Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force.

This is the 31st chapter of the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force Series,

Chapter 31: Battling in famous, Tokyo

A rising sun rose at 5:00 am in the morning as the Elemental Blader's rode through the streets of Tokyo, Japan (JP). The players & helpers were amazed by the city's brightest lights, while Shelby took some good pictures of Tokyo.

Angel said, "Wow, this is pretty like New York city back home." "Yeah, the capital city of the whole country, Tokyo, Japan and our next world championship." said TJ. Ethan said, "What hotel are we going to stay at?" "We'll be staying in a hotel called Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel to drop off our stuff & the pets." said Raven as their bus stopped by the hotel to leave their stuff, Popper, and Caralana in their room, while they headed to Japan's national stadium after 30 mins. When their bus reaches the place they need to be, they stop by the stadium's main entrance to the paparazzi.

When the U.S.A team steps out of the bus, they see the JP (Japanese) Bey team's three top best members talking to some new reporters on the world championship. A red-brownish haired male reporter talk to a boy, who have spiky blondish brown hair, piercing blue eyes wearing a dark blue shirt with a star including red line & outline, golden yellow wristbands, a gray long short with golden yellow stars on it, and golden yellow shoes, while he said, "So Michigan Decker. What will the Super All Star Breakerz do in the world championship?" "We'll take on any opponents in the tournament." said Michigan.

A black haired female reporter said, "What about the new rookie team, the Elemental Bladers, who won the two Championships in both China & Europe?" "Those little rainbow pipsqueaks, we can handle the colored gumdrops in our victory track." as the reporters were done in 35 mins. Then the 3 Jp Bey players walk to see the U.S. team by the entrance to the paparazzi looking upset.

Shelby said, "Little rainbow pipsqueaks?!" "Colored gumdrops?!" said Steve. Stein said, "So, you kids made it." "Huh, so this is the new rookie team, the Elemental Bladers from America." said Michigan. Angel said, "We met Torch Horn (Stein) and Dunk Sting (Eden) in the H.P.D.P building from Yokohama." "So you kids are not scared to battle in the big league like us?" said Eden. Ethan said, "Yeah, we handle tougher opponents than you sport players." "Well, you kids used old school ways of skill & techniques in your last two tournaments, while our beys were made with tech in them for body movements, heat, and other things." said Michigan.

Raven said, "Tech in the beys?!" "So you guys get the credit, while the beyblades do the hard works." said Shelby. Drew said, "Maybe their beys must leave their players for us, pro former sport best people with fame in the head." as TJ and Steve laugh from the joke, "(laughing)." "Laugh up, joke boy, cause the Japanese bey team is going to win this championship." said Eden. Katie said, "I don't think so, we battle with heart, pride, & other things for being a bey player in lots of training for this tournament." "That right, girl! Our natural hard skills with technique will short circuit and overload your tech in seconds."

Well if you little color drops get through the 1st preliminaries round." said Michigan as he, Eden, and Stein walk through the entrance. Ethan was by the bus, Emmy (Emory) walked from her bus to him, then said, "Oh Ethan Lee, see you're here with your team." "Yeah, we were training almost two weeks ago for the tournament." said Ethan. Emmy said this question to him, "Our group got data on TJ, Drew, & Katie from the H.P.D.P building, but not you and the other three?" "Maybe our data will not reach your computer." said Ethan, while Curtis and the E.B helpers went to the entrance.

Emory says this before she joins her team in the building, "I'll believe that data on the remaining four will be interesting to get, see you later." "Ethan, are you coming?" said Shelby by the entrance. Ethan said it, while catching up to his teammates, "Uh oh, coming."

At the team resignation area, after Mr. Rolando signed the U.S.A team up, he saw Curtis in the hallway looking at the tournament's bracket for the preliminaries rounds. Mr. Rolando said, "Oh Curtis, are you checking on the kids' first opponents in the preliminaries 1st round ?" "Yeah, I totally hype for this battle, the youngsters are in the locker room getting ready for the match." said Curtis. Mr. Rolando said, "Well, let's go see, what are they up to?" as the two men headed to the Elemental Blader's locker room. When they got there by opening the door, the two saw TJ very excited, while he said, "Cool, mega sweet, thanks!" as he ran to his grandpa.

Curtis said, "What is wrong, kiddo?" "Cause grandpa, this is it, look! Raven & Gariga made some mega evolved upgrades to my bey. Now introducing Dragoon Fantom Storm!" said TJ as he showed his new beyblade to Mr. Rolando and his grandpa, Curtis. Raven said, "Man, the new Dragoon evolution: Fantom Storm is something awesome, Gariga! It has a sub elemental attack ring & a special unique tip for speed and stamina." "Mmm-mmm." said Gariga.

Shelby said, "Yeah, it looks incredible." "Can't wait to see it in battle." said Bella. Ichigo said it as she walked alongside TJ, while holding her baby sis, "It will be your new Dragoon's 1st debut in battle." "I can't wait to fight some Japanese players." said Steve. Katie said, "Hold on, will those Super All Star Breakerz bring their A game in the championship?" "No sweat, come on guys, let's go to win this battle, then take on Super All Star Breakerz!" said TJ. as the rest of the U.S. team shouted it out in unison, "Yay!" In a huge arena with lots of people, young & old to see the bey player teams competing in the tournament in Tokyo, Jp. a tall blackish brown scruffy haired man, who have grayish green eyes wearing a navy blue shirt, red violet vest on top of it, blackish gray jean shorts, black shoes, including purple gloves as he said it through a shiny red mic on his right hand, "Hello, everyone! I'm Tokyo SB, meaning Super Blade, welcome to the Japanese World Championship!"

As the Elemental Bladers made it to their team bench, Shelby said, "Wow, this place is so very huge inside." "I check out the blanket, we have to beat 3 matches before reaching the final." said Raven. Katie said, "Nice!" "Cool, these rounds will help our result from 2 weeks of training." as the E.B Helpers sit with Curtis and Mr. Rolando, then the japanese announcer say more, "This tournament will surprise you with special teams, the technological Super All Star Breakerz will use data on their opponents to victory & the team that won both the European and Chinese world championship with incredible skills in seven colors, the Elemental Bladers!" when Drew looked at their opponents on the other bench to say, "Those guys look funny."

Steve said, "Sure, who's going first?" "Me." said Ethan. Shelby said, "Ok, why?" "Because I like to see Emmy's computer try to get data on me during battle." "I guess, so who will be in 2nd & 3rd?" said Raven as both TJ and Katie raise their hands, then said it unison, "We do."

"Oh ok, Katie is second & TJ is last." said Angel. At the northern west side with a long foam made blue wall in the middle of the big stadium area that looks like in third, Emmy (Emory) was on her laptop getting ready to collect data, when she said, "Pr. Iris, I'm ready for data collecting. While people got some good seats, Tokyo SB said, "Now, let the 1st preliminaries begin! The 1st match is the U.S. team, Elemental Bladers against the Tri Renegades from Mexico and Chile! It will be Manuel Joaquin vs Ethan Lee!" as the crowd cheered.

At the Mexican / Chilean team bench, a voice said, "Those look puny, maybe play some of your battle music ballading on that blue one, Manuel?" "Yeah, I got it." as a dirty brownish blonde haired Mexican boy with staled violet eyes wearing light navy blue / dark gray mariachi clothes with a medium size grayish silver guitar on his back, headed to the new stadium.

When Ethan to the stadium center floor as the tournament revealed a beystadium with metallic rocks & pebbles on the outer to a brownish black chromium color beystadium center, while Tokyo SB said, "Now the 1st match, the soundful mariachi, Manuel Joaquin against the aqua flame genius, Ethan Lee!"

Manuel said to Ethan, "Little aqua blue, with my custom bey and launcher, you'll be hearing my melodic beat of defeat." as he pulls out a brownish magenta bey with wire like guitar strings on the E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring)' side including tan brown custom guitar bey launcher grip with a dark red violet launcher & ripcord winder. While Ethan load is bey onto his star spring support launcher grip with yellow ripcord. Manuel did the same as the Japanese announcer said, "Time to get ready!" "Ready, for Ethan and Dranzer?" said Pr. Iris as she takes her seat by Emory (Emmy). Emmy (Emory) said, "Yes, ma'am." so the 1st session began, Tokyo S.B. said, "3 . . . !" "2 . . . !" said the Elemental Bladers. The crowds said, "1 . . . !" "Let it rip!" said both bey players, while they launched their beyblades to the stadium.

The beys went around the stadium in high speed as Emmy said, "Manuel has wire like guitar strings on the Elemental Attack Ring, if Ethan's Dranzer Flare attack it, the hit will be sent back." "Good." said Pr Iris as the blue bey used a rapid attack on the mariachi's top, while dodging the reflected hits in shock waves. Manuel said, "What wrong, little aqua blue, can't handle my battle music ballading? Hey, why are you smiling?!" "I'm getting tired of this mariachi music . . ." said Ethan as his bey went up in the air like 26 feet. Ethan said, "To cut the chase, those guitar wire strings will be sliced up, Dranzer, Fire Flare Arrow!" as the blue bey ignited deep aqua azure water flame shaped arrow headed down straight toward the guitar bey at high speed for a big clash hit that caused Manuel's bey to go up with it's wire strings snapped in half including tiny wire pieces. Manuel said in shock, "No . . . How could you ruin my bey & ballad music?!" as his bey flying toward him as it hit his right hand that dropped the launcher.

