack!” as a fire tornado appears out of the waterhole in full force with wind, water, & fire elements in it. The triple mix elemental tornado sucks the dark violet red top right up, then sends it into the air for 16 mins until it falls down by Aroon’s feet.

As the white bey landed to the stadium center, still spinning show that TJ has won the battle and mean the U.S. team won the match. Bei Jin DJ said, “Crazy finish with the score 0-3, the Elemental Bladers go to the next round!” as the crowds cheer & claps to the U.S team. The Thailand team walked up to them and stared for an hour. TJ said, “What is it?” in a nervous tune.

Aroon said, “Good match U.S. team & win the championship.” “Rights!” said the Elemental Bladers after they shook hands, while the Thailand bey team left. Ethan said, “That was tough.” “Hey guy, the Chinese team, White Tiger Zhang X are battling on the other side of the stadium.” said Raven. Katie said, “Well let go see them battle ourselves.” “Yeah.” said the others to agree. The U.S. group ran to the stadium’s other side to the Chinese team in battle.

The Chinese team were facing against the Egyptian beyblade team with the score 2-0 until on the third round, when the U.S. team arrive on the stand upper part to see that Mao Mai is battling the captain of the Egyptian team, Pyramid Legends’ Tutankh to average his teammates (Raid & Claican). In the stadium, Tutankh’s yellowish laser green bey attacking hard on Mao’s Hot Pink one until she said, “Ok, time to finish this! Scratching Lynxic!” as her bey bit lifted up light pink to summon a reddish pink lynx mountain cat with whitish pink fur mark. Shelby said, “Woah, she got a bit spirit too like Kike.” “Looks like her bit spirit is based on a mountain lynx cat.” said Ethan. Then Lynxic was going to it’s finishing move as Mao said, “Special Attack Move, Lynxic’s Lapping Feline Claw Strike!” as Mao’s bey is energized in light pink energy to create energetic lynx shaped claws at Tutankh’s bey.

As the yellowish laser green bey was in the air & split in three pieces, while falling to the ground by Tutankh’s feet, while the referee said, “With the score: 3-0, White Tiger Zhang X advance to the second round.” as the crowd cheered for them. “No way, they're going to the second round?” said Angel. Then Angelia and Mania walk to them. Drew said, “Hey you two, what you got in those bags?” “We got some awesome Chinese clothes for the group & new clothes for Apriell too.” said Mania. Angelia said, “Yea.” TJ said, “Look like, we got tough competition in this tournament.” “Yeah.” said the other.

The Chinese World Championship has Started, the U.S. team got through their 1st team preliminaries round & they're ready for the next round.
I love this fan fic! Found a new best fan fic
Here is the twentieth chapter of the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force Series.

Chapter 20: Red Phoenix vs Monkey pt 2
On a dark gray cloudy day, at a hotel called Courtyard 7 (Qintangfu) in a room, Raven was working his team’s beys (Expert Dranzer Flare and Driger Spark) to make adjustments for the second preliminaries round of the tournament. Apriell was in a baby bed like a chair sleeping.

While Raven is adding Bison Charger & Strata Dragoon Earth Spike’s adjustment, Gariga walks in the room toward Raven and says, “Hey Raven, you still working on the modification on the beys?” “Yeah.” said Raven as he finished adjusting on all the beyblades. Gariga said, “What about Drew and Ethan’s?” “Those got their done, before these five.” said Raven. He went to the laptop for the blueprints of the new beylauncher and grips. Gariga looked at the blueprints and said, “Cool, hey do you mind I help out on these gears?” “Sure.” said Raven.

In the other side of the hotel, Kike was sneaky out of his team room until Mao Mai found him to said, “Huh Kike, were you going?” “Oh uh, on a walk.” said Kike typing to make a excuse. Mao Mai was suspicious on Kike to said, “Seriously, what are you going?” as she gave him a serious look. “Alright, I'm going to have a rematch with Ethan to settle the score for our tie breaker.” “You sure about this, Kike?” said Mao Mai Kike said, “Yes.” as he leap to the U.S. team’s hotel room to find Ethan.

When he peeking around the Elemental Blader’s room, but Ethan was not in bed with his friends, so he left without awake them, by the stadiums, Kike look around, but got nothing & said, “Where is he?” “I’m right in front of you.” said a similar voice coming from the stadium that was near him.

As Kike show a shadowing figure on the other side of the stadium for 5 mins to be Ethan Lee, then he said, “I been waiting for you, Kike.” “Ok, since I can’t battle in the championship, so how bout we settle out for the tiebreaker for our match in Hong Kong?” “Got it.” said Ethan as both bey players loaded their beys into the bey launchers. At the Elemental Blader’s hotel room, Mania wakes up from bed in her light orange P.J. (Pajama) with yellow daisy printed on it. (Yawn) to look at the window to see Ethan and Kike outside, so she put on her shoes & take an umbrella with her to watch the beybattle as the boys said in unison, “3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let it rip!” as they launch their beys to the stadium.

Dranzer Flare and Swing Funk Monkey were fighting each other like 15 mins. Kike said, “So you put your bey in stamina mode to handle my attacks.” “Smart, but I just started to fight, Dranzer go!” as the blue bey go on the attack. Mania said it by watching the battle, “Whoa, that is Ethan & Dranzer in a collision in attack powers. So both Gariga and Raven walk up to Mania with Apriell in Gariga’s arms seeing the battle.

Raven said it shook, “What the?!” “Why Ethan & Kike beybattle each other?” said Gariga. Mania said, “I don’t know, they started, when I woke up.” “Oh yeah, it must be the rematch, they get to settle a tied score back at Hong Kong, China.” said Ethan. The beys circle around each other in the stadium on high speed for 14 sec until Kike said, “Ok, time to be serious, Funk Monkey!” as he called out his monkey bit spirit. Funk Monkey uses his hands to grab the blue top, miss like 5 times, then Ethan summons his bit spirit as he said, “Let’s go, Attack, Dranzer!” as the vermillion phoenix came out of his bey.

The bey and their bit spirits were out on each other in the stadium. When a light rain begins, Raven, Gariga, & Apriell head to the hotel’s pal-ram, while Mania uses the umbrella. After ten minutes, Ethan and Kike call out their bey’ special attack moves for the climax finish collision.

Kike said, “Funk Monkey! Special Attack Move, Monkey 100 Hit Fearsome Crazy Sword Splendor!” as the lavender bey create four banana shaped energy swords with 25 blades on each sword to attack Dranzer in a hundred hit attack. The blue bey top enters its Elemental Force state along to create a fiery water shaped arrow in deep blue color version as Ethan said, “(Yell) Danzer! Special Attack Move, Elemental Force Fire Flare Arrow!”

Both bit Spirits and special attack moves hit each other head on in a collision of red & banana yellow. After the flash fainted down, Funk Monkey was stop spinning, while Dranzer wobbling spinning that mean Ethan won the battle and rematch against KIke as Mania walk to the boys, they grab their beys & run to her under the umbrella from the rain.

Kike said, “I got to admin, you are a good bey player.” “Thank you, same goes to you.” said Ethan. When the rain stopped for 10 seconds, Mania said to the two boys, “That was an incredible beybattle.” “Thanks.” said the boys. Raven, Gariga, and Apriell walk toward them. Raven said it to Ethan, while holding a reddish brown orange bey launcher grip with a spring supporting part on it, “That was a good match, here this is your new Spring Star Shot bey launcher grip to give you a burst of speed.” as he handed Ethan, the spring support beylauncher grip to attach his red beylauncher & blue beylog pointer on it.

Gariga handed Apriell to Ethan for holding her, Kike said, “Well, since we have our battle, so I hope your team reach to the final like my team?” “Sure, my friends and I will go to the final.” said Ethan. Kike said something about Drew Myers, “Hey, your friend with the white tiger bit spirit? Is he good in battle?” “Drew, yeah he's awesome, also Driger, his bit spirit is one quick tiger with lightning / wind in green color.” “Wow . . .(In his head), “I wonder how he faced off against Rio Han?” said Kike. in the U.S.A team’s hotel room on Drew’s pillow, Driger’s bey bit started to glow for some minutes.

Now that both Ethan and Kike got their rematch, the Elemental Bladers must win their two other team matches to advance for the final.
This is the twentieth first chapter of the series for the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force.

Chapter 21: Legend of the Thunder Wind Byakko Warrior

On a cloudy morning at the Qin Tang Fu Hotel in the Elemental Blader’s room, TJ said, “What the, Drew gone!” “Where do you think he goes?” said Angel. Ethan said, “Maybe Drew left a note behind, that tells where he is going.” “Mmm-mmm.” said Katie, Steve, and Shelby as they looked for a note from Drew until Raven with a paper note in his left hand.

Ethan looked at Raven with the note and said, “Hey, Raven, where you find that paper note?” “Oh the table by the beys.” said Raven as he handed the note to Ethan for the other to see it.

Katie said, “What does it say about Drew’s location?” “Let's see.” said Ethan as he read what Drew’s note said (Dear guys, I have gone to the mountain region area of Beijing, China, so I will be back to the hotel in 7 hours. Because Driger’s bey bit started to glow for some reason & showed the way to the mountain with its green light. So I took Popper with me to sniff the sense back to the hotel, tell Ichigo, I bring her puppy back safe and sound. Later from Drew).
Angel said, “So both Drew & Popper are at the mountain by Beijing, China.” “Me, Ethan, Katie, and Shelby will go to the mountain, while you three tell Ichigo that Popper is with Drew.” said TJ. Raven said, “Got it.” as the four kids head out to the cab in Beijing.

At the mid bottom of East Lingshan (Mount Ling), Drew follows Popper to somewhere on the mountain. Drew packed himself some stuff in his light green backpack, while he said, “This must be the spot, where the green light pointed at?” as Popper sensed something behind & said, “(Growled).” Drew quickly loaded his Driger Spark into the beylauncher, ready to launch, then said, “Ok, you! Show yourself right now!” Suddenly someone came out of the bushes behind them and it turned out to be Mao Mai of the Chinese Beyblade team. Drew said, “Hey, you’re from the Chinese beyblade team, Mao Mai!?”

At the cab stop, the four kids went in a taxi cab as the driver said, “Where do you kids want to go?” “To the Mountain Ling.”said Ethan. The driver said, “Sure thing.”

Back at Mount Ling, Drew & Mao were following Popper to the middle flat area of the mountain. Drew said, “Hey, why are you doing at the mountain?” “Oh, I was collect some herbs for some tea for my team and I heard about my teammates, Kike & your friend, Ethan having their rematch yesterday, what about you?” “My bey, Driger shot a light beam to this place, I think he wants me to see something?” as they reach a cave, while Popper barks at the cave’s entrance to make an echo.

The three of them enter the cave, Drew’s bey bit lift up a light green glow as a flashlight to see cave paintings of Driger himself as Thunder Wind Byakko show how he fought with a human in ancient times until he seat himself in a bey bit on a stone tablet in a shaped of a white tiger head until Drew realize something, when he said, “Hey, I know that tablet.” “You do where?” said Mao Mai.

Drew said, “Back home in the U.S.A, when my grandpa got me, my 1st beyblade, he also gave the white tiger head sharped stone tablet with Driger’s bey bit on it that was in the basement for 90 years, found by my 7x great grandpa brought it from China.” “No way, that means you’re the new Thunder Wind Byakko Warrior.” said Mao Drew said, “The new what?!” in confusion.

When they got to outside, Mao explain to Drew about the Thunder Wind Byakko Warrior, “Well, the bey temple tribe school, where my team train at tell a legend about the white tiger spirit of thunder and wind, Byakko that waiting for a person that link to a warrior, who fought with him in ancient times. The elder master said that a man, 90 years ago found the bey bit of the white tiger spirit as the bit glowed in resonating to the man, he was a descendant of the warrior & took the tablet home with him.” “So you mean to say, I’m a descendant of that warrior, who fought with Driger?” said Drew. Mao said, “That could be it.” as Popper barks with joy to see some familiar faces. Drew and Mao look to see TJ, Ethan, Katie, and Shelby coming up to the middle flat area of the mountain. When they got there, Drew said, “Guys, you four wen up to the mountain to find me?” “Yeah, we want to know what you found in this area?” said TJ.

Shelby said, “And why is Mao Mai of the White Tiger Zhang X team doing here with you?” as Drew explained to his friends, what he learned on his trip. The Elemental Bladers were shaken in amazement. Mao said this to them, “I got to go, hope you guys make it to the final.” as she left for her team. The U.S.A team headed back to the cab with Drew and Popper as TJ said it to Drew, “Man, that something to take.” “I know. I wonder if i’m ready for that title?” “Of course you're ready for it & we’ll be right behind you, right guys?” “Yeah.” said Ethan, Katie, and Shelby in unison with Popper’s bark. The kids & pup got on the cab to head back for Beijing, China.

Now Drew Myers learns about his 7x great grandfather history with Driger, it must be the fate of these two souls and the tournament just begins for them.
Hey guys: I got a some good beyblade's names for the blueprints of  beyblades based on the B.E.G.A Justice Five with some burst beys on same creature like their based theme ancestors belong to the owners of the BEGA League in Beyblade G-Revolution:

Zeus + Zillion Zeus / Zeutron Z2 = Void Zeu King

Gigars + Gigant Gaia / Gaianon G2 = Giant Gigatron

Apollon + Left / Duo Apollo A4 = Solar Thunder Apollo

Poseidon + Nova Neptune / Nepstrius N2 = Aqua Wave Nepidon

Venus + Quad Quetzal / Quetziko Q2 = Beauty Venusian Star

These five beys will form a beyblade team that battle the Elemental Warrior's team in the E.Ws 3rd & 4th season series called The J.G.L Stars 5 (Justic God League Stars 5).

Check out, this new chapter number 22 in the E.Ws: Beyblade Elemental Force Vol 3 pt 1 series:

Chapter 22: The tiger’s claw & lion fang technique

In the morning, Drew woke up to see the others still sleeping (expert for TJ and Angel) as he got dressed until he heard a couple of voices that said, “Let it rip!” coming from outside, Drew went by the beystadium area to see both TJ & Angel training for their 2nd preliminaries round as their beys hitting each other for 10 mins.

Drew said, “Morning, you two.” “Morning, Drew.” said both of them in unison. Dragoon and Uni Pegasus return to their owners, while Drew said, “You both were practicing for our round?” “Yeah, I can’t wait to handle the group in this round.” said TJ. Angel said, “True that.” After some hours, the U.S.A team headed to the Beijing National Stadium for their second preliminary match on the bus.

At the National Stadium of China, Bei Jin DJ said, “Ok everyone! Time for the 2nd preliminaries round of the world championship!” as the crowds cheer with excitement. On the stadium floor’s benches, the U.S.A team is sitting by next to the South Korean / Monglian team, The Shepherd Toughers, while the Chinese team is sitting with the Indian / Iran team, Dazzling Charmers as the announcer called out the two teams that would battle first, “Alright to get this party started, The Shepherd Toughers of both Monglian & South Korea is facing our own representative team, White Tiger Zhang X!” as the crowds go wild.

As both teams send their first players to the stadium center floor, the Chinese team sends Goa Yuan Li, while the Shepherd Toughers send Enkh Sungho. The players walk to the center floor to see the beystadium that they are battling in. The stadium revealed that it has a mini version of the Great Wall of China and the streets of Hong Kong in it.

Enkh, the Mongalian boy, who have brown eyes, south korean black hair wearing Teal green and pale yellow shepherd clothes said, “I’m going to take you down in one strike.” “Try if you must, but with my training in the Bey Temple Tribe School, my bey, Axe GalBear won’t be easy to beat.” said Goa Yuan Li as he pulled out his reddish orange bey. When the bey players got ready to launch their beys. Bei Jin DJ said, “Ok, let's start the court!” “3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . !” said the crowds. Then both Goa Yuan and Enkh said it in unison, “Let it rip!” as they launch the tops on the Great Wall circuit. Enkh’s cerulean colored coated genetic bey attacks GalBear in the mini Great Wall’s walkway for 20 mins until it hits it in the air.

Bei Jin DJ said, “Man, Gak Bear is flying in the air by Enkh’s attack!” as the U.S. team seeing the match. Enkh said, “Yeah, look like I got the 1sr round down!” “It's too soon for that. GalBear’s Rotating Axe Drop!” said Goa Yuan Li as his beyblade used the gravity of the fall to increase the sub attack ring’ spin rotation for a strong hit, while headed toward Enkh’s genetic bey.

GalBear got the coated bey on one side to send it out of the stadium before it stopped spinning for the announcer to say, “Incredible, the winner in session 1 is our own Goa Yuan Li!” as the crowds go wild. Katie said, “Man, that powerful attack of that bey?!” “Here why, when Axe GalBear headed down in that distance above the stadium, it sped up its sub attack ring to attack extra hit.” said Raven as he analyzed the battle on his laptop.

In the 2nd session, the Shepherd Toughers send a Mongalian / South Korean boy wearing Pale purple / Apricot shepherd clothes against Mao Mai of the Chinese bey team. Bei
Jin DJ said, “Awesome, next round is Chono Woojin vs Mao Mai! Get ready!?” “I’m going to shave this kitten.” said Chono.

Mao Mai said, “No, you be catnap, when I slice you.” as both beyplayers loaded their tops in the launchers. The crowd starts the court down with the Chinese DJ, “3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . !” “Let it rip!” said Mao and Chono in unison as they launched their beys in the center of the stadium to battle in the part with the buildings of Hong Kong in the area of a circle’s curls.

The battle started, Chono’s Floral white / Lemon Chiffon colored bey with woolen coat went for an epic attack on the Hot Pink bey. Chono said, “Time to take you down!” “Not sure about that.” said Mao. Lynxic headed toward Chono’s genetic bey to use her move. The Hot Pink bey began to energize in light pink, for Mao said, “Special Attack Move! Scratching Lynxic’s Lapping Feline Claw Strike!” as the lynx cat bit spirit came out of Mao’s bey to create energetic lynx shaped claws to slice Chono’s bey in pieces. Bei Jin DJ said, “Whoa, so fierce! Winner of season two is Mao Mai!” The crowd cheered & clapped for Mao’s victory.

Mao said, “Look like I sliced up this wooled coat part.” as she walked back to her team, while Chono said in depression, “Ah, I’m sorry, I lost my match, Boroo.” “Don’t worry, I will get them. 10 full.” as the captain stepped up to the beystadium. Shelby said, “Dang, that was fast . . .” “Now, we’ll see how Rio Han battles in the championship.” said Raven as he pulled out his laptop.

When Rio Han Wang walked to the beystadium with Boroo, the announcer said, “Now, time for the 3rd session between the captains of both teams, Boroo Minijoon vs Rio Han Wang!” as the South Korean / Mongalian boy with brown hair wearing Maroon / Auburn shepherd clothes loaded his Yale Blue and Iris bey, while Rio Han got his black one on an Enrie black beylauncher with a white smoke ripcord winder in it.

“Let’s go! 3 . . . !” said Bei Jin DJ. Crowds said, “2 . . . 1 . . . !” “Let it rip!” said both captains as they launched their beys to the stadium’s mini Great Wall area. Boroo said it as his bey went on the 1st attack, “Here I go, attack!” the black bey taking a lot of hits, but not slowing down.

When Rio Han saw Drew on the bench with his team, he yelled something to him, “Hey Drew, you better get to see this!” “See what?!” said Boroo. Suddenly the black top started to generate raisin black electricity around it for Rio Han to say, “Take this, ThunderLion Black Lightning’s Black Dark Lion Fangs!” as the black bey creates four lion fang shaped claws out of raisin black electricity in high speed toward the Iris / Yale Blue bey, then slices it in million pieces in one hit. The bit part was intact & landed by Drew’s feet.

Then Bei Jin DJ said in Joy, “Unbelievable with a win like that, our representative, White Tiger Zhang X will go to the final!” as the crowds cheer to them, while Drew picks up the bit. Raven said, “That is incredibly impossible.” “I don’t believe it to be real?” said TJ. Katie said, “Yeah, I thought that was your and Driger’s move?” “Me too. Hey Rio Han, what with that move!?” said Drew. Rio Han said, “Oh that move, it is my version of your bey’ special attack move.” “Whoa, that time!” said TJ in shock. Raven said, “Yeah, but compare the move of both ThunderLion & Driger. They are the same, but different to each other.”

“Crazy.” said Katie. Ethan said, “How long, you master that move?” “I learned that move 10 months ago through hard training to face the current Thunder Wind Byakko Warrior that is you.” said Rio Han. Drew said, “What!? Alright, well if you want to fight me, then bring it on!” “Hold it.” said TJ. Rio Han looked confused, when he said, “That be true, but Drew is a member of our team & you have to get through to fight him!” “He's right, you want one of us, you have to face all of us together.” said Raven. Katie said, “Mmm-mmm.”

“Thank you, guys.” said Drew. Rio Han said, “Sure, if you guys make it to the final that will be something for us to see, how good this team is.” as the Chinese team walked out of the stadium floor. Shelby said, “Look like we have to win to reach the final of the world championship.” “Well, if they want a fight, we give them one.” said TJ. as the Elemental Bladers get ready to battle the Elemental Bladers get ready to battle the Iran / Indian Beyblade team: Dazzling Charmers.

Bei Jin DJ said this one to the crowds, “Sweets, time to see the battle of the U.S.A ‘s Elemental Bladers against Iran and Indian: Dazzling Charmers with the 1st session, Harita Vahid vs TJ Thornton.” as the bey players walk to the stadium. TJ looks at his opponent’s bey, it has a huge attack elemental ring in the shape of a helicopter’s propeller rotor upside down.

TJ said it in his head, “I wonder if that huge attack elemental ring will help him in this battle?” “Let's begin this battle!” said the Chinese DJ. when the players loaded their beys, the crowds started the countdown, “3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . !” “Let it rip!” said both TJ & Harita as they launched their beys in the stadium’s Great wall rail.

Dragoon Cyclone starts zooming on the pathway, while the Rose vale / Light Coral one stoll still on the spot that it landed on. TJ said, “Huh, well you just be staying there? Take this!” the white top charged in the attack at Harita’s genetic bey, but it didn’t move for an inch. Then Dragoon tried again like 5 times, but no tipping, TJ said, “Man, what is up will that bey?!” “I think Harita's Elemental Attack Ring is doing it on the bey?” said Steve as Raven looked at his laptop to found the answer.

Raven said, “Here it is, Harita’s beyblade elemental attack ring is in the shape of an upside down helicopter propeller to stay down in the doward force with low center gravity behind it.” “Hey TJ, your opponent is using doward to stay still, just hit it very hard & use your special attack move as the finisher!” said Angel. TJ said, “Ok, Dragoon gives an attack very hard with extra power!” as the white bey try again with extra power on its attack, this time Harita’s bey falls very hard to the right for TJ to say, “Dragoon, Special Attack Move! Firestorm!” as his bey generates a fiery tornado to send the light coral / rose vale bey out of the stadium. The Indian boy wearing light rose vale Iran clothes said, “Wait, can’t be, noooooo!” as his bey aside him like 7 feet.

