Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force.

This is a Showcase video on Sickle Salamai (Salami) Blaze made by Ghostmaster, which is facing against the original Salamalyon in the  Hyper Strike Beystadium:

Here is a links to the video: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8LdhR34/

Hope you guys like this video, if ever get to YouTube.com?
Here is the 39th Chapter of the Beyblade Elemental Force series:

Chapter 39: Elemental History of the U.S.A's bey team

In a juice bars called Tokyo Juice somewhere in Shibuya City, Tokyo, JP. a grayish black coated kid were on the laptop, while drinking a mango / banana / pineapple, & blueberry custom smoothie on the parlor corner near the window, which turns out to be Raven Storm Mack as he said, "Ah . . . now I got some alone time, I'll make a document of the Elemental Blader's adventure. Let's see?" as he started trying.

Then some footsteps enter the juice bar (foot stepping) headed toward the young mechanic surprisingly. Which turns out to be the E.B's Helpers group. Gariga said, "(Giggles), so this is where you're at." "And doing what?" said Hick. Raven said, "Making a journal document on the adventure and things that the U.S team has been through in the championship." as he begins typing, while saying something in his head, "Ok, I met TJ, Steve, & Shelby in a park from New Orleans, LA, when a creep, Randy was taking away everybody's beys from them." as he shows a video of the beybattle between TJ and Randy on his laptop's screen. Ichigo said, "Oh, I remember that battle, it was amazing." "Really?" said Hick as she explained it, "Yes, before it, when I arrived at his grandparent's house with my lil sis & pets. Popper headed outside to the backyard to see TJ doing a new launch style, then stayed to help him." as the video shows TJ's 1st bey, Wind Attacker going for the finish move to win with fast high speed. Bella says to Raven, "That is something incredible to do." "Yeah, but the next thing after that was Ethan's disguise as Ocean Flame Phoenix, the second hand of the Bey Creature Sharks, whose goal is to get the ultimate beyblade and bit spirit." said Raven.

He then shows the record battle between TJ & Ethan for the 1st time on each other. Mania said it as she saw Dranzer Fire Changer slam down very hard to crush the Wind Attacker bey into thousands of tiny pieces, "Huh, why did Ethan do that on his friend?" "Well, he didn't mean it, but he was used by his brother, Chen Lee, who is the true leader of the Bey Creature Shark." said Ichigo. Raven said, "That is one of the reasons we went through the championship to the final." As Mania was surprised to know about Ethan's brother.

Ginelle said, "What after that?" "Me, Raven, and along with Shelby & Steve help TJ to build Dragoon Cyclone to stop the Bey Creature Shark's plan, but Raven got kidnapped by their three best goons. So we went there including some kids in New Orleans to save him, while TJ stayed behind for sometime until he joined us." said Ichigo. Raven said, "As I was tied up in their hideout, they came in the entrance. Here, this is a battle video of both Dragoon and Dranzer first encountering each other from one of Hever's friend's video cameras." As his laptop shows a beybattle video on its screen with the title, Blue Dragon and Red Phoenix unleashed. When the video started, Mania said it in her head, "I never thought Ethan's brother would do something that cruel to his own flesh and blood, same goes to the other players?" Later as the battle video reaches the scene of TJ & Ethan's bit spirits come out for the first time to shock the rest of the Helpers. Angelia said, "Whoa those two beasts are incredible as ancient animal spirits." "Hey is this video about Katie and TJ beybattle for the first time at each other?" said Lenore.

Raven said, "Yes it is." As another beybattle video appeared, while it began to start. Lemore & Ichigo watch at TJ and Katie's beyblades duking out in the big stadium. Until Dragoon Cyclone loses in a sleep out finish to Katie's Fort Shell before getting Draciel. Raven said, "After that, we met Mr. Gearson, his sons: Rachel and Mike, even Mr. Rolando, who told us about the Bey Super Star Battle or American Regional tournament in the Mercedes Benz Superdome stadium in New Orleans, LA." "Oh yeah, that was something cool on what Ichigo says in the letters that she had sent for us." said Hick. Ichigo said, "Mmm-mmm, true." as a multi scene video started as it was shown on the laptop, which turned out to be the preliminaries of the American bey tournament & regional selection.

The video show B block match 1st, while Raven said, "During the 1st day of the tournament, I was in the B block group along with Ethan's newly evolved Dranzer Flare and Angel Armstrong's Uni Pegasus, both of them took out nearly all the bey players including me till they have a showdown for the second of the semi final, Mania as she watch the video on the scene of both Ethan & Angel's beys duking out in the stadium. Suddenly Dranzer Flare did unbelievable, it glowed in a jewel like aura including an elemental power surge in one or two that increased both power and speed to knock Uni Pegasus out of the stadium in the video.

Raven said, "This is where I have witnessed the power of the Elemental Force abilities." "Wow. . ." said Hick, Bella, Angelia, Lenore, Gariga, and Mania in unison. Ichigo said, "That is where we enter the stadium's seating area to see TJ's great battle play to the semifinal with Dragoon's Vanishing Flare Wind move just made in the D Block group." "Yes, plus Drew got the last spot from Shelby & Steve in the A Block group." said Raven as he showed the videos for the semifinals on the screen of his laptop. Bella said, "Man, Steve, Shelby, and Angel lost in the preliminaries then later, they got a chance to battle in the Championship for once."

"Katie almost got that match." said Lenore as the video for the 1st semifinal started until in the scene, which Katie's very own bit spirit, Draciel came out for Raven to said, "She did, during the last round of the 1st semi final, She have obtain her very bit spirit, one of the legendary elemental sacred saint beasts, Aqua Light Genbu or Draciel." As the second semi final scene was shown for Angelia to say, "I remember this beybattle, it is the one that both TJ & Drew have to battle for the 2nd spot of the final." on the part of the video, where Dragoon Cyclone and Driger Spark in a battle of Elemental Force abilities in the stadium along the two spin rotating discs for extra powers. Raven said, "Yep, the 2nd semi final was epic, Drew also did elemental force & I thought TJ can't beat him, but thanks to the special attack move plus unlocking his elemental force to win his spot to the final from Drew."

Raven show a video of the U.S Regional Final between TJ and Ethan on his laptop' screen as he said, "This one was so epic, when they both went all out in an extreme elemental force beybattle including a lightshow mix in it plus a grand colored light bang as TJ was the victor of both beybattle & championship tournament." as the video started with an epic light show beybattle between Dragoon Cyclone and Dranzer Flare in Elemental Force abilities. Mania said, "Woo, Ethan & TJ were having a good fun up beat beybattle with Popper and Apriell." "Yeah, I wonder how Apriell knows to see the bit spirits?" said Ichigo.

Raven said, "I think Apriell & Popper started seeing the Bit Spirits after TJ's enter into his bey, but back on this journal after the final, Mr. Rolando decide to form a beyteam with the four of them including Drew, Katie, Shelby, Steve, Angel, and myself as the American Beyteam, The Elemental Bladers & we're headed to our 1st world championship in Europe, but before we got to the place, TJ was kidnapped by a teenage girl to Greece." said Raven as his laptop pulled out a video of TJ's Bey Star small tournament with the Constellation Knight Bey Players first. Angelia said, "I never knew he was kidnapped to Greece?!" "Well he told us, the reason for the kidnapping is because she wants him to prove his powers to the Constellation Knight Beyplayers group that he can handle some forces in the future." said Raven.

Hick said, "Woah, that's very deep." "Where do you get this video on those battles, always?" said Gariga. Raven answered her question, "got it from the people & host of that small tournament, who record the battles, TJ even battled against Shanna for an extra final, but he won a five on one plus one more battle to create a new launch style and connected to the Pegasus Constellation." as the video shows TJ's bey to be at its opponents either on each other or beated by Dragoon. Ichigo said, "Oh yeah . . . it was the 1st time he battled an opponent by himself, even one named after a Greek goddess like Athena?" "Anyways, we're reunited with TJ in Andorra La Vella, then headed for the place where the championship is being held. through the countries of Paris, Rome, & German, our group handles some rough players like the Dark Monster Haunted Bladers, who want revenge on the four best beyplayers of Europe, the Majestic Caliber Sabers by stealing the bit spirits in the planet." said Raven.