The Japanese announcer said, "Whoa, that was incredibly cool, Ethan bought an aquatic blaze flare finish to win the 1st session!" as the crowds cheered loud. "Oh . . ." said Emmy. Pr Iris said, "What is it?" "Well, my laptop didn't catch Dranzer Flare & Ethan's energy power level and battle data." said (Emmy) Emory. Pr. Iris said, "Impossible."

"Am I too fast to get my data, Emmy?!" said Ethan as he walked to the U.S. team bench to say it, while Katie walked up to the stadium floor, "Good luck, Katie." "Ethan, you did awesome." said Katie. When Manuel got back to his team bench, a tall reddish blonde haired Chilean boy with light cerulean blue wearing blackish navy blue / smoked grayish white Spain clothes & hat, dark green shoes said it, before he left to the stadium, "I'll win this battle for you." At the beystadium, Katie said to the Chilean boy, "Nice outfit, what are you?" "I'm Antonio Martin, a Spain bullfighter, while my teammate is a musicist."

Tokyo SB said, "Now for the 2nd session is the young bullfighter or matador, Antonio Martin against the yellow shining girl, Katie Scherer! As the crowd cheered wildly. On the stand, Lemore said, "A bullfighter?" "Yep, or matador." Bella explained. Antonio pull out a bright cerulean blue custom launcher grip from a matador' sword handle attach to a Canary yellow bey launcher, ripcord winder, including a same color bey that have three swords like contact points on the E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring) in his other hand.

As the two bey players got to their positions, Katie said it in her head, "Ok, Draciel. Time to show the JP team, our improvement over 2 weeks of training as her green bey is loaded into her launcher, while the Japanese announcer said it to start the countdown, "Let's get started, 3 . . ." "2 . . ." said Manuel. Katie said, "1 . . ." "Let it rip!" The crowds said it in unison as both players launched their beys to the stadium. When the two tops landed to the beystadium, Draciel tried to attack the canary yellow top in the center like 7x times for Katie to said, "Hey, stop moving, so I can hit you!" "I'll show you, the matador way in this battle." said Antonio.

As the beys got close, Antonio imagined himself using a dual red shaded rope to enrage a bull before charging at him like the beys. In the last moment, Antonio's bey strike as his owner uses a sword to scratch some bad marks on Draciel's parts from the sword contact points on both E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring) & Blade Element Base. The monitor showed the scarp marks, Gariga said, "That mark looks bad." "That's how matadors fight in Spain's bullfighting." said Bella.

Katie said in shock, "What, how did that hit look so bad?" as Antonio's went around for a counterattack then the green bey suddenly charged at it's opponent, when Katie said, "Attack full force, Draciel!" "Katie is going epic." said Shelby. In the stand, Pr Iris whispers this to herself quietly, "Oh Katie . . ." As the beyblades hit each other again, Antonio said, "Look like I win, little lady." But, when he looked to see his bey got stuck by Draciel's bad scratch marks in seconds, "How couldn't you?!" as he shouted to Katie, while she said, "In this battle, if you mess with this turtle, you'll get the snap!" as Draciel swung the matador's bey went around n round like 5 times until threw it at the metallic rocks. That caused the canary yellow top to stop spinning for the announcer to say, "Snap, that turtle got the matador by an unusual place!"

At the stand, Emmy (Emory) said, "No way, Katie's power energy level has increased like 3x from the one, we took from her." "How is that not possible?" said Pr Iris. Katie said it as she picked up her bey from the beystadium, "Wow I impressed some people even Emmy and Pr. Iris. I'm pretty good."

Soon the last two bey players went to the center floor by the bey stadium for Tokyo SB to say, "Time for the final session is the Tri Renegade's Cowboy Gunner, Pedro Vicente against the U.S. team's blazing dragonic star, TJ Thornton!" as the brownish black haired Mexican / Chilean boy with maroon eyes wearing blackish stale gray cowboy clothes holding a charcoal beyblade with cool black & davy gray color scheme of a gun 8 bullet revolver on the E.A.R part in his right hand. Pr. Iris said, "We got the data for TJ, we might get more data of his power energy level." "Got it, hold it. Look at TJ's bey in his left hand." as Emmy (Emory) analyzes the left spin dragon bey on the monitor to say, "Looks like Dragoon got a modified evolution, shall we?" said Emory (Emmy).

Pr. Iris said, "Time, we upgrade battle data of TJ & his improved bey." as Emory got her laptop ready, while the match began. Pedro loaded his bey into a custom light cool gray gun pistol bey launcher grip with a davy gray beylauncher and ripcord winder as TJ got ready. Tokyo SB said, "Let's get this battle started!" "It's time for a showdown, little flare." said Pedro. TJ said, "This tournament isn't big enough for both teams." as both players held their launchers for the countdown.

Tri Renegades said, "3 . . ." "2 . . ." said Elemental Bladers. The crowds said, "1 . . . !" "Draw!" said Pedro as the two players launched their beys, while saying in unison, "Let it rip!" the tops went around the beystadium. TJ said, "Bring it on, partner." as the new Dragoon Fantom Storm goes in high speed after the revolver looks beyblade behind. TJ said, "I'm coming to you, cowboy! . . . Wha?!" as the revolver beyblade goes faster than the white one.

"Too bad, take my Rapid Fast Attack Fire!" as the charcoal colored top uses a hyper fast version of attack type flower pattern on Dragoon from all directions. Emmy (Emory) said, "Looks like the new Dragoon can handle many attacks." "I see . . . I wonder how he even master it's increased abilities of this tournament?" said Pr. Iris. At the U.S. team bench, Angel said, "Will he master a new move?" "I believe it in him." said Raven.

TJ said, "Time to bring the fullest of my new Dragoon in this battle!" as the white bey uses its rotation spin to create a flame tornado with a heat wave. Pedro said, "Oh my!" "No way!" said both Pr. Iris & Emmy (Emory) unison. Tokyo SB said, "Woah, TJ is creating a powerful tornado of fire and wind, the cowboy, Pedro is going to have a blazing defeat!" While Pedro's bey was sucked into the fiery wind twister, TJ said his new special attack move, "Fantom Blaze Hurricane!" as the charcoal revolver bey was flying out of the stadium like a flaming damage bullet to land by Pedro's heels.

Tokyo SB said, "With that finishing move, the Elemental Bladers have won all 3 rounds to go to the 2nd preliminaries." as the crowds cheer. Emmy (Emory) said, "Pr., from my readings, the Elemental Bladers have increased their power energy level like 20x times from their original level, but our team is coming up to their match in 10 mins"

"Right, let's go to the match." said Pr. Iris as both of them left their seats to go for the JP beyblade team's preliminaries. TJ went back to the bench and said, "Yeah, my Dragoon rocked the battle." "Totally." said Angel. Drew said, "We keep this up, we'll be winning our 2nd preliminaries & semi final to kick the JP team in the final." in the stand, Mr. Rolando said, "Those kids are something special." "Yes, those little ones are." said Curtis. Ichigo got up from her seat to say to the Elemental Bladers, "Hey, you guys are incredible!" "Thanks!" said the U.S. team in unison until Shelby noticed that both Ethan and Steve were gone & said, "Hey, where are Steve and Ethan?" "Oh yeah, Ethan told me that he & Steve are going to the JP team in their preliminaries." said Raven. TJ said, "Well then, let's go see that match." as the Elemental Bladers headed to see the Super All Star Breakerz's battle with Ethan and Steve.

When the six kids made it to the other side of the stadium, a fast object was shot from the beystadium that almost hit TJ & Raven's faces to cause the other members to fall down on their bottoms. Raven looks on the wall by them to see a dark olive green bey on the wall as pieces. Katie said, "Woah that's like shooting a rapid arrow!" "Well, both Eden and Stein have won their battle matches in seconds." said Ethan. TJ said, "Wow, no way!" "What he said is true?" said Katie as the Japanese announcer said this for the Super All Star Breakerz's 3rd session.

"Now for the third session, everyone looking at the sun roof to make an appearance is the captain of our own Japanese team, Michigan Decker!" as the whole crowds look above through the sunroof to see a huge plane, when the baseball bey player does a skydiving dive to the stadium. When he did a somersault 19x times until pulling the string to open the parachute as Michigan floats down to his position, then winks to the crowds, while the fans go wildly (cheered).

Steve said, "Dang, what an entrance . . ." "Yeah, a grand skydiving one . . ." said Shelby. In the JP team bench, Stein & Eden said it in unison, "That Michigan . . ." "Ah . . . our captain is always such a show off." said Emory (Emmy). Pr. Iris said, "Michigan! That stunt is not for your entrance routine." as Michigan put away the parachute pack to the side.

As a boy with cyan eyes and short dark jade green hair wearing light red / tan gray Australian / Costa Rican clothes said it to Michigan, "Hey mate, you done to beat my teammates, William Eli Allan & Rosie Lola as captain of the Underdown Thunderbolts, I will take you down!" as he pulls out his tan greenish bey and launcher gears. The baseball bey player noticed the U.S. team on the west side stand of the stadium to say it in his head, "So those little rainbow jellies are here to see my team battle, well I'll give them an epic one of my power. Ready for TriEagle 3?" as he pulls out an orange-yellow eagle bey that has a triangle E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring) with wings by the corner including a golden yellow eagle bit spirit on the bey bit.