Bei Jin DJ said, “The fiery wind blue dragon takes the 1st match for the Elemental Bladers!” as the crowd cheered for him. “Booya!” said TJ. When the second session started, Ethan said, “So, I wonder how Drew will handle Rio Han in the final of the championship?” as Katie’s Draciel Fort Shell was headed toward a maize / saffron bey in the center.
Katie said, “Draciel attack, go!” as the green bey knock the bey out of the stadium then the Iran boy in pale blue and smokeblack Indian clothes said, “Whaaaaa!” The bey of his landed on the right side by him. Bei Jin DJ said, “Woo! Bordhi Ahmad got the black turtle of water & light. Winner, Katie Scherer!” The excited crowds cheer for her.

“Oh yeah!” said Katie. Shelby said, “Awesome more, girl!” “Ready for it, Drew?” said Steve. Drew said, “I’m rev to go.” as him headed to the stadium to face an Iran / Indian boy in line stone and golden brown clothes, while the Chinese DJ said, “Now for the 3rd session is the captain, Devesh Hasan of the Dazzling Charmers against Drew Myers of the Elemental Bladers!” when they loaded their beys. The crowds said in unison, “3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .” “Let it rip!” said Devesh as he launched his spring bud / Apple Green genetic bey. While Drew launched his, he said, “Alright, Driger! Go get him!”

The gray bey landed on the Great Wall pathway of the stadium and racing through toward Devesh’ suddenly Drew’s bey bit started to glow light green to summon the white tiger bit spirit of thunder and wind as Driger give a big roar, “(Tiger roar)” the White Tiger Zhang X were standing on the upper part of the stand to see the battle as Rio Han said, “Wha, that is amazing incredible.” “Whoa, that tiger is good.” said Raven.

Drew said it to his bit spirit, “Yeah, Driger! Let's show them what we got!” “(roar).” said Driger as the gray bey went on the attack in full charge at the Spring Bud / Apple Green bey, while causing the mini Great Wall way crushing down behind it. Devesh said it as he looked at it, “Something or what happening?! I think that tiger boy is going to scratch me up like a cat post!?” as Driger Spark got Devesh’s top while dragging it to the wallside until it was smashed open with dust floating around the area. As the dust clear up for 8 mins, it saw that Devesh’s bey had stop spinning, while Driger was still kicking.” the audience cheer both Drew & his bey as Bei Jin DJ said, “No way, the Elemental Bladers are going to the semifinal, thank to their white tiger master!” “So, that is the power on the current Thunder Wind Byakko Warrior, I couldn’t wait to face you in the final.” as the Chinese team walked out of the stadium.

Drew said it in his head, “Driger, this will be a hard world championship, but when you and I work together, there is no battle, we can’t handle it with our friends.

Now the U.S Beyblade team is going to the semifinal of the Chinese World Championship & Drew got someone, who wants a crack of him with his bit spirit, Driger in the final, hope he finds a plan until then.
Check out, the 23rd chapters of the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force Series

Chapter 23: Water light Black Turtle get a new shell

On a cloudy morning, Mr. Rolando walked outside of the Hotel, Courtyard 7 by the entrance to said, "Mmm-mmm, this is a lovely day and a splendid one the Elemental Bladers." Suddenly he heard a loud voice that said, "Ahhhhhh!" Then Katie, Shelby, Angel, Steve, Raven, & Ethan walk to Mr. Rolando with Mania, Hick, Bella, Gariga, Lemore, with Apriell in her arms.

The kids said it in unison, "Morning, Mr. Rolando." "Good Morning, kids. By the way, did that scream belong to TJ's voice?" "Yes, because we can't get him to wake up." As a flashback shows TJ sleeping in bed, while the Barica Sisters try to wake him up, Ichigo said, "Come on TJ, please wake up." "Ichigo, how about a bucket of water?" said Ethan. Shelby said, "That will wet the beds." Drew walked up to Angelia to said, "Hey Angelia, do you have a cupcake?" "Yes, here you go." said Angelia as she pulled out a cupcake from a box of vanilla & chocolate favors and handed it to him.

Drew pulled out a little package of chili pepper powder from his left pocket to sprinkle the vanilla cupcake's frosting, while he said, "Time to test this trick of try." as Drew put the cupcake to TJ's mouth as TJ slept and ate the treat, while the others said in unison, "Wow." as TJ gave a loud scream, "Ahhhhhh!" as the flashback ended. said in laughter, "Oh, Drew used the old spicy / sweet treat in the mouth trick to wake him up."

TJ said in a dizzy mood, "Ohhhhhh. . ." as he carried Ichigo's back with Angelia & Drew aside her on both sides walking to the others. Shelby said, "All men, is he still asleep from that?" "He woke up for a few minutes." said Ichigo. Raven said, "Well that can't be helped." "True, but the semifinal may start in hours, he better be up soon."

"I think the four of us will still be at the hotel to help TJ out of the dizziness, while you guys go ahead to the tournament." said Ichigo. Lemore said, "Yeah and Katie will go first in the semifinal!" "Sure, you can count on me for this!" said Katie. Ichigo said, "We'll catch up with you at the championship later." "Mmm-mmm!" said both Angelia & Drew in unison. Then TJ said it out loud, "My mouth is on fire, help please!" after a few hours. On the Elemental Blader's bus, Raven was yawning on the 6th bus seat, while Katie said, "Working again, up all night, Raven?" "So, what you made, always?" said Lemore. Raven said, "Yeah, I got something for you, Katie. I made a new bey design for Draciel and a new feature on your bey launcher grip." "Wow, cool!" said Katie.

Lemore said, "This I want to see." as Raven pull out Katie's new bey gears (a green bey that have four trapezium with 3 spikes on each ones without a bey bit & a greenish black beylauncher grip that have a marking scope with orange beylauncher and green bey log pointer attached to it). Katie said, "Awesome, my new bey looks cool & strong, same go for my new beylauncher, thank!"

As Gariga looked at the marking shot bey launcher grip on the other side of the bus said, "Man, Raven. Those mechanic skills of yours are improving from last night." "Thank, Gariga. Now Katie, I had added a marking scope on your bey launcher grip, so you get a good aim on the spot, your bey will land on and the new bey got strong defense power with the two sets of metal balls in it."

"I think that cool with this bey, people will call me, Katie the shining star blader!" as she put her Draciel bey bit in the new bey to said, "Draciel, this is your new body, I think you like it." Lemore said, "What, you going to call your bey?" "I think you are called Draciel . . . Water Shield. Together, we'll kick butt!" said Katie. Steve said, "Nice."

"Can't wait to see that turtle' shell out." said Shelby. Katie said it to Mr. Rolando, "Excuse me, Mr. Rolando. Check out my new bey, Draciel Water Shield and new bey launcher grip. This turtle bey got a new shell, nothing wouldn't beat it." "Dear Katie, calm down, I know Draciel's new upgrade is amazing, but being over excited about it won't help you out in the battle." said Mr. Rolando. Katie said, "Like overconfidence, me no way." as the bus headed to the stadium.

At the Hotel, Qintangfu in the Elemental Blader's room, TJ was lying on the bed, when he said, "Ah, that better." as he got off from the bed. When Drew walked by him, then said, "Good, ready for the tournament semifinal!?" "Yeah!" said TJ. Ichigo & Angelia enter the hotel room to see TJ was up and revving to go. Ichigo said, "Look like you ready to go, TJ." "Let's go to the championship." said Angelia. TJ & Drew said it in unison, "Oh yeah!" as they head to the bus station for a bus to the Beijing National Stadium.

At the National Stadium of China, the U.S. team was on the stadium floor, when Mr. Rolando said to them, "Ok, kids. You go to the bench, while I resign the team, at the east side stand, the White Tiger Zhang X were at their seats to see the Elemental Blader' semifinal match, but they didn't see TJ or Drew with the team. Rio Han said, "Hey, I don't see Drew or TJ with them." "I wonder if something bad happened to them?"

"I sure, those two are coming." said Goa Yuan Li. Kike said, "Well, this match will be good." as a bus is headed to the stadium with TJ, Drew, Ichigo, and Angelia in it. Drew said, "Let's hope, we'll be at the tournament in minutes?" "Don't worry, we'll be there in no time." said Angelia. Back at the tournament, Bei Jin DJ said, "Welcome to the semifinal of the world championship, it is the Elemental Bladers of America against the Hunting Scarpers of Oman & Maldives." while the crowds cheer. The U.S team looked at the other benches to show 3 black Maldivian / Oman boys getting ready to go. Shelby said, "Man, those guys look funny in those clothes." "I check their history, it says they use a single bey made of scrap parts in the preliminaries.

Katie said it before she walked to the center floor, "Oh well, let see how that scrap made bey handling Draciel Water Shield." "Ok, time for the 1st session: Katie Scherer vs Reda Ahoran." as the captain of Maldivian / Oman team, the one wearing coral, mango, & banana clip maldivian clothes headed to center floor to face Katie, while pulling out a Wisteria / Bole genetic bey made from beyblade part scraps.

As both beyplayers loaded their beys, the stadium showed to be a normal beystadium in a deeper version with a dark brownish tangerine color, Bei Jin DJ said, "Ok, let's get this battle started! 3 . . ." "2 . . ." said the Hunting Scrapers. The Elemental Bladers said, "1 . . ." Before the launch, Katie's marking scope lifted up to mark the spot for Draciel Water Shield.

"Let it rip!" said both Katie and Reda as the beys were launched to the stadium, Draciel took the center, while the scrap one went around by the edges to attack first at full power. Reda said, "Attack!" as his bey goes for the attack on Katie's new bey, but it bounces back away from one hit, then it tries again like 6 times. Katie was amazed by her new Draciel to said, "Wow, Draciel is super tough in Defense!"

"Correct, I made some features on the Elemental Attack Ring that work well with the two sets of metal balls." said Raven. The Chinese announcer said, "Holy cow, Katie's new bey is like the Galapagos Tortoise, the oldest & heaviest tortoise of its species in the world." as Draciel Water Shield keeps spinning in the stadium center.

"Cool, my new bey is something tough like a snapping turtle, ok. Hey Reda, are you ready for this?!" "Huh, for what?" said Reda. Katie said, "Defense on high, Draciel!" as her bey stay in a defense stand to handle Reda's bey. After 5 mins, Reda said, "Time for my move, go Tidal Tsunami Wave attack!" as he commanded his bey to make a tsunami tidal wave on Katie.

Suddenly Katie and Reda appear to be underwater as she said, "Whoa, how are we underwater?!" as she looked around. The scrap bey jump like a dolphin then attack like a great white shark on the green bey. Reda said, "Surrender, it's all over for you!" as Katie's bey has created a whirlpool from its spin rotation for Katie to say, "Ok, if you mess a turtle in its element, think again. Kickin, Draciel!" as her bit spirit came out to win the session with a new special attack move.

"Let's go, Special Attack move! Draciel's Water Lightning Metal Ball Shield!" said Katie as the green bey creates an electricity water like shield around it along the metal balls that move to the outer areas of the Blade Element Base. The electro hydro shield started to absorb the water around the area for 4 sec. Katie said, "Reda, will you give up, dude!?" "No way!" said Reda as the scrap bey got hit by Draciel Water Shield for a stadium out.

Bei Jin DJ said, "Awesome win, the winner is Katie Scherer of the Elemental Bladers!" as the crowds cheer to her. In the bus, where TJ's group is, it suddenly stopped, Ichigo said, "What Happen!?" "Let's get out of the bus to see the problem." said Angelia as the four kids walk out of the bus to see a huge traffic jam. Drew said, "Ah come on, now what do we do?!" "Grr, we just have to go to the tournament on foot." said TJ. So that they did, power walking to the stadium in 5 miles from the building.

In the tournament, the Chinese DJ said, "Ok, team send your next player for the second session." as Reda passes that scrap bey to a Maldivian / Oman boy, who has chocolate hair wearing grass green and tan brown Oman clothes headed to the stadium. Raven said, "So, who wants to battle this player?" "I will," said Ethan. Katie said, "Be careful of that bey, if maybe scrap, but it's fierce."

On the way to the Beijing National Stadium, Drew stops for some minutes after 3 miles, Angelia walks to him, "Is something wrong, Drew?" "I think my legs are sore from the walking." said Drew. TJ said it to him, "Suddenly a mother white tiger with her 2 cubs walked out in front of them. Both Angelia and Ichigo were frightened by the tiger.

But Drew & TJ were not, when the mother tiger lay down, Drew said, "I think she wants us to get on her." "If you said so, Drew." said TJ. When the boys got on the tiger, the girls bravely joined them as the tigers ran to the stadium. The second session, Bei Jin DJ said, "Now, time for the 2nd match, Afra Akill versus Ethan Lee!" as the beyplayers loaded their bey into the launchers, so the crowds said, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said both Ethan & Afra.

As the two beys were launched to the stadium, Ethan said, "Dranzer, go for it!" as the blue top go on the attack at the scrap bey in a single hit. The Chinese DJ said, "Snap, with a single attack, Ethan has won the second session!" as the audience clapped for Ethan. At the outside of the national stadium, the tigers made it to the building with the four remaining members, while they ran through the entrance.

In the stand, Rio Han said, "Wow, those two are good." "The girl in yellow is very fast with a defense type of bey." said Goa Yuan Li. Kike said, "Ok, so what about the 3rd one?" "You're right." said Mao Mai as the Maldivian / Oman team sent their last player, a boy that has orangish blonde straight hair, wearing bright green / blue Hawaii clothes with a banana yellow bandana & light violet sunglasses. Bei Jin DJ said, "So, Elemental Bladers, which player will battle for the third round?" as the U.S. team thinks on their third player choice, when suddenly the mother white tiger and her cubs leap to center floor with TJ, Drew, Ichigo, & Angelia with them to surprise the people in the national stadium.

The four kids got out of the mother tiger, while TJ said to the team, "I take this one and sorry guys, we're in a traffic jam on the way here." as the mother & her tiger cubs left the stadium. Raven, Shelby, Steve, and Angel said it in unison, "TJ, Drew." "You two, really made it." said Ethan. Oh that stand, Rio Han said, "Incredible, they rode on a white tiger to the stadium that was cool." "Mmm-mmm." said Mao, Goa, and Kike in unison. TJ walked to the center floor, while chinese DJ said, "Ok, now TJ Thornton versus Mahir Haddad in the 3rd session!" as the players got their launcher loaded, while the crowds started the countdown, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said both players as the beys were launched to the stadium.

After 5 mins, TJ has won the battle & that means the Elemental Bladers have advanced to the final against the Chinese team. As the White Tiger Zhang X looked ready to face the U.S. team, while Rio Han said, "I can't wait to face Drew and his team." as they headed out.

The Oman / Maldivian team were walking out until Katie ran up to them & said, "Hey guys, you three put up a good fight with a scrap bey." "Geez, thank you, Katie." said Reda. Katie pulled out something from her right pocket and said, "Oh yeah, Raven made these for you guys." as she show two beys that look like her old Draciel Fort Shell, but in Navy blue & Yellowish green colors with a bag of beyblade parts. The Hunting Scrapers said in unison, "Like them." "Well, these are yours now." said Katie as she handed the beys and parts to them. Reda said, "We'll appreciate these & good luck in the final." as the Oman / Maldivian team left the stadium. Back at the hotel, TJ and Drew give the white tigers some raw fish as a thank you for getting them to the tournament, while Caralana plays with the cubs.

Now the Elemental Bladers are going to face the White Tiger Zhang X in the Final, with Katie's new Draciel Water Shield, they got the upper hand.
These are names of the club-mates & their beys that will join the McKinney High's M.H.S Beyblade lions club as the Chi Zodiac Riser in the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws) season 3 series : Berry Adventure in Rainbow Strawberry Star land.

Members with beys:
Kyran Nash - Fury Feliner
Raylen Hogan - Hunting Smoke Hound
Boden Thobe - Swirl Python
Zan Thobe - Stealth Mouse
Shyla Ellis - Climb-vine Spider Monkey
Leia Miller - Brutal Ground Hog
Luc Doyle - Sky air Roostar
Gryffin Langsten - Ancient Komo Dragon
Nellene Hipple - Hopping Bun-bounce
Ivann Hayes - Max Mach Stallion
Gema Cook - Rampage Yak
Irita Zeller - Impact Ram
Jasper Ross - Fierce Claw Tigris

Members without beys:
Shira Powell
Zofia Sacha

These students are based the characters of The Fruit Basket series.
This is the 24th chapter of the Series, Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force:

Chapter 24: Legendary History of the 4 Sacred Elemental Beasts

On a cloudy day in Beijing, China inside a bus, the Elemental Bladers & Popper are going to the cave of Thunder Wind Byakko. Shelby said, "Hey Raven, are sure we shouldn't tell the others where we are going?" "Don't worry, I wrote a note to tell Ichigo's group where we're going to." said Raven.

Back at the Courtyard 7 Hotel in the U.S. team's room, a paper note on the table as Ichigo holds it, where her friends gather around to see it. Mania said, "What does the note say?" "Let's see." said Ichigo as she started reading the paper note, "Dear Others, we are going to the cave of Thunder Wind Byakko in the middle of Mount Ling, where Drew finds. So we going there to find more, we'll be back soon for the final of the World Championship in no time P.S. Popper is safe with us. Later, Raven."

"Yeah, the Final starts in two days, I think they have enough time to get back." said Lemore. Angelia said, "I wonder, what do they find in those caves?" "Imagine the things that would be incredible." said Bluebette. When the Elemental Bladers reach the cave, Raven pulls out four flashlights for Drew, TJ, Katie, and Ethan to use in the caves as they enter the carven's entrance with Popper aside Angel. The kids see the cave painting of Driger as Thunder Wind Byakko til he was found by Drew's 7x great grandpa.

Katie said, "Wow! These paintings are something." "I know." said Shelby. Drew was leaning on a rock wall for 6 mins until it cracked wide open to reveal a new cave tunnel, while Drew said, "Dang, check out this cave path, guys!" as his friends gather around at the new entrance.

Angel said, "I wonder, where will this tunnel lead to?" "Well, let's go to find that out, ourselves. Right boy?" said TJ as Popper agreed to him with a brave bark, "(Dog Bark)." the both of them walk in the new cave tunnel, while the other follows them. When the U.S. team walks through the tunnel, they see the walls are covered with seven different gemstones (Ruby, Garnet, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Moonstone) in a rainbow order in 4 mins until, they reach a sorta shrine building.

Ethan said, "Woah, that building is amazing." "There's a hole on the ceiling like a sun roof." said Raven. Shelby said, "The building looks beautiful in those colors." Ok, now let's see what the inside looks like." said Katie. The other said it in unison, "Yeah." As they walked into the shrine building, the inside was in special gemstones, while the sunlight shone through the place in many colors like a rainbow light show.

"Wow!" said the U.S. team as their eyes wided in wonder of the shrine inside, then five color lights suddenly glow inside of TJ, Ethan, Katie, Drew, & Steve's bey carriers which turn out to be their beys, when they check. The bey bits of Dragoon Cyclone, Dranzer Flare, Draciel Water Shield, Driger Spark, and Strata Dragoon Earth Spike were glowing bright. Katie said in shock, "What the, what is going on with our beyblade!?" "It seems like they are reacting to something?" said Ethan. Drew & Steve said it in unison, "Huh!?"

TJ looked down at the floor, then said, "Hey guys, look at the floor!" so the others were surprise, what they saw. On the floor, there four emblems of the four elemental saint sacred beasts in a circle (Thunder Wind Byakko in west, Aqua Light Genbu of north, Fire Wind Seiryu in east, & Fire Aqua Suzaku in the south including a fifth one of a golden dragon that called Earth Shadow Kohryu in a smaller circle). Suddenly on a stone tablet shaped opened book, a lot of glowing words appear on it.

The Elemental Bladers walked to the tablet for a closer look, but the words were in Chinese until they changed into english words in about 10 seconds. Ethan said, "Amazing." "I think we can read it and I can copy it on my laptop to show Ichigo's group what we find." said Raven as he pulled out his laptop to record the words.

Katie said, "Ok, let's hear it." as the laptop start the recording, while Raven read the words on the stone tablet, "This shrine have been here in 300 years ago, there were an ancient evil of force in the stars that want to destroy the entire Solar System, but ten heroes, who control the elemental powers of fire, water, light, wind, earth, darkness, & moonlight to face this threat, while the five elemental saint sacred beasts with two other spirits went up to outer space to join the fight to save the Solar System. After the fight was over, the seven decided to be the guardian spirits to these heroes and their descendants on Earth, so the spirits split up in different places on the planet until gathered together with the heroes' descendants." as Raven finishes the recording. Angel said it in thought, "Do you think the seven of us are those heroes' descendants?" "I think so & my bit spirit's original names, Earth Shadow Kohryu." said Steve as he held his purple beyblade.

Shelby ran to the entrance, Katie said, "Hey Shelby, where are you going?" "I gotta take pictures of this place to show our friends back at the hotel." "Alright." said TJ as the U.S. team took like 30 good pictures of the shrine building and gemstones covered cave.

After a long way back to the hotel, the kids show Ichigo's group the photo of the shrine, cave, sunroof hole, floor, the emblems, & the tablet. Bella said in wonder, "Fascinating, these are incredible photos." "And the story is completely amazing." said Lemore. Ichigo said, "So you guys, are the descendants of these heroes?" "Well only time will tell." said TJ as the other agreed with him. Raven walked up to the U.S. team to say this, "Ok, are you guys ready for the final?" "Yeah!" said the others.

Now the Elemental Bladers learn about the Elemental Saint Sacred Beast's tales that the ten heroes will be TJ's group ancestors and they're ready for the final against the Chinese team in Championship.
Hey guys check out this, the 25th chapter of the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force Series:

Chapter 25: Mountain Power of the Axe Bear

In the morning after two days, on a bus, the Elemental Bladers are going to the Beijing National Stadium for the world championship's final against the White Tiger Zhang X of China.

As TJ stood up from the left front seat to give a speech to his team, "Alright, guys. It is time for us to face the Chinese Representative, White Tiger Zhang X in the final of the World Championship." "Yeah, we're going to win this!" said Katie. Lemore said, "Cool." "I wonder, who will go first on the Chinese team?" said Shelby.