Lenore said, "What about the E.U Bey team?" "Yeah, they're good and strong with giant bit spirits in their controls, but we managed to beat them through some of our battle training for the E.U Tournament like this one." said Raven as he pulled up a video of the rematch beybattle of both Katie & Enriches in the Roman Colosseum Stadium as it plays. Raven said, "Katie have a hard times battling against the Italian champion, Enriches Tornan and his bey, Twin Amphil Dracor cause of their strong double attack powers on the 1st round, but we give her Draciel, an extra set of metal balls in the B.E.B (Blade Element Base) along with a special attack move unitize the Andromeda constellation' strength in it, Katie is able to beat & save Enriches from his bit spirit on the 2nd round including unlocking her Elemental Force abilities."

As the video shows the scene of Katie saving her opponent from his raging bit spirit, Amphil Dracor and finishing the water / nature amphisbaena spirit with an elemental force infused move with the Andromeda constellation of the chained princess for the win. Then switch to the E.U World Championship videos for Raven to say, "The Championship of Europe was even crazier." "Really, how so?" said Bella. Raven explained to her with the 1st two E.U rounds, "Well, both Ethan & Drew have lost or tie to Johannes McGuire of Scotland and Olivier (Sophera) Poland of France on their 1st battles, but won in the 2nd rematches." "What about the one for TJ's?" said Huckle. Ichigo said it as an agreement, "Yeah." "Yea, but that one is wilder & crazier, when he and Elbert Kongo of Germany were in an epic left spin beybattle smackdown in the final round." said Raven as he pulled out the video of the Final round of the E.U Championship.

The video started with a big breakthrough of Griffin Destroyer's medusa gravity wind wave ability to the bit spirit fight as Raven said, "Dragoon & Griffin Destroyer were at each other in the reverse rotation in the stadium, then Dragoon got caught under a gravity wind shaped web net." "What happened next?" said Ichigo. Hick said, "I know, when I made it to the European national stadium from Rome, Italy. While I was waiting for you girls as I watched some of the final round to see TJ run toward that griffin spirit to protect his bit spirit partner." "Yeah, that's right." said Raven. The beybattle video showed the final climaxed showdown as Dragoon Cyclone launched up into outer space to do an U turn over the 5 planets and dwarf planet Pluto back toward Earth for a supercharge move at the one for Griffin Destroyer in mid air full force.

Raven said, "The two special attack moves were at each other, but at the last second in the test of powers, Dragoon was able to obtain the win for the Elemental Blader's victory of the E.U championship with a little help from the constellation Knight player's star armors." "Oh yeah, that was before the rest of us made it to the stadium building. Then you guys told us about breaking a hatred curse on the halloween creeps after winning the tournament." said Lenore. Later Raven's laptop then showed some chinese images in Hong Kong for the U.S team's mechanic to say, "After that, we're headed toward the CN Championship, but head to Hong Kong because of some weather in Beijing."

"Mmm-mmm, that was when Ethan asked about the final championship before he left the hotel for a walk?" said Mania as she remembered that time. Raven said this to the helpers as two video appeared on the screen, the 1st one in the right show the beybattle of Boneil & TJ in a wok, "We went into an alleyway into find a beyplayer named, Boneil that TJ battle against against in a back alley battle after he mastered his Catapult Star Launcher Grip to win it, suddenly another bey hit Dragoon from nowhere that almost hit Drew, if wasn't for both Ethan and Dranzer Flare to stop it." "Whoo, that was a close call, but who did it?" said Angelia. Raven answered her question with the second video as show Kike Xian & Ethan's 1st battle in a cooking wok, "It was a member from the representative team of China, White Tiger Zhang X's own Kike Xian and beyblade, Swing Funk Monkey. Kike's bey got strange movements in its attack, but Ethan counter them with Dranzer's mode changed abilities, which give both 1 wins and lost each, but both him & Boneil left before the 3rd round begin."

"Oh yeah, Steve told us about that, when you all got back." said Hick as the laptop now showed the CN championship in the national stadium in Beijing, China. Raven said, "Then we met Kike again inside the Beijing National Stadium, this time with his whole team behind, Mao Mai, Goa Yuan Li, and Rio han Wang, who got his sites on Drew, which turn out to be the current Thunder Wind Byakko Warrior to have Driger." "Yea, that is where you guys learn the origin history of your friend's bit spirits along with Drew's legacy to the white tiger spirit." said Angelia. Soon five show themselves appearing on the screen on some event to the U.S team in the championship of CN: Ethan battle Kike for the 3rd time before getting his Spring Star Shot launcher grip, Katie battle 1st in the CN semifinal with her newest Draciel Water Shield & Marking Launcher Grip or Marking Scope in the blueprint name, find a hidden cavern to the shrine of the Sacred Elemental Beast spirits, Drew and TJ with the white tiger family, & finally the long ancient heritage of the bit spirit for Drew in the cave painting. Then the laptop later showed the three videos of the CN final tournament as Bella said, "Oh, the final from the Chinese championship was amazing." "True that, the final got some epic moments in it, Katie battle 1st in the final to face Goa with his Axe Galbear in the dualed stadium, she use the moving part to win the 2nd match, Goa' special attack move was so strong it smash the beystadium into pieces to take the round." said Raven as his laptop show the 1st CN final round between Katie and Goa.

Then the 2nd final round of both Drew & Mao in a temple like beystadium with Apriell in a baby white tiger clothes by his back for Angelia to said, "Drew handled that one very well even carrying Ichigo's lil sis on his back." "Yeah, it was a bizarre beybattle like a cat fight as beyblades?" said Lenore. The 2nd video shows the scene, which Drew and Mao are inside some type of energy haze before the last attack in the last moment. Raven said, "Mao & her Scratch Lynxic were good in rapid attack, but Driger with Drew were able to use the fastest elements in nature to turn the table to tie up the score.'' Later the last video on the laptop' screen starts playing to see the final's 3rd round with TJ and Rio han in it.

Ichigo said, "That beybattle between those two was a burst of red fire wind & dark night lightning at once." "I know, plus this is where Raven gives TJ a new beylauncher with some of my ideas in digital power." said Gariga as the video show the scene, TJ's Dragoon Cyclone suddenly create a tornado shaped glass jar from the stadium' sand to beat Rio han's Thunder Lion Black Lightning in the 3rd round' second session. Raven said, "Those two beyplayers were like a dragon-lion battle even in Elemental Force versions, but that end in a tie during the third session, then a fourth round will be tie breaker, that time was Drew and Rio han's epic facedown." as the video shows those two boys in the future session in the CN final on a classic type beystadium, while using his teammate's special attack moves on Driger. Angelia said, "Oh yeah it was frightful to see and I thought Drew would lose from those attacks?" "Yeah, Thunderlion's Elemental Force was fierce, but Driger somehow unlock the next level of the power up with Drew that called Elemental Force Awaken, which it change into on light jewel like color through like thunderbolt shaped blust gale in the epic collision with the dark night negative electricity of Rio han & Thunder Lion as their bit spirits face off in the feline family in a big flash. After that, the victor was Drew in the end, so Rio had acknowledged him as a good friend and rival along with both teams." said Raven.

Bella said, "Oh, that when seven of us, Drew, & TJ's grandpa surprise the others with the bus for the JP Championship." "Yeah, plus you and Gariga were staring in amazement with those science gadgets & stuff at the H.P.D.P Bey HQ building (giggles)." said Lenore. Gariga blushed a little, then she said, "Uh . . . yeah, but we might be able to improve our mechanical works." "Agree." said Raven as his laptop showed some images in places in Japan after playing a video of TJ, Katie, and Drew's 1st win in the Super All Star Breakerz's HQ base: Drew get his own Elemental Electronic Beylauncher with his newest Driger Thunder Fang, Katie compete with Izumi & (Emmy) Emory in the charity Beybattle from Hyogo, JP, Dragoon was modified into DG Fantom Storm for its 1st debut in the JP tournament, taking down some pirate kids by the bay, the U.S team's last members: Shelby, Steve, and Angel battle in the 2nd preliminaries along with the challenge by Tackier Strongson, & later the beybattle against some young wizard to rescue Apriell, who was mistaken for a baby witch.