Tokyo SB said, "Time for the final session is the Michigan Decker of the JP team, Super All Star Breakerz against Archie Finn Olger, captain of the Australian / Costa Rican team, Underdown Thunderbolts to avenge his teammates!" As the two players get ready, Michigan pulls out a special string beylauncher in golden yellow / orange-yellow scheme, with TriEagle onto it. Raven looked at Michigan's beylauncher to say, "Huh, I never seen that type of string beylauncher before on the net.

Archie got in the launch position, while Michigan used a baseball pitcher stand as the announcer said, "Battle on, in . . . 3 . . ." "2 . . ." said the Super All Star Breakerz. Then the crowds said, "1 . . . !" "Let it rip!" said Archie as he launched his bey, while Michigan did a pitcher launch style in baseball, when he threw the beylauncher, while pulling the string part.

Rave said it in shock, "What that launch style?!" "Go show'em, TriEagle!" As the orange-yellow bey was fast like a super fast ball headed to the bey stadium in plum / berry colors scheme, while the golden yellow eagle bit spirit appeared in the air for the Elemental Bladers to see it Shelby said, "That bit spirit is beauty." "And big & strong." said Drew as TriEagle smashed down the greenish tan bey into million scatter pieces, then the eagle bit spirit to the spot, where the U.S. team was watching from.

When TriEagle flew there, the wind from his wings caused 7 of the Elemental Bladers to be pushed back except Katie, who looked at the eagle bit spirit of Michigan for 12 seconds same go for TriEagle as he returned back into his bey player's bey. Tokyo SB said, "The Super All Star Breakerz have won their 3 sessions to advance for the final!" while the crowds cheered loudly. Angel said, "They go to the final, already?!" "I guess their team got in a bracket spot that led a team to the final from the preliminaries in a few seconds." said Ethan. TJ said, "Looks like we have to win our other 2 rounds to reach the final." "Yeah!" said the others.

Now with TJ's new Dragoon's new evolution, Fantom Storm in its 1st debut in JP tournament, the Elemental Bladers got a hype bey to handle the JP team in their future battle.
This is the 32nd chapter of the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force Series:

Chapter 32: Firing Beys at pirate ahoy!

On a sunny / cloudy day, the Elemental Bladers were at an amusement park called Universal Studios with Bella, Lenore, Hick, and Apriell on Katie in her baby backpack carrier.

Angel said, "This place is so great." "Yeah, but too bad, Ichigo & the other three said they got something back at the hotel." said Steve. Back at the Bay Ariake Washington Hotel, in the lobby area, Ichigo, Mania, Angelia, and Gariga were making something from a large piece of ream paper using banner markers & crayons on it.

Back at the amusement park, Katie was so excited for the place to said, "Let's have so much fun!" "Yeah!" said the others as Katie, Apriell, Bella, Hick, and Lenore went ahead to see the rides. When TJ, Ethan, Steve, Drew, & Shelby were about to join them, some shadowy figures appear behind them to be knocked unconscious that cause their bey carriers to drop off to the ground. Then vanish into thin air.

When the 5 kids were by the bumper cars, Katie said, "Free riders are cool, so I think TJ and Drew will like to bump into each other, right guys? Guys?" as she turns around to see that her teammates except Raven are gone.

Raven said, "Where do they do?" "Let's find them." said Lenore. Katie said, "Let's meet at a restaurant." "Right." said the others as they began to search for their friends. Katie went back to the area with Apriell to find her friends' bey carriers on the floor. Katie said, "Looks like they got kidnapped by some people, but who?" as she put the 6 bey carriers on her, then went to a restaurant for the others.

When Katie walk to through the park, she noticed some footsteps behind her, even Apriell look behind to see some people in strange pirate clothes tipped toeing to her, so Katie then run to the restaurant in high speed, while the kidnappers chase her through the park in 16 mins, but loose them in a mini abbey way.

When she got to the beat area, she saw her friends in rope being tied up on a big pirate ship, then ran for the restaurant to tell Raven, Lenore, Hick, and Bella about it. Hick said, "Ok, so what do we do?" "I got an idea, listen, this will use your talents." said Katie The other said, "Right." as they hear on Katie's plan.

On a brown tan & white boat, TJ said it to their kidnappers, while being tied up with his team, "You creeps never get away from this!" The leader, wearing a dark brown / light red straw hat, dark red shirt, cerulean blue shorts, and orange shoes said, "I like to see your friend try." Suddenly the pirate group hears some music outside, so they go to check to find Lenore dressed as a yellow mermaid on a bench saying this to the kidnappers, "Hello, pirate group. How are you?" as she gives a wink. At the same time, Katie & the others sneak into the pirate ship. The rescue team walks quietly to the lower deck to find the other Elemental Bladers by some crate of stuff.

Bella and Katie were untying TJ's group, while Hick thought of a surprise sneak attack with their beys on the pirate group as their plan with Bella. Katie gives her friends their bey carriers to get their beys ready for the surprise sneak attack plan.

The pirate group walked like 10 feet away to the lower deck entrance, while the female member with yellow-orange hair said, "There are no mermaids that sit on a bench at dry land." As they thought about Lenore' strange looks, while the Elemental Bladers jumped from the lower deck to ambush the pirates, another pirate member with lime green hair said, "Rat, those kids got free." "Wha." said the other pirates as they pulled out their own bey gears, but the U.S. team launched their beys, then said in unison, "Attacks!" as the 7 beyblades use a seven color rainbow streak attack on their kidnappers in a colorful smoke, when they hit those bey pirates.

As bey pirates were on the ground, TJ said, "Hope, this event teaches you guys not to kidnap this team to get what you want?" "I guess so, we're sorry." said another female member with long blackish gray hair as her friends apologized, then TJ's group decided to let the bey pirates join them for fun in the park.

Now the U.S. team have handled a kidnapping problem with bey wielding pirates, that means they can take on everything at them.

Hope you like this.
Check out this, I type up,

Elemental Force - This is a super power up ability in the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force, Third season, & Fourth season series.

It is a special generated energies from the sync bond of both Bey player and Bit Spirits in beybattle, it respond on intense emotions harness to amplify the powers.

The bey players can show this ability in an elemental color aura around the body, sometimes the eyes & hairs change colors to the aura's through this special resonance sync energy. As the Beys enter Elemental Force, it's color change into a gem-like illuminating sparkle light to use temporary increasing speed, power, and a boost in its 1st stage level by their player's aura colors emits.

Elemental Force Awaken: This is the second level of the 1st stage level, when the bey players channel & focus their determination to the limited break in battle.

Mega Ultra Elemental Force: It is the third level after the 2nd stage in epic battle by unlock their Beyblade bond's deepest true powers through off the limit in epic reach with their bit Spirits.

Rainbow Omega Elemental Force: This is the ultimate version form of Elemental Force ability, when the players & bit spirits in a group gave sync with each others with in hearts, soul, feelings, & friendship to glow in their teammate's aura colors in a rainbow streak for maximum level of Power, Speed, and more.

Elemental Spark Launch: As the Bey Players is emits in his / her Elemental Force Aura state, while ready to launch, they released spark of different elements on the person's bit spirit's own elemental energies through the launch.
Elemental Warrior's Powerful Unit Star System Beyblade (P.U.S) System:

History: When the Elemental Warriors Accepted a team challenge  from a new team, TJ subjected that they make their own new system of Beyblade with amazing unimaginative beyond elemental powers to fight with. So they build them and master the beys with their friends both in school & the World Championship in the Hotel in White Rock Lake Park, Dallas, TX.

This system is a combination of the Beyblade's three generation best systems:

1st: (HMS) - Hard Metal System: https://beyblade.fandom.com/wiki/Hard_Metal_System

2nd: (HWS) - Hybrid Wheel System: https://beyblade.fandom.com/wiki/Hybrid_Wheel_System

3rd: (Burst: Turbo, GT, & Sparking System): https://beyblade.fandom.com/wiki/Burst_System

Turbo: https://beyblade.fandom.com/wiki/List_of...stem_parts

GT: https://beyblade.fandom.com/wiki/List_of...stem_parts

Sparking: https://beyblade.fandom.com/wiki/List_of...stem_parts

hope this system, will surprise you guys?
Honestly, I think second graders are a little too young to go to the world championship. I don't think the parents would let them. Maybe 5th or 6th graders.
I really love the drawings. I have never seen such good drawings from a Beyblader. Also, if you want to create a digital cover for your book, I recommend using Canva. It's free and easy to use. I feel like the dimension the kids are from ("Strawberry Rainbow land") could use a better name like "Struafaoxar" I think the characters should also look tougher. I mean, they are going to help them to go the world championship after all. I am also writing a book. So far, I've only gotten 166 pages Unhappy It is called "The Five Flares." (No copy writing) The main character is Valtryek, and his brother is Achilles. It kind of shows you the life of the Beyblades spirits. Here are the last few chapters to maybe help you with your book. P.s I spelled Valtryek's name wrong so I wouldn't be fined for copy writing.