Raven said, "Ok, Here are the stats of the members for the Chinese bey team, :Goa Yuan Li got power behind his strong attack coming from Axe GalBear's free spinning sub Attack Elemental Ring in battle, Mao Mai's bey, Scratch Lynxic got her fast agility like a mountain lynx and Kike & Swing Funk Monkey use movements to surprise their opponent in the stadium, Rio Han's ThunderLion bey have some sparks in the battle like a lion." "True, but that is not all, Drew. You are the current Thunder Wind Byakko Warrior, so Rio Han will like to battle you in the final." said TJ. Drew said, "Of course, I hope to be ready to face him?" "Sure you are. And Driger is there by your side all the way." said Angelia.

Ichigo said, "You kids got the skills to tame the White Tiger Zhang X team in this final." as the kids said it in unison, "Yeah!" in a white bus, where the Chinese Beyblade team riding on, Rio Han tell his team a speech, "The preliminaries are done, guys, we'll going to fight the U.S.A team in the world championship final & I excitie to maybe battle Drew Myers, the current Thunder Wind Byakko Warrior, so we be ready for him and his friends." "Agree." said the other Chinese members.

As the two buses made it to the National Stadium of Beijing, while the team went to their team locker room for their battle order. In the Elemental Blader's locker room, TJ and Drew were getting ready for the final til Mr. Rolando walks in the room with the E.B (Elemental Bladers) Helpers, while Apriell crawls to Drew in cute white tiger baby clothes. When he picked her up, he said, "Ah a cute tiger baby in white." "Grrrrr." said Apriell imitating a tiger roar. Mr. Rolando said it to the U.S.A team, "Drew, TJ, & rest of you, I was never proud of you all in your improv skills from the European World Championship to now."

"Thank." said the U.S.A Bladers. Shelby said, "Katie is going to battle and Raven will talk to her on Goa Yuan Li & his bey." "I see." said Mr. Rolando as Shelby pointed to the right, where Raven and Katie in a battle strategy talk.

Ok, here are the stats on both Goa Yuan Li and his Axe GalBear from the information: Goa's bey uses a super hard attack with its sub A.E.R (Attack Elemental Ring) in the beystadium with high speed." "Woah, I think I'll use my beyblade's best feature on the stadium against him." said Katie as she held her Draciel Water Shield. Raven said, "Be seriously careful, Goa's GalBear will knock your bey out in seconds." "Don't worry about it, Draciel & I'll think of something in battle." said Katie.

In the Chinese team locker room, Goa Yuan Li was warming up for his battle, When Rio han walked up to him and said, "Goa are you ready for your beybattle against the Elemental Bladers?" "Sure, Rio han. I wonder which member I will face?" said Goa Yuan Li, catching his beyblade. Rio Han said, "Maybe you may battle Katie Scherer with her improved bey?"

"She has good defense, but I use fast attacks on her." said Goa Yuan Li. At the stadium floor, the two teams walked to their team bench, while the crowds were excited for the final of the world championship in Beijing, China. Bei Jin DJ said, "Alright, everybody! It's time for the final between our Chinese representative, White Tiger Zhang X and the American representative, The Elemental Bladers!" as the audience cheered in excitement.

On the stand, Mr. Rolando said, "Show the world your skills from the training you went through." "Go fight, Elemental Bladers, go!" said the E.B's helpers. The Chinese DJ said, "Now the 1st round of the final is the ax wielded bear blader, Goa Yuan Li versus the shielded turtle wielder, Katie Scherer!" as the beyplayers headed to the center floor. As the stadium shows itself to both kids, it has two battle rings connected by four orange pillars on the sides, the small ring has 2 escape paths, while the big one got a moving edge ring.

Katie & Goa loaded in their beys for battle, Bei Jin DJ said, "Ok, let's get this session started!" as the crowd starts the countdown, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said the two players, while launching their tops into the top small one. Draciel Water Shield went to the middle, while Axe GalBear went around.

Goa Yuan Li said, "Take this, GalBear full speed attack!" As the bear bey began to head to green bey, the sub Attack Elemental Ring sped up like 6 times then attacked Draciel in two hits. Bei Jin DJ said, "Snap the axe bear had used his claws at the black turtle!" as the green bey was flying from the stadium and made a stop spinning landing by Katie feet on the left. The Chinese announcer said, "Wow, the winner for session one is Goa Yuan Li!" as the crowd cheered. As Katie picked up her Draciel & said, "Darn . . . Raven was not kidding about Goa and GalBear's power & speed attacks."

"I hope you got a plan to handle a speedy attack on the second session, Katie?" said Goa Yuan Li as he picked up his bey. At the U.S. team bench, Raven checked on GalBear's attack on his computer, while Shelby said, "How can Katie beat that?" "I don't know, but she got a plan in her hand?" said Drew. When the bey-players loaded their beyblades, Katie thought up a plan, while she said it in her head, "Maybe I can use the moving ring part to turn the table on him."

Katie's bey launcher grip scope shines a purple light to mark one of the top ring's edges to launch at. Bei Jin DJ said, "Time for the 2nd session!" "3 . . ." said the Chinese team. The U.S team said, "2 . . ." "1!" said the audience. Katie and Goa Yuan Li said in unison, "Let it rip!" as both beyblade tops went around the top small one for 4 mins until Draciel jumped to the big ring to be moved by the motivative part as Katie said, "Draciel, that's just like the plan!" "GalBear, follow her!" said Goa Yuan Li as his light orange red bey jumped to get Draciel, but got no grip on the moving ring for Goa to say, "What the." same go for his team.

Ethan said it, while watching the battle, "Huh, GalBear is wobbling funny, when it is on the motoring ring." "Yeah, what's up with that?" said TJ. Raven said, "By the analysis data, Axe GalBear is good on normal beystadium, but not so good in moving one." "I got it, Katie is luring Goa to the moving part as a trap." as Draciel uses the motor ring to speed up for an attack. Katie said, "Full speed charge, Draciel!" as the green bey go full speed to knock GalBear out of the stadium. It landed by the right side of Goa Yuan Li's feet to tie up with the score.

Mao Mai said, "Whoa, that blonde haired girl in yellow is good." "Yeah, I wonder how Goa will win the third session?" as Rio han think about his friend strategy. When the 3rd session started, Katie said, "So Goa, are you ready to lose?" "I don't think so." said Goa as put his light orange red beylauncher in the air, while doing a bear kung fu pose. Then the audience starts the countdown, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said Katie as she launched her bey, while Goa pulled out on an incredible launch with speed and power that summoned the navy blue grizzly bear spirit out of his bey.

The two beys went to the top beystadium as Goa's bey jumped up to use its' special attack move. "Let's go, now Special Attack move, Bear Tempestuous Axe Sword!" as the light orange red bey creates an axe shaped energy sword on its sub A.E.R (Attack Elemental Ring) glowing, then headed toward the green top. Katie said it, while the light aqua black turtle spirit came out of her bey, "Full Defense high, Draciel!"

Both Draciel & GalBear went fierce on each other in 20 mins until the beyblade of Goa Yuan Li smash landed that caused the stadium to break apart in pieces. Then a big energy collision brightened the center floor in 5 mins, when fainted down for the announcer to Axe GalBear wobbling spinning on the broken stadium center meant that Goa won the battle and the White Tiger Zhang X won the first round of the final. Bei Jin DJ said, "No way, Goa Yuan Li is the winner of the final's 1st round & the Chinese representative, White Tiger Zhang X has won a point in the tournament!" as the crowds cheer for Goa.

Katie ran to the broken beystadium to say, "Draciel (x3)!" as Goa ran to her and said, "What are you looking for?" "My bey, Draciel." said Katie looking through the pieces. Goa Yuan Li sees a little light glow of purple with yellow highlights through a small hole. "GalBear smash open that hole!" as he commands his bey to make the hole wider for Katie to find her Draciel. Katie said, "Thank you." "No prob." said Goa as they shook hands. At the U.S team bench, Drew said, "You did great, Katie. Now me & Driger will tie this game up in the 2nd round."

OK, Katie have lost the final's 1st round to Goa Yuan Li, next is Driger & Drew will tie up for the U.S team in the World Championship.
fireblaze1, this fan fic is amazing. One of the best out here. I sent you a pm, please check it out when you get the time to do so.
Yo people, here is the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force Series' 26th chapter:

Chapter 26: Lynx Cat vs White Tiger, Elemental Cat Fight

On a sunny day at the national stadium of Beijing, China. The crowds were going wild as the Chinese representative, White Tiger Zhang X got one point ahead of the U.S. Representative, The Elemental Bladers. The Chinese announcer said, "Time for the 2nd round of the World Championship!" as the crowd cheered loudly.

On the U.S. Team bench, Drew was warming up for his match until Angelia and Apriell walked by the bench. Shelby said, "Hey Angelia, what are you & Apriell doing here?" "Well, I think Apriell wants to stay by Drew for the final and she might help out as a little white tiger supporter." said Angelia as she handed Apriell & the baby backpack carrier for Drew to wear before Angelia went back to the stand, she said, "Good luck, Drew." "Got it." said Drew as he gave a thumb up.

As Drew walk up to the center floor same go for Mao Mai, the stadium revealed itself to the bey players in 10 sec, it have a mini scale model of the Tanzle Temple with a carve symbol of China flag on the walls, Bei Jin DJ said, "Time for the 2nd round started, it the Elemental Blader's white tiger tamer, Drew Myers against White Tiger Zhang X's mountain lynx cat girl, Mao Mai!" as the audience clapped loudly. Mao was confused by Apriell on Drew's back as she looked at the baby face and said, "Hey, are you going to battle with a baby on your back?" "Of course, my friend, TJ did that during the U.S. regional tournament, so I can do it." as they loaded their beys for battle.

The Chinese announcer said, "Now let's begin the 1st session, 3 . . .!" "2!" said White Tiger Zhang X. The Elemental Bladers said, "1!" as the two kids said it in unison, while they pulled the ripcord winders, "Let it rip!" both Driger & Lynxic went around the stadium's walls in 10 mins until Mao Mai said, "Lynxic's charge attack!" as the hot pink top uses a fast speed attack like a wild lynx cat at the gray bey from all directions, then knocks Driger out of the stadium to land on Drew's right hand.

Bei Jin DJ said, "Wow, Mao Mai won the 1st session of the round with her lynx cat-like skills." as the crowd cheered loudly. Steve said in shock, "Man . . . do Drew have a plan to counterattack that move?" "How do Driger and Drew find an opening in that attack?" said Katie. By the Chinese team bench, Kike said, "Dang, Mao Mai got him." "Yeah, but Drew still got something in his head."

Drew looked at his bey and said, "Ah man, what should I do against an attack like that?!" as he thought very hard until a mysterious voice said, "I believe in you, dude." suddenly the bey glow bright green that bilnd Drew a while to be in a green / light green outer space zone with his bit spirit in front of him.

The thunder wind white tiger looked at the boy, then Drew said, "Driger, was that your voice?" "Yes, I got something to say to you, Drew as a strong bey player. You battle with any drop of strength, you have, I am happy to be your partner in this tournament, your grandpa will be proud. Together, we can do it with determination, strong will, and honesty like the element of wind." As the outer space zone flashes out, Drew reopened his eyes to be on the center floor with a smile on his face and said, "Ok Driger, let's do this."

Mao Mai said it in her head, "Wonder what Drew has thought up?" as they loaded to battle in the 2nd session. "Time for the 2nd session, 3 . . ." said Bei Jin. The audience said, "2 . . . 1 . . . !" "Let it rip!" said both Drew & Mao as they launched their tops into the stadium. Scratching Lynxic use its fast speed attack right out of the bat, but Driger Spark dodge it.

Then Drew said, "Driger Thundering Whirlwind swift attack!" as the gray bey charges up with light green wind and electric green lightning to go faster like a green light flash of windy lightning elemental power at super high speed. The Chinese DJ said, "Holy snap, Drew made his beyblade to go to a new level of speed that can't be kept up!" "Awesome, Drew got a new move." said Rio Han in shock.

Mao Mai said, "Where is he now?" as her bey was by one of the walls until Driger swifting attack Lynxic out of the beystadium, while Drew said, "Right behind you in high speed!" As the hot pink top stopped spinning by her owner's feet, the crowds went wild clapping for Drew's twisting whirl comeback win to tie the score up. Bei Jin DJ said, "Man, folks! With a comeback move like that, Drew has tied up the score to Mao Mai!" The Chinese team were amazed by Drew's move while the U.S. team cheered for their teammate including Apriell's cheering.

Mao Mai loaded her bey for the 3rd session, then she said it to Drew, "Hey Drew, there is something, I need to tell you." "What is it?" said Drew as he and Apriell look confused Mao tell them this, "You see, the White Tiger Zhang X and our tribe school clan know the legend of your lightning storm Byakko spirit in your bey and the abilities to generate thundering whirlwind, fury electric storm, sparking tornado, & other more." "Wow, I guess I'll master those moves in the future, Driger, time to go wild!" said Drew and Apriell said, "Grrrrr!" as she mimicked a tiger roar.

Bei Jin DJ said, "Time for the 2nd round's third session to start!" "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . Let it rip!" said both Mao & Drew in unison. The gray and hot pink tops went around the stadium for 14 mins, when their owners said their attacks. "Lynxic, go!" said Mao Mai. Drew said, "Claw out, Driger!" as their bit spirits were summoned to fight. Suddenly some pale green / pink energy aura was given out by their spirits as it covered the center floor. The two bey players find themselves floating in that energy aura, while seeing their bit spirit playing with each other.

Then some images of Drew & Mao's memories suddenly appear like a two sided slideshow, then Mao saw the image of Drew and his grandpa to say, "Hey, what is that picture of?" "Oh, that one is about my grandpa, who gave me my 1st beyblade & bit spirit." "Really?" said Mao Mai. Drew explaining to her, "You see, my ancestor like 10 generation agos is the chosen one that meet the Lightning Storm Byakko, then my 7x great grandpa find him in a white tiger head shaped stone tablet in the cave and Driger is one of the Legendary saint holy elemental sacred beast spirits like the four symbols."

"I never thought your bit spirit would be part of that moment." said Mao Mai. Drew said, "I also remember, what my grandpa said to me, he said this, as Driger and I are one in heart & soul, he will alway be at my side, the same for me as his." "Man, that was such an emotional saying." said TJ. Rio Han said, "That is so brave with those words." as the feeling of energy aura disbursed, Drew said, "Let's go to finish this battle!" "Yeah right!" said Mao Mai as their beys and bit spirit go with their best move in full force. Mao Mai said, "Special Attack Move, Lynxic's Big Cat Scratch Wave!" "Special Attack Move, Driger's Tiger Wind Claw Attack!" said Drew.

The two special Attack Moves went on a head on collision in a big burst of energy cover by green / pink color duct & debris for 6 minutes until it faded away for announcer to see that Drew's Driger Spark still spinning, while Mao Mai' Scratching Lynxic stop spinning by the scale model temple's entrance to said, "Incredible, through the fierce battle between these two cats, but it the white tiger and Drew Myers have win the 3rd round & tie the score up with White Tiger Zhang X." as the crowds cheer loudly for Drew and Driger.

Drew pick up the two beys and toss Lynxic back to Mao Mai, then say, "Mao, it was a good battle, hope we can beybattle someday even after he championship." "Mmm-mmm me too." said Mao as they headed back to their team benches.

Drew has won the 2nd round of the World Championship final of China, so which team will win the last round, White Tiger Zhang X or the Elemental Bladers.
This is the last chapter of the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force Vol 3 pt 1:

Chapter 27: The Black lion shocking, battle lightning Beast King

At the National Stadium of Beijing, China during the Chinese world championship, Bei Jin DJ said, "Here is the 3rd round, the final between the Elemental Blader's Fiery Storm Dragon Master, TJ Thornton against the White Tiger Zhang X' shocking Black Lion Tamer, Rio Han Wang!" as the audience cheered in excitement.

The stadium is revealed to have a sandy desert & rocky valley halves on it. Angel said, "Are you ready for it, TJ?" "Yeah, time to face the jungle king beast." said TJ. Raven said, "Wait, TJ." "Raven, what's up?" said TJ as Raven pull out a new beylauncher that have a screen, 3 orange buttons, and a blue dragon face on it, Raven said, "Here, this is your new Electronic Elemental Beylauncher, the newest beylauncher that I made with Gariga's idea on it, also I will make one for both Ethan & Drew soon." as he handed it to TJ.

TJ said, "Wicked cool, thank pal." "This can hold the points from your bey log pointer and be careful with Rio han's moves." said Raven. TJ transfers the points from the white bey log pointer to his new beylauncher before heading to the stadium floor area. Then said, "Got it." "Hey Raven, will it help TJ out in this round?" said Shelby. Raven said, "That beylauncher will give him a boost of both speed and power to handle Rio Han." "Let's hope so?" said Steve.

As TJ showed off his new beylauncher to the crowds & the announcer said, "Woah, look like TJ got a brand new beylauncher!" as the beylauncher was shown on the jumbotrons. Gariga said, "Cool. Raven is using my idea on it, nice." "Well, from each other, you two can do together." said Mr. Rolando. TJ said, "So Rio han like my new beylauncher, this baby will take you down." "I like to see you try and for you, Drew, if there is a fourth round, you will be next." said Rio Han.

TJ said, "Come on buddy, let battle, if you want to fight my friend, you've got to go through me!" "Alright, time battle you two, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." said Bei Jin DJ. "Let it rip!" said TJ & Rio han as they launched their beys. Dragoon and Thunder Lion went around the stadium until the tops hit each other at equal strength, then Rio han said, "Black Storm Lightning Surge, Thunder Lion!" as the black bey uses its dark electricity power at maximum to charge up for knocking the white top out of the stadium. The Chinese announcer said, "Ah my goddess, Rio han has won against TJ in the 1st round!" "Man, that was a shock for my partner." said TJ as he picked up his bey.

Katie said, "What the heck happened?" "Well, by the look of this recording, Thunder Lion uses an electricity discharge strike attack at Dragoon." said Raven. TJ loaded Dragoon Cyclone on the launcher to say, "Snap, look like I gotta think of a new plan for it?" "Come on pal, try you might but, my Thunder Lion is untouchable." said Rio han.

TJ said, "What to do now?" "TJ, just try using the stadium's designs on him." said Ethan. TJ thought it in his head, "Ethan might be on something, Dragoon handles anything that throws at him same go for me, I got one!" as the bey-players pull out their launchers, while their team & the crowds said in unison, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said both TJ and Rio han. Their beyblade tops went around in different directions, then hit each other on head on battle for 13 mins until TJ said, "Dragoon jump into the sand, "now!" as he commands his bey to leap onto the desert sand area."What is TJ doing?" said Angel. Drew said, "I think he has a plan to win the 2nd session." At the stadium floor, Rio han said confused, "Why jump in the sand?" "Oh, you'll see." said TJ as Thunder Lion jumped in the air like 26 feet as Rio han said, "I'll finish you like that, Thunder Lion's dark storm lightning surge!" as his black bey charges up in dark electricity.

Suddenly Dragoon created a sandy blazing storm tornado, while TJ said, "Now, Special Attack Move, Dragoon's Firestorm Attack!" as the sand grains started to heat up & turn into glass, then a flash of the light shone for 3 seconds. When the flash faded down, the announcer said, "Holy moly, TJ's attack just made a tornado shaped glass jar and Rio han's Thunder Lion have stopped spinning inside of it but, where TJ's?!" as the white bey appears from above, hovering down to the stadium.

Bei Jin DJ said, "Awesome, TJ has tied up the score for a draw, now let's get ready for the final's 3rd session of the World Championship!" as the boys pick up their beys. Ethan said to TJ, "Hey TJ, look like the claws of the black lion are gonna to slash you." as TJ looked at Rio han to say, "I gonna trend those claw nails." when the beys were loaded into their beylauncher, the crowd said, "3 . . . 2 . . ." "1 . . ." said Bei Jin DJ. Both Chinese and U.S. teams said, "Let it . . ." "Rip!" said Rio han & TJ in unison.

As the beyblade tops were launched into the beystadium, TJ said, "Come on Rio han show me, what you got!" "Sure, TJ. This one will be something that you have never seen!" his bey's bit started to glow night black with a red violet outlet to summon the black shocking lion bit spirit into battle.

Drew said, "A black lion bit spirit." "Yeah!" said Ethan. Rio han said, "Attack, Thunder Lion!" as both the black bey and lion bit spirit charge at the white top. Dragoon was sent in the air about 20 feet. Rio han said, "Ha, I got you!" "No, not really." said TJ as his bey hovered down back to the stadium, still spinning. The Chinese DJ said, "Incredible, TJ is not going down that easy from the black lion." "What, no way!" said Rio han.

TJ said, "Of course it is time to show the power, I got!" As his beyblade started to turn from white to glowing fiery red, TJ's hair & eyes began to glow in that color with a fiery aura to say, "Go, Dragoon, Elemental Force!" as his blue fiery wind dragon bit spirit came out to face Thunder Lion. Rio han was surprised to see TJ in that state, but he smiled and said, "So, you can do that powered up move too, huh." suddenly his begin to change color from black to glowing night black with a dark coal black / red violet electricity Streak behind it.

Rio han himself started to glow in a night black / red violet aura with both hair & eyes glowing in midnight black and golden orange doing a kung fu lion pose to say, "Check out this, Thunder Lion's Elemental Force!" "No way, he got Elemental Force too!?" said Ethan, Drew, & Katie in unison. Both Dragoon and Thunder Lion were in a head on collision of Elemental Force abilities at full force like 29 mins with lots of little flare & sparks flying around in the windy air.

The bit spirits were at each other fiercely, while the beyplayer kept being strong in the battle. Rio han said, "Thunder Lion!" "Dragoon!" said TJ. suddenly a big flash of fiery red and night black brightened the stadium floor in 10 seconds, then the beys were flying in the air, out of the Elemental Force state to be landed behind their owners. When the flash had completely faded Bei Jin DJ saw the beys stop spinning and outside the stadium said, "Woah, I can't believe it, folks but, it is a tie!" " I didn't see that coming, did you?" said TJ. Rio han said, "No, I'm clueless as you." "Now what?" said Angel. Raven said, "Angel. Raven said, "We just wait, what the judges think, besides they have never seen a tie in the third round of the final before."

Bei Jin DJ uses a mic to tell the people & teams this, "I got words from the judges, we'll do a fourth round for the tie breaker, both teams select your bey players as the stadium reveal to be a normal beystadium. At the U.S team bench, TJ said, "All man, I pump for a rematch!" "TJ, I want to battle Rio han." said Drew walking up to TJ. Shelby said, "Really Drew?" "Hope you got a plan." said Steve. Raven said, "I'm not sure, Driger can't handle . . ." "I know but, Rio han want to battle so be it, TJ, please let's me do this?!" "Ok, show him what Elemental Bladers got!" said TJ, while Apriell said, "Go go!" as Drew headed to the stadium.