Raven said, "Then we trained for almost two weeks to battle in the championship from inside the Japanese National Stadium through both preliminaries and semifinal to the final." "Oh yeah, before the final, you kids let my lil sis choose, who'll be battling in the 3rd and last session, which will be Katie." said Ichigo. The laptop then pulled up three videos of the JP's tournament final as the 1st video in the left play shows the first session of the JP's final between TJ & Stein Rusher in the Tokyo Streetway Beystadium, then Hick said, "The 1st final match was nuts to see." "Yep, Stein and his bey, Charging Bullhorn were so strong & powerful in the stadium, but TJ used the scale model buildings, Stein' short temper, and a new plan to beat him for the first point." "Not to mention, that bullfight rodeo show after it." said Mania.

Angelia said, "Maybe . . . but, for Drew's not so much?" "Agree to that, Drew's Driger Thunder Fang have good endurance with lightning-like speed but, Eden's Needle TriScorpio bey got a reverse propeller like E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring) to hold down & dive down in the beystadium with zero g (zero gravity) in it to beat Drew to tie up the score with us." said Raven as his laptop plays the 2nd final round of the JP Championship that show TriScorpio during its Poison Hammer Sting Bolting Dunk move to paralyzed Driger to stop spinning in the Zero O.G Hovering Spin Beystadium. Bella asks a question, "Hey, what does O.G mean in that stadium?" "I check on that & it means overflow gravity." Soon the last video on the right began to play between Katie and Michigan through the Diamond Base Corner Beystadium.

Lenore said, "I believed that Katie could win that one with my eyes." "Michigan's techno bey, TriEagle 3 was incredibly strong including some jumping abilities in it, I thought it was too powerful for Katie to beat but, she didn't give up with our supports, Katie use her very experiences & skills to take the upper hand even unlocked Elemental Force Awaken with a lots of Tri Eagle's extra power within to win the JP Championship." said Raven. Gariga said, "Yeah, plus the Super All Star Breakerz were amazed by that plus they know that JP team were trying to win before letting Elemental Bladers use the Elemental Force power up and see that the new future of beyblading lies within them." as the laptop shows this video of all members of the U.S team.

TJ said, "Ok, that our 3rd championship, now the final one is waiting for us, now who is ready for this!?" "Heck ya." said the other on the screen. Hick said, "Woah, your kids really got some styles to win all three championships until now." "Agree, not just that, we meet & bowed to the bit spirits of the E.U, CN, and JP teams for honor us from our batting skills plus TJ somehow found some collecting of beys from all three places on the planet that looks similar to the team that we fought against including help us train for the tournament." "Ok, what next?" said Mania. Angelia said, "We just have to find out for ourselves." as they all heard a familiar voice, which said, "Oh, so that's where you're at, dude." as Raven with the E.B Helpers turns around to see TJ, Katie, Drew, Shelby, Angel with Apriell in the baby carrier on her back standing by the entrance.

Raven said, "You guys." "We have been looking for you all over the area for like 8 mins." said Angel. Katie said to the mechanic, "Why did you suddenly disappear from our room?" "Oh well, I was doing some stuff before the final championship." "Surething, Raven." said Shelby. Drew said, "Come on, you guys. We need to get going." "(Fly x2)!" said the little apple sweet baby girl flipping her arms. The eight kids said it together in union, "Get going." as the bey players take them to somewhere in the Tokyo airport to see a custom design U.S jet plane with their team's colors on the body and wings standing with an aircraft ladder boarding stairs on the opened door for Ichigo to say, "A plane, where are we going?" "You see." said Angel.

As both Steve & Ethan walk nearly out of the plane door to see their friends on the ground by the towable passenger stairs. Steve said, "Let's go guys! The pets and luggage are already in it." "Yeah, the plane is ready to take us for the final championship." said Ethan. When Ichigo and her friends got aboard the plane, while TJ's group said their goodbye to Japan, "See you all later, Super All Star Breakerz & Japan." "So long." said Katie, Shelby, and Angel in unison. Drew said, "Bye . . ." "Toodle-oo." said Raven. TJ said, "Time to go, we're off to the Rus Championship and get ready to meet the new world champion team!" as they get in the plane before it takes off for Russia.

With all the events that the Elemental Bladers went on from the very start until now, they're ready to take on the final championship with the Rus Bey team, letting their battle be like the stars in space with hope.

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Ghostmaster have added some of my Elemental Force Series beys in his to do list:

Dragoon Cyclone
Dragoon Wind Attacker with its new version
Bison Charger
Twin Amphil Dracor
Draciel Fort Shell
Catch Sea Gator
plus Special Designs: Origin Dragoon

Plus these:
The 3D designs for Dragoon Storm (Official version)
Dranzer Auto Change Balancer

Future ones:
ThunderLion Black Lightning
Prototype Bahamut
These are the images of Sickle Salama Blaze's very 1st beybattle in the Hyper Strike Beystadium against the Beyblade that is based on from the Original Plastic Gen Series, Salamalyon

Salama Blaze got the win by 3 - 1 with furying style as an attack type.

[Image: dg53kif-7d15cfc2-88aa-4fff-ae92-fe5ee59a...Jwr19FYjSQ]

[Image: dg53kib-6c755058-679d-471a-9624-046b7359...Oq3uc0vfdE]

Including some video on this Beybattle made by Ghostmaster:

https://youtu.be/gh3ex6opRIs on YouTube

www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8LdhR34/ on Tiktok

Here are some Website, where you can get your own of this Bey, Salama Blaze:
Here is a newly improved version of Driger Spark (DI Spk) with this art concept designs for Ghostmaster to make it to have a stamina & balance type like tip, which I mix in a Sharp & Semi Flat as one.

[Image: dg8fg6c-cb73c27a-8cd3-499e-b404-08e243af...tOW5aHnYeU]
Here is the 40th chapters of the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force Series & the 1st of the Fourth Volume:
Ch. 40: Bolivian Russian Tough Bey Abbey Academy

In a train ride somewhere between Reutov & Moscow, Russia inside a special sleep couch, the U.S. team were in one room, while the E.B Helpers were in another room as Apriell looked at the snowy views on her big sis' lap. Bella said, "Well, this is something. Like going halfway to Nizhy Novgorod on a plane, then a train ride toward Moscow, Russia." "Yeah, this place is like a snow-covered winter wonderland like the one at our friend's place." said Hick.

In the ' spot, Shelby said it to her friend, while she took some snowy sites of Russia, "Cool, this is a chill place to host the final world championship in, don't you think, Katie?" "Totally, I wonder if we can have a snowball fight before the championship?" said Katie. Drew said, "That would be super chilly sweet to do." "Yeah." said both TJ & Angel in unison. Steve smiles happily with the others except Ethan looks a bit bothered by something as he looks out of the window. When the train reached one of the train stations in Moscow, Russia in the western area called Moscow Leningradsky railway station to stop in the place. TJ got up from his seat to grab his stuff as he said, "Already, we made it to our stop, let's go!" After he headed out of the train, Ichigo spotted him, later saying, "Wait up, TJ!" as she chased after him, while TJ put on a special hoodie jacket with the U.S team logo on the back as he got outside, he said, "Yeah, we made it to Russia in Moscow!" "TJ, don't go out without putting . . . on your jac . . ." said Ichigo as she grabbed him on the left shoulder to catch him to see that TJ was wearing one, while she was holding her jacket in her left arm along with her luggage backpack. The people in the station look at her kinda funny silly as Ichigo started to shiver in the cold Russian chilly air, while she saiding, "(Brrrrrr), dang this place feels like an ice cream freezer out here." as she put on her special strawberry themed wooly coat.