Chapter 27

Wisp woke up as she heard Hawk mumbling something in his sleep. Is he okay? Wisp asked Thunder. I think he’s having a bad dream. I’ll wake him up, replied Thunder.
Wisp watched as Hawk reluctantly sat up after being woken up. What is it? asked Hawk, sounding cranky. You were talking in your sleep as if you were having a bad dream, said Thunder. I was, well not really. It’s hard to explain. Just let me go back to sleep, he said yawning. Well we're all already awake, so we should get a move on, said Vision from behind her. She then got up and grabbed her bags.
Ready? Asked Vision as they all jumped up onto Scrap’s giant metal back. Yeah, sighed Hawk. He then told Scrap to go up, and they launched up into the sky. Wisp looked at Hawk and sensed something was different about him. What is it? She wondered in her head. It’s more than just him being tired. Suddenly Hawk glanced back at her and whispered, you’re right it’s more than me being tired. How did you know… but before she could ask him he turned his head away and started to mess with his watch gadget.
Suddenly Wisp felt Scrap start to drop lower and lower. What’s happening, why are we lowering? He’s probably tired, said Valtryeik. Even the most complex robots get tired, said Hawk. And plus there's a lot more people riding on him, said Wisp, realizing how little room she had on Scrap's back. Once they landed there was a loud pop. carp! Shouted Hawk as he hopped off and looked at one of Scrap’s wings. What is it? Asked Thunder. His wing joint snapped out of place. Can you fix it? Asked Wisp. If it were a ball joint I might be able to shift it back into place, but this is a hinge joint. I need my tools to be able to fix this, said Hawk. Did you bring them? Asked Vision. No, replied Hawk. So you’re saying we’ll have to walk the rest of the way? Asked Valtryeik. Yeah, said Hawk looking down at his feet.
Wisp was about to comfort him when she noticed something shimmering in Valtryeik’s bag. Hey Valtryeik something is glowing in your bag, said Wisp. Valtryeik took his bag off of his back, and started rummaging through it. He then pulled out some kind of artifact. Oh it’s only the compass thing, said Valtryeik, putting it back in his bag. That’s not a compass, laughed Vision. That’s the ancient artifact, every chosen five gets one.
For some reason Wisp thought it looked different. But before she could say anything Achilles started talking to Vision. Hey Vision, have you heard of the Embers-tribe? He asked. Yes I have, that's a tribe in the Western mountains. Well, Wind and I met them when I ran away, and we found out that there are sub powers that come from fire powers, and that there are people out there that can use those sub powers. What do you mean by sub powers? Asked Vision. Like powers that are related to fire, but that aren’t the same, said Achilles. Give me an example, said Vision. Okay, lava powers, said Achilles. And to Wisp’s surprise he made a ball of lava hover in thin air. That’s amazing, gasped Vision in amazement. I’ve never seen Flame do that. Also, I heard shadow, lightning, earth, and water powers also have sub powers too. What are they? Asked Valtryeik sounding excited. Um, I forget, said Achilles looking at his feet in embarrassment. Well I remember some, said Wind. Water has ice and snow, earth has rock and metal, fire has lava and embers, and lightning has plasma and sparks, but I forget what shadow has. Oh, said Valtryeik, sounding even more disappointed.
Wisp suddenly felt something nudging her. She looked down to see Zap looking up at her. What’s wrong? She asked. He’s hungry, said Hawk. She looked up at him. How do you know? She told me, he said quietly. Told you? Said Wisp. Um, well I kinda… But before Hawk could finish Valtryeik walked over to Zap and gave her some food. Here you go, he said patting Zap’s head as she chewed. Thanks, said Wisp. No problem, replied Valtryeik as he then fed Jello, Spike, and Candle.
Can we ride on Scrap’s back while he walks? Asked Achilles. Yeah, but I don’t we should all sit on him at once, said Hawk. I can walk, said Thunder. I’ll walk too I guess, said Rocktevour. I’ll walk then, said Hawk.
Once they set off again Wisp noticed Rocktevour glaring at Hawk. Huh, what’s that about? She thought to herself. She then turned to Valtryeik and whispered in his ear. What’s up with Rocktevour? Huh? Valtryeik turned his head and looked at Rocktevour. I don’t know, you should ask him, said Valtryeik. I don’t know, said Wisp hesitantly.
Then suddenly Thunder and Hawk started to laugh together, and she heard Rocktevour sigh. He’s jealous, she realized. He likes Thunder. Wisp looked at Valtryeik. I can’t imagine how awful it would feel if he liked another girl. Maybe I should go swap places with him so he can ride up here. But before she said anything she felt Valtryeik press against her. She looked up and saw him smiling at her. What? She asked. Nothing, he said. She smiled back and then rested her head on his broad shoulders. I love you, he whispered. I love you too, she whispered back and she then gradually fell asleep in his arms.
Wisp looked around and saw a teenage boy next to her. Suddenly she spoke. Thanks for helping me escape Kay. No problem, replied the teenage boy. I’m inside Metal again, she thought to herself. Wisp tried to keep her thoughts quite so that Metal wouldn’t know she was there. How do you like the swords I made you? Asked Kay. There pretty sweet said Metal as he pulled out one of the swords and swung it through the air. Woah, thought Wisp as she saw the sword spread out like a whip. Wait, but there isn’t anything holding the pieces together. How is it stretched out like that? Suddenly Metal then spoke to her. There’s a gravitational pull between each piece. Also, I’m almost at the Western Bay. Are you on your way? Yeah, she replied. I’m sorry I doubted… But before she could finish her thought she was jolted awake as she felt Valtryeik shift.

Chapter 28

Valtryeik held Wisp closely so that she wouldn’t slip off Scarp as he stopped to let everyone get down. She then woke up with a jolt as Scrap’s body thumped against the earth. You okay? He asked. Now I am, she said, kissing him. She then slid down off of Scrap. Are we setting up camp already? She asked. No, we're just stopping for a lunch break, he replied. Okay, she said as she pulled a couple blankets out of her bag for everyone to sit on.
Hey I’m going to go for a walk and stretch my legs, you wanna join me, Valtryeik asked Achilles. Achilles looked from setting up the blankets smiling. Just you and me? he asked. Yep, you and me, said Valtryeik. Sure, said Achilles standing up. Don’t be long! Shouted from a distance. We won’t! Valtryeik shouted back.
So um you and Wind are like a thing now? Said Valtryeik trying to start a conversation. Yeah, said Achilles. What do you like about her? asked Valtryeik. To be honest I have no idea, she just seems so perfect, said Achilles. Yeah I feel the same way about Wisp, said Valtryeik. Hey Valtryeik, I’m not trying to change the subject or anything, but I wanna know if you ever think about mom and dad. Of course I do, said Valtryeik. I miss them a lot, and I wonder what's happening to them all the time.
Achilles looked up at him with teary eyes. I miss them too. Valtryeik, feeling as if Achilles needed comfort, walked over and gave him a noogie. Of course you do, you annoying cry baby, he said smiling. Achilles laughed and hugged him. You're the best big brother ever, said Achilles as they started walking farther into the forest. Valtryeik smiled and in reply said, I love you little bro. I love you …But Achilles was cut off as they both felt something knock them off their feet. Ahh! said Achilles as they were pulled upwards. Valtryeik looked up and saw that his feet were stuck in a rope. We caught something! Valtryeik heard someone shout in the distance. He swung around and saw a disappointed looking teenage boy. Then he heard Achilles gasp in surprise. Metal! Shouted Achilles. Valtryeik looked back to the boy and saw a robot behind him. Metal! It’s us, shouted Valtryeik. The robot then stepped forward. Valtryeik! Achilles! Metal said, smiling. Kay cut them down, Metal told the boy standing next to him.
With a thud both Valtryeik and Achilles fell. Metal, said Achilles running up to him and hugging him. Where are the others? Asked Metal looking around. They're setting up a place to eat, replied Achilles. Metal suddenly looked ashamed. I’m really sorry for what I did, said Metal. WHy did you do it? Asked Valtryeik. Metal looked up at him and said, if I didn’t my master would have killed me. But we don’t have to worry about that anymore, I hacked into Metal’s coding and blocked his master's administrator access, said Kay, Is the Shadow Lord near the kingdom yet? Asked Valtryeik. Then suddenly Kay grinned, and said we threw them off course. It should take about another month for them to get there. Thew, sighed Achilles in relief.
How are we going to win the battle, asked Valtryeik. With this, said Metal as he held up a staff. Woah, said Achilles reaching out his arm to touch it. Don’t, said Metal pulling it away. If a human who doesn’t have shadow powers touches it they’ll be possessed by dark magic. That’s what happened to my master.
Who is your master? Asked Achilles. His name is Solar, but you know him as the kid-napper, said Metal. Was he good before he was possessed, asked Valtryeik. Yes, in fact he made robots to go around and help people, but then after touching the staff he changed their programming to steal the time crystal. Do you know where he’s keeping our parents? Asked Achilles. Yeah, but you won’t like my answer, said Metal. Tell us! Said Achilles. Metal sighed and then said, the Whispers Tribe and your parents are slaves underground in the Southern Mountains. What are they doing to them? Asked Valtryeik. They’re making them mine an ancient stone called shadowbloom. What are they using the shado… But before Achilles could speak Kay spoke. Let’s just get to your friends and tell everybody at once there. Okay, replied Valtryeik as he turned around and started heading the way they came.
How did you guys meet? Valtryeik heard Achilles ask Kay and Metal. We met in the demon realm and… Wait did you say demon realm, said Achilles. Um yeah, that’s where I was born, said Kay. So you’re a demon? Asked Achilles sounding scared. Yes, but a good one, said Kay. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a good demon, said Achilles. Yeah there are, but they mostly stay in the demon realm away from humans. The bad demons are the ones that come here more often. That’s why good demons aren’t as well known.
As they neared where they had set up to eat everyone looked up in surprise at the sight of metal. What’s Metal doing here? Asked Wisp. He found us in the woods, said Achilles. Are we still going to the western bay? Asked Rocktevour. No, answered Metal. Who are you? Vision looking at Kay. They then explained everything.
Wait, what does the Shadowbloom stone do? Asked Rocktevour. It will help set the blood dragon free from the demon realm. Is it dangerous? Asked Achilles. Yes, it is very dangerous. That is why we need to go to the demon realm to slay it. We have to slay a dragon, said Rokctevour, sounding terrified. No, only Valtryeik and Vision are able to go into the demon realm, said Metal. No way am I letting my boyfriend go to some dangerous realm while I’m stuck here wondering if he’s okay, said Wisp crossly.
It’s the only option, said Metal sounding a little desperate. If he doesn’t come this whole world will be destroyed by the Shadow Lord, and the blood dragon. I have a hard time buying this, said Vision. Why don’t we go back to the kingdom and tell the others, said Rocktevour. Yes, I agree that would be good. How long will this quest take? Asked Valtryeik. About a month, said Kay. A month! said Wisp in shock. Wisp it will be alright, said Valtryeik touching her shoulder. Don’t tell me this is fine! Said Wisp pushing away from him. I’m not okay with this, said Wisp as she stroked Zap’s gray pelt. I don’t like this either, said Achilles.