Rio han walked to the stadium, while he said, "Alright." As both boys reach the stadium floor, Bei Jin DJ said, "Ok, it is the White Tiger Zhang X's Black lion master, Rio han Wang against the Thunder Wind Byakko Warrior of the Elemental Bladers, Drew Myers!" Both players locked and loaded their beys, while waiting for the countdown. The crowds started the countdown, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said both Drew and Rio han. As the two beys went around the stadium at high speed. Drew said in his head, "Alright Rio han, you want to fight me, you got your wish." as Driger sped up for it's owner to say this, "Driger, go full charge!"

"Bring it on, Drew! Check this out." as Thunder Lion jumping in the air, then smash down with mega spark force like Axe GalBear' special attack move: Bear Tempestuous Axe Sword for the Chinese DJ to said, "Woah, Rio han is using Goa Yuan Li's move!" "Huh, he is using his teammate's special attack moves at Drew!" said Raven.

Thunder Lion went around in all directions to attack, similar to Mao Mai's Lynxic's Big Cat Scratch Wave move for Drew to say in shock, "Wait, that move was Mao Mai!" "He might use Kike's Funk Monkey' special attack move next." said Ethan. Rio han's bey move very strange in movement & jump to attack like Kike's Funk Monkey in its Monkey 100 Hit Fearsome Crazy Sword Splendor move. Bei Jin DJ said, "Woah, look Rio han is using all his teammate's best moves." Steve said, "Man, when did he learn his teammates?" "Maybe from those 10 months of training!?" said TJ. Mao said, "Yes, Rio han mastered our moves from that training, one day to face the on with the white tiger bit spirit." as the gray and black bey hit hard on each other.

TJ, Ethan, Katie, Shelby, and Steve said it in unison, "No way." "Wow, I never believed you could use your friend's moves in this match." said Rew. Rio han said, "Well, this is a battle that I prepare for, Thunder Lion go!" as the black bey hit fierce at the gray one. Drew said, "Maybe I can channel my power into Driger for some strength, here goes nothing." as he closes his eyes to focus his energy into his bey for a charge up.

The white tiger charged at the black one for Drew to say, "Driger's Tiger Wind Claw Attack, super charge!" as the gray top creates lightning wind claws, suddenly it changes into an electric emerald green color with green thunder lightning bolt behind it. Drew said, "This is something else, is this . . ." "Yeah, our newest power awakens. Time to use it for winning the final!" said Driger as Drew's hair & eyes turn into glowing electric emerald green color. Rio han's Thunder Lion started to charge up with dark night black / red violet negative electricity at Drew's to say, "Bring it on, Special Attack move, Dark Shocking Thunder Lightning!"

Both the white tiger and black lion bit spirit came out to fight along with their beys as Driger & Thunder Lion stood on their hind legs in a battle between the big cat of the feline family. Then for the final hit, Drew said, "Driger, time to unlock this new power! Elemental Force Awakens!" as both bey's special attack moves were hit into a big collision of black lightning and green thunder bolt that brighten the stadium for 20 seconds. After the flash, Bei Jin DJ looks up to see Thunder Lion falling from above to stop spinning behind Rio han outside the stadium.

The announcer said to the crowds this, "Dang, the 4th round was a mega epic, but the winner is Drew Myers & with the score 1 - 2, the Elemental Bladers are the winners of the Chinese World Championship!" as the audience, Mr. Rolando, & Ichigo's group clapping cheer for the U.S team's victory. The Elemental Bladers said in joy, "(Hooray x3) we won the championship!" as Drew walks to the benches with Apriell. TJ said, "Nice, cool, new power!" "Elemental Force Awakens . . . I like it." said Katie. Ethan said, "If we reach that level, we'll feel an extreme surge of power inside of us." "Yeah!" said Raven, Steve, Shelby, Angel, and Apriell in unison. Then the Chinese team, White Tiger Zhang X walked to their bench to congratulate them.

Rio han pull out his right hand at Drew for a hand shake, while he said, "Congratulations on your victory & I gotta admit you are a strong one with Thunder Wind Byakko." "Mmm-mmm, we like to see you guys to go battle in the next championship." said Mao Mai as both the U.S. and Chinese Beyblade team shake hands for their new bonding friendship until Thunder Lion & the other Chinese bit spirits came out of their own beys by themselves in front of the two teams.

TJ walked up to Drew and said, "Drew, I think they want to bow to you for being a good friend to both teams?" as the Chinese bit spirits bowed to him, while Drew bowed back. When Thunder Lion's group gave a friendly roar & went back to their beyblade hosts, Goa Yuan Li said this, "Now, how about a victory buffet at this restaurant by our bey temple school?" "Sounds like fun." said Steve. Kike said, "Well, that be decided." as the teams were laughing. At the Bei Claw Yang School Temple, the restaurant two hills near it has a huge room with tables of American / Chinese foods, drinks, and desserts (cake, cookie, rice cereal treat, brownie, & Cupcakes). Rio han's were waiting by a huge table for the Elemental Bladers.

Kike said, "Are they gonna be here?" "I am sure they're be here." said Mao as the restaurant's doors were open, for the Chinese team to see the U.S team wearing Chinese style Gi clothes, Apriell wear white / golden yellow / red baby clothes with a white tiger symbol on the shirt, while Mr. Rolando and Ichigo's group wear nice clothes. Rio han walked to the Elemental Bladers & said, "Wow, you guys look good in those clothes." as his teammates join in. "Thanks." said both TJ and Drew. Mao went to Shelby, seeing Apriell in cute clothes, to say, "So cute with a little white tiger symbol, may I hold her?" "Sure." said Shelby as she handed the baby girl in Mao's hands, while her teammates wanted to hold the little one. Then an old man with a long grayish white beard wearing golden yellow and red orange clothes walk in the the room to said, "I'm Chi Xian Lu, the master of the Bei Claw Yang School Temple & we're here to congratulate the Elemental Bladers and also become friends with Rio han's group, now let the party begin." asEveryone has a great buffet victory party all night with fun moments.

Now the Elemental Bladers have won the World Championship in Beijing, China. What new adventure awaits them at the next one.

To be continued. . .
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This is the first chapter of Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force vol 3 pt 2: Techno trip to Japan.

Chapter 28: Japanese trip to the H.P.D.P. Beyblade Tour

On a team plane through the sky, Raven was typing on some stuff on his laptop for the next world championship. When he said, "Ah, I got it ready for the Japanese tournament." "Sweet." said Shelby as Apriell was laying on her lap watching the clouds passing by.

Then Raven, hearing a groaning noise behind him said, "(groaning) as he looks behind to see TJ laying on his back in his seat in boredom to say, "Hey, is something wrong, TJ?" "Maybe you stuffed the food leftover from the buffet party in Beijing, China?" said Angel. TJ said, "No, the flies are really bored. I didn't know when we reached Japan?" "Maybe you try playing the new video games at the back." said Shelby as she pointed at some video games on some sofas where they're laying on.

TJ said, "I already played 5 out of 25 games in 20 mins." "So, did you eat some decorative fruit bouquet?" said Steve as he looked at a fruit bouquet with fruits (Orange, Pineapple, Grapes, Banana, Apple, and Watermelon) in the shape like star, flower, circle, butterfly, and heart on a rainbow colored basket. TJ said, "I got two with orange, grape, & pineapple on them." "Me too. But I got one with banana, watermelon, and apple on it." said Ethan as TJ pull out four new beys from his bag that look similar to the ones from White Tiger Zhang X in China (an Ebony Black bey with three lion heads on it, a Cornell Red one with four bear heads & a moving six small bladed ring, a Brink Pink one with two lynx cat heads each follow by the five claws, and an African violet one with four monkey claws & banana shaped blades) on his hand for Angel to said, "Where do you get those?"

"I found them under my pillow, when we're in Beijing." said TJ as he put the 4 beys back in the bag. Shelby said, "That something, right Katie? Katie?" as she looked at the window. Katie said, "Wow, it's incredible." as the rest said it was confusing, "Huh, what is she looking at?" The kids went back to their seats to see Japan below them. "Alright, we made it to Japan!" said TJ as their plane headed to the airport in Yokohama, Japan.

The six kids walk to the city with Caralana, Popper, & Apriell from the airport along with their luggages. Oh the sidewalk, TJ, Steve, Angel, Raven, and Ethan were looking at the site in Yokohama. TJ said, "Wow, compared to the one back home, these ones are kinda shorts. I wonder how Japan got popular for being the birthplace of Beyblade, I was born in the same year, 1999 like the beys?" "Well you were born in Dec 1999, so I'm sure about it." said Raven. Shelby holding Apriell her arms said, "Hey guys, how about to get a great view of the city?"

"(Giggles) said Apriell. Ethan said, "Hold on, what about the Japanese World Championship?" as he stands by Steve. TJ said, "Don't sweat it, bud. We still got a lot of time for some fun & practice at the tournament." as Katie walked up to the others to say, "My mom got a friend living in Japan, I'd like to see her." "That sounds nice." said Shelby. Steve said it to his friends, while holding his bag, "Hey guys, our bus is coming." as a bus with the Elemental Blader' symbol and colors on it coming up to the kids.

TJ said, "Man, those colors look good on the bus." as it stops and opens the door, then someone is coming out of the bus, while the kids wonder about who it is. Then it turns out to be TJ's grandfather, Curtis Griffin wearing some vacationing clothes. For his grandson to say, "Grandpa . . . is that you?" "Yes, TJ. It's me." said Curtis Griffin. Angel said, "Wow, your grandpa looks funny in those clothes." "Yeah." said Raven. TJ said, "Guys seriously . . . ?" as he felt kinda embarrassed then Curtis said, "Don't worry, TJ. just feel like hanging out with your grandfather." as he stands by the door.

Then two familiar faces appear from the bus, Ichigo & Drew to surprise them, Drew said, "Hey guys!" "Drew." said the others in unison. Ichigo said, "Drew and the rest of us arrived here early to surprise you guys." "That right, kids. Now aboard the bus." said Curtis as the American team got on the bus. On the road, the kids were seeing the sites. Curtis said, "Ha, this place is very cool." "Hehe, TJ, your grandfather is awesome. Does it run in the family?" said Ichigo holding Apriell. TJ said, "I don't think so, Ichigo? Just me and grandpa, I guess." "Good point on it." said Katie. Raven said, "I got info on the Japanese World Championship in 6 weeks."

After some hour laters, the bus was heading to a 20 story building with a logo that a bey top with the letters: H.P.D.P). Gariga said excitedly, "Woo, we finally made it there." "Look at that." said TJ. Katie said, "Check out that logo." "Yeah, this is a place where beys are tested by researchers in the H.P.D.H Beyblade facility in Japan." said Raven as the two kids said it with Steve, Drew, & Shelby, "Huh, what H.P.D.P?" "It stands for Hyper Power Design Project Beyblade facility, which makes beys with advanced technology." said Raven.

Gariga said, "Right and I wonder what the tech looks like in that place?" "Man, they are excited for this." said Drew. Steve said, "The tour of the building will be fun." as both the tech heads get so hype for the tour. When the bus stopped by the facility's main entrance, a man in a white / light blue lab coat greeted the U.S. team, "Welcome to the H.P.D.P Beyblade Inc. My name is John and I'll be your guide on the tour." "Got it." said the group as they walked in the building to see lots of scientists researchers working & studying beyblading.

Shelby said, "Dang, look at all these researchers!" "Yeah, it's like an ant colony, bigger." said Bella as their group began the tour. John said these through the tour, "First is the weight disk's metal strength, spin gear's locking function, Element Blade Base's performance, and the Elemental ring's fitting's radius." "Wow, cool!" said both Raven & Gariga in unison. John said, "Our lab researchers are now working on a new beylauncher with a special design ripcord winder in the next 6 years from now."

"Woah, beyblading is getting more advanced in the place."said Drew. Shelby said, "Right about that." "Yeah, but missing something more important?" said TJ. Katie said, "Really, like what?" "They just make the perfect bey with these research tools, but what about the player part, the very source of their power without these important parts, determination, heart, skill, willpower, strategy, and never giving up." said TJ.

Curtis said, "That right, beys need those things to be the best in the battle stadium even without technology." "Grandpa, thank you for that good saying, well Raven, Gariga, what do you two think about that?" said TJ as he saw both looking at the equipment through the window. The U.S team looked at them, strangely. TJ said, "What are you two doing?!" "Please let us do a trainee job." said both Gariga & Raven, grabbing John's point. Angel said, "You two are going way nuts for this." "No, this place is the most amazing place ever." said Raven. Gariga said, "I'll forever build many of Bey's advanced features in my life!" "Alright, I will stop snapping you back to reality." said TJ as he walked to them to hand clap them from their fantasy daydream. Ethan said, "Those two really like that near the tech appliances, right?" "Yeah." said Bella.

Then two scientists walk toward them on the other side, a tall blonde brownish long haired woman with light brown eyes wearing an alloy orange shirt, naples yellow short, white lab coat, and light sea blue green shoes alongside her is a young girl that have orange brownish short hair, bright blue eyes wearing an asparagus / lime green shirt with a tennis ball on it, a yellow skirt, gray short, yellow green shoes, white lab coat, & a golden yellow ribbon behind her head.

The tall lady said to John, "Excuse me, John. Who are these people?" "Pr. Iris, these are the American beyblade team, the Elemental Bladers." said John as Katie walked to Pr. Iris said, "Excuse me, do you know someone named Kathie Scherer?" "Yes, she is a good friend of mine in America, why you ask?" said Pr. Iris. Katie said, "Cause, I'm her daughter, Katie Scherer." "Oh right, you're Kathie's daughter, I got a photo of you as a toddler in your mother's arms from her." as John walked to her to say, "This lady is professor Iris, the chief director of the H.P.D.P Beyblade facility." as the group continues with Pr. Iris and her assistant, She said, "In this place, we give beyblades high performance & improved abilities through our research study." TJ said, "The players that use those beys are good enough for me." "I see, you believe in that TJ." said Pr. Iris.

The group went to a place to see a training area with lots of bey-players practicing at different stadiums. Pr. Iris said, "This training area, let us test the players' battle and 4, now launch." as a boy launched his bey. "I like to help out the trainees." said Pr. Iris. Raven said, "Totally cool!" "Yeah, this place has so much advanced technology in this building!"said Gariga. TJ said, "Maybe, I think we can beat those rookies in an old-fashioned beybattle with our skills."

"Is that so, how about a beyblade on that?" said Pr. Iris' assistant. TJ said, "Are you sure about it?" "Can you even battle?" said Katie. Pr Iris said, "Well she can, you see my assistant, Emory Yodeler or Emmy for short is a bey-player, but she is also a tennis player." as Emmy removed her lab coat. "A tennis bey player for real?" said Shelby. Emmy said, "Yeah so?" "Do you use the beys as a tennis ball in a tennis court like a stadium?" said Drew. Pr. Iris uses a mic on a headset to say this to the trainees, "Everyone leave the room, but two of you will participate in this little team battle, Kazuhiko & Tama will stay here, thank you all. How do you kids handle battling these three?"

"I like it, time to use it as a warm up for the Japanese World Championship!" said TJ. Drew said, "No way, I miss this." "Yeah, let's do this!" said Katie as the three kids and Emmy headed to the training room. In the training room, the hispanic rapper with golden / white hair and orange-yellow glasses said it as he looked at the U.S. team, "Yo, who are those three kids, Emmy?" "Those kids are part of the bey team that won both the European and Chinese World Championships, The Elemental Bladers." said Emmy. a girl with yellowish cream blonde short hair said, " Time to see how these kids play against us?"

"Now, both teams select your player for the 1st round." said Pr. Iris. TJ said, "Rocking, I'm going to tear the battle up!" "Ok,let the rapper, Karuhiko, take this boy down!" as these two players walk to the beystadium. When TJ loaded his bey onto his beylauncher, he said as he saw Karuhiko's mic-like bey launcher grip, "Wait, is that a mic?" "You'll see." said Karuhiko as he loaded his bey. Raven pulled out his laptop to analyze Karuhiko's bey & launcher and said, "I wonder, why Karuhiko got a customized bey launcher with a microphone on it?"

Pr. Iris starts the countdown, "Already begin in, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said TJ & Karuhiko in unison as they launched their beys in the stadium. The white bey attacked first, while it's owner said, "Smash it hard, Dragoon! Go!" as TJ's bey tries to strike but, the yellow orange / blackish blue top dodge it. TJ said, "Holy snap, that bey is hopping freaky!" "Yo, here we go, yay. Karuhiko is ready for an old school, little brat here! As his bey was hopping with rhythm beats with his rapping.

TJ said, "Man, that bey wacky in that movement." as his bey tried to attack it's opponent. Raven said, "Karuhiko's bey is using special movements from the microphone for Karuhiko's rapping on beats." "Ah, this guy is like a leaping lizard!" said TJ furily. Karuhiko said it on the mic, "Here we go, Rapping attack!" as his bey uses a random beat attack on Dragoon Cyclone. TJ's grandpa Curtis said, "TJ, you need to feel the beat of flow for the right moment to strike." as the white top stops to wait, while Karuhiko keeps rapping, "Ok time for this rap to bring victory to me!" When his bey got close to the stadium edge, TJ commanded his bey this, "Now, attack Dragoon!" as the white top attacked the rapper out of the stadium.

As Karuhiko shook and said, "Noooooo!" while his bey slacks on the forehead. TJ said it, when Dragoon returned to his left hand, "Booya, the rap is over for you, bra!" "My grandson may not be bright, but he is good at listening to the beats." said Curtis. Karuhiko said it as he walked back to his team, "Emmy, that boy got me, sorry yo." "I think your rhythmic sync needs some work later, Karuhiko. Looks like your good turn, go to it, Tama." said Emory (Emmy). Tama , the yellow cream blonde girl said it as she headed to the stadium floor, "Got it, gal."

"Great amazing move in there, TJ!" said Katie. TJ said, "Yea, that was easier than I thought." "The warm up for the championship looked funny, weird, but fun, it was my turn to battle." said Drew as he headed toward the stadium to fight Tama. Tama pulls out a flower shaped A.E.R (Attack Elemental Ring) bey with a palette shaped bey launcher for Drew to say, "Aw a bey for a painter!" "Well, if you like it, I will paint a picture of your defeat." said Tama. Drew said, "Yeah, right!" as he loaded his bey for battle. Pr. Iris said, "Ok, set. 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said both Tama & Drew unison.

As the gray tiger bey chased after Tama's bey while Drew said, "Driger, come on go!" "Check out this move, I called it, Bright Rainbow Colors Mirage." said Tama, while her bey created a trail of bright colors (Bright Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange) on the stadium. TJ said it as he tried seeing Tama's bey in the bright version of the five colors, "Man, I can't see Tama's beyblade on those bright colors." "I found out from the attack, when the bey made mega bright colors, Tama could blend in there like a chameleon in camouflage, woah gone in sec!" said Raven as Tama's bey disappeared in the color paints.

Tama said, "Well Drew, what do you like about my colorful art?" "Very good but, I see better ones back at Centennial Elementary School in the United States." said Drew. Tama said, "Say what?" as the gray top uses a lightning zig zag movement to wipe the color paints, while Drew said, "Wipe those colors off, Driger! Well Tama did you know watercolor paint can be wiped easier than regular paints." as Driger keeps wiping that cause the painter's bey to appear. That made the female painter say, "Uh . . . no, it's bad." "Sorry Tama, this is my last wind wipe for you!" as his bey went for the finishing strike to knock Tama's bey out of the stadium then landed by its owner's feet as she said, "Dang, been wiped away by a wind breeze of green." "The winners of the 1st two rounds are TJ and Drew." said Pr. Iris.

Then Katie & Emmy walk to their stands, while their teammates head back to their groups. Katie said it when she loaded her bey, "Wait, do you have a launcher, Emmy?" "Yes, this one." said Emmy as she pulled out a custom tennis racket bey launcher in sea green with a light cerulean blue ripcord winder. Katie said, "A tennis racket bey launcher?" "Yeah, and this is my bey, Catch Sea Gator." said Emmy as she showed her sea green alligator bey with the bit spirit in her right hand to shock the U.S team.

Ethan said, "Wait, Turtle and alligator are both reptiles, but gators can eat turtles even through the shell sometimes, they are friends." "Really?!" said Steve, Angel, & Shelby in unison. Katie thought to herself, while Emmy got ready, "With that type of beylauncher, a pro tennis player will go for a fast launch with an alligator bey, so I think to fight speed with speed!" as she does a launch pose of a baseball batter for a super fast launch. When Pr. Iris begin the countdown, Emmy use a tennis player starting served position, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" as Emmy jump up, while throwing Sea gator in air until loaded to the launcher for a tennis ball shoot and Katie did a baseball batter swing launch with super fast speed.

Both beys were headed for each other at full speed, Emmy said, " Attack, Sea gator!" "Sorry, but I'm taking this one, Draciel full speed attack!" said Katie. When the two reptile beys head to a big collision for 6 mins until Draciel knocks Sea gator from the stadium.

The sea green landed between Emmy's feet and stopped spinning for Katie to win the round. Emmy said, "How do you get mine in speed?" "Cause, you got speed, but I have two sets of metal balls in mine for extra weight and defense, also I can use the weight in the attack with speed, like they said, the more weight, the more force the object gets." "Mmm-mmm, you even use a batter swing for a fast launch with the metal ball's weight in it, smarts." said Emmy. TJ said, "Well that was a fun battle & interesting moves but I'm starving." "Me too." said Drew. Katie said, "Same." as Emmy walked to them and said, "Well, how do you get something in the cafeteria?" "Let's do it." said the three U.S players. At the cafeteria, the U.S. team was eating some good food on a table with Curtis Griffin, and the helpers were eating on another one. TJ said, "Totally cool!" "Yeah, can't believe this place has a buffet & some restaurants." said Angel.

Pr. Iris and Emmy were standing by the two tables, Katie said, "Are you two hungry?" "Nuh, we need to get back on our research." said Emmy. Pr. Iris said, "Agree, see you all later & enjoy the trip." as they leave for work. Both Angelia and Lemore were enjoying the lemonade & double decker vanilla cake with maple caramel frosting, same goes for the rest of the E.B helpers. TJ whispers this to Raven, "Raven, let's see some of those research rooms?" "You sure?" said Raven. Katie said, "Yeah, we got 6 more hours of the trip." "Mmm-mmm." said Ethan, Drew, Shelby, Steve, and Angel in unison as the eight got off their chairs, Curtis said, "Where are you kids going?" "We're going to the bathrooms, that's it." said TJ making an excuse. Ichigo said, "Okay, but be back in 4 hours if you like to see some places of the H.P.D.P beyblade facility." "Sure." said the U.S team as they headed to the restroom.