As the other members of the U.S team step off of the train with their stuff & the pets. Raven said, "I'm surprised that TJ got his jacket on before heading out." "Yeah." said the little kids in unison as Ichigo after she put her backpack on plus a little squeeze, "Ah, Ac - achoo." as the Elemental Bladers walk through the streets in the western area of Moscow, Odintsovo. TJ said, "My bad." "That's fine, but this is a very cold place on the planet." said Ichigo, wiping her nose. The group looked at some wonderful sites of the city. Raven said it to Ginelle about the final championship, "According to Mr. Rolando, he said that the last one is held in Centre Moscow, Russia." "Great, how will we get there?" said Ginelle. Shelby said, "Maybe a bus ride to that ride to that place?" "True, it's close where we are?" said Bella.

Mania nodded to agree, then looked at Ethan, while he looked bothered in his thoughts. When they reached an old church called St Nicholas Church (Holy Virgin of Kursk Root) with an old chamber-like building near it. In the yard, there are some Russian kids having a double beybattle in one stadium. The group stops by to see them battling as Hick said, "Dang, look at them go." "Yeah, like Raven says, some places in the world are very popular with Beyblades like in Russia." said Bella. Katie said to Ichigo, "Hey girl, does your hometown have beyblade toys like ours?" "I don't see them in my local store or toy store, where we live. Maybe they didn't get made in our hometown." said Ichigo. Suddenly one of the bey in the double battle was hit so hard to be flung out of the beystadium toward the Elemental Blader's direction until TJ took some step back to catch a light cyan bey in his hands, then said, "Whoa, gotcha!" as the Russian kids look at them after turning around with two of them running off to the building. Lenore said, "Huh, what about that?" "Geez, if I ever know?" said Drew. Raven said, "Maybe some Russians aren't friendly to strangers?" "Well, hey catch this." said TJ as he threw the top back to the kids.

After some minutes, a tall man with dark plum lush hair with a little white highlight on the top area plus greenish cyan eyes wearing a light purple scarf, black / smoked white russian priest suit with blackish purple dress shoes appears behind the two kids out of the building as he said, "Hello there, I'm Theoris Balgakov Glatein. The right hand of my company & a friend of the Russian chairman for the world championship, nice to see the U.S team, the Elemental Bladers in Russia." "Uh . . . hello." said almost all the members of the U.S representative in unison. Ethan said, "(Gasp)." with a disturbing face expression, which flowed down in his spine.

Thoeris said, "Say, do any of you care to have lunch from your long trip to here?" as TJ' stomach suddenly rumbled very loud (growls) which made him a little blush, while the other neutral resentful faces on it. TJ said, "Ah . . . my bad." "(Light giggles) Well that stomach says it, now you kids follow me to the building's cafeteria area." "Mmm-mmm, that sound is what my stomach wants!" said TJ. Angel said, "True that." "Yeah!" said the other memories. TJ said, "Well come on, let's get some chews!" as the Elemental Bladers follow Theoris look around in the back with Mania beside him, while he said it in his head, "When we reach Moscow, our group might face the Rus Bey team and my brother, Chen.'' After their chew meals, they went to the courtyard to see some young Russian kids doing a military version of the shadowing launch training without the beyblades. A priest assistant in black clothes said, "Do 30 more!" as the young Russian kids do those thirty.

TJ said it as he saw the Russian trainees, "So those guys are the next generation of bladers in Russia?" "Yes, in a younger age like 1st to 6th grade." said Theoris. Bella said, "Wow, that's something. . ." "Yeah." said the others. TJ said, "Man, I doubt you'll be so tired from training all every day even barely launching a bey?" as Theoris smirks a bit, then said, "You're sure about that, maybe you like to battle one of our trainees?" "It was an expression, but I took the offer for a beybattle." said TJ. Theoris tells the training bey instructors to get the trainees line up in row of ten in nine lines as Theoris said it to them, "Attention, trainees . . . we have some special guests that came here for the world championship, let me introduce the U.S Representative Bey Team, the Elemental Bladers & one of them would like to have a beybattle with one of you." "Whazzup, Russian bey trainees." said TJ with a cheering greeting as the trainees whisper to each other on the U.S team, "(Whisper muttering)." "Those trainees look weird, right?" said Bella. Hick said, "Yeah, like mind control soldiers from a movie?" as Theoris walk down through the rows to find a trainee for TJ to fight against. Then he looks at a boy with brownish black hair that has a little white V shaped highlight mark on the top above the forehead wearing a navy blue woolen coat, light gray pants, & dark grayish black shoes in the fifth row on the ninth spot.

When he walked up to the young Russian boy, he said, "Blox, how about you?" "Huh, bout . . . I . . ." said the boy nervously. Thoeris crouch knee down to him, while whispering to his ear, "You want to impress, so I know you can defeat him." "Ah . . . Ok, I'll do it!" Blox. as he let Theoris to take him to meet TJ & his friends, when the two beyplayers meet for the 1st time, TJ said, "Uh, hello there, TJ Thornton is the name & beyblading is my favorite game." "The name is Blox and I'll crush you into pieces." said the Russian Boy. the U.S team said it in unison, "Woah . . ." "Geez . . . chill with the threats, what are you . . . a bad guy in a hero show, it's just a beybattle game for fun, lighten up will ya?" said TJ.

Blox said, "Maybe to you & your friends, but for us, winning is everything for our lives." "You sure, some people, who ever said that, alway get beaten, want to try?" said TJ. Blox said, "Gladly . . . " as Theoris said it to them, "Already now, follow me to the beystadium for your battle?" as he led the U.S team and Rus trainees to the right side of the building, inside there is a very deep dark nighttime gray colored Beystadium dish. The Elemental Bladers went to the right side of the stadium dish, while the trainees to the left as the U.S team took off their coats. Suddenly Ethan felt a chilly feeling going down his spine as he said, "Ah . . ." "Hey Ethan are you already?" said Steve. Ethan said, "Oh . . . yeah . . . I'm good." which made Mania worried about. Blox said it to TJ as he held the handle of a throwing hammer weight style beylauncher, then said, "Ok, TJ are you ready to go?" as the U.S team were shocked to see Blox's beylauncher.

Ichigo said, "Look at that beylauncher." "That thing looks like a hammer throw thing in the Olympics." said Steve. Raven said, "Are you sure that launcher is legit?" "Yeah, my beylauncher is a custom for official." said Blox. Angelia said, "Holy woah . . ." "Mega wow . . ." said Ginelle. Blox said, "Well, ready to battle me, TJ?" "Yeah, I think I need some extra speed boost to handle this." said TJ as he looked at the hammer throw style beylauncher for 10 sec until he thought to use the running jump fast wrist release Pegasus launch technique like he did on Elbert & Shanna in Europe. TJ took a twelve foot step back from the stadium as he loaded his bey, Blox said, "What are you doing?" "You're going to see, why?" said TJ. Theoris said this to the trainees, "Trainees learn from this beybattle and don't make any mistakes like those before you." "Humph." said the Rus bey trainees as they turned around to watch the beybattle. Theoris walk to the middle spot that is 20 feet away from the stadium as he starts the countdown, "Ok, get ready . . . 3 . . ." as TJ started running toward the stadium before he jumped & Blox began to spin around like the hammer thrower in the Olympics. "2 . . . 1 . . ." said Theoris finished the countdown. When TJ got his red pegasus fire wings to fly like 28 feet in the air, then launched his Dragoon Fantom Storm as he said, "Let it rip!" "Ahhhhh!" said Blox as he throw the launcher part toward the stadium, the hammer throw' string revealed to be a very long ripcord winder that went out of the grayish purple beylauncher, which stop by a square block after it release a grayish purple / black beyblade to the dish with lots of spin power and rotation.

Raven said to himself, with his laptop recording the battle, "Oh unbelievable . . ." "Look at that much power . . ." said Ichigo. Blox said, "Take a look, when I do that launch style, my bey will get a lot of speed & power by 50 full with the greater amount of rotation is a thing for my favor in the odds!" As both beyblades enter the stadium dish, Blox's went very fast like 25 faster then Dragoon as it felt the aftershock, which caused some wobbliness, while going around the stadium in different spin directions. Shelby said, "Crazy, Blox's is super faster than TJ's in the dish!" "Yeah, but can't he beat that kind of speed and strength?" said Steve. Drew said, "Let's hope so?" As the two tops hit each other in the center part, Dragoon was sent flying halfway to the edge because TJ said, "(Ahhhhh) That's just nuts to see!" "TJ. . . it pointless for you & your beyblade to handle this battle, surrender or be crushed!" said Blox as he commanded his bey to pound the white left spin beyblade top.