Chapter 29

Achilles put his hands above the campfire and sighed as he felt the warmth rising from the flickering flames. Thanks for the food and the sleeping bag, said Kay. No problem, said Valtryeik, sounding distracted as he watched Wisp stare blankly into the fire. Achilles trying to comfort Valtryeik scooched over and sat next to him. You okay? Asked Achilles. Achilles leaned back in shock as he saw anger in Valtryeik’s gaze. Of course I’m not okay, our parents are kidnapped, the shadow lord is hunting us, and now I have to worry about some dragon destroying the world. Everything is going wrong. I just want a normal life! Suddenly Valtryeik sat up and stormed out of the makeshift camp.
Achilles sat up and followed Valtryeik. Where is he? He thought as he looked around. Suddenly he felt panic at the idea that he might have been hurt, but then he felt relieved as he saw him sitting by the river. Achilles then ran over to him. Valtryeik glanced over his shoulder with tears in his eyes. He quickly looked away and started silently crying.
Achilles sat down next to him, and put his arm around Valtryeik’s shoulder. I… I miss mom, and dad, stammered Valtryeik. I miss them too, said Achilles as he started to feel sad.
Achilles then stood up beside him and without thinking yelled at the top of his lungs at the night sky. Raaaaaaaaahh!! Valtryeik looked up at him, whipping away his tears. He then stood up and started yelling too. As they stopped yelling Achilles heard their voices fade into the trees. I love you, said Valtryeik as he hugged Achilles. I love you too, said Achilles.
Achilles suddenly heard footsteps approaching, and saw Wisp, Hawk, and Rocktevour standing there. Me three, said Rocktevour smiling as he joined in the hug. Me four, said Wisp laughing. Me five, said Hawk, and they all stood there in a big group hug. Thanks guys, said Valtryeik, whipping away the rest of his tears.
They then all pulled away and exchanged smiles. We’re like a family, all looking out for each other, thought Achilles to himself. For what felt like the first time in forever he felt as if all his problems were solved. He smiled and looked up at the stars sparkling in the night sky.
As he curled up against Wind’s warm body he thought of what might happen once Valtryeik went into the demon realm, but his thoughts soon faded away as he fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 30

Hawk found himself in the familiar sunlit forest. He looked around and saw Yán Shí talking to a deer. Hi, said Hawk startling Yán Shí. Oh hello, said Yán Shí. Are you ready for your next mind reading lesson? Actually no, I want to know how to control metal with my powers, replied Hawk. Okay, but it’s very hard I warn you, said Yán Shí.
I can take on anything, said Hawk. Okay then, said Yán Shí as he placed metal in front of him. Okay now, plant your feet into the ground. As Hawk did what he was told he looked at the metal and realized how big it was. Okay, now focus your attention on the shape of metal, and then imagine it turning into a shape you want it to be. Hawk then focused on the rectangular shape of the metal, closed his eyes, and imagined it turning into a sphere. As he opened his eyes he saw that it still was the same. What? I did what you told me, said Hawk feeling frustrated. Try doing it again, but this time with your eyes open, said Yán Shí.
Hawk then focused on the shape of the metal again, and keeping his eyes open imagined the metal bar turning into a sphere, and to his surprise the metal started changing, and eventually became an almost perfect sphere. Very good, now you practice that everyday, and when you master that, I will show you how to move metal from place to place. Okay I will, said Hawk as everything around him started to fade away.
Hawk woke up as the sunlight hit his face. He sat up and saw that everyone was still asleep. Perfect, he thought as he walked out of the camp. He then threw a fork onto the ground, and focused all of his attention on the fork, imagining it turning into a knife. He watched as he made each of the fork’s tines form together and shape the blade. He then made a long vine grow. Picking up the knife, Hawk sliced the vine clean, and smiled in satisfaction as he heard it thump on the ground.
What are you doing? Came a voice from behind him. He spun around and relaxed as he saw that it was Thunder. Oh um, just practicing growing vines, he lied. Can you follow me real quick? I want to talk to you in private, said Thunder. Okay, said Hawk as he followed her towards the bank of the river. She then sat down looking at the rippling water.
This is my chance to tell her how I feel, thought Hawk. Hawk sat down next to her and cleared his throat. Listen, I need to tell you something, said Hawk. Okay I’m listening, said Thunder. Hawk took a deep breath. I just think you're the most incredible and beautiful person I have ever met, and... He swallowed. I love you. He looked up to see her reaction and saw that she was smiling. Thunder without warning leaned over him and kissed him. She then pulled away and whispered in his ear. I love you too.
Suddenly Hawk heard footsteps, and Thunder jumped off of him. Hawk saw Rocktevour running away sniffling. Hawk then ran after him. Dude what’s wrong? Asked Hawk. Hawk then jumped back in shock as Rocktevour shouted at him. I hate you! Why did you have to tell her that! Rocktevour then using his powers shot water at Hawk knocking him back. Thunder ran over to Hawk and then shouted at Rocktevour. What’s wrong with you! She shouted. Hawk watched Rocktevour’s eyes tear up. I’m leaving! He shouted. Good! shouted Thunder back. Are you okay? Asked Valtryeik, running up to Hawk. Yeah, but I don’t think Rocktevour is, he mumbled.
I’ll go after him, said Valtryeik. I’ve known him all my life. He’ll listen to me. Hawk then watched Valtryeik run after Rocktevour into the woods. Are you sure you're alright? Asked Thunder. Yeah, said Hawk standing up. Why did he flip out on you like that? She asked. I think he likes you, answered Hawk, standing close to her protectively.
As Hawk and the others sat in camp waiting for Valtryeik and Rocktevour to return he noticed that Scrap had grown moss on his metal. It must be the crystal that's making that happen, he thought to himself. Does this happen a lot? asked Kay as he stretched out on the grass. Um not really, the only time someone ran away was when Achilles got hurt, said Wind.
I ran away once, said Hawk. Suddenly everyone looked up at him. Even Vision looked interested. I ran away from home, because my… My parents abused me and said they wished I was never born. Everyone gasped. I already told Valtryeik, Hawk said. Did you go to an orphanage? asked Wind. No, I lived in an abandoned house. Did you have any siblings? Asked Achilles. I really don’t want to talk about this anymore, said Hawk.
There were a few moments of silence and then Kay spoke. If it makes you feel better I can tell you my story. Sure, said Hawk looking up. Kay then began. Like I said yesterday I lived in the demon realm, because well I’m part demon. My father, King Tooth likes to spread terror over the demon realm. He wanted everyone to give him all their money, so lot’s of the demon families were homeless and had to hunt for their food. I felt bad for them, so I went behind my fathers back and stole all of the money he had taken. I then gave it back to all of the demons. But one day when I came back home from helping the other demons my father found out what I was doing, from one of his guards, so he confronted me and asked me if it were true. When I told him that I had been giving the demons money he tried to kill me, but luckily I was able to escape with the help of Metal.
Hawk stared at him in disbelief. Are all demon fathers like that? he asked. Most of them aren’t, but I happened to have one like that, replied Kay. Did you have a mother? Asked Thunder. Kay's gaze then seemed to darken with grief. He killed her, he choked out, and… and it’s all my fault. I should have protected her. Suddenly Hawk saw tears swell up in Kay’s eyes. Metal then walked over to Kay and sat down next to him putting his hand on his shoulder. You’re not responsible for her death, said Metal reassuringly.
As they all sat there Hawk realized it was starting to get dark, yet Valtryeik and Rocktevour were still not back. Should we be worried that they’re still not back? asked Metal. Yeah, maybe we should go looking for them, said Wind. I don’t know. Maybe we should wait in case they come back and don’t know where we are, said Vision. Well I’m going to go and get some shut eye, said Hawk. Me too, yawned Achilles. I guess we could all get some sleep, said Vision laying down on his sleeping bag.
Even as Hawk was cuddled up with Thunder’s warm body he felt worried for Rocktevour and Valtryeik. I feel bad for Rocktevour, but I also feel angry at him, thought Hawk to himself. But suddenly his worries went away as he felt Thunder kissing his neck. Hawk smiled and kissed her right back enjoying this new romantic feeling he had with her. He breathed in her sweet scent and felt as if he were floating in her touch. He then felt chills go down his spine as her soft fingertips traveled down his back, and then he settled as he felt her arms wrap around his waist. It feels so good to have someone who loves me like this, he thought to himself. Someday when this is all over we’ll a house of our own, and it will have a beautiful view of the mountains, she whispered in his ear. I’d like that, he said as he played with her hair.