After their time in the bathroom, Ethan finds a blank I.D card on the floor. The kids went down to a hall to find a room with a number 1 on it with an I.D resign scanner. Raven said, "I think that card might be our key to get in the room, Ethan." "Got it, let's give it a test." as he pulls out the blank I.D card to the scanner that causes the door to unlock itself.

The Elemental Bladers went into the room to see different sport fields like baseball, tennis, golf, football, soccerball, basketball, and more. Shelby said, "Dang, this place got lots of stuff for athletics." "Right, but I think there's more than just sports, Iooks." said Ethan as pointed to a row of 60 super computers connected to the super huge pc hard drive in the middle between two wire pillars. Raven looked amazed at the hard drive and said, "Oh my, this is so incredible & amazing!" "Ah nut, again." said Steve.

Katie said, "Hey guys, come here! I found something in these boxes." as the kids run to her by three tin and cardboard boxes to find some tech stuff & beys in them. On the boxes, they said, some were useless / failed. "Wow, this is better! I got to take some of these with me to make some new gears and inventions from these failed tech scarp pieces!" said Raven as he pulled out a light blue bag from his left back pocket to take 30 little pieces in the bag.

TJ look at the middle box to find 5 beys (a yellow-orange eagle bey with two eagle head follow by the wings, a green-blue alligator bey with 3 gator claws, a yellow scorpion bey with 4 right pinchers in magenta, a brown bull one with the horns, and finally a tan bison / ox bey with two ox head & horns) so TJ put them in his pockets.

Drew said, "Ok, let's go to the next one." "Right." said the other kids as they left the room. TJ leads the group to another door that creates different style and design beyblades from a big machine. Raven looks inside of the machine making the beys to find tech on the E.B.B (Elemental Blade Base). Raven said, "Woah, the people of the H.P.D.P put tech in the beys." "Wha, those bey will use tech in battle, can we beat something like that." said Angel. TJ said, "Of course, we face tougher things than that." "Agree." said the U.S team in unison as they left the room. The kids walked to a spit hallway with a security camera by a third door, Ethan said, "How do we get past that camera?"

TJ said, "I'll try something like a ninja to do." as he put his shirt's neck like a mask to cover the mouth & watched the camera look the other way to sneak at the hall of the third door. Angel said to the others, "I got it, let's follow his lead." as the kids did the same thing like TJ to the third door.

In an office, a man with brown custard blonde hair in a navy blue suit tells two bey players this, "You two go find them, these Elemental Blader' kids are more smart to do ninja stealth from the camera. So give them a showing of your strength." "Got it, sir." said the two beyplayers. In the third room, the kids found some blueprints on different beys. When the U.S team left the room, they used ninja stealth through 10 hallways until some shut walls black the halls to trap the young U.S team in a rectangle box trap. Shelby said, "Man, I think we're trapped like rats!" Shelby tries to punch the walls for 6 mins.

TJ and Steve load their bey for a double dragon strike at the wall, while Drew said, "Shelby, get back! Double dragons coming for a strike!" as Shelby walks back from the wall. TJ & Steve pull the ripcords, while saying, "Let it rip!" as the two beys flying toward the wall to smash open, but Dragoon and Strata Dragoon didn't make some marks.

The beys return to their owners, TJ & Steve said in unison, "Oh nuts." "Woah, titanium alloy wall is so tough, not even the dragon's combined strength can't scratch it." said Raven. Suddenly a mysterious voice said, "You pipsqueaks are found without being detected, pretty clever." "Time to slam it on you little sprouts!" said another mysterious voice. The Elemental Bladers turn around to see two shadowy figures in copes.

Shelby said, "Oh yeah, how are you two, alway?!" as one of the shadowy figure removed his cope to revealed himself as a big white guy with Short wavy Greenish / Light burgundy with Dark Green Eyes, wearing a purple shirt that have a brown bull face on a football with grayish white spikes, light brown short with golden yellow lines, and Light brown shoe to said, "I'm Stein Rusher, Pro football player for touchdown in strength." "I'm pro basketball dunker, Eden Wheezes!" as the another shadowy figure removed his cape to be a tall tan complexion guy with grayish black combed hairstyle with a red patch in his hair, brownish orange eyes wearing a yellow shirt that have a basketball shoot under a magenta undershirt, yellow short with little orange, white socks, & gray shoes.

"A pro basketball and football player, what next a pro baseball player?" said Angel. Stein said, "We got that one, our leader, Michigan Danker is a pro baseball pitcher & others like Emory and this street player to form our team, the Super All Star Breakerz of Japan." "Oh, which one of you colored kids got Emory in that battle?" said Eden. Katie walked up beside TJ to answer, "That be me, Katie Scherer." "Scherer . . . oh yeah. You're the daughter of Pr. Iris' old friend in America." said Stein. Eden said, "Well we know about your team in the headquarter's computer of the B.B.S.T.A data banks, including your bit spirits." "Scooping on the B.B.S.T.A, man the H.P.D.P are so dang low on it." said Steve. Shelby said, "& what about our bit spirits?!" "Well those ones have been in each of your families from generations to generations, but those can't beat ours." said Eden.

Ethan said, "Why, that sure?" "Because our bit spirits were created and born in our H.P.D,P's lab with mega powers making our bey tougher." said Stein as he and Eden show their beys to the U.S team (a brown bull & yellow scorpion that have a bull and scorpion bit spirits). Katie remember her battle with Emmy & Sea gator to this said, "Hold on, I saw Emmy's bit spirit on the bey, but I beat it without seeing it coming out."

"Well, if Katie takes down the alligator bey of Emmy, then a bull and scorpion won't be a problem for us." said Drew. Eden said, "You think you handle Charging Bullhorn & Needle Triscorpio in battle." as Stein stepped up to say, "Oh you want a challenge little bey?" as he pulled out a launcher custom grip with a football icon on top along a printed football pattern on the handle with a light brown ripcord winder. Drew pulled out his gear, while saying, "Bring it, pro football player." as they loaded their beys to battle.

"3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let it rip!" as both Drew and Stein launch their beys. The gray & brown beys went around waiting to attack first in 3 mins until Stein said, "Bullhorn attack!" as he commands his bey to go in the first attack on Drew's. Driger dodges the charge attack of Bullhorn as Raven records the battle on his laptop. Raven said, "Woah, Bullhorn got powerful strength in the attack." "Well, Drew got speed in his, so a tiger can catch a raging bull in any direction, that will be easy." said Katie. Eden said, "You think so, little girl? That bull of Stein is tougher than you think, little squirts."

"Time, test that." said Drew as the gray top toward the brown top until Drew called out his bit spirit, "Driger go!" as the white tiger spirit came out to face Drew's opponent. Suddenly the brown bey bit began to glow bright brown to summon the brown bull bit spirit charging at Driger as Stein said, "Plow that kitty, Bullhorn!" as the two spirits went out on each other with fang, claw, horn, and hoofs.

"Time to make a bit of barbeque out of that bull spirit, Driger's Tiger Wind Claw Attack!" said Drew as the gray bey created triple tiger claws out of green wind & lightning elements on the attack elemental ring. The brown top started to dash at Driger, empowered in a bright brown energy as Stein said, "This is my full pass charge, Bullhorn' special attack move, Stampede Ripper Rush!" as the bull bit spirit rushing toward the white tiger spirit, he channeled some power into an orangish brown energy for a charge attack.

When the two special attack moves hit each other head on, Bullhorn's is like a big rushing stampede wave was too much, so Stein's bey and bit spirit knock Driger from spinning with a big hit, while Drew said, "Driger, are you okay?! (gasp) oh Driger." when he looks, there are some cracks on his bey's A.E.R (Attack Elemental Ring) & E.B.B (Element Blade Base). The other kids run to Drew to see the damage on his bey. "Oh, Driger . . ." said Shelby. Steve said, "Man, these H.P.D.P's bit spirits are strong." as Stein's bey, Bullhorn returned to his hand. TJ pulled out his bey on the left hand to say, "Don't worry, I will average you and Driger. Okay, Eden, I can take on your scorpion, Needle TriScorpio by cutting its stinger off the tail!" "Nah, I'll do that in the world championship." said Eden.

Stein said, "Sounds good, since our team & your team will be competing there, would you like to fight in the tournament?" "Fine by me, we can kick your beys down in the world championship." said TJ. the walls of titanium alloy lift up. Eden said, "We'll let you kids go to the bus." "You guys want us to split, what is the catch?" said Angel. Eden said, "We just let you kids go to your group." "Well guys, let's go to the others and also the Elemental Bladers will beat the Super All Star Breakerz in the World Championship." said Ethan as his team left to the others. Stein said, "Well, that one sure about the U.S team's victory?" "Mmm-mmm, wonder how they do it." said Ethan.

At the main entrance, John said, "Thank you for enjoying the trip, see you later." as the U.S team's bus left the building. Inside the bus, the U.S team were thinking about Stein and Eden, while Lemore looked at Katie with confusion, then said, "What is wrong, Katie?" "Well . . . me & the others find something on the way to the bathroom. I think we need to prepare for the championship." as the bus headed down the hallway.

The U.S team got themselves some tough bit spirits of the JP bey team, Super All Star Breakerz in the tournament, wonder how they will face them?"
I got an idea for my Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force series' Beys made by Xandork Engineering.com, so they made some details like the one on the Blueprints, I made in my spin off series.

But I will test it out with the Dragoon & Dranzer's first two evolution versions

The other beys will be made from Xandork Engineering or somewhere else, but you guys really want these beys to be real, I will try for you guys or myself?
Check out the 29th chapter of Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series:

Chapter 29: Bey training in nature

In a hotel room in Yokohama, Raven was having a bad nightmare. Inside his dream, Raven sees himself with TJ, Ethan, Katie, Drew, Steve, Angel, & Shelby laying on the ground, while looking beaten badly, Raven runs to TJ and says, "Come on pal. (TJ x 6) please . . . TJ!" as Dragoon Cyclone was shown to the mechanic with terrific damage. Raven looked at his friends with their beys badly damaged for him to say, "Oh no, not theirs too." Then a familiar voice said, "haha, time to stomp on you small fries." when Raven sees the images of Stein Rusher & Charging Bullhorn as a herd of cattle running toward the U.S team to cause Raven to wake up scared. As the other members were still asleep, he said, "Man, that was weird from eating leftover sushi." When he pulls out his laptop, Gariga walks to Raven in her P.J (a light violet / orange shirt, state gray sweatpant, & no hair scrunchies).

"Good Morning, Raven." said Gariga. Raven said, "Morning." as he looked on his laptop, while the hispanic girl saw something to point at, while she said, "Hey Raven, look like you got an email." "Oh really? Wonder who sent it?" when Raven checks who sent the email to him. Suddenly both tech mechanics said it in unison, when they found the identity of the one that sent the email, "Mr. Rolando."

Somewhere in the forest-like field of Kyoto, Japan, two cars were driving through like 200 miles from Yokohama, the bright green and orange car got the U.S. team & Curtis in it, while the crimson red / silver one behind got the helpers inside. Raven said to Ethan, "It says, we'll be there in 1 mins." "I wonder, what will the place look like?" said Shelby. Ethan said, "We know that, when we get there." suddenly they jump up then down from a pothole on the road. Drew said, "Ow, that was bumpy . . ." "Maybe a pothole or a bump on the road?" said Angel. TJ said, "It was a bouncy road to this place?!" "Come on, grandson. This may be bumpy, but I am not hopping on my seat." as the cars rode on a couple more bumps on the road.

TJ's grandpa hopped up and down his seat with a small pain on his back. Katie said it as she looked at Curtis, "Oh my, that got to hurt." "Nah, my grandpa thinks he has a hard bump." said TJ as the cars reach their destination, they stop by a big wooden / metal cabin by a medium size lake & forest. When TJ got out with Ethan, Raven, Angel, and Curtis, he said, "So, is this it?" "Mmm-mmm, right." said Curtis. Katie got out of her seat to the driver for a question, "Hey, you sure, this where we'll be?" "Well, from the directions, your friend will tell & show me the place." said the driver.

When all the members got out, the cars drove away, Angel said, "What the?!" "Hold on!" said Lenore. TJ said, "Hey, where the heck, you two going?!" "You can't just leave us here, come back!" said Katie. The second driver in the crimson red / silver car said, "We'll be back next week." As the team grabbed their bags to the cabin, while they got to the wooden / steel house, Curtis said this, "How nice, a view of the mountains ranging from a far distance with a lake of water glittering by the sunlight, it is beautiful." "Right." said TJ and Angel.

This place is pretty nice, it smells like fresh mountain air." said Curtis as the kids breathed in the air & said, "Ahhhh." "This air feels good." said Katie. Suddenly a person walked out of the woods and said, "Well, you guys made it here." And you're?" said Shelby. The Japanese mountain boy wearing a light purple / mango orange shirt and Jade green short, light violet with Blackish brown short hair said, "Hi, I'm Hideaki, I'm here to help you guys train for the World Championship by ."

Ok, I'm sure it is some joke?" said Katie. TJ said, "I think so?" "Are we sure this dude will train us for the tournament?" said Steve. Raven said, "Look, this was Mr. Rolando's idea for us to be here, I guess. Let this player show his skill." "Well, we're in nowhere by the cabin, maybe good." said Ethan. TJ said, "Don't worry, we will be fine." as he walked to Hideaki to greet him. TJ said, "Hi, I'm Troy Thornton Jr or TJ for short & these guys are the U.S. team, The Elemental Bladers. The old man is my grandpa, Curtis Griffin and the other are my teammates & partners, Ethan Lee, Mania Tarragona, Lenore Merida, Katie Scherer, the Barica Sisters, Ichigo and Apriell, Drew Myers, Angelia Caketian, Shelby Scott, Bella Mitten, Gariga Snacha, Raven Mack, Steven Lekas, Hick Pines, & Angel Armstrong." as the others waved their hands to say hello.

Hideaki said, "Oh, I know about you guys from Mr. Rolando." "Ok, how about a beyblade battle on that beystadium shaped stone?" said TJ as he pulled out his beylauncher and bey. Hideaki pull out his tangerine orange / violet beyblade top with the beylauncher got a two color swirl style in those colors & ripcord too, while headed toward a grayish brown stone in the shaped of a beystadium with a polish like smooth surface ring area alongside TJ. Steve said, "This will be something." "Yeah." said Hick as the U.S team walked over to see the battle.

At the stone shaped beystadium, the two boys were ready to battle, TJ said, "Let's see your skills to the test, Hideaki." "Ok, this is cool. Bring it, TJ." said Hideaki as Lenore was the referee and said, "Get ready, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let it . . .`` ''Rip!" said TJ launched his bey. Hideaki launched his, but his bey missed the stone and stopped spinning for him to say, "Ah man, my bey miss, oops." "The winner is TJ & Dragoon. . ." said Lenore. Hideaki said, "Dang, that was a good launch." as he picked up his bey. Steven said, "Hey, how about another one to practice your launch?"

"Maybe, I'm the best bey player since I live in Kyoto." said Hideaki. Steve said, "Really?" "You can be seriously sure about it?" said Bella. Hideaki said, "Well, honestly, I'm the only best player in Kyoto?" "You're not seriously sure about it?" said Shelby. Hideaki tells his bey player backstory with some flashback image of his first beyblade insterset, "Well it all started, when I was 6 or 5 years old, my parents would take me to the big city of Kyoto, Japan.

In the big park, I saw lots of kids beybattle that made my mind so hype about, so they taught me about the launch and other things on beyblading, I even got one of my own from my mom & dad. As I got home to practice, I wanted kids to know about beys and be the best in Kyoto. It was small and hard work, but I did my best on it and even got Mr. Rolando's invitation for Kyoto's Beyblade Competition."

"Wow . . ." said TJ, Drew, Katie, and Shelby in unison. Hideaki said, "Also, I know it is a long way to go, but I am not giving up on it." "Think up on that." said TJ. Hideaki said, "Wha?" as TJ walked toward him to say, "Buddy, with our help, I'm sure that dream of yours will come true in some months."

"TJ, that's very nice of you, thank you." said Hideaki. Raven said, "Hold on, TJ. How in the world, we help him?" "Well, we know nothing until we do it." said TJ. Raven said, "Ok, did you remember Drew lost his battle against Stein's powerful Bullhorn bit spirit?!" "Raven! We don't want him to remember that thing." said Katie. Ethan said, "Exactly, maybe this will help Driger out in this place!"

"Yeah, but how do we get in there?" said Shelby. Hideaki said it to her as he pulled out a key to the cabin door, "Oh, this is a key, I got it from Mr. Rolando, it's for the cabin." when the mountain boy handed the key to Raven as the Elemental Bladers went to the cabin's front door to use the key, while it opened. Steve said, "Sweet, we got it open." When they went inside, there were some bedrooms (one for the kids, one for the helpers, & one more for Curtis), a kitchen, a big bathroom, a large living / front room, and a wooded splitting block with an axe outside. Drew & Raven walk to a desktop computer in a grayish white color by two rolling chairs, when the bey mechanic finds an envelope that hangs on the black screen with a piece of clear tape.

Raven said, "Hey, an envelope." As he picked up the envelope, Drew walked beside him and said, "Ok, read what on it." as Raven opened the envelope to read the letter, "To Drew, Raven told me about your loss against Stein & subject to redesign your bey to match Driger increase abilities." while TJ, Katie, Ethan, Shelby, Gariga, Angelia, and Popper went to them.

Drew said, "Wait, can my redesign bey be strong enough to handle my bit spirit's abilities?" "Maybe, I'll be up at night to make it, but with your help, Drew. I think we'll make it with our best shot for Driger's next evolution." said Raven. Gariga said, "Hold on you two, I'll join in this." that made the boys smile. Shelby said, "Go for it." "Yeah, ditto." said Katie. TJ was on his knees with Popper looking at a little reddish brown box that had bey parts & 10 color launcher grips, to say, "Hey, check out this box of beyblade parts!" as they look at the box.

Angelia rolled up her sleeves to say, "I will help TJ's grandpa with the cooking." "Man, wonder why we're in this by Mr. Rolando." said Raven. Curtis said it in his head, "Well, I think Rolando believes this will help these kids to cool off and warm up for the championship."

Somewhere by the middle size waterfall, on a greenish brown stone bridge three beystadiums on it, Hideaki & the Elemental Bladers, while Ichigo's group watch on the left side of the waterfall. The 1st stadium is between Ethan and Steven, 2nd one by the girls (Katie, Shelby, & Angel), and the last stadium is by TJ & Hideaki with Apriell on TJ's back inside the baby backpack carrier.

TJ said, "Why are we on this bridge, Hideaki?" "This is bey accurate of the launch, '' a sign said, "It takes a steady launch to wake, if you miss even once, your bey will be at the bottom of the waterfall." said Hideaki. TJ said, "Wait . . . a sign says that?" "Yeah, right there." as Hideaki pointed to a medium size sign on the right side of the fall. After Ethan, Katie, Shelby, Steve, and Angel do some successful launches at their 1st tries, soon it was Hideaki to launch as he tries to focus, TJ said, "Don't look down, got it." when he pulls his ripcord, but the bey misses the stadium, while headed to the waterfall as Hideaki follows it for a big splashing landing. Then the kids use things like gym equipment made of rock, rope, & logs, while Hideaki dries himself with a big beige yellow towel and says, "Exercises are helping players build up their body strengths." "Did the sign say that too?" said TJ. Hideaki said, "Yup."

The kids, Hideaki, and helpers did other things like chopping wood as firewood for their fireplace. Later in the night time, Hideaki was trying his launch at the stone beystadium as his bey made it to the beystadium & jump out in 3 mins. Hideaki said, "I can't even get it right, it's hopeless." "I think you can't find a new way of launching?" said Ethan as both he and Mania walk to him. Hideaki said, "When I saw you & your four friends did some good launches on the bridge, I tried my best to do mine." as he picked up his two dualed colored bey.

Mania said, "So, what is your goal in beyblading?" "I want to reach that goal for everybody in Kyoto." as Ethan walks to the other side of the beystadium shaped stone, while loading his Dranzer Flare onto the Spring Star Shot beylauncher. Then said, "Well, how about I help you practice your launch, Hideaki?" "Sure, thank you." said Hideaki as he loaded his bey to practice on his launch. Mania walked between the two boys and said, "I'll be the referee, ready 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said both Ethan & Hideaki in unison.

In the dove morning, Drew, Raven, and Gariga were asleep, while Driger's new incomplete parts were on the desktop as the three kide woke to hear TJ's voice that said, "you sure, you want to lose to me, again?" "No, I'm going to win this battle." said Hideaki's voice. When the kids walk out of the cabin to see their friends gather around the beystadium shaped stone.

Katie said, "Let's get to it, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said TJ as he and Hideaki launch their beys in the stone beystadium, a successful launch for Hideaki, the mountain boy. Ichigo said, "Good work!" "Yeah, time to knock you out!" said Hideaki as his dualed colors bey did a double attack on Dragoon. Raven, Drew, & Gariga went down to the stadium, while TJ said, "Is that what you got. What the?!" as the white top wobbles like wild until it knocks itself out of the beystadium. Katie said, "Hideaki is the winner for knocking out the fiery wind blue dragon, Dragoon!" "Alright, yeah!" said Hideaki.

TJ said, "Woah, how do you get better, alway?" "Well, Ethan helped me train on my beyblade launch." said Hideaki. The others said it in unison, "Oh . . ." "Doing Ethan, you train him, that is something." said TJ. Ethan said, "Well I'm just him to improve his launch." "TJ, you try to listen to the wind." said TJ's grandpa. TJ said, "Listen to the wind?" as he picks up his bey, while hearing the wind. "If you listen to the elements that your bey control to find a new move." said Curtis.

TJ said, "Ok, I get it. If you listen to the sound of mother nature, you can make a new move for it." "I believe, that Mr. Rolando wants us to be here." said Raven. TJ said to the others, "Come on guys, let's train for the tournament!" "Yeah!" said the others in unison. For the next 5 days, Hideaki and the U.S team keep on training for the Japanese World Championship. On the sixth day before Friday, in the room where TJ's group slept, a sudden racket noise woke them up very loudly. TJ said, "What the?!" "What is it?" said Katie rubbing her right eye.

Hideaki said, "I think it is coming to the room with the desktop computer." "Wait, you think someone is here to rob us?!" said Shelby. Steve said, "Hold on, Raven, Drew, and Gariga are in that room!" as the kids ran in the room to say it in unison, "Hold it, freeze!" The room was covered by light dust smoke, while TJ picked up a beyblade by his left foot. While the dust began to clear up, the kids saw Gariga, Drew, & Raven by the chair, Ethan said, "Guys, what happened?" "Well we got things in those few nights agos." said Raven. Gariga said, "We have made an electronic elemental Beylauncher for Drew and his bey's new design is complete."