Gariga said it to Raven, "Uh, dude . . . you better find something to help your friend or he is a goner with his bey!" "I'm searching as fast as I can, Gariga." said Raven looking on his laptop. Dragoon got a little closer to the grayish purple / black bey, while TJ thought in his head on his next move, "Man, that bey is too fast and powerful to take on, but if I'm able to take this trainee on equal term . . . I just have to do this." as Dragoon went up aside its opponent then kinda hit the top, but actually it was part of TJ's plan. Blox looked at the beys for some minutes until he said, "What are you doing, TJ?" "Oh, I'm just making the battle on equal terms a bit, so I take a little big portion of that rotation speed." said TJ as his partner beyblade started to absorbs a little huge portion to increased spin rotation on the same level with Blox's as it give a hit back at it.

Bella said, "Wow, TJ got a smart move on it." "You think so, girl?" said Angelia. Mania said, "What is it?" "Wait, I get it. He is using the spin steal technique to absorb the super fast rotation of Blox's bey to increase Dragoon's rotation to almost be an equal match with spin speed. The two beys hit each other like 12 times (metal klanked) Blox said, "Already, time I teach you about to win this battle!" as his bey started to go around faster & faster in the stadium, which caused it to make a huge large tornado as TJ commanded his beyblade to get out of it, "Partner, get out of there!" The white top slips out of the tornado before it gets full fierce and wild. Katie said, "No way, that is so strong & windy to handle." "Man, how can someone take care of that crazy powerful tornado?" said Steve as the U.S team were completely unaware of a trainee's powers, while Dragoon was holding on against the strong wind. Blox said, "(Laugh), look like I'll be the winner if this is so easy to handle on one member of the U.S. team." as the left spin white top went around the outer area of the stadium to recover, while Angel said, "Oh no, how can TJ's Dragoon handle that?" "I don't know, but let's hope . . ." said Ichigo.

Theoris gives an evilly like smirks and chuckles, "(evilly chuckles)." by the Elemental Bladers, Ethan thinks on something with his eyes closed for some minutes until he gets it to shout the thoughts for his friend to hear, "TJ! Remember my & Katie's semifinal battle in the American Regional tournament at New Orleans?!" "Yep, I know about that memory." said TJ. Mania said, "What about that beybattle?" as Katie remember something on that beybattle in the U.S regional' semifinal for the other to hear, "I know, that when I use the reverse spin launch for my bey to counter Ethan's Dranzer on the second match of the 1st semifinal before I add Draciel's bey bit." as a flashback appear to show Katie's old bey being hit from Dranzer Flare's attack in the air above, while it stop spinning in the left to steal Ethan's bey spin power to end the flashback as Katie said, "Remember TJ, when I use the reverse spin, my bey use the back spin to hold off my opponent's attack then take the spin rotation for me to take the win, I was pretty smart." "Of course, why didn't we think of that in the 1st place?" said Raven. Lenore said, "Hold on, if I recall, your's were on the bottom part?" "Oh boy (If Katie's was in the bottom, maybe I do the opposite with the help of the tornado's wind currents) Let's do this . . . Dragoon Go!" said TJ as the white beyblade went into the super strong tornado to let the wind glide it to the top.

Blox said, "What the, what are you planning?!" Dragoon went higher & higher until it reached the top of the tornado, so it can dive bomb on the grayish purple / black beyblade, while going straight down the eye of the storm as TJ said, "Pegasus Dragonic Flare Aero Sky Bomber!" "(Gasps!)" said everybody in the building. Before the white left rotation bey landed on top of Blox's, TJ said, "Time for me to show you, what me and Dragoon do together plus beating impossible odds!" "Wha!?" said Theoris. TJ said, "Special Attack Move, go Phantom Meteor Blaze Hurricane!" as the white bey rapidly tipped down on its opponent even ignited a flaming tornado, which caused the big tornado to disburse in seconds for Blox said, "No way, that is not even impossible to do!" As his bey begins to slow down really quickly, Dragoon jumps off it to rev up for the final strike for TJ said, "Break through the limits, rise up to the challenge. Blow it with all your might!" as his bey go for the win in a blazing streak of fiery wind to knock Blox's out of the stadium with a smoky hot defeat as smoke coming off on one of the beyblade' sides. TJ said, "Yeah, that was a good crazy match, good job!" as he gives a smiley thumb up to Blox.

Theoris said it to TJ, "(My x2) TJ, you have some incredible battling skills and gifted abilities to handle the impossible odds against you." "Huh, wow thanks." said TJ, being honest. Then the Russian trainer turned and looked disappointed toward Blox to say, "Now then, Blox . . . you must be punished for your loss." "(Frightened gasps)." said Blox shaking in fear like he knew something bad was coming to him. Theoris walked toward the trainee as he stomp crushed his beyblade with his right foot as TJ said, "Hey, what is that for, not cool!" Then he said to Blox, "You aren't worthy to have a beyblade, you're a waste of my time." "What . . . wait no! Don't abandon me, sir . . . anything, but that, I will do anything to stay!" said Blox. Theoris said, "Unhand my robe, Blox. you must face the effort of your failure from the battle (finger snaps)." as two large dark brown doors opened up, while two tall men in the same clothes walk out of there with Blox saiding in fright, "No please, it can't be happening!" "Woah, isn't that intense and harsh?" said TJ.

When the two mens got close to the trainee, he beg again with Theoris, "Please sir . . . give me a second chance for me, so I never lose. Let me stay please!" "Enough! This is just crazy, beyblade is supposed to be a game, this is too serious & wrong!" said Drew, TJ said, "Yeah right plus crush a bey is below the belt, beyblading is not to smash the player's beyblade after loss! Including this place, it is not what beyblading is even some russians think is wrong to the core!" "Agree!" said the beyplayers in the U.S. team in unison.

Theoris turned his head in TJ's direction, then said this, "Sorry, young ones, you may think it is cruel, But I don't like failure in my training academy in my country." as the other trainees pulled out their launchers pointed straight at the Elemental Bladers, but TJ reloaded his bey back on the launcher, pointed at the trainees, then said, "Alright, if words won't work, maybe my bey will . . . come on, trainees, let's do this!" "TJ . . . " said Angel walked by the baby carriage, where Apriell was sleeping. TJ said, "Go ahead noobies, make my battle?" "Men, take this trainee trash away." said Theoris as his tall men drag Blox through the doors as he screaming, "Begs for a second chance, pleaseeeeee . . . !" Which causes Ethan to shake in pure fright plus breathing very hard, "(Frightful hard breathing)." that put him in a fear trance that got Mania's attention, soon she hugged him from the side & said, "Ethan calm down, slow your breathing, I'm right beside you, same go for your friends! Calmed down in his breathing, controlly slowly . . ." as Ethan slowed down in his breathing calmly as Blox went through the door before they closed. The Elemental Bladers said in unison, "(Gasps)." "I wonder, what will happen to him?" said Angelia. Bella said, "This place is so wrong & cruel." "Yep, rotten to the core." said Hick.

Theoris said, "I think, you kids be leaving." "Flat chance for that! Since we're in the championship, how about this, you'll release Blox and others like him set free, when we win the tournament for their freedoms, because no one has the right to take them away after a beybattle, hear me." said TJ bravely at the Russian man. His team was surprisingly shock to hear their friend said it on the failure trainees' behalf, plus said, "Woah, TJ . . ." "(Secretly grunts) Fine, if you think you can beat the Rus Bey team for their freedoms, I can allow it." said Theoris as he signals the trainees to put down their launchers by holding up his hand, so the U.S team grabs their stuff & pets out of the building. When they got to the outside, TJ said, "Ah man, that place is just the wrong for those trainees!" as Popper barks to agree, "(Barking)." "Agree to that." said Angel. Raven said, "Yeah . . . let's get on a bus to Centre Moscow for a hotel." "He's right." said Ichigo as her kitten walked by her legs. Hick said, "Totally, because that guy is kinda like a bad guy boss from a heroes T.V. show." as the others nodded their heads for yes on it. TJ said it to them, while he tightened his hands with regret, "Ah . . . yeah, let's go to our hotel."