Chapter 31

Rocktevour stumbled as his foot caught on a root. Ow, he mumbled as Spike’s claws dug into his shoulder for stability. Why did I lose my temper like that? He thought to himself. Hawk and Thunder make a great couple, I would never be right for Thunder. Suddenly he felt depressed again. What is it that she sees in Hawk, and not me?
Crack! He spun around at the sound of a snapping twig and saw Valtryeik standing there. Oh it’s you, he sighed in relief. Why did you follow me? He asked. Because you're my best friend, and that’s what friends do do. They make sure there… Okay you don’t have to make a big speech, said Rocktevour walking deeper into the woods. You know you got everybody worried right? Asked Valtryeik. Rocktevour stopped in interest. Is Thunder worried about me? He asked, Um… Valtryeik hesitated. I knew it, sighed Rocktevour walking on. Listen, there are more girls out there waiting for a guy just like you, said Valtryeik. Remember Adia from school? She liked you. Rocktevour spun around and faced him. You mean that weird girl that only ever talked about TikTok. Valtryeik laughed. Well I thought that part about her was kinda cute. Your idea of cute is different than mine, said Rocktevour as he continued to walk.
What about Light? You guys seemed to really like each other. Said Valtryeik. Rocktevour sighed. She was too pushy. She bossed me around, and all she ever wanted to do was make out with me and she constantly tried kissing me. And boy were her hickeys painful. They both then started laughing hysterically leaning on each other so they wouldn’t fall over. After several moments of silence Valtryeik spoke. Hey, maybe we should get back, it’s getting late. Okay, sighed Rocktevour reluctantly.
Do you miss your siblings and parents? Asked Valtryeik Suddenly. Big time, sighed Rocktevour. I think about them almost everyday. You're lucky that you have your brother with you, said Rocktevour. Yeah… said Valtryeik sounding distracted. What is it? Asked Rocktevour. Nothing, it’s just I wish this thing would end soon. I really miss home. Me too, said Rocktevour. I wonder how my parents are in the mines, said Valtryeik. I don’t… But Valtryeik interrupted him. Wait a second. I don’t need to go to the demon realm to slay the Blood Dragon, when we can destroy the one thing that would allow it to cross over. We could destroy the mine and save the tribe and your parents! Said Rocktevour smiling. Yeah, said Valtryeik.
We have to share this idea with the others, said Rocktevour running towards where the camp was, but suddenly without warning the ground shifted and he plummeted down into a dark cave. Rocktevour! Shouted Valtryeik from above.
Rocktevour looked up and saw Valtryeik peering down the hole. You okay? He shouted. Yeah, said Rocktevour. What’s this? He thought to himself. He looked further into the cave and saw multiple rectangular tunnels. Suddenly he heard a thump from behind him and saw Valtryeik and Spike behind him. Dude now we’re both stuck, said Rocktevour. Not if we find a way out, said Valtryeik running into the tunnel in front of them. Rocktevour sighed and picked up Spike as they walked with Valtryeik.
As they got farther into the tunnel Rocktevour could barely see Valtryeik, and he huffed as he tried to breath in fresh air. Urhh, where are we even going, he complained. We’re going… but Valtryeik went silent.
What? Asked Rocktevour trying to see Valtryeik. I see something, said Valtryeik. How can you see anything in this dark? Rocktevour huffed. I can see fine, it must be an ability you get when you have shadow powers. Well what do you see? Asked Rocktevour. I see some kind of stone wall, I think it’s a building. What would a building be doing down here? asked Rocktevour. Wait. This isn’t a building, this is a dungeon, there are bars and… Smash! Valtryeik was cut off at the sound of something falling. Rocktevour looked up and saw moonlight peeking through a hole. I can see, he sighed as he looked around the moonlit dungeon. Ahh! he shouted as felt a bony hand on his leg. He turned around and saw a half broken skeleton reaching for him. I don’t think it’s safe here, said Valtryeik as he pulled out his sword. Rocktevour following his lead pulled out his trident and smashed the skeleton’s skull. It’s a cursed dungeon, the skeletons are alive, so there could be monsters in here too, said Valtryeik peering through the bars of a cage. Creek… Rocktevour spun his head around and saw an old sturdy looking door swing open and another skeleton came stumbling out. Rocktevour then shot ice water out of his trident and crushed the skeleton’s skull. We need to get out of here, said Valtryeik, looking at the hole above them. Look a wooden ladder, said Rocktevour pointing to an old ragged ladder leaning against a cage. He then cautiously picked up the ladder and propped it up under the hole.
He watched as Valtryeik climbed up the weak ladder. Crack! Careful, said Rocktevour as one of the rungs snapped. After several terrifying moments Valtryeik reached the top and climbed out. Rocktevour then reached up, grabbed the first rung, and pulled himself up onto the next. Graah. Rocktevour froze at the sound of yet another skeleton. He glanced over his shoulder in horror as he saw one running towards him. Hurry! Shouted Valtryeik from outside. Rocktevour then reached for rung after rung, and squeezed his eyes shut as he heard the skeleton climbing up after him. He felt Valtryeik’s hand grab his hand and pull him up.
Rocktevour watched as Valtryeik pushed the ladder, sending the skeleton falling back down into the dark dungeon. Rocktevour sighed in relief as he looked around and saw the beautiful moonlit forest.

Chapter 32

Wisp sat up as she heard crunching leaves outside the camp. She stood up and walked outside. She smiled as she saw Valtryeik and Rocktevour walking towards her. Hi, mumbled Rocktevour as he looked down at his feet. Hi sorry we had a little adventure, said Valtryeik as he walked into camp with Rocktevour.
Wisp lay back down on and on her makeshift bed and sighed at the thought that Valtryeik and Rocktevour were alright. She then closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep. She found herself in a misty sunlit forest looking at Hawk and an older man standing besides him. She looked around and saw Valtryeik, Achilles, and Rokctevour all looking just as confused as she was. I’ve been meaning to tell you guys something, said Hawk looking at the man standing next to him.
I have special abilities besides earth powers, said Hawk. Like what? Asked Achilles. Well, I can come here, and… Where are we? Asked Achilles. Well this is where people come when they die, well the people that want to come here that is, said Hawk. What do you mean? Asked Valtryeik. Well people can choose to come back as another person or animal, but then they lose all their memories of their past life. So we’re in heaven? Asked Rocktevour. Wisp thought she saw a flash of aggression in Hawk’s eyes as he responded to Rocktevour but it quickly disappeared. In a way, but it isn’t called that. It’s our ancestor’s skys. I also have the ability to read minds, said Hawk. Wait what am I thinking now, asked Achilles grinning. I’m not going to say that out loud, laughed Hawk. Anything else said the man standing next to Hawk. Oh yeah, I’m also learning to control metal with my powers.
That’s amazing, said Wisp. Can you help teach us how to use our other powers? She asked the man standing next to Hawk. No, but they can, said the man. Suddenly Wisp saw four other figures walking out of the trees. I am Yán Shí the first earth warrior, and these are the other first elemental warriors. I am Huǒ Zāi master of fire, said a tall man with a long white beard. I am Pào Mò, master of water, said a shorter man with a small black goatee. I am Fēng Bào, master of lighting, spoke a woman with black hair in a ponytail. I am Hēi Àn master of shadow, said the last person. Wisp looked at him and was surprised to see that he had the same shade of dark blue eyes and black hair that Valtryeik had. I’m… But before Valtryeik could introduce himself Hēi Àn spoke. We know who you are. Oh okay, said Valtryeik. So you wish to learn the other powers that your elements hold? Asked Hēi Àn. Yes, they all answered. Okay to learn how, you must all go to where your elements are most powerful, said Fēng Bào. Unfortunately we are not able to teach you ourselves in this forest. That’s it? Asked Valtryeik. But before he could answer him, everything started to fade.
Wisp sat up and looked at the others as they too awoke. Where are powers are most powerful, she heard Rocktevour mumble. Where could that be? Asked Achilles. The demon realm, said Valtryeik standing up. What, but what about our plan? Asked Rocktevour. What plan? Asked Kay. We thought of a way of keeping the blood dragon from coming here, but now I think I need to go to be able to use my other powers. What’s all this talk about, said Vision sitting up. Wisp then dived into the story of what happened while they slept. That’s interesting, said Vision, rubbing his beard. They said where your powers are strongest, so I must go to the demon realm, because that's full of the shadow element, said Valtryeik. Where would Achilles go? asked Wind. Nowhere, not yet at least. We need to do one thing at a time, said Valtryeik. How are you going to teach yourself your new powers, and defeat the blood dragon all in less than a month? Asked Wisp. Before Valtryeik could reply Metal spoke. Time in the demon realm is faster, so in the demon realm what may be a year may only be a few weeks in this realm. So he will only really be gone a week or two? Asked Vision. Yes, said Kay. What will we do while you’re gone? Asked Achilles. Here, said Metal as he gave Vision a glove. What’s this for? Asked Vision. So you can hold this without being possessed, said Metal as he pulled out the sorcerer's staff.
It’s heavy, gasped Vision as he held it in his gloved hand. When the Death Bringers come you can use this and they will be teleported several miles away, but it only works once, said Kay. I thought you guys said that would defeat them, said Vatryeik. No, but it will help us defeat them, said Metal.
When do you go? Asked Wisp. We should go now, the less time we waste the better, said Metal. Can I come? squeaked Jello. No sorry, said Valtryeik as he patted him on the head. Actually he can, said Kay. I thought you said only Vision and I could go, said Valtryeik. You two are the only humans that can go. I didn’t say anything about monsters. There aren’t any other humans that can go? Asked Valtryeik. Well no, there are some other people that have the sub shadow powers that allow them to go, said Metal. Yeah I get to go! Squealed Jello. I think you’re getting side tracked, said Vision. Oh yeah, said Valtryeik as he walked towards Wisp. I’m going to miss you, said Wisp as she hugged and kissed him goodbye. She then watched as he went around and hugged the rest of them. Bye I love you, said Achilles as he hugged Valtryeik. You too, sighed Valtryeik. See you bro, mumbled Rocktevour. I’m gonna miss you, said Hawk as he stepped back. Bye, said Wind as she and Thunder hugged him goodbye. Are you coming he? asked Vision. No, I’m staying here so that I can protect the kingdom. Okay, said Valtryeik. Bye I love you guys. He said to all of them one last time. We love you too, said Rocktevour as he waved goodbye. Wisp watched as he picked up Jello, took Kay and Metal’s hands and vanished into mid air.