"Woah . . ." said the others in unison. TJ said, "So this bey is Driger?" "Yeah, that is my new Driger Thunder Fang." said Drew as the kids looked at Driger's new looks in TJ's left hand, while he said, "You look great, big tiger." On the last day, 3 cars drove down to pick them up (The 1st one in Bright blue / Steel gray is for Hideaki, while the other two are for the U.S team). Before they got the cars, TJ said to Hideaki, "Well, good luck on your trip." "Same here for you guys at the World championship." said Hideaki as they entered the cars to go on their journey.

Hideaki will go to fulfill his goal, while the Elemental Bladers set to another town with a new bey, Driger Thunder Fang for the world to see.

Hope you guys like this chapter?
Hey guys check out these guys:

The Russian (Rus) Beyblade Team, The Babushka Boys:

Kalevala Valor, the leader of the Russian team & use the icy fangs of Blitz Wolf Ice Frost to freeze his opponents and smash them into ice flakes.

[Image: dete816-a7991996-7e39-49d9-8c42-96f0a1a2...G5DcTZ749A]

Torrance Romero, who use a whale bey & sacred spirit, Wave Whale Grand Sea to wash away his opponents in the sea.

[Image: dete813-832a90dd-4177-48a7-9d25-58030f3c...hZm9VEFpO4]

Brogan Kuznetsk, who use his Falzor Slash Winger to slice his foe in pieces with the air in the battlefield.

[Image: dete80v-8024b6c1-31d5-44d3-8103-89deeb0e...Lkmgd9qhRE]

Lean Papal, a small boy, but he got a snake like move to catch his opponents in a sand trap with his Strike Land Serpentail.

[Image: dete80z-a0762066-2202-474a-a899-c5d8cf4f...zjI2tjScLU]

Then the African Bey team, Wild Saint Fang Shields:

Goya Tatemin, the leader of this groups that want to protect the four Elemental Holy Sacred Spirits with his bey, Burn Leopard Cross Fire.

[Image: detozkc-0aa12f4d-e222-4ce8-b274-fdc7d2b6...YB2UBX8-v8]

Dunkirk Harridan, A strong warrior in the Wild Saint Fang Shields team with his beyblade, Mega Ape 3 & its meg strength in battle.

[Image: detozl9-30e9f5ce-3b7d-4f75-902f-7b36a6a4...pr9sBtJGkw]

Marie, he female member of the team and use her Waving Bite Shark on her foe during the battle stadium

[Image: detozk8-14d153e8-4fc6-40e4-920a-3cbfd7b2...5sCqorbEis]

Jouse, sneaky and his Vanishing Jungle Phant's powers & tusk to battle against every foe in this team.

[Image: detozl8-75658ab3-4278-4ed1-96fd-9cf4bdfc...ogxX32VX4c]

Tell me about your thoughts on both the African & Russian Beyblade Team members?
(Sep. 30, 2018  4:20 AM)fireblaze1 Wrote: I am making a beyblade spin off series for the Elemental Warriors: Defenders of the Solar System series.
The Epic Beyblade adventure of the kids before they were Elemental Warriors. The Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series is a spin off series of the Elemental Warriors as young kids in the second grade in Centennial Elementary School in Plano, TX. This is the begin when they start to play in the Beyblade World Championship in 2000.
Young TJ Thornton, Ethan Lee, Katie Scherer, Drew Myers, Shelby Scott, & Steve Lekas first met Raven Storm Mack and Angel Armstrong in the regional tournament of North America to form The Elemental Bladers team that will competition in the World Championship.
This team will be battle against teams in Europe, Russia, Africa, Japan, Hollywood,CA, Brazil, and China

The Bit Beasts of the Elemental Bladers obtain two different elements in them for crazy & powerful move & attack.

The Team Elemental Bladers from America:

members: TJ Thornton, Ethan Lee, Katie Scherer, Drew Myers, Shelby Scott, Steve Lekas, Angel Armstrong, & Raven Mack.

Team White Tiger Zhang X from China:

Members: Rio Han Wang, Mao Mai, Goa Yuan Li, Kike Xian.

Team Super All Star Breakers from Japan:

Michigan Darker, Tackier Strong-son, Emmy Yodeler, Eden Wheezes, and Stein Rusher.

Team Majestic Cali-bur from Europe"

Elbert Kongo, Enriches Torn-an, Soph-era / Olivier Poland, Johannes McGuire.

Team Barth Ganglionic from Brazil:

Miguel-o Marcia, Hilda Asgard, Clan Ravages, and Aaron Silvia.

Team Babushka Boys from Russia:

Kalevala Valor, Lean Papal, Torrance Romero, & Brogan Kuznetsk.

Team Wild Saint Fang Shields from Africa:

Goya Tate min, Dunkirk Harridan, Marie, and Josue.

The tournaments in this special series are:

American regional Tournament in Austin, TX.

European Tournament in London and little Greece battle tour competition.

Little Battle Tournament in Hollywood, CA back in North America.

Brazilian Tournament in Brazil, South America.

African Tournament in somewhere in Africa.

Japanese Tournament in Tokyo, Japan.

An extra chapter with be made when, I finish the chapters for this series.

Whicih of these Team with be the champion on that Tournament in the off spin series.

America Team - Elemental Bladers.

Chinese Team - White Tiger Zhang X

Brazil Team - Barth Ganglionic

Japanese Team - Super All Star Breakers

Europe Team - Majestic Cali-bur

or Russia Team - Babushka Boys.

Put your answer below the post.

Most of the team names sound like some kind of parodies from metal masters
(Nov. 13, 2021  2:28 PM)GravityNemesis Wrote:
(Sep. 30, 2018  4:20 AM)fireblaze1 Wrote: I am making a beyblade spin off series for the Elemental Warriors: Defenders of the Solar System series.
The Epic Beyblade adventure of the kids before they were Elemental Warriors. The Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series is a spin off series of the Elemental Warriors as young kids in the second grade in Centennial Elementary School in Plano, TX. This is the begin when they start to play in the Beyblade World Championship in 2000.
Young TJ Thornton, Ethan Lee, Katie Scherer, Drew Myers, Shelby Scott, & Steve Lekas first met Raven Storm Mack and Angel Armstrong in the regional tournament of North America to form The Elemental Bladers team that will competition in the World Championship.
This team will be battle against teams in Europe, Russia, Africa, Japan, Hollywood,CA, Brazil, and China

The Bit Beasts of the Elemental Bladers obtain two different elements in them for crazy & powerful move & attack.

The Team Elemental Bladers from America:

members: TJ Thornton, Ethan Lee, Katie Scherer, Drew Myers, Shelby Scott, Steve Lekas, Angel Armstrong, & Raven Mack.

Team White Tiger Zhang X from China:

Members: Rio Han Wang, Mao Mai, Goa Yuan Li, Kike Xian.

Team Super All Star Breakers from Japan:

Michigan Darker, Tackier Strong-son, Emmy Yodeler, Eden Wheezes, and Stein Rusher.

Team Majestic Cali-bur from Europe"

Elbert Kongo, Enriches Torn-an, Soph-era / Olivier Poland, Johannes McGuire.

Team Barth Ganglionic from Brazil:

Miguel-o Marcia, Hilda Asgard, Clan Ravages, and Aaron Silvia.

Team Babushka Boys from Russia:

Kalevala Valor, Lean Papal, Torrance Romero, & Brogan Kuznetsk.

Team Wild Saint Fang Shields from Africa:

Goya Tate min, Dunkirk Harridan, Marie, and Josue.

The tournaments in this special series are:

American regional Tournament in Austin, TX.

European Tournament in London and little Greece battle tour competition.

Little Battle Tournament in Hollywood, CA back in North America.

Brazilian Tournament in Brazil, South America.

African Tournament in somewhere in Africa.

Japanese Tournament in Tokyo, Japan.

An extra chapter with be made when, I finish the chapters for this series.

Whicih of these Team with be the champion on that Tournament in the off spin series.

America Team - Elemental Bladers.

Chinese Team - White Tiger Zhang X

Brazil Team - Barth Ganglionic

Japanese Team - Super All Star Breakers

Europe Team - Majestic Cali-bur

or Russia Team - Babushka Boys.

Put your answer below the post.

Most of the team names sound like some kind of parodies from metal masters

Maybe, these teams are sound similar, but they more that than meet the eye or something?

Here are the links of these teams:
America Team - Elemental Bladers: https://elemental-warriors-defenders-of-...al_Bladers

Chinese Team - White Tiger Zhang X: https://elemental-warriors-defenders-of-...ang_X_Team

Japanese Team - Super All Star Breakers: https://elemental-warriors-defenders-of-...akerz_Team

Europe Team - Majestic Cali-bur Sabers: https://elemental-warriors-defenders-of-...bur_Sabers

Russia Team - Babushka Boys: https://elemental-warriors-defenders-of-the-solar-system.fandom.com/wiki/Babushka_Boys_Team

I hope you will like to see these guys & I'll try to type their team history very soon.
Here are the Story Plots of both E.Ws (Elemental Warriors): Beyblade Elemental Force Series' 2nd pt & Vol 4's chapters:

Chapter 30: Katie's way of laughter
Emory want show Katie that she better player then her in the charity match against Japan's famous celebrities, But they got their butt beaten in the first round, As Katie don't know what to do, her friends (TJ, Shelby, Raven, Lenore, Apriell, Gariga, Mania, & Bella cheered for her like a cheerleader routines to help her that she can do it same go for Draciel. During the second round: When Emory omitted that their opponents are so strong, she join in Katie plan to beat them in the match, so the girls put their ideas to the side to make a combine plan to win for their side against Japan's famous celebrities with a boy named Izumi.

Chapter 31: Battling in famous Tokyo
By the Japan National Stadium, when the Elemental Bladers arrive to the stadium after they left their stuff in a hotel called Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel to see a paparazzi by the Super All Star Breakers about their winning streak for the Japanese World Championship, as they by them, Michigan Decker meet the members of the The Elemental Bladers to talk about skills against technology, then make a challenge to settle it at the Final. At the U.S. Team's locker room, Raven & Gariga to upgrade evolve Dragoon Cyclone into Dragoon Fantom Storm for the 1st preliminaries round. So TJ, Ethan, & Katie will battle against the Mexican / Chilean Beyblade Team, Tri Renegade

At the first round: Manuel Joaquin vs Ethan Lee, Manuel's bey use a wire - guitar on the Attack Elemental Ring to repel Dranzer Flare's attacks, but Ethan use his special attack move to slice the wire string out of the bey to win the battle. On the second round (Antonio Martin vs Katie Scherer): Antonio got three sword like attack point on both Attack Elemental Ring & Blade Element Base to slash Draciel Water Shield's Blade Element Base like a Bullfighter in Spain, but Katie use the attack on her favors to fling it out of the stadium by using the scratch mark to throw very hard. During the third round (Pedro Vicente vs TJ Thornton): The Gunner Cowboy bey player use his bey's high Speed to out run TJ's in battle of speed power but, control the new Dragoon Fantom Storm to the fullest to call forth a new special attack move, Fantom Blaze Hurricane to win the match to go to the next round for the Elemental Bladers in the tournament.

The U.S. Team went to the battle between the Japanese team against the Australlian / Costa Rican beyblade team: Underdown Thunderbolt as Stein Rusher's bey knock his opponent: William Eli Allan's bey out of the stadium in ten pieces. Suddenly Michigan made a grand sky diving entrance to show off to the fans & facing the captain, Archie Finn Olger, who going to average his teammates (William & Rosie Lola Maybell). then Michigan spotted the Elemental Bladers in the stands to give them a show of his powers in TriEagle 3 as he launch his bey, he use a special yo-yo string beylauncher with baseball pitcher skill to finish Archie out by crushing his bey, while his bit spirit, Tri Eagle look at Katie for 12 second to go back to Michigan bey with all three wins, the Super All Star Breakers will go to the final.

Chapter 32: Firing Beys at pirate ahoy!
On their first world championship day off, The U.S were have a good time in a Japanese amusement park, Universal Studios to many rides & games, while Ichigo, Mania, Angelia, and Gariga were working on something in the hotel room. Suddenly TJ, Ethan, Drew, Shelby, Steve, and Angel were gone in second one by one until Katie notice that she is following. As She see look at the park's boat, Katie find her friends tangled on rope by beyblade pirates, who want lots of things in the park. So Katie got an idea that including Lenore, Bella, & Hick help, while Apriell is staying by Katie this time. Lenore use a mermaid hairstyle to distant the bey pirates, while the other seek in the ship, They found the U.S. Team to untied them & Hick thoughts that they use the under deck in their plan with their beys & Bella thought up a plan to beat the Bey pirates. As the Elemental Bladers did a surprise sneak attack on the bey pirates with all seven beys go full force at them & that give the pirate a good hard lesson: Never mess a bey players & kidnapped to get what you want.

Chapter 33: The element trio powers of orange, purple, and white
In an American Pizza Buffet restaurant, The Elemental Bladers were celebrate their victory on the first preliminaries round of the Japanese World Championship, TJ started to eat some pizza & desserts on first three trip of the buffet table. As the second preliminaries round start to begin, TJ came down with a bad stomachache, so They decide to let Angel, Steve, & Shelby take this second preliminaries round as Ichigo, Mania, Angelia, and Lenore help Katie, Ethan, & Drew with their friend' stomachache. The U.S team is against the Belizian / Bolivian: Spin Starters, for the first round (Zaka Ricardo vs Shelby Scott): Bella gave Shelby a special lucky charm with a blueberry scent image & three ribbons (Orange, Blueberry Blue, & Mars Red) on her hair as Zakz's bey use samba rhythm beat to dodge her attacks, then Shelby realize that his bey is reaction to the beat of rhythm, so she decide to dodge the attack then Bison Charger use it's special attack move: Rumble Rushing Quake to finish the battle & win it for her team. During the second round (Izumi Nahuel vs Steve Lekas): Gariga added a Launcher grip for Steve's black right beylauncher for him, Izumi's bey use like soccer attack on Strata Dragoon Earth Spike in a special Tyoko Highway Stadium during high speed battle. As Strata Dragoon raced through the stadium, it's sub attack ring was spin faster and faster to hit the opponent out of the stadium for the Elemental Warriors in fast time. At the third round (Luiza Daiana vs Angel Armstrong): As both beys were in the stadium, Luiza's bey use a jumping attack on Uni Pegasus, but Angel use her bey' special attack move: Alicorn Moonlight Strike Horn to win the battle in 12 mins. With the score 0-3, The Elemental Bladers will go to the semifinal.

Chapter 34: Magic witch babysitter adventure
On the before the Elemental Bladers' second day off of the world championship, in their hotel room. The window suddenly open by magical power as seven shadowly figures put something on the bed that TJ, Angel, and Apriell sleeping in until the morning. TJ & Angel find a yellow golden blonde haired little baby girl with four colored beans, four pig tails wearing a white, silver, & pink baby clothes sleeping at the first of the bed. When the baby girl opened her light brown eyes at TJ & Angel, she smile and made friend with Apriell always. As the Elemental Bladers know to handle one baby, but now they will handle two that be a challenge for them. Angel find her name on the hoodie part that say, Florania Nakinoyama, So she, Hick, & Florania to the store for some baby stuff, while Hick give Florania a piggy back ride, Bella find a book that tell how to make tasty berry juices for Baby Apriell and Florania in the hotel & Lenore make some funny face & hairstyles to make Apriell Barica & Baby Florania Nakinoyama laughs, When Popper the Jackabee pup came to see the guest, Florania use her magic to float Popper in the air for 10 mins. The kids were shocked that Florania got magical power like a witch. Angel & Katie give the two little babies a bath & they want to wear each other's clothes, So Shelby put the clothes on them (Apriell wear Florania's clothes and Florania wear Apriell's clothes). At a bey park, the baby girls were playing at the sandbox for 7 mins until while TJ, Drew, & Ethan beybattle each other, Apriell was babynapped without Florania. So the U.S team noticed it, Popper follow the trait of Apriell's babynapper, who turn out to be a tall guy with four boys to be a wizard group that look like Alexander Tagosaku Oyajide / Feredagio the Great & the F.L.A.T. 4 in the Ojamajo / Magical Doremi series, who thought got the baby witchling, but got the wrong baby girl. When the Elemental Bladers got there, they give them a butt kicking with their beyblades to save Apriell. Later, The U.S team see Seven young witchlings come to their adopted witch daughter home to their world.

Chapter 35: Battle in the samurai life to the rising sun
At the stadium, the U.S, team is now facing the Ecuadorian / Aruban beyblade team: Savage Nature Slam Dunkers on the semifinal. During the first battle (Alexandrus Blas vs Drew Myers): Alexandrus' bey use the spirit power of the Iguana / Gecko on a surprise attack on Driger Thunder Fang, when Drew thought his weak at first but, not. On the second battle (Mal Alfgot vs Katie Scherer): Katie have a trouble against Mal's Slippery bey with the Sea lion spirit power to adorsb Draciel Water Shield's power, but it run back to its owner in second for Katie to win by a forfeit retreat. For the third round (Danilo Alfric vs TJ Thornton): Danilo's bey is like an armored tank like tortoise & armadillo spirit power to move with speed alone, but TJ got an idea to Channel his energy into his bey to use a new Special Attack Move, Phantom Meteor Blaze Hurricane with the water to sending the Danilo's bey out of the stadium to wins the round with the score 1 - 2, The Elemental Warriors have advance to the semi finals as the Savage Nature Slam Dunkers take an autograph, picture, & handshake like geeks to support them for the final, while the same time, Steve, Shelby, and Angel went by the big alley way to see a big dude battle bad players, where they meet Tackier Strongson, who is a treet rebel player is very strong against alley bey-players in the streets on big cities by a grayish orange beystadium, So Shelby and Steve decide to challenge him in a 2 on 1 match. While Angel as a referee. On the Alleyway 1st round (Shelby Scott & Steve Lekas vs Tackier Strongson): Bison Charger & Strata Dragoon begin to attack Boulder Bison in a double team attack comibination in full powers to win. As the second round: Boulder Bison use it's Element blade base, Circle Defender Semi Flat Base special features to defend the two beys attacks for a double sleep out. During the third round: Tackier's bey, Boulder Bison attack very strong to knock Shelby's Bison Charger out of the stadium leaving Strata Dragoon alone, then Steve continue to fight back for both of them. As Tackier thought Steve won't beat him by using Avalanche Drop Boost Rock, but Steve prove him wrong, when he suddenly know he want keep going to the final with friends to Unlock his & Strata Dragoon's elemental force with his Special Attack Move, Earth Darkness Cutter to win the final battle.

In Chapter 36: The epic battle of America & Japan skills
The Elemental Bladers team talking about their battle order against the Super All Star Breakerz in the final, TJ & Drew will battle the first two matches, But they don't know who will play the third one, Since They got data on TJ, Drew, and Katie on their previous battle maybe they will use someone that they never got data on like (Ethan Lee, Steve Lekas, Shelby Scott, & Angel Armstrong). Then Katie went outside think about this confusion, where she saw Pr. Iris on the roof that tell her, she is Mr. Gearson's wife and the Gearson Bros' mother, She got the job for her sons to be proud of her skills & team coach. When Katie got back to the hotel room, her friends thought a way who can go, so they let Apriell to pick up a bey for the third round, she to choose from five beys, Dranzer Flare for Ethan, Strata Dragoon Earth Spike for Steve, Draciel Water Shield for Katie, Bison Charger for Shelby Scott, & Uni Pegasus for Angel Armstrong, suddenly Apriell choose Draciel for the third session of the tournament mean Katie will battle.

At the Final of the Japanese World Championship, Ichigo, Mania, Angelia, & Gariga pull out something for the U.S. team, it is a team banner on it (A shooting star with seven colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and white & say, GO Elemental Bladers! to victory!) same go to the fans of them and the Japanese he members said some trash about Gariga & Raven's hard work on the Elemental Blader's gears equipment's that made Gariga really mad at the Japanese Beyteam. The 1st round begin (Stein Rusher vs TJ Thornton): In the first match, in a beystadium that look like Tokyo, Japan, Stein use Bullhorn's monsterly strength on Dragoon to win. During the 2nd round, TJ's Dragoon Fantom Storm use the building & skill as covers to confuse Stein to beat him. During the 3rd round, When the Elemental Bladers learn about Stein's past football year, TJ got an idea as the battle started he trick Stein by using lots of Bullhorn' spinning energy at Dragoon, but TJ thought up to absorbing it to increase his bey' spin rotation, while Stein got play like a fool of his short temper. Soon TJ use Phantom Meteor Blaze Hurricane to finish the match, but Bullhorn was still spinning as the bull bit spirit come it went on a little rampage in the stadium floor, So TJ use his red vest as a bullfighter cape to cover Bullhorn eyes like a bullfighter in bull riding rodeo in 20 mins until the bull bit spirit pass out & the bey stop spinning meaning TJ won the 1st session with amazing skills.

Chapter 37: The Slam Dunk Sting of Tri-Scorpio
On the second round (Eden Wheezes vs Drew Myers): In a zero gravity beystadium on the first match, Needle TriScorpio use it's huge Elemental Attack Ring to hold itself down for the win. During the second match, Drew use the beystadium edges as a ram to launch Driger Thunder Fang into the air for a dive attack with Tiger Hurricane Thunder Fang move to beat Eden, but Triscopio turn upside down to go higher than Driger as it use Poison Hammer Sting Bolting Dunk to paralyzed Driger to win & tied up with the Elemental Bladers.

Chapter 38: A great home run in the final session
During the third round (Michigan Decker vs Katie Scherer): On a beystadium that look like Super size Baseball field, TriEagle 3 use Max power to beat Draciel Water Shield in 10 mins to win the first session, as the second session start Katie use the launch technique on TriEagle just like on Emory Yodeler and Catch Sea Gator at their headquarter for her bey hold off Michigan's by standing its' ground on full defense to tied up the score. In the third session, Katie thought up on a good idea, when TriEagle use more of it power at Katie, but Draciel absorb it's extra energy to unlock her Elemental Force awaken to turn in a bright yellow glow with a purple / yellow water light streak at his bey to lose from a little girl that won the round & Championship. The U.S. team celebrate Katie's victory including the Pr. Iris and the Super All Star Breakers as Japanese team's bit spirits come out to honor Katie for her skills also apology both Gariga & Raven about their works for their team, Pr. Iris think they got a good future with their dreams.

Chapter 39: Elemental History of the U.S.A's bey team
Raven was in a drink bar alone for 7 mins until Ichigo and her friends (Mania, Angelia, Lenore, Gariga, Bella, and Hick) find him to learn about the American Beyteam history on his laptop from: How the members meet each others to battle the tournaments of the American Regional & World Championship of Europe, China, and Japan. TJ, Angel, Katie, Drew, & Shelby with Apriell on Angel's back find them to get to their flight to Russia for the Final World Championship.