As the group walk to one of the bus stops that will take them to Centre Moscow, Rus. On the way to it, Ethan looked hazed about something as Mania looked at him in the front with worries, while Ethan said, "Uh, what was that feeling, I've never felt that type of scared before? I don't know what will happen at the final championship, well only time will tell?" as the U.S team reaches the bus stop to catch their ride for the championship in Centre Moscow, Rus.

The Elemental Bladers have made it to Moscow, Russia, but see some dark horror thing in the western area of Moscow, Odintsovo as the russian bey trainee acting strange like brainwashed soldiers in a military army by Theoris and his men to take away any trainees that lost a beybattle or weak. Now the U.S team needs to win the championship for the freedom of the failed trainees in that place, while on what the Rus Beyblade team looks like. Let's hope those kids know what to do for the final championship tournament?
Here are the Story Plot of the five Chapters in the Special Vol of Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series:

Chapter 51: Safari wild game of Africa and Brazil - At the B.B.S.T.A's Russia Branch building, as U.S team celebrates their championship victory with the others for some fun & party including a special Beybattle royale with the Beys that the Elemental Bladers have collected throughout the Championship's locations for the people to see until Mr. Rolando got a invitation for the Elemental Bladers to compete in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's 1st tournament with Africa on the office of Rus B.B.S.T.A Branch's director. The U.S team were excitied to go to this competition for the last time together as a team, as their fellow beyplayers wish them luck at the safari wild game contest even the Babushka Boys did the same. Before the other teams headed back to their own countries, they & some of the fans of Elemental Bladers all went to the Rus Airport to see their friends taking out to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while the group tell them that somedays in the future, they like to beybattle them against in good term. At Brazil, a hooded cloak Bey Team arrived in a very big passager boat from Africa during the same time in the Rio (Maracanã) Stadium, the beyteam of Brazil were resigning to be in competition as their team manager fools the workers in the verification processes on the beyblades that have serectly have hidden gadgets inside of them as the Elemental Blader's highlights from the 2007 World Championship's final watched by the one member of the group.

Chapter 52: Ancient Sacred Beast spirit' stories on Planet Earth - When the Elemental Bladers to their destination, they have some good fun through the city like playing soccer ball, shopping items, and eating Brazilian style foods. As the group headed to a savanna like area on some jeep cars, when TJ spot a father lion carrying its cub in his lion, while running to them as he drop the lion cub in the one that TJ, Apriell, & Popper in. It turns around to face another adult male lion, while the jeeps stop to see the fight. Popper have became friend with the cub during the lion battle same go for Apriell, who a Lion outfit to look like a cute little lion cub along with Katie's new lion mane hairstyle made by Lenore. After the father lion pick up its child to go back to their pride, The U.S team saw a bunch of drone shaped huts for them to meet a person, who tell a story about their bit spirits in the past by the campfire, while Apriell looking at the stars in the night sky. At a far distance from the huts, that same hoodie beyplayer group is watching the Elemental Bladers, while one of them wonder how TJ been the world champion that beat the best players around the planet. Then Angel was challenge by some good kids in the village in a beybattle on under a full moon near the Virgo Constellation for 8 mins until she eventually unlocked her Elemental Force with Uni Pegasus' Special Attack Move in a full moon circle to win her first time in Brazil.

Chapter 53: Wild Saint Fang Shield's matches in the wild - In a nature preserve zoo or wild sanctuary, TJ, Ethan, Katie, and Drew at the jungle area of the leopards, elephants, gorillas, & some harmless shark pups until they were challenge by some headed beyplayers in some area with animals in them, then they seem to know about their bit spirit from somewhere. So all four accept the battle challenges in those spots: TJ battle against a white African boy named Goya Tatemin and bey, Burn Leopard Crossfire through Brazilian jungle's tree and forest vines as Goya's bey attack 1st with went four directions in high speed. Goya wonder why TJ command his bey to follow in the jungle, if he got no plan at all, but actually he got one in his sleeve, so his opponent & bey follow them into the deep parts in the black leopard's natural habitat. Burn Leopard got so many surprise sneak attacks by Dragoon Fantom Storm, Goya thought his got the advantage, since he got the leopard bit spirit, but TJ got the upper hand in the battle as TJ use the movements of black leopard family way of hunting plus binding in the jungle for his bey to attack Goya's in a clearing for 8 mins of close Beyblade combat before TJ's Dragoon use an Elemental Force version of the Burning Hurricane Katrina Mega Blast with a category 5 fire hurricane force to swipe Burn Leopard out of Goya's Cross Crushing Fire Fang through the fire ring to send it in the sky, while stop spinning for Dragoon take the win as well to being played by one of the black leopard cubs. Goya get his Beyblade off the playful cub, later went by TJ to tell him that just testing his bond with Dragoon (Fire Wind Seiryu) and he'll see him & his friends in the competition with his team, but this time as friends. By the gorilla habitat, a big guy named Dunkirk Harridan and his bey, Mega Ape 3 inside a jungle against Ethan's Dranzer Flame Spiral as both Beyblades hit each other through the deep areas when Dunkirk call out Mega Ape's Punch Mega Uppercut move to punch blast some bey size shaped tunnel holes in the trees, while Ethan's Dranzer dodged the attack as Ethan went up on a tree to see a family of ape and spider monkeys on the branches after Dranzer climb up to him. When the group begin swinging, Ethan tries it for himself by grabbing a vine to go to the farest one with his bey follow behind jumping branches, which he figure out Dunkirk's bey weakness as Mega Ape & its beyplayer going after them on the ground. Dranzer Flame Spiral use an above attack by on the tree trunk later both beys go for the final hit attacks on the climax moment except, Mega Ape stop spinning after bumping onto a tree root, so the blue Beyblade take the win. Dunkirk let Ethan to get on his shoulder as he climbing down from the tree toward the ground, while he ask the little boy, how he beat his dark red bey. Ethan explained that he learn it from some primate families with his bey bond in aqua blue flame. Somewhere in the city, the female member of the Brazilian team, Barth Ganlionic, she was looking at a yellow hedgehog based Beyblade in her hand because her team couch just put a self destruct device inside it, while feel sadly for it on the bench before the competition start tomorrow, when one of her teammates find her then ask what the matter, she explained hat their team didn't feel like a family & her bey is going to be goner as he understand if his Beyblade have the same fate like her, then they headed back to their team. By the Brazilian jungle lake, Katie & her Draciel Aqua Fortress were facing about a white African girl with Navy Blue hair named, Marie partner up with her Beyblade, Waving Bite Shark as it use fast speed attacks movements on Draciel from different directions in 7 mins through a water filled beystadium until the bit spirit were summon, Bite Shark use its jaw attack but, blocks by Draciel's strong shell as it defense soon worn out for Marie got her, where she want her. Suddenly Katie see a small shoal of harmless shark puppies swimming in the lake to learn the movement also finding the shark bit spirit's weakness to beat her, Marie call out Bite Shark' Special Attack Move, Abyss Oceanic Counter Tidal Wave, while Katie counter it with a Mega Ultra Elemental Force version of Draciel's Aqua Fortress Electronic Wave move, then the Navy Blue Shark bey were near the pocket on the stadium barely hanging on for the green turtle bey finish the battle by knocking it into the lake water as one of the shark pup push Bite Shark back to Marie's feet between them, Katie grab Draciel knowing they win the beybattle challenge then Marie picked up her Beyblade later said to Katie that she is happy to know about the two of them. Lastestly a young boy named, Jouse with his Beyblade, Vanishing Jungle Phant on Drew Myers' Driger Thunder Fang in the elephant's natural preserve, Jouse's Bey go for a strong attack pattern as its use the weight disk's heaviness on Driger, while the bit spirits were called out to fight. Then Drew suddenly remember that elephants are scare, when their foot get hurt from below like a mouse or a marble, so he thought up some a idea to beat them as the gray tiger bey use an rapid attack on the jungle green elephant Beyblade from the bottom to make it lose balance, then use a lightning upper hit to knock Jungle Phant, which cause it to stop spinning for Drew and Driger to get the win. Jungle Phant being picked up by a baby elephant, Jouse went to the young Elephant to get his bey later, the mother elephant give the two beys a ride back to town, Jouse said it to his opponent that he now know about them. At the entrance, all four of the Elemental Bladers were a conversation about the hooded Beyplayers for four mins until Shelby, Steve, Angel, & Raven walked up to them for telling on the two representative teams of Brazil and Africa, who'll be in the competition against them. The Barth Ganglionic in Brazil & Africa's Wild Saint Fang Shields later Raven show their face & stats on his computer for them to see, but they shock to know that they battle against them in some beybattles as the U.S team headed back to the hotel for some grubs, TJ found four beys to kinda look similar to the African Bey Team's: a night black Leopard bey with four leopard head follow by two tails, dark brick red gorilla one that have three heads each with four rock like contact points, a navy blue shark bey with four rising shark heads follow by water wave marks, & last a jungle green elephant one, which have four elephant head with tusk each have a trunk like wing contact points on the ground by the entrance wall, so he took them with him. When the Wild Saint Fang Shields went to the huts like village, the same man was happy to know about the chef of their home are staying with him for the tournament in the guest house as the team were talking about TJ, Ethan, Drew, and Katie's amazing beybattling skills plus the bond with the four Elemental Saint Sacred Beasts in sync & they decide to enjoy battling them in the competition.