Part 5: Light In The Shadows
Chapter 33

Valtryeik cursed under his breath as he tripped on yet another dead branch. He had been traveling with Metal and Kay for several days now, yet he still wasn’t used to the seemingly dead vegetation. Why does everything appear dead? Asked Valtryeik. It keeps the realm safe from creatures in your realm. If everything looked alive, we would get lots of visitors, replied Kay. Oh, said Valtryeik as he stepped over another “dead” branch. Also why don’t you like a demon if you are one? Asked Valtryeik. I’m a flux demon, they are able to change their form, but some aren’t able to change back to their demon form. That’s what happened to me, so I’m stuck looking like a human forever.
Hey look a shadow talgiuth, said Metal pointing to a shadowy creature up ahead. Finally, food said Kay as he pulled out two small twin scythes. Valtryeik watched as he creeped forward with his feet carefully being placed. Suddenly the deer looked up and sniffed the air. It then froze. It smells him, Valtryeik thought to himself. He wanted to do something but before he could Kay leaped onto the talgiuth and killed it with a quick blow to the head. Valtryeik watched in amazement as the shadow talgiuth’s energy went inside Kay's body. Did you just steal his soul? Said Valtryeik, stepped back in fright. Ha no, that would be awful. I absorbed its energy, that’s how demons eat when there's no real food around, answered Kay. Oh, sighed Valtryeik in relief. How much longer until we get your friends? Why, does your weak human bladder have to go again? Asked Kay. No, I’m hungry, said Valtryeik defending himself. Here, spoke Metal as he handed him a strange looking fruit. Thanks, said Valtryeik as he grabbed it from his hand. He bit into it’s soft green flesh and found that it was nice and sweet inside. Demon realm food tastes pretty good, said Valtryeik out loud. Well if you like that, wait until you eat Apollyon’s leoricot pie, said Kay. Leora… what? Asked Valtryeik. Leoricot, said Kay. It’s the fruit you just had. Ah, okay, said Valtryeik. Is Apollyon one of your friends? Yeah, he is a sharp-tailed demon. He may look all mean and tough on the outside, but he’s really a big teddy bear on the inside, said Kay grinning. He sounds like a good person, said Valtryeik. You mean demon, said Metal, smiling. Oh yeah, right, laughed Valtryeik, as he gave Jello the other half of the leoricot. Thanks, mumbled Jello around the mouthful.
Do you know what the sub powers of shadow are? Valtryeik asked Metal. Nightmare and void, he replied. What do they do? Asked Valtryeik. With nightmare you can make your own shadow creatures, and with void you can turn invisible. Woah, that’s awesome, said Valtryeik. I hope I will figure out how to use them soon. Me too, otherwise we’ll never be able to defeat this dragon, said Kay
Valtryeik shivered at the thought of slaying a dragon. How big is it? Asked Valtryeik. Um, about seventy feet long, answered Kay. Seventy feet! Gasped Valtryeik. Yeah, that’s why we need to slay it quickly before time runs out, said Metal. It’s so powerful it could blast a hole through a mountain. Well, a mountain on Earth that is, said Metal. That sounds scary! Squeaked Jello. Don’t worry bud, said Valtryeik as he held Jello close. I wonder how the others are doing, said Valtryeik out loud. I’m sure they are fine. They’re probably heading back to the kingdom by now, said Metal. Shh! Whispered Kay as he motioned for them to stop. What is it? Asked Valtryeik. There's something coming, replied Kay. Valtryeik listened closely and heard something shifting in the bushes. He quickly pulled out his sword, and heard the shifting coming closer, and closer, until. Boo! Shouted a shadowy figure as he jumped out.
Phew! It’s just Apollyon, gasped Metal as he put his swords away. You found him! Exclaimed Apollyon. Yeah, it took a while, said Kay. Can he use his other powers yet? Asked Apollyon. No. Mumbled Valtryeik. Well I can teach you how to use Void. Appollyon grinned in excitement. Apollyon then turned back to Metal and Kay. I missed you guys. I also can’t wait until you see the fort. Yrena did a great job with it. Who is Yrena? asked Valtryeik. She’s some human girl that was kid-napped by my father. She now lives with us in the fort we built. Spoke Kay. Is she little? He asked, feeling concerned. No, she’s like 16. Oh okay, said Valtryeik feeling a little relieved. Why do you ask? Spoke Metal grinning. Dude no I have a girlfriend! Said Valtryeik feeling flustered. Okay, said Metal teasingly.
As they trekked after Apollyon in the lead Valtryeik thought he saw some shadowy figure out of the corner of his eye. He turned and the figure quickly disappeared. Maybe I’m just seeing things, he said as he turned around and kept walking. But yet again he saw something watching him in the distance. He turned again, and it quickly disappeared. What’s the matter? Asked Apollyon.
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Here is the 33rd chapter for the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force Series.

Chapter 33: The element trio powers of orange, purple, and white

On a nice afternoon at the restaurant, Shaky in Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan. The Elemental Bladers were at a table with Apriell on a high chair, while Raven put up a drink in the air to say this, "Cheer guys, for our advancing to the next round on these soft drinks." "Yeah to us." said the others as they drank some of their drinks.

TJ drank a little of his mix Fanta Orange / Fruit Punch soda then said, "Ah, refreshing . . . that some good drink, now time for the pizza buffet, yeah!" as he grabs a plate to get some pizzas. Raven said, "I think he's going from 1st to 4th." "Yep, TJ is going to enjoy this restaurant." said Katie. Angel said, "Mmm-mmm." as the 3 kids turn to the buffet lines, then (gasps). Steve and Drew said, "Huh, what is it?, guy?" as they, Shelby, & Ethan turn their heads in the same direction and (gasp). Because TJ got some pizza & desserts on his plate in a large pile as he got back to the table, then ate with joy. Drew said, "Now that something to see, dang . . ." "Woah . . ." said both Ethan & Steve. Katie and Shelby said in unison, "Agree . . ." "Apriell, this may not be something to see." said Angel as she covered her eyes as the little apple tot said, "Oh." as Ichigo's group enters the restaurant to see the little red boy eating as TJ said, "Man, so darn delicious!" "TJ, slow down on the eating train." said Ichigo. Hick said, "Or order some take out to go?"

The next morning in the Japanese National Stadium, the Japanese announcer said, "Welcome folks, the 2nd preliminaries of the World Championship!" as the crowd cheered loudly. At the Elemental Blader team bench, Drew, Katie, Shelby, Angel, and Apriell in her arms were talking about something. Angel said, "Ah snap, where is TJ at?" "Well he's here. . ." said Shelby. Then all four of them said it in unison, "In the very little moment." "Ba ba?" said Apriell. Then they heard a sound (groaning). Katie said, "Did you guys hear that noise from that hall?" as the noise is coming from TJ, who looks not so good as he walks weird & his skin looks so pale like a zombie or ghost. He said, "Oh . . . hey guys. Are you fellas really for this battle because I'm full pump to go." as he waddled to his teammates, while Angel said it in shock, "(Tx3) TJ is that you?"

"Yep Angel, it's me. I think you guys thought that I got sick from eating too much, but I feel a little ill, but I'm fine. Dragoon's warm wind will help to beat in it." as he pulled out his DG F.S (Dragoon Fantom Storm) bey from his right pocket. Raven said, "I don't think Dragoon can't help you in that state?" as TJ felt the pain of his stomach ache, while Dragoon was put back in his pocket. TJ said, "(groaning) oh man . . . This is a harsh plan in my stomach . . ." "Wow, that 5th trip of the pizza buffet was a big flat bad idea to get a horrible stomach ache." said Shelby. Katie said, "Now, what?" "Yeah, even he got some take out to go from Shaky right, Apriell?" said Angel. Apriell said, "Huh?"