Chapter 40: Bolivian Russian Tough Bey Abbey Academy
The U.S team, The Elemental Bladers arrive at Moscow, Russia for the Final / last tournament of the World Championship, first they met a man named Theoris, who run the Russian Bey Academy for lunch, he offer TJ to battle one of the trainee in a beybattle, suddenly the Elemental Bladers were wondering about the trainee strange behaviors, when the battle started the trainee did a hammer Thrown launch for max high speed & even make a tornado, The boy was too strong, so TJ need a new plan. Then he remember Ethan & Katie regional battle to use the idea that Katie use on Ethan for the win by let Dragoon ride the wind current to the air smack landung on the trainee with Phantom Meteor Blaze Hurricane for the finisher on top, Tyson won the battle but, the U.S team see the negative dark side of Russia Bey Academy by taking the trainee as Ethan saw a russian boy taking away by Theoris' men, feel like a scary aura in the abbery, Mania hugs him to calm down. When TJ & the other try to help him, the other got their launchers ready at them, But Theoris decide to let them go. So They left the place, then Mania wonder about Ethan's reaction of this event while headed to a hotel.

Chapter 41: Japanese and Chinese Practice Battles
Ethan have a nightmare about that boy taken by Theoris' men to wake up with Drew, while the other still sleeping, after some hours Mania wake up to see that Ethan was gone from bed. At the cafeteria of the Arbat House Hotel, TJ and the others were eating breakfast, when Mania, Lemore, Angelia, Drew, & Katie arrive at the table their friends are eating in. They wonder, where Ethan went, but TJ's group don't know. Katie, Lemore want to see the site, Drew, Angelia want to see Moscow's park, while Mania want to find him. Ethan was by one of moscow's river thinking about that dream of Theoris, then Mania found him by the river, when he tell about that spooky feeling from the abbery place, but Mania tell Ethan that he got his friends & Dranzer with him always. Lenore join with Katie to see the site of Moscow, Russia until they met up with the Super All Star Breakerz, while at Moscow's park, both Drew & Angelia arrive at Moscow's park to see lot of beyplayers beybattle around the place, suddenly Angelia spotted a huge crowd of kids in one of the beystadium to found out that the White Tiger Zhang X Team were battling some kids until Driger Thunder Fang battle Scatching Lynxic to surprise the Chinese Beyteam. Then The rest of the Elemetal Bladers (TJ, Angel, Shelby, Steve, Raven, Apriell, Ichigo, Hick, Gariga, & Bella) arrive to the park to see lots of russian bey players suddenly Katie and Drew walk to them with the Chinese & Japanese team. Both Mao Mai & Emory / Emmy Yodeler went to Ichigo want to cuddle Apriell in her red & yellow winter clothes. When the White Tiger Zhang X & Super All Star Breakerz meet each other, the girls members about go wild on each others so They decide to have a practice for the Exhibition match that they are invented by Mr. Bolivian so they do that, when both Mania and Ethan got to the park to see their teammates with the Chinese and Japanese Beyteam by them. In the 1st practice match between the two teams: Stein Rusher (Charging Bullhorn) vs Mao Mai (Scratching Lynxic) but Mao got the first round done. Emmy / Emory Yodeler (Catch SeaGator) vs Goa Yuan Li (Axe GalBear) as they started Emmy use fast speed against Goa's bey strength in the 2nd practice round, then in the 3rd practice round it was the leader of both team: Rio Han Wang (ThunderLion Black Lightning) & Michigan Decker (TriEagle 3) to settle the score, but battling at equal strength for 6 mins until end in a tie. At the same time, Tackier challenge Shelby in a beybattle for practice in the Final World Championship in one match, as Battle of both Bison Bit Spirits is going on track, while the rest of Chinese and Japanese Beyteam trains. Boulder Bison use O.V. Boulder Drive on Shelby's bey. When She don't giving up for a sec, Shelby unlock her Elemental Force with Rumble Quake for a showdown with Tackier's bey, but also ending in a tie. When the two teams tell the American team to be ready to face them in the final someday.

Chapter 42: Babushka Boy' secret Invincible weapon
The Elemental Bladers got on the bus to go to the national stadium in Russia, The Luzhniki Stadium to see the Japanese Bey Team taking on the the national return defending bey championship team of Russia: The Babushka Boys. At the stadium, the American & Chinese team met up in the lobby in few mins until the Japanese team chat to team before headed for the stadium floor. When the Elemental Bladers went to their seats, they see the crowds cheering for their home country team in only two members (Kalevala Valor and Lean Papal) as the Super All Star Breakerz walk in, there wasn't any cheers for them that because both the Russian and Japanese bey team are rivals. Soon the elimination exhibition matches started with Lean Papal (Strike Land Serpentail) against Stein Rusher (Charging Bullhorn), as the battle begin, Stein use a defense stand to see what Lean got. Land Serpentail use a snake like movements at Bullhorn, then Stein go for the attack, but surprise by Lean' special attack move: Acid Sand Needle Bind to finish the match. The battle between Eden Wheezes (Needle TriScorpio) versus Kalevala Valor (Blitz Wolf Ice Frost) in the 2nd session, Eden tries to use Hammer Sting Bolt Shoot move to finish him, but Kalevala's bey hit it so hard to send TriScorpio out of the stadium. Not the Babushka Boys got 2 points, while the Super All Star Breakerz got zero points. Both the American & Chinese bey team were worried that Japanese team don't got a chance on the third session. During match three, Pr. Isis & the other hope their on Michigan Decker, suddenly The Russian bey team got a serect weapon in their miff, who turn out to be Chen Lee to surprise the Elemental Bladers and Helpers that cause both TJ & Ethan running down in the stadium floor to talk to him, but Chen push both of them out from the way. By the stadium, Chen subquested to battle all the members of the Japanese at one, so Theoris agree for it. Stein, Eden, even Emmy join in beside Michigan to handle Ethan's big bro. While Chen Lee try out his new bey, Dark Black Flare Dranzer. When the battle started the black phoenix bey took down Needle TriScorpio, & Charging Bullhorn in 15 seconds then when it was Michigan turn to face Chen as he launch his bey, he use TriEagle 3' special attack move: Double Cannon Water Typhoon Flame Stream in full powers with Catch Seagator ,but it didn't make any marks then until Dark Black Flare Dranzer's use its Dark Inferno wing Attack Move on them to win the round and take the four Bit Spirits of the Japanese Bey Team.

Chapter 43: Chen Lee's true inner flame of evil
At the 2nd elimination exhibition battle of both the Chinese & Russian bey team, Chen let to handle the White Tiger Zhang X team all by himself. At the 1st session against Goa Yuan Li, Chen use Stein's Bullhorn's Death Beautiful Touchdown move on Axe Gal Bear's Thunder Grizzly Sword Waltz Break move in a big impact that cause Goa's bey that break apart except the attack elemental ring & element blade base break into million of pieces for Dark Black Flare Dranzer to absorbs Gal Bear. When Mao Mai is ready to fight Chen, she tries to use Scratching Lynxic's Ferocious Lynx Waltz Tail, but miss that let Dark Black Flare Dranzer to use Hammer Sting Bolt Shoot of TriScorpio to poisoned paralyzing Mao Mai's bey then break into it's main parts, when Chen take Lynxic away from her. In the 3rd session, Rio Han Wang got ready to avenge his teammates, as the two black beys went on a full head on battle, Thunder Lion Black Lightning use Black Storm Lightning Surge to finish the match, while Chen's bey use both TriEagle & Seagator's combine move: Double Cannon Water Typhoon Flame Stream to hold on the attack, then use Dark Inferno wing Attack Move to shatter the black lion bey except Bey bit, Weight disk, & spin gear instants. Then Dark Black Flare Dranzer absorbs the black lion spirit & the Russian bey team go to the final against the Elemental Bladers. So the kids decided to got the Allery place to found some clue and talk to Chen Lee, when they got inside, some traniee got Raven, Angel, and Shelby. Katie stay behind to save them, The boys take some cover to hide from the others. Drew subjust the four of them spilt up into group of two, Drew & Steve distracted the traniee, while both TJ and Ethan headed to a room, where they see 40 different animals on Suspended animation inside of tube, while their spirits were sucking out of them to make a manmade bit spirits. The Guard push the remaining members out of the door, while they wonder about TJ & Ethan make it to Chen. The two boys were surprise to see Theoris in the room to tell about Chen to the Black Phoenix Bey. Then Chen came up to them, while throw his old bey at them to said he don't need it, Ethan, or Dranzer that hurt Ethan's heart so hard. TJ tell Chen, that he will beat him & Dark Black Flare Dranzer into smashed mess on Ethan half. Mins later, they came out to see their friends waiting for them, TJ explain to them that Chen is gone be good as Ethan started to cry holding on his brother's old bey in his right hand, when the Ichigo's group find on the way to the hotel.

Chapter 44: The seven stars fight against Dark Black Flare Dranzer
In the Hotel's cafeteria, TJ, Drew, Angel, Steve, Raven, Shelby, & Mania were worried about Ethan going through (expert Katie went to the Russian airport to see Pr. Iris headed to the bey lab to give the Elemental Bladers some data on the Babushka Boys). In the hotel of the American bey team, Caralana went to Ethan to cuddle beside him, Mania look worry, when she saw Ethan watching at his brother's old bey in his right hand sadly until they hear a knock on the door, Steve went to it to see, who it is. It was a man in black, who tell them that Chen want to see them, but only the players. TJ, Ethan, Drew, Raven, Steve, Angel, and Shelby decided to go to see him as Mania & Apriell want to join them. Lenore, Angelia, Ichigo, Gariga, Hick, & Bella stay behind to make a party for their return. On a big helicopter, They look down to see the beauty of Russia in 6 hours until reaching to the frozen lake of Siberia, Russia. TJ spot Chen on the river, when the helicopter landed, TJ ask him, why he chose that bey push his own brother. Chen tell the reason, he did it because he wasn't choose by Dranzer himself that why he used Ethan like a tool, so TJ, Drew, Steve, Shelby, & Angel pull out their launcher to challenge him in battle for what Ethan & Dranzer mean to them, so Chen decided to battle. In the airport, Pr. Iris give Katie, her new upgrade evolve Draciel Bey model called Aqua Fortress to help her in future battles, then Emmy / Emory run toward them to see a picture of the Elemental Bladers against Chen Lee. Katie need to help them, then Pr. Iris let a friend of her take Katie to that loucation. The battle started, Dark Black Flare Dranzer first took out Uni Pegasus and Bison Charger in seconds, Driger Thunder Fang & Strata Dragoon Earth Spike try to attack it, Then Chen call out Thunderlion & Bullhorn for a combination attack at them until TJ's was the last one standing. Both Dragoon & Dark Black Flare Dranzer went at each other full force on the ice with little of cracks on it, Chen use his bey' special attack move at TJ. Dragoon Fantom Storm use its Phantom Meteor Blaze Hurricane move at with all the strength it got until beaten badly. when Mania tries to talk Chen about how is not right take their Bit Spirits from Ethan or his friends, but Chen push her by Ethan. Before Chen try to steal the five spirit, Katie sky dive toward them, while launching her new Draciel Aqua Fortress. Dark Black Flare Dranzer try to attack but didn't made a mark, then use the captured bit spirit at Draciel, but don't work either. The Black Turtle spirit handle the Black Phoenix spirit for Ethan to attack as an opening, but he remember that Dranzer Flare's parts were started to worn out from the battles, then TJ pull out his brother old beys from his left pocket for Ethan to use against him, so he put Dranzer Bey Bit in it. Dranzer Flame Spiral attack Dark Black Flare Dranzer with Draciel. Then Dragoon, Driger, Strata Dragoon, Bison Charger, and Uni Pegasus came out their beys to join their friends as the seven player & bit spirits combine their powers for a big final attack to finish Dark Black Flare Dranzer out for good. Chen feel is despair of the lost in some mins until he realizing that Ethan's group never give up hard tough battle as he float on a piece of ice, Then The Elemental Bladers tell him that his heart can change to good and do the right thing right after free from the ice. Chen apology to Ethan then, he use that bey to return the captured bit spirits back to their owners Suddenly an agent swipe the bey away back to Theoris, as a truck with tank treads take them back to the hotel.

Chapter 45: World Conquer of Russian Bolivian
In the Bolivian Abbey Lab, Theoris was ashamed that the American Bey Team beat Chen & Dark Black Flare Dranzer at the frozen river, Theoris let the Russian Team, Babushka Boys to wracking attack the black phoenix bey to take the capture bit spirits for themselves (Kalevala took Thunderlion & TriEagle, Torrance Romero take GalBear and Bullhorn, Brogan Kuznetsk took Lynxic & Seagator, and Lean Papal take Triscorpio) at the hotel, The Elemental Bladers were celebrating for Chen Lee as Angelia brought a specials cake in blue, red, black, and orange-yellow frosting that say "Welcome Back, Chen", Chen apology to Mania for the push thing, soon she forgave him & she is happy about the new body for Dranzer for the World Championship with Ethan's bring new spirit into his heart, Chen think that Ethan can keep it & named the bey, Dranzer Flame Spiral, and Apriell reach out to Chen's left hand pointy finger to shake it. Then Chen Lee tell them, what he know about the Allery to the kids, The Bolivian Allery is trying to create an army of brainwashed bey player soldiers to take over the whole planet with man made bit spirits from the animals to find real exist avatar spirit to capturing fused them into monsters like avatars, Hick think that like something from a science fiction movie in beys. Both Curtis Griffin & Mr. Rolando walk in the room with someone who is the one that made a DVD about the Bit Spirits, Mr. Dario Draco Storm, an archaeologist. He tell them that Theoris & himself met each others by a library entrance learning about the spirits, then Theoris is working with a man named Bolivian. Then Mr. Draco Storm want the Elemental Bladers to stop Bolivian plan also taking down the Babushka Boys because the kids got a new powers to do it. As TJ look at the night sky seeing the archer constellation, Sagittarius. His grandpa walk to tell that he never been this pound to see him do something incredible in his life. Theoris, the trainee and Babushka Boys went inside a big iron black jet plane headed to the north. As the Elemental Blader's was headed to the stadium, they got ambush from the air that damage the bus very badly. The American bey team get out of the vehicle to see the plane with Bolivian Allery logo hovering above them, while Lean Papal went down to launch Serpentail at Angel and TJ but Draciel knock it out of coast by Katie, so both beys battle in the Snowy drift fields somewhere in Russia. Land Serpentail use the special attack move: Acid Sand Needle Bind move on Draciel, but it dodge the move on Katie use her defense to beat Lean in battle until Falzor Slash Winger & Wave Whale Grand sea made a surprising attack move on Draciel as the same time the rest of the Babushka Boys appear on the snow banks (Kalevala Valor, Torrance Romero, and Brogan Kuznetsk). Ethan tell his team that the Russian bey team is trying to force her Bit Spirit to come out for them to steal. Katie call out Draciel on his Aqua Fortress Electronic Wave move, then Torrance summon his bit spirit, Wave Whale to use Russian Claw Stramolyu move to beat her in one shot. The Elemental Bladers went to Katie, while Wave Whale steal Draciel away from her. As the Babushka Boys grab a rope from the plane when Theoris tell the kids that they be waiting for them in the World Championship final to steal their bit spirits.

Chapter 46: An elemental lesson for the Elemental Bladers
On the chilling road of Russia, The Elemental Bladers were walking to the stadium, Katie on a piggyback on Lenore while TJ help on the back for some mins until a bus coming behind them, Raven try to stop it. The bus did then Olivier & Enriches came out of there to see the kids, who need the lift to the stadium, inside the bus, the Elemental Bladers tell the two European bladers about how they got stranded in the snow of russia. TJ felt so helpness to help Katie & Draciel in upsetting anger from the Russian team. Suddenly the bus stop at somewhere, so the Elemental Bladers, Helpers, Mr. Rolando, Mr. Griffin, Chen, Olivier, and Enriches walk to a old abandoned palace like building in old brick red with a Red mango orange beystadium on the ground to see Elbert & Johannes walk from the steel pillars. The kids were confused about what the European team, Majestic Calibur Sabers doing in Russia. Elbert tell about Babushka Boys ambush on them, Katie losing her bit spirit, Draciel, and tell the not strong enough to beat the Babushka Boys in the World Championship. TJ thought it was an insult to his friends, then he challenge Elbert in a beybattle at the ancient beystadium, in the 1st round, Dragoon Fantom Storm use the stadium's edges for a super rush flower pattern attack movement in high speed. Then Griffin Destroyer was put in defense mode to block the attacks, while Raven & Angel, why Elbert want to battle TJ before the Final championship. Then after 8 mins, Elbert's bey use it's Gravity Wind Brave Swords move to win. TJ think how to beat Elbert as he holding so much anger inside then Dragoon tell to force it into energy in a big burst of power, TJ try it in the right time as the 2nd match started. Both the Blue fiery wind dragon and Navy gravity wind griffin spirit came out to fight each other until Griffin Destroyer use Attracting Eye forces of Medusa to push down on Dragoon, while in reverse rotation very hard that hurt Dragoon from moving badly suddenly TJ thought to channel all of his emotions & powers to the white bey for a massive elemental energy boost & heal Dragoon at the same time, then Chen & Katie noticed something on the European bey players reactions. Griffin Destroyer use its Wing Navy Excalibur Dagger move in counter mode to finish the battle, but it didn't effect on the white bey. Then TJ & Dragoon believe each other to beat the Russian Beyteam with the emotions for their friends, Bit Spirits, & World Championship cause them to unlock the Maximum Ultra evolution of their Elemental Force & make a new Special Attack Move: Burning Hurricane Katrina Mega Blast to win the matches by a breakout of Griffin Destroyer fall apart in it's five parts (Bey Bit, Attack Elemental Ring, Weight Disc, Spin Gear, and Element Blade Base) for TJ to win. Elbert said that he forfeit the third match. So Chen guess they made the beybattle because the European bey players to teach the American bey team about the powers inside of them, Elemental Force in their awaken state to be the key for defeating the Russian bey team, the Babushka Boys in the World Championship final and stopping Bolivian's plan. At the gate, Shanna, Tatlock, & Tanya walk to the Elemental Bladers to go see their new bus from the Kiosk Cosmo Foundation of Shanna's late grandfather with rest of the Constellation Knights Beyplayers surprised them, TJ headed to the building to find on the ground by one of the still pillar four beys that look similar to the Russian bey team's beyblades (a sliver wolf, a ocean blue whale, light violet snake, & paris green falcon) then he suddenly see a golden yellow shadow like figure in of him to toss TJ a golden yellow bey based on the Archer Constellation, Sagittarius and gone in seconds. Ethan & other U.S. player find him to promise to beat the Babushka Boys once for all and Tanya's group give the kids their constellation beys for their support to give the Elemental Bladers hope to win the championship final.

Chapter 47: The mega oceanic, Wave Whale's tsunami
The U.S. Bey Team new bus roll to Moscow, Russia for the final of the World Championship in the Luzhniki Stadium to settle the fight with the Babushka Boys, while Chen wonder about the kids as the bus headed to the tournament. When they got there, both sidewalk and entrance' sides were covers with million of fans, the Elemental Bladers were surprise to see their fans as the kids give the fans a high five until TJ see Milla & Femilla with Orphan kids from Angels for Orphan's Orphanage (including baby Doris Thornton, Rena Myers, Mirable Lee, Ellie Scott, Anna Scherer, and Hannah Lekas) in Dallas, TX. Apriell & Doris already became friends as they met, so TJ got hype to battle the Babushka Boys team. In the building, American Bey team met the Russian Bey team in the lobby to make a mockery of the Elemental Warriors to lose by them, then Chen and Ethan look up to see Mr. Bolivian before he left. At the American Bey team's locker, the kids talk about their battle order against the Babushka Boys, it will Ethan got first cause he want to settle the score with the Russian bey players for what they did to his brother, Drew will second, & for last is TJ. As the Final Tournament of World Championship started, Some of familar bey team got some seats for the action including the ophans seating with Mr. Rolando and TJ's Grandpa, while Ichigo's group join the U.S team at the team bench, The first round start with Ethan Lee (Dranzer Flame Spiral) versus Torrance Romero (Wave Whale Grand Sea) in a Grand Canal, Venice Beystadium with the boat & bridges on the water. During in the 1st match, Ethan put his bey in attack mode for power moves on Wave Whale by using it's attack flat tip to hold down Torrance's from the water area of the stadium but, when Torrance's bey, Wave Whale went into the pool make a huge whirlpool to wash Ethan's bey into the wave, But Dranzer jump from boat to boat for a air attack from above to use its' special attack move, Flame Aqua Saber as Ethan's bey is diving down, Wave Whale came out of it bey host to spray water on Dranzer's fire element parts of his move expect its water element for some damage on Wave Whale's elemental attack ring to send out of the stadium for Torrance & Wave Whale to win the match. The E.U bey team, Majestic Calibur Sabers talk about Wave Whale knowing about Dranzer's weakness for being half fire spirit because he is one of the oldest animal spirit of a whale. Ethan in the hallway to find a way to beat him until Bolivian came up to him to offer Dark Black Flare Dranzer in exchange for his team's bit spirits, but Ethan will think of it. TJ, Raven, & Angel find Ethan at the hallway entrance hold on D.B.F Dranzer's bit in his right hand. At the 2nd round, Torrance use the same stratgy on Ethan to finish, but he put his bey in Stamina mode with a semi Sharp tip to hold off Torrance beyblade in 10 minute, when Wave Whale was summon to its Russian Voda Hook Impact in the water to finish out Ethan for good. Bolivian wait for Ethan to use the dark blade phoenix spirit to take out Torrance, then use him like his brother but, Dranzer came out instead because Ethan trick Bolivian by handing the bit to him. He believe that his bey spirit will alway help the team to stop Bolivian's plan for goodthen He & Dranzer suddenly unlock their own Mega ultra Elemental Force version of Flame Aqua Saber in full powers at Torrance to decide it. When the water vapor vanish for the crowds see Ethan's bey stop spinning, while Wave Whale to win the first round and Torrance steal Ethan's Bit Spirit from him as the Babushka Boys take the first round of the final. Ethan walk back to the bench with a smile that he did the best him can, his team cheered to him & Mania tell that his friends are always be there for him, same go for Dranzer too.