Chapter 54: Brazilian team, Barth Ganlionic's cheating schemes - As the competition started in the Rio Stadium in the morning, Ethan & Drew were ready to battle against some tough opponents in the Brazilian and African teams in the 1st two rounds after the Elemental Bladers got dressed and have a good breakfast, while Ichigo's group were talking to each others on something, as the pets and little infant join the blader group to a limbo long like car for the competition in the Rio (Maracanã) stadium. When the U.S team got to the building, TJ spot something on the ground near the left side of the entrance as he check out to see four Beys that kinda look similar to the Barth Ganglionic team's: (Brick Red colored Gargoyle Bey that have four gargoyle wings each follow by a claw, a maize yellow hedgehog bey with six set of quill in a hexagon shaped stand designs, a lawn green boar based bey, which have two boar head followed by two hoof shaped spike & a curly tail on each, and last a Tang Blue avian based bey that have a double avian head on each of the four feather like talons contacting points). So he pick them up in his hands, then take them with his team for a strategy plan on their battles. As the Elemental Bladers get an automated resigning by Mr. Rolando for them to compete, suddenly the African Bey Team arrive to the resigned booth to sign up too for a fun beybattle with them. The Brazilian Bey team walk in their team bench booth as the tournament begins with a mini exhibition elimination round in one stadium as a Preliminaries starter point before the grand main event battles. As the mini beybattle event started, Popper walk by the Barth Ganglionic's team booth to see the Manager of the Brazilian team, Barton Jana Putin typing on his computer tablet on something until the female member of the group somehow saw the puppy headed to the behind of the booth as she walk calmly to the little pup, she said that she like how the Elemental Bladers have some nice good friends & some pets by their sides even patted his head before Popper run back to the U.S Beyteam as the Tournament's host DJ, Rio Savanna (R.S) DJ appeared to do the opening ceremony before the mini beybattle & announced for the grand event. The E.Bs Helpers were sitting in the stand that is near the team bench booth of the Elemental Bladers, when the first round of the competition begins with Drew Myers up against Jouse & Aron in a battle royale, while the U.S and African Bey Team send their players except Brazil's. Barton tell Aron to use the invisible spider net device on Drew's Driger Thunder Fang to hold it stay while taking it out. Three Bey-players launched their beys into a teal green beystadium with some yellow, blue, black, & red colored designs. Driger and Vanishing Jungle Phant were hitting metal in attack powers, while Stomping Boar was waiting it time to strike Drew's bey with the device, but the two beyblades got some other idea, they came toward Aron's then Jouse's attack it for some mins until Driger Thunder Fang use a super fast claw attack on the B.E.B (Blade Element Base) with some forces. Then Aron go to Barton's plan by tries to use his hidden feature, but it didn't work because of some damage on the device, which cause it to spill the liquid spider net contents on the beystadium center to get both Jouse's and his Beyblade stuck stay, while spinning. Aron connected to his team manager that the plan have backfires, while Drew summoned his bit spirit to finish the match with an elemental force version of his Tiger Hurricane Thunder Fang to finish them in 10 seconds as a mini electric cyclone to swipe them off the liquid in the air, then stop spinning by their representative players. Drew won the 1st round of the competition, as the players return to their teams, Barton was a little disappointed to Aron, but he turned to Clan to handle Ethan in the next round, as the players come up to the stadium, after the worker wipe off the liquid with their mop along with warm water. Ethan, Clan, & Dunkirk, who is pump for his turn to battle in the tournament started the battle, Dranzer Flame Spiral and Mega Ape 3 were in the center hitting hard for 9 mins until Barton signal Clan to use a mini smoke fog machine to create a mini fog to blind the players & audience from seeing what Rapid Raptor Bird doing, while Clan call out his bey' Special Attack Move, Twin Blaze Saber Slash to take out Ethan, but Mega Ape got catch in the way of the attack to take some damage, Dunkirk use his own Special Attack Move, Spark Tornado Hammer Uppercut to send Raptor Bird in the air and back for a beatdown on its opponent, the two beys were in a head on test of powers at each others, so Ethan can call out his Bit Spirit, Dranzer to the battle then unleash his Elemental Force version of Flame Aqua Saber move to finish both of them off in 10 seconds as a aquatic fiery phoenix shaped saber streak to send both Beyblade tops out of the stadium as they stop spinning in their team booths by the sides. Ethan won his match with Dranzer, Dunkirk wonder what Clan's intentions in the competition as he saw his face.