Chapter 48: Slicing Air slash move of Falzor the falcon
During at the Bolivian's office, Mr. Bolivian talk to Theoris about how to stop the U.S team in their track, because even they lose the 1st match and Dranzer, the kids will never give up. So Theoris bought in Brogan to show his deadly razor wind skill to handle his opponent in the final's 2nd match, at the Luzhniki Stadium it was Drew Myers (Driger Thunder Fang) against Brogan Kuznetsk (Falzor Slash Winger) in a Special R.P.M. Ultimate with some rails on it, The U.S. put their fate into Drew's hands as the first session start, When Brogan launch his bey in the stadium, Falzor slice a big piece of the stadium to hit Drew's guts that may look like an accident as Driger get hit with a rapidly attacks to knock be knock out in 6 mins with Drew on his bottom for Brogan to win the session. In the Elemental Blader's locker room, Drew laying on a bed like chair as Chen tell the kids about the accident, Brogan did it on purpose to make the world to being afraid of BioBolivian inc. Drew headed back to the stadium floor for the second session, The beys begin to attack like 6 times until Brogan call out Falzor to use its Slicing Wing Stroblitz move full force on Driger & Drew with air like attack on his clothes but, Drew hang on his stand against the Weaponize Air until he find Brogan's bey exposed area to use Tiger Hurricane Thunder Fang move to win the 2nd session, but let Drew exhaustion with any drop of energy & strength he got. Angelia was worried about Drew getting hurt by Falzor from 2nd session, The U.S. tell Drew to be careful in the 3rd session for their sake. The 3rd round begin, Falzor go all out on the beystadium, attack with violent air slice move on Drew's body in a storm of air like blades on. The U.S. and Chinese Team were worrying about Drew's safety as he got scatches on his body, when Drew feeling tired & almost fall unconscious until he hear his bit spirit, Driger's roar to suddenly unlock an ultimate Elemental Force Evolution of his Special Attack Move, while the spirit of Swan Constellation, Cygnus from Arctic Cygnus in maximum powers to face Falzor's brutal attack. Drew and Driger's Mega Ultra Elemental Force was too much for Falzor to fight back cause it break apart in shatter pieces (expert the Bey bit) as a crash out win for Drew to tie the score to Babushka Boys, Drew was unconscious laying on the ground with some big minor injured on his body as some medic put him on a medic cart with both U.S. & Chinese team gather around him as Drew wake up TJ handed his bey to his left hand mean both he & Driger has survive the battle, before the medic take to the hospital, Drew tell TJ, Steve, Shelby, & Angel to win for their team as Drew was send to the hospital so Angelia go along with him for watching him get better.

Chapter 49: The icing blizzard howl wolf, Blitz Wolf
On the day before the Final World Championship's last round, At the Biobolivian Inc's lab in the abbery, Theoris show Mr.Bolivian that Kalevala in a tube getting a cybertic bio electrons into his body to take down TJ. Then Pr. Iris arrived from her jet plane to see Katie, Lemore, Gariga, Raven, & Ichigo on ground but, She brought Mr. Gearson & his sons (Mike and Rach Gearson) who turn out to be Pr. Iris' Family. So they talk about the BioBolivian aquired the Babushka Boys' beys with cybertech made part, they decide to create some special metal materials parts for Dragoon Fantom Storm as they do that, in the forest by the building, TJ, Steve, Shelby, & Angel were training with Ethan, Hick, Mania, and Bella by using the four Russian beys that TJ find at the palace building with Ethan's bey as Dragoon Fantom Storm, Strata Dragoon Earth Spike, Bison Charger, & Uni Pegasus got a good training in the snow for 8 mins until Rio Han Wong, Michigan Danker, & Elbert Kongo join in the fun for the TJ's group to handle 8 beys in their training. At the lab, Kalevala has finish his bio cybertic progress and Theoris loaded the nine captured bit spirit into Blitz Wolf to crush the U.S. team, while Dragoon got his modified parts on it to be the first super elemental energy charge bey in the world. In the last match of the World Championship Final is TJ Thornton (Dragoon Fantom Storm) of the Elemental Bladers versus The Babushka Boy's own captain, Kalevala Valor (Blitz Wolf Ice Frost) in a special beystadium called, the Winter Blizzard Storm BeyStadium that made of frozen ice & snow around it also the battle will be live around the planet, finally the Russian announcer give a shout out to Drew and Driger in the hospital.

all the teams, Drew, and his friends put their hopes in TJ as the first session begin in 10 second, Dragoon give a 50 hits rapidly attacks out of the bat then Blitz Wolf use a mix attack movements of both Dranzer & Draciel with powers too. After TJ realize that mix moves, Kalevala show that his control his friend's bit spirits against him, but TJ overcome those powers & attack full force as Dragoon was summon to win the battle. During the 2nd session, Kalevala use his improved brain to summon out the ice silver wolf, Blitz Wolf as Dragoon came out too in a bit spirit face off with fangs and claws in 7 mins until Kalevala's bit spirit to create a dome like wall of Ice from Blitz Wolf's power, then the two bit spirits collides each other to sent the players in a ice blizzard dimension, not just them as Apriell was on floor, Popper grab her to TJ before the ice dome was complete.

Chapter 50: The Shining Rainbow of the Holy Sacred Elemental Beasts
In the second session of the World Championship Final, the whole world & crowds in Moscow, Russia were surprised by the Ice dome of Kalevala's Blitz Wolf, the teams and the Elemental Bladers were wonder about TJ, Apriell, & Popper are okay inside the dome. When TJ opened his eyes to see that him in somewhere or someplace with Apriell and Popper to see Kalevala, who tell him that their bit spirits have collided their powers that send them into another dimension, while the jumbotron show the players, Ichigo was surprise to see her little sis and puppy in there by TJ as Kalevala called out all nine of the captured bit spirits (Dranzer, Draciel, Thunderlion, Lynxic, GalBear, TriEagle, Seagator, Bullhorn, & TriScorpio) to attack the blue fire wind dragon spirit, Dragoon in a combination together to win the second match. Then TJ see Dragoon was frozen by the attack soon later, he return to the white bey as it stop spinning for Kalevala to win the second match, TJ tries to warm Apriell up in his arm while protecting her & Popper from the freezing cold wind. Pr. Iris admits TJ did try his best, but to fight against a huge army of captured bit spirits in battle, TJ need to find a miracle to beat him if not, The BioBolivian will take over the planet with innocent bit spirits their fightning slaves. Katie, Shelby, Angel, & Steve try to break the ice to get to their friends but, no mark. TJ remember how much he and his friends got so far in the World Championship to let it end here, TJ put on the baby backpack carrier for Apriell as he stand up strong to tell Kalevala that he will never give up on his friends until he win with all the strength inside as Dragoon is loaded up for the third session, a fiery red warm aura appear around him (including angel wings) for the whole world that TJ is bringing out the fullest of his flaming bey player spirit as a burning unfaded fiery flare as Kalevala ready to finish him. When the third session start, TJ tell Kalevala that He not alone in this battle & fight on with his friends by the bond they shared as a team, Blitz Wolf tries to use icy howling blast at them, Dragoon is like his player, too stubborn to call quit as Kalevala command his bit spirit to absorb the nine captured spirits to him, the ultimate Bit Spirit weapon to finish the Elemental Bladers off for good by fire a powerful beam at TJ suddenly a rainbowly force field around him, Apriell, & Popper and also Dragoon came out of TJ's bey on his own to tell him that they are friends & family to battle together. When Angelia and Drew arrived as a piggy back ride, Driger, Strata Dragoon, Uni Pegasus, & Bison Charger's bey bits started to glow in their own colors. At the hallway, Pr. Iris talk to the E.U bey team including with Kike Xian & Tackier Strongson, if TJ lost their team with bit spirits will have to battle the Russian Bey Team until Michigan call the Professor to look at the monifer showing TJ is standing, while the Drake's groups walk in. The four members of the U.S team think their bit spirits are resonaning with the feeling for each others, so Drew, Angel, Steve, and Shelby send both bit spirits & their emotions to TJ. Inside the dimension, Driger, Strata Dragoon, Bison Charger, & Uni-Pegasus appear right Dragoon for the final attack as all the bey players, friends, and family cheer on for the fiery red boy as the five spirit begin to charge at the Ultimate Bit Spirit together suddenly Dranzer & Draciel got themselves free to join Dragoon's group, while the seven kids begin to glow in rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white) auras with their combine powers & bond as a bright star of these feeling of beyblading in the whole planet. When the seven Bit Spirits of the Elemental Bladers got closer to unite their powers together along with their emotional feeling in it to make a brand new Special Attack Move for the Kids to called, Rainbow Star Sonic Blaster Attack that cause TJ and Dragoon to unlock their Ultimate Form of Elemental Force, Rainbow Omega Elemental Force in all seven colors of the American Bey team. When Kalevala releashed a fury attack at TJ by his Ultimate Bit Spirit Weapon, the rainbowing colorful elemental shooting star headed straight toward it at full force in a big flash of rainbow colors causing the Ice dome to shatter as tiny snowflakes for the audience to see Blitz Wolf stop spinning, while Dragoon still kicking as the seven bit spirits of the U.S. team stand by TJ. With TJ win in the 3rd session, the Elemental Bladers have won the Whole World Championship on the whole planet Earth, the captured bit spirits return back to their owners, also ruining the Bioboilvian inc's world conquar plan. Kalevala was surprise to see something that is impossible to do, TJ walk down to shake hand with Kalevala. During the Award Ceremony, The Elemental Bladers got medals & a trophy as the kids get their pictures taken ( with the Helpers, M.E.F witchling babies, Apriell, then their beys). Blitz Wolf & the other from the Russian bey team's beys make special snowflakes under a rainbow, later bow to Ethan as he did the same. Soon all five team have a bey battle royale for fun.

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Chapter 30: Katie's way of laughter

Somewhere in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan by the (Higashi Yuenchi) Kobe East Park, there was a charity tournament for the memorial victims of the 1995 earthquake, there are some food stands with lots of people gather around the arc with a huge large beystadium under it as a greenish brown haired japanese man tell the crowd this, "Yo, everyone of Kobe, Hyogo, I'm your host announcer, Kober B!" as the people cheered.

TJ, Katie, & Apriell were at a popcorn stand to get some snacks for their teammates, Katie said, "Take the shocks to the others, I'm going to see these celebrities on that stage." as she ran to the center of the charity tournament. While Apriell was eating a cup of fruit snack gummies, TJ said, "Katie, wait a minute . . ." as he took snacks to their teammates with a big rainbow colored blanket and two benches with Apriell in a baby stroller.

Shelby was taking pictures of the Kobe East Park with Bella. Steve said, "Hey guys, TJ got the snacks here." as TJ put the paper tray box in the middle of the blanket, when the others came to the blanket, TJ said, "Man, this charity tournament is awesome! Free food at those stands, I'm going to get some corn dogs there." As he headed back to the food stands, Drew followed him and said, "Wait, for me, dude! I like to get some fried chicken fingers."

Angelia said, "I just wonder what type of Japanese celebrities will battle in this charity beybattle?" "I really hope to see people in this country." said Ichigo. Back at the stage, Kober B was introducing the bright new celebrities for the charity tournament as he said, "Ok, time to introduce the new celebrities to be Team Bey Stars!" as a tall man, who has wild crazy brownish blonde hair that has pentagon len shaped glasses wearing light green / light purple clothes like an athlete for Kobe's announcer to said, "This is Hoister Rush, the young running athlete that is training for the 2008 Olympic Games." as the crowds clapped.

Then a 9 years old girl with light golden yellow eyes & brownish blonde long hair with hairband to make three short ponytails wearing hot pink and shiny blue clothes look like a pop idol star, a light yellow star mark on her right cheek for the announcer to say, "Now, this young pop idol to Scarlett Bright Star." as she wink at Drew that causes him to blush red for a while. "The last one is Japan's new young Kenpo celebrity, Kuna Futo." as a ten years old dark brownish black short haired boy with dark orange eyes wearing a white shirt and gray shorts.

Kober B said, "These three new Japanese celebrities with these special design beys (showing a dark metal gray, light yellow / golden, & Rose pink / Sky blue in a 8 pointed star, a circle with 4 shoe shaped wings, and a circle with a pair of blades that double with mini dagger on each side), they will battle three bey players from these three team in the championship."

TJ, Drew, & Katie walk back to the blanket with their bags of food. Raven said, "Hey, those three might use their special talents in beyblading, So who will send to represent us?" "I want to take on that kid kung fu fighter, Kuna Futo, Hi-yah!" said TJ as he did a kick pose.

Hick walked down to Drew and said, "Hey dude, why are you blushing a little?" "I don't know . . . ?" as he hides an autograph from Scarlett behind his back, until Hick looks behind Drew to swipe it from his hands, then says, "Hey . . ." "Oh that was it." said Hick as he passed it for Angelia to see & said, "My . . . you were a little blush by the pop idol star, well here you go." as she walks over to Drew, returns the autograph. Drew said, "Geez, thank . . ." "Drew, let's do this to know which one of us will battle those celebrities." said TJ as the two boys get ready to duke out in a similar game.

Mania said, "What are they doing?" "I think rock, paper, scissors." said Steve. Bella said, "Oh yeah, we have that at our school with some of our friends." as Katie walks between the two boys, while saying, "I want in." as the three kids begin, while saying, "Rock . . . Paper . . . Scissors!" TJ & Drew do rock as a fist, while Katie uses a high five for paper meaning Katie wins the game and said, "Yes, paper beats rock always." "Darn it!" said both TJ & Drew.

Lemore said, "Nice, Katie can battle those celebrities, sweet!" as Katie pulls out her bey and says, "No worry, my Draciel Water Shield & I will handle it." "Ah darn, I want to test out my new Driger Thunder Fang and launcher." said Drew as he pulled out his bey & an electric beylauncher that had a white tiger head on it. On the left side of the park, by three movable research trailer trucks with the H.P.D.P logo on the sides, the JP bey team, The Super All Star Breakerz were researching the new young celebrities.

said, "We have analyzed these celebrities' kids' talent and powers, now who will we send to fight them?" as Stein & Eden were standing by the middle mobile research truck, Stein said, "Those kids don't know what hit them?" as he tosses his bey up, then grabs it. Emmy (Emory) said it, while holding her Seagator bey, "Hold on, I want to take on this beybattle with my smartest and fastest in my talent of Tennis." "Ok, this one is yours, I'm sure will agree with it." said Eden. Stein said, "Same, but for fastest speed like you have, the Elemental Blader's Katie Scherer the yellow turtle girl, she used a batter stand to launch her bey."

"Her bey got a turtle spirit in it, but that tortoise got a fast snap on Seagator's attack in the H.Q. 's training room for reptile species beybattle. Guess some turtles aren't slow." said Stein. Emmy (Emory) said, "Oh really, she got a lucky win, I will not be surprised again." "Ok, Emory. I'm sure you got it." said Pr. Iris. Emory (Emmy) said, "Thank you, Pr. Iris."

At the stage area, while the Bey Stars got their beys in their hands, Kober B tell the crowd about the three players, each from the 3 teams in the world championship, "Ok, let introduce the three kids that will battle these celebrities in the charity tournament by the huge large steel gray beystadium with a pentagon star in the center, Here is the first one, the yellow shining topaz player from the U.S.A, the Elemental Blader's very own Katie Scherer!" as Katie walks up, while holding her launcher with Draciel on it.

Katie waved to the crowds, Kober B said, "Let's meet the second player!" as a dark brown spike-shortened boy that has navy blue eyes wear a blue-green / light gray with a light green soccer uniform like clothes, blue shoes with white & black spots. He was balancing his blue green / cerulean blue beyblade on his knees, while hopping up on the stage by Katie. The Kobe announcer said, "This is the captain leader of the Belizean / Bolivian team, the soccer high kicker, Izumi Nahuel!" as the crowds clapped for him. Then Kober B said it, when Emmy walked to the stage, "The last one is here, the tennis smart bey player of the Japanese' Super All Star Breakerz, Emory Yodeler!" as the crowd clapped for her.

Kober-B said, "These three kids will battle the Bey Stars in this charity tournament!" as the people cheered them. Katie said, "Hey I'm Katie Scherer nice to be your charity teammate." "Same here, I'm Izumi Nahuel." as the two kids shake hands. When Emmy walked beside them, Katie said, "Oh Emmy, didn't expect to see you here." as he looked the other way.

Izumi said, "Hey, she is just being nice." "Hold it, are you a little upset about my Draciel getting a hit in a battle of speed?" "Maybe, you just got a lucky hit in that match." said Emmy. Izumi said, "Woah, you beat her in a battle, Katie. How?" "Well it's no secret, I use speed, but my bey got four metal balls in it for extra weight in defense, so I use that extra weight with speed for a heavy fast attack at full power that how I won." said Katie as she loaded her bey onto the launcher. Izumi & Emmy loaded their samre go for the Bey Stars, Emmy, "Don't get in my way." "Woah, the two of us are battling this match too." said Izumi. Katie said, "He right, we're a charity team that means working with each other, Emmy."

Emory (Emmy) said it in her head, "I'll show that yellow cheering sun face, that I'm a better bey player than her." as Kober-B starts the countdown, "Ok, let the charity tournament begin!" "3 . . . !" said the crowds. The Bey Stars said, "2 . . . !" "1 . . . !" said the three kids. Then all six beys were launched, while all bey players said, "Let it Rip!" as the beyblade went around the stadium. Seagator went ahead toward the young celebrities, while Katie and Izumi's beys were in a duo plan.

Scarlett & Hoister went to Emmy in a double attack on each side on the stadium's edges, while Izumi and Kuna were in a head on head collision at the center with Draciel circling around. Kober-B said it as he commented on the battle, "Woah, the 1st round starts fast out of the bat." as Kuna looks at his teammates with an eye signal for their plan. "Do it, now!" said both Hoister & Scarlett in unison as their beys toss Seagator at it's teammate, while Kuna's quickly move away. When the two tops were striking onto each other, both Izumi and Emmy said it in unison, "Oh no!" "I got you two!" said Katie as her bey trying to hold them as they almost reached the end of the stadium's wall.

Suddenly the Bey Stars' beys charge toward the 3 beyblades on the wall, while going around so fast to make a light up hexed 6 star on the top as the Bey Stars said in unison, "Hexagon Star Spark Strike Attack!" as the combination special attack move knock the three beys out of the stadium to land by their own player's feet.

Kober-B said it to the crowds, "Incredible, the Bey Stars got those three kids & took the 1st match with good skills." as Katie, Izumi, & Emmy pick up their beys from the floor. Emmy (Emory) said it in frustration, "Those young famous ones got lucky, the 2nd match will get them." as she loaded her Seagator. Izumi loaded his, then turned to Katie and said, "Well Katie got a plan, since Four eyes, Emory can't work with us?" "Sorry, I don't know how to beat them." said Katie. Suddenly she hears something in the crowd turn out to be Lenore, Bella, Gariga, & Mania doing a cheerleader routine, saying "(Go Katie x5)" while TJ, Shelby, Raven, and Apriell in Shelby's arms doing a rooting cheer shout.

TJ said, "Katie! You can do it, you & Draciel went through like your battle against the Italian bey champion, Enriches Tornance in Rome, Italy. Remember, you don't give up until you find a way to beat him." "Yeah!" said Raven, Shelby, and Apriell in unison. Katie remembered her achievement in Europe & China, then said, "That right, thank you guys." as her friends cheered. She looks at her bey, Draciel (Water Shield) to say, "Okay, Draciel. Time to battle." as Katie loaded her bey.

Kober-B said, "Let's get the 2nd round started!" as they started the countdown. The crowds said, "3 . . ." "2 . . ." said the U.S.A team. The Bey Stars said, "1 . . ." "Let it Rip!" said all six bey players as they launched. Emmy's bey charges at Kuna and Hoister, but Scarlett blocks her in for the Bey Star's trap, Emmy (Emory) said, "What, no!" as Catch Seagator gets attacked from all sides by the young celebrities' beys for 8 mins until all four were in the air, Emmy & Kuna have been out of the stadium. Before Hoister and Scarlett's beys landed down, the green & blue green / cerulean blue beys charged from below, while both Katie and Izumi said it in unison, "Take a double attack!" The move knocked the rest of the Bey Stars out of the stadium.

Kober-B said, "Wow, a double attack by Katie and Izumi made a good move to take the 2nd round to tie up the score. Now it's time to see the final round!" as Katie & Izumi high five each other. Emmy said it as she picked up her bey, "(Grunts) I tried to beat them, but I only got one, how did we win the round?" "Well, while you're busy getting pounding by the young celebrities, we were following a plan that Katie made." said Izumi. Katie said, "Look Emmy, we need to work together to beat them, come on even Seagator knows it, teamwork can do anything, so are you with us?" as Emmy (Emory) thought about it and looked at her bey, then said, "Ah, maybe you're right about this, so what is the plan to beat them?" "I got one, gather around." as the 3 kids huddle, while Katie whispers to them, the plan.

When the final round was about to start, Katie said it to the two kids, "Get ready & remember the plan." "Yeah." said both Izumi and Emory (Emmy). "3 . . ." said the three kids. The Bey Stars said, "2 . . ." "1 . . ." said the crowds. Then all six bey players said in unison, "Let it rip!" As the Beyblades were launched, Emmy (Emory), Katie, & Izumi's went into a slanting line formation.

The Bey Star's beys charge at them, while their owner said in unison, "Go, attack." "Here, we go!" said Izumi and Emmy as their beys went for a big pincer attack. It causes Kuna's group to fly in the air like 15 feet as Katie's group goes for the final attack. "Let's finish this battle!" said the three kids. Izumi's bey jump from the stadium's wall to knock out Hoister's bey, then Seagator follow, hop off the cerulean / blue green bey toward Scarlett, while Emmy (Emory) said, "Seagator' Special Move, Crush Water String Crash!" as her bey creates water like string from behind to make a lake mirage in the air to fool Scarlett in a starry night for 6 mins until Seagator smash crash her out of the stadium.

Then Katie's jump off both Emmy (Emory) & Izumi's beyblades after following them. Katie said, "Draciel, go finish him off!" as the green bey fully knock Kuna's bey from the stadium. The last three beys landing back to the stadium, while the Bey Star's beyblades stop spinning on the left side of the stadium.

Kober-B said, "Woah! Did you see that folks?! Katie, Emmy, & Izumi have won the charity tournament with incredible teamwork skills in one technique!" as the crowds & Katie's cheered to the three kids. Kuna picked up his bey, then went to the kids and said, "Congrats, you three for winning the tournament for charity." "Agree." said Hoister. Scarlett said, "Yeah, you all battle like super rock stars." "Also amazing teamwork on that move." said Kuna as the two teams shook hands.

Emmy (Emory) said, "Uh Katie, I have to admit your plan worked so well on it. I guess you are not bad as a bey player for America." "Thank you, and your move was not shaddy." said Katie. TJ, Shelby, & Apriell walk to Katie for the victory of the charity team. Emory (Emmy) went to Shelby, who held Apriell in her arms as her eyes wided to say, "Aw! That is such a little cutie!" "(Giggles) Looks like cuteness is one of Emmy's weaknesses." as the players laugh in funniness.

It Looks like Katie and Emory are getting along little by little in the battle, wonder what other things will become in the future?