Chapter 55: A rainbow colorful shooting star flying to the future - As the Third round began in the stadium of Brazil, Rio Savanna (R.S) DJ announced that Katie of the U.S team will be battle against the Wild Saint Fang Shield's Marie & Barth Ganglionic's Hilda Asgard plus R.S DJ said that Katie can battle along side one of her teammates, so she choose Steve to face their opponents together, Barton remind his player to get her bey, Sharp Hedgehog to self destruct, when she getting near the U.S players. She was a little sad for Sharp Hedgehog plus her thought said it wrong for it as she & the other players walked to the stadium to launched their Beyblades, When the match began, Bite Shark attack Steve's Strata Dragoon Earth Spike from behind with a stealth shark style, but Katie Scherer's Draciel Aqua Fortress help out its partner with a good defense block, so Strata Dragoon bring a good wrack attack with the Sub E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring) like 7 feet away, then it go toward Sharp Hedgehog as the two tops were hitting hard at one & another, while the two Elemental Blader's Beys started went around in a circle very fast to make a whirlpool of water, light, darkness, & earth elements to trap the two beys in the spot of the stadium, suddenly the mini self destruct active which cause Sharp Hedgehog to explosion in several pieces follow by a blast wave to damage Bite Shark very bad that make it stop spinning in the dish, but Strata Dragoon Earth Spike create a duct void hole of both earth and darkness element energies for it & Draciel to go through to avoid the shatter pieces covered blast wave. When the dust cleared up, the audience look that Bite Shark stop spinning and Sharp Hedgehog in scratch pieces, but the other two aren't there in the stadium, Barton thoughts the device destroy both Katie & Steve's Beyblades. Suddenly the everybody in the building were shock in surprise to see the same void hole opening up for Strata Dragoon and Draciel come out, fine meaning their victory together. Raven have record the three match on his computer to see that each of the Barth Ganglionic's Beys have illegal bey sized devices inside the B.E.Bs (Blade Element Bases), so they can cheat their ways in the competition, so they think that Barton was the one, who installed the devices in their Beyblades plus the kids thought the Brazilian players don't care what happen to their beys & battle but one of the Brazilian team member, Miguelo Marica look upset for Hilda, who fall to her knees on her scatter broken bey before its self destruct in pieces, Marie's was barely damaged, while the U.S team's are still intact without a scratch as the beyplayers return back to their team, Steve spotted Sharp Hedgehog's bey bit near to him, so he pick it in his right hand as he look at Barton smirk chuckle, which made he mad on a bey. So he hold on the bey bit for his friend to teach the manager of the Brazilian Beyteam a lesson on winning without cheating after Marie went up to the U.S team's mechanic for repairing her bey. then on the final round, TJ was face to their leaders of both team, then Barton tell Miguelo to use the hidden cutter blades to shred TJ's Dragoon Fantom Storm into pieces like Sharp Hedgehog as he headed toward looking worry about it, even staring at his Bey, Deadly Gargoyle, Goya is revving up to battle TJ, but he was suspicions about the Barth Ganglionic team's true objection in the competition from Dunkirk. TJ need to find a ways to exposed Barton's cheating plan to the audience, since there a lots of camera in the place, so he might find a way to do it as all three Beyblade team leaders started the match. Dragoon dodge Deadly Gargoyle's attacks by 12x times by Barton's order as the hidden blades opened from Deadly Gargoyle's B.E.B to slice the white left spin bey, but Goya's Burn Leopard Cross Fire got in movement for its Elemental Attack Ring and Blade Element Base get some bad damage then Migeulo call out his special attack move, Fire Keeling Execution Strangler Strike as a demonic flaming wing circle ring to send Burn Leopard out of stadium as knocking it out of spin rotation completely stop by its player's feet covering with some bad burn scratch marks as Goya picked up his bey, then say it to TJ, this: TJ, win this for both our team. As TJ honor his request to win the battle no matter, what came to his way, Miguelo felt with some regret that he know Dragoon is next & worried that beyblading not about destroyed the opponents in pieces like Hilda's. Barton order to destroy TJ's bey for good, Deadly Gargoyle was charging at the White Beyblade with the hidden blade to slicing into metal pieces, but before it can . . . Dragoon Fantom Storm create four fiery wind shaped swords to melt off Migeulo's bey hidden blades off that surprise both African & Brazilian Team including Barton with a impossible move, Miguelo He was shocking confused to how he able to survive the blades, TJ explained that he channel the powers through the contact points to make the energy sword of fire and wind in the Sub E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring) to cut the hidden blades with a very hot temperature plus said by battle against tough opponents & train to the fullest of his determined as a bey player by playing fair & square to becoming the World Champion, then show Both the bey & player, how the real true Beyplayers battle without cheat tricks in the stadium. So Miguelo decide to battle without the blade at TJ in a head to head battle on full power in 19 mins till TJ use his Rainbow Omega Elemental Force version of his Fantom Blaze Hurricane move to finish the battle by sending Deadly Gargoyle out of the stadium in a rainbow colored fiery wind hurricane tornado then stop spinning by Miguelo's side after felling down from the air. Later after TJ's win, he use the moment to show the hidden blades to everybody in the building even through the camera, telling them that Barton, was the one, who put these illegal device into the beys of Barth Ganglionic & Raven show the video evidence on his computer by linking to one of cameras including Goya and Dunkirk know something wrong with them. Barton was caught by Ichigo's puppy & kitten, so they attack him by biting and scratching on his face and crest until they done for the police to take him away even get him arrest by inserting illegal Beyblade sized cheating features. Migeulo picked up his bey then felt proud to become a real true beyplayer, while his bey's bit suddenly glow for a good start along with his fellow teammates also Steve went up to Hilda to hand over her bey bit & said that Raven can fix her bey as good as new.

After the competition, 4 days later, the U.S team was at the Brazil airport with their stuff waiting for their flight back to the United States, suddenly both the Wild Saint Fang Shields & Barth Ganglionic walk up toward them to say thanks for fixing up his Beyblades & getting Barton arrested for his crimes. Goya and Dunkirk are going to stay to train at the Village of their tribe friends, Marie & Hilda went to go shopping in the town for fun, Jouse and Aron have a little beybattle between them for settle the 2nd best place after Drew, Clan decide to check out the places in Rio even gilding in the wind by the birds, & Miguelo want to said thanks to TJ for showing him, how a real true bey player should be with faired, determined, hard works, and more. He also help Raven to repair the beys of both the Brazilian & African Teams from the battle as the Barth Ganglionic decide to start fresh. When the Elemental Bladers made it back to the U.S in the airport in Dallas, TX, Ichigo & her friends tell the young kids that we are headed back to their home dimension, Strawberry Rainbow Star Land, But they want to take a picture of the American Bey Team celebrated for their victories win in Brazil to remembers that moment together as friends, so they decide take a photo pic of them and another one from a photographer for the B.B.S.T.A (Beyblade Battle Star Tower Association) to have. As the kids headed back to their homes in Plano & McKinney, TX, Ichigo's group walked through a rainbow strawberry star energy shaped door, so they go back to their world. As some years passed, the Elemental Bladers members in the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws) dimension as high schoolers went to the park for a little beyblade fun with some friends, while in Ichigo's world's there seven copies of pic:

Ichigo got one in her scrapbook
Mania have one copies in her bedroom's dresser
Angelia got one in her carry purse
Gariga's is in a cookie cook book blank cover
Hick's inside his treasure box of a navy blue colors
Lenore's is inside a Lemon yellow Photo binder
Bella got her inside a Blueberry blue photo book

Hope you guys like to see these five, when they are done?
This a To Do list by Ghostmaster:

Beyblade To-Do List:

Tordor Blade - change to opposite side
Figlanzer & Darylanzer Base Redesign
Cyber Dragoon Test AR - Smooth Bottom
Dr Eggman V1 Redesign
Super Sonic V1 Remake
Lessen thickness on emblem bitchips
Enlarge small tips on head of Vanishing Moot
Metal Sonic tip diameter reduction

Dragoon HMS Demake Base
Wolborg-4 Base
Driger V2 Base
Dranzer V2 Base
Dranzer V Base
Draciel V Base
Black Dranzer Base
Devil Dino Base

Galeon-1 (Galeon Attacker)
Orca, Manta, Crab Diver (BEGA Training Squad)

Berserker Behemoth

Rhino Attack Ring
Mermaid Attack Ring
Deer AR
Transformers (Deathsaurus)
Cynder the Dragon (Spyro)
Pokemon/Yugioh Monster Beyblades
Wolborg 2 + Wolborg 3 (Uriel) (4 Wing)
Driger GT
Cyber Gaia Dragoon
Rock Draciel & Rock Driger
Unknown Beyblade 1 (Refer to Screenshots)
Kelloggs Beyblade
Armed Dragoon, Draciel, Dranzer, Driger
Death Dragoon, Draciel, Dranzer, Driger
Dexter Bey
Beyblade X Demakes into HMS/Plastic Gen
Chimera Dragoon
Zurg & Woody (Toy Story)
Dark Magician Bey
Chainsawman anime bey
Flatwoods monster beigoma beyblade
Grim reaper bey
Fable Dragoon
Plasitc Gen -> Burst Blade Remake Series
Plastic Gen -> HMS Remake Series

Elemental Bey Series:
Driger Spark's Improved B.E.B (Blade Element Base) Semi Sharp Flat tip
Dranzer Fire Changer
Dranzer Flare
Catch Sea Gator
Draciel Fort Shell
Draciel Water Shield
Driger Thunder Fang
Strata Dragoon Earth Spike
Dranzer Flame Spiral
Dranzer Flame Volcano
Bison Charger
Dragoon Cyclone
Dragoon Wind Attacker: V1, V2, & Final Design
Thunderlion Black Lightning
Twin Amphil Dracor

Including these:
Yuuga11's Wolborg 3, Trypio 2, Tryhorn 2
Tfortrouble's Gaia (Strata) Dragoon F with it own unique Blade base
Strata (Gaia) Dragoon S (Spike)
Seaborg's Rubber Tip (sharp / wide flat shaft)
Prototype Bahamut
Origin Dragoon
Dranzer Auto Change Balancer
Draciel Metal Ball Defenser
Trygator 2
(Official) Dragoon Storm