Raven said to the other, "Guys, I guess TJ can't compete in the 2nd preliminaries round with a stomach ache like that one, he got?" as TJ hears that & runs toward him. TJ said, "What?! I can't sit back before the battle starts!? As he got too close to Raven, he freaked out. Raven said, "Calm down pal, you look like something from a halloween movie." "Our opponents will think I'm scary because of my state." said TJ as the E.B (Elemental Bladers) Helpers walk to the USA team bench as Mania said to him, "TJ, you're feeling a little upset stomach, I think, they're worried about your condition." "I'm good even if I was waddly." said TJ.

As he waddled a little then he fell on Ichigo's crest, while she helped TJ to stand up. Angela said, "Who'll take TJ's place in the third session?" "How about, Ethan?" said Mania. Ethan said, "Good idea, but look at the stands in the west area." as the kids look at the west area' stand to see Pr. Iris & Emmy (Emory) in that area.

Katie said, "It's Emmy and Pr. Iris, they are probably here to see our group play in the 2nd preliminaries." "Yeah, they're ready to record Ethan's data like TJ, Drew, and Katie's." said Raven. Drew said, "Ok . . . now what?" "Maybe try a new battle order?" said Gariga. Bella said, "But, who?" as Katie looks at Steven, Shelby, & Angel to say, "What about these three, they haven't battled in the world championships before not even once, how about we let them have this round?" as Ethan and Drew nobbed their heads to say it in unison, "Agree." "Yeah, the Super All Stars Breakerz don't have data of these guys, so the JP team will get a surprise twist." said Raven. TJ said, "Huh . . . (groaning & grunting). Ok, I'm going to the bathroom! Go get them, you guys, ah!" as he runs to the bathroom as fast as he can. Ichigo said, "I'm going after him. Ethan, Drew, I may need you two." as she runs to TJ. Ethan said, "Got it." "Coming." said Drew. at the stand bleachers near the U.S.A team bench, Mr. Rolando said to Curtis Griffin, "Looks like those kids are using a new battle order for this preliminary round, can't wait to see it."

"Well my grandson's guts have some bad digestion, but he'll be better in time. '' said Curtis. Mr. Rolando said, "Ah, I'll believe he got that from your side of the Thornton - Griffin families." "That be the cast." said TJ's grandpa. As the round began, Emory (Emmy) said, "Professor, it looks like the Elemental Bladers are using a new battle order with those three." as they look at the monitor that has Shelby, Steve, and Angel's faces on it.

"I see, we don't got datas on those kids. So make three files for their datas." said Pr. Iris. Emmy (Emory) said, "Indeed." as she started to make three data files for the E.B (Elemental Bladers)'s three last bey players. Tokyo SB (Super Blade) said it to the crowds, "OK, time to start this match, is the Belizian / Bolivian team, Spin Starters against the Elemental Bladers of the U.S.A & they're using a new group of bey players of the team." as the audience cheered wildly.

Raven said to Shelby, "Are you ready, that guy in the yellow orange / red orange samba clothes is your opponent for the 1st session." as he pointed Shelby to a Bolivian boy in the clothes that Raven tells with Dirty brownish blonde hair & light brown eyes on the other sides of the center stadium floor. Bella walked up to Shelby, then said, "Here Shelby, I brought a special lucky charm ribbon from a store in Tokyo." "Wow, cool!" said Shelby as Bella put a special lucky charm ribbon on Shelby's ponytail, it has a blueberry scented image and three ribbon strings (Orange, Blueberry Blue, & Mars Red).

Tokyo SB said, "Now it's time to show the beystadium, check it out!" as the center floor doors opened up to show a dark gray / steel gray beystadium that model on Tokyo and Dallas' highway in turns, loops, & more as the Bey players headed to the beystadium, Tokyo SB introduce them to the crows, "Let's meet the two players, who'll battle in the Tokyo Highway Stadium! In the 1st session, the Spin Starter' samba master, Zaka Ricardo, helped many kids in samba dancing and beyblading around the world." as the audience clapped loudly.

Angela said, "Dang, that guy is good for samba?" "Man, but what dance move will work against him?" said Hick. Tokyo SB said, "From the Elemental Bladers, the girl that likes to know fashion in the world, Shelby Scott & her bey, Bison Charger!" While the crowd cheered loudly, Shelby said this to Zaka, "Nice dress for the party, but I'll make one more amazing dress." "Let's see about that?" Said Zaka as both players loaded their beys. The Jp announcer said, "OK orange shade colored kids, let's do this! 3 . . . !" "2 . . . !" said the U.S team. Crowds said, "1 . . . !" "Let it Rip!" said both Shelby and Zaka launch their beys in the stadium.

Bison Charger & a bright red orange genetic bey race through the highway tracks at max speed like a race track course. The two different orange shade beyblades went around the turn and bends, while Tokyo SB said, "Wow, those beys are going fast like two orange shaded streaks!" "Ok, time to sa-mba!" said Zaka as he started to dance that caused his bey to attack Bison Charger.

Shelby said, "What the?!" as her bey is getting beaten on the top by the bright red orange genetic bey to make it waddling by the above attack, but Zaka's jump in off of Bison Charger in the front, then attack on the same spot & jump in a different spot. "Lapping swan leap!" said Zaka. Bella said, "I think samba dancing has rocking body movements with forward and backward steps plus tilting." as she watches the attack. "Woah, Zaka is attacking Shelby with an epic samba move on her bey at super fast!" said the JP announcer.

Zaka said, "How you like my Dancing Leap Crusher, this move is like me, handsome, stylish, bright, & fabulous." as his bey uses the same attack repeating from every angle. Shelby looked upset to see her bey in a tight pinch, then said, "Oh . . . what should I do?! Bison Charger is getting pounded, if this keeps up, I'll lose on my 1st battle. It's like a jackhammer hitting on my head and skull?!" "Maybe you should look at your opponent's movement?" said Ethan. Shelby said, "What do you mean by that?" as Bella thinks hard on what Ethan says to find the answer to said, "I got it, Shelby! Samba has a unique beat movement in its dance, look at Zaka's bey!" Shelby looks at the bright red orange top weird attack movement on Bison Charger.

"Of course, the answer is the dance rhythm. I think I can beat that." said Shelby. Zaka said this, while his genetic bey leaped for the attack, "Dancing Leap Crusher!" "Bison Charger, go back!" said Shelby as her bey went to the opposite way to dodge the attack. Zaka said, "Wha?! Dancing Leap Crusher reverse!" command his bey to use the move again, but backward, so Bison Charger went ahead to dodge it.

While the beys kept doing their movements for 9 seconds, Zaka said, "No way, how do you know how to dodge my grateful move ?!" "Simple, you and your bey both dance in sync of the samba music rhythm, by following the rhythm movements, I can figure out the move to dodge the attack." said Shelby. Zaka got a little upset and said, "Oh really?! Take this, Dancing Leap Crusher full force!" as his bey goes for its final move. Shelby said, "See, you're predicted, Bison Charger!" as her beyblade started to charge up in an earth elemental energy coating with some tiny rock debris streak behind, while her bit spirit was called out to charge at Zaka's bey.

As Bison Charger got about 10 inches closer, Shelby said, "Ok, Special Attack move time, Bison Charger's Rumble Rushing Quake!" The bey gathers some small rock & pebbles around it then followed by an earthquake shake vibration. The shake vibration caused Zaka's bright red orange bey to lose some balance. "Time for me to win this battle." as her bey knocks Zaka's bey out of beystadium to stop spinning by his feet. Tokyo SB said, "Awesome strike, the winner of the 1st session is Shelby Scott!" as the crowds cheered for her as she waved to the audience. In the western side stand, Pr. Iris said it to Emory (Emmy), "Got it all?"

"Yes, now ready to record Steve's." said Emmy. Pr. Iris said, "Mmm-mmm." as Shelby picks up her bey from the stadium, Zaka tosses something to her. Shelby said, "Whoa, what is this?" as she grabbed a folded orange colored samba clothes with brown and mango colored designs. Zaka said, "Well Shelby, those are one out of two gifts from me, the second one is that I like for you to be on the cover of a Samba Music CD." as he walked back to his team bench.

Shelby walked back to her with her new samba clothes. Some of the members & helpers went to her to see her samba clothes. Tokyo SB said, "Time for the 2nd match, is the U.S team's shadow ground Draco slicer, Steve Lekas up against soccer kicker, Izumi Nahuel of the Spin Starters!" As the same boy from the charity battle in Kobe, JP walked up to the center floor, while he said, "Our team will win this session because I know the play style of the Elemental Bladers." as he pulled out his bey gears.

Gariga walked to Steve and said, "Hey Steve, mind pulling out your beylauncher?" "Sure . . ." said Steve as he showed his launcher to her, while Gariga pulled out a yellowish gray bey launcher grip, when she attached the black beylauncher & purple bey log pointer to it. When she said, "Here you go, Steve. Your new launcher grip for your 1st world championship battle." "Thank." said Steve as he headed to the center floor.

Raven said, "That a good idea, with that launcher grip will help his launch power." "Yep, go Steve!" said Gariga as Steve showed his new launcher grip to the crowds on the monitor. The bey players get ready to launch, Tokyo SB said, "Get ready, 3 . . ." "2 . . ." said the teams. The crowds said, "1 . . ." "Let it Rip!" said both Steve and Izumi as they launched their beys to the stadium. The two beys went around the stadium at high speed through the track. Izumi said, "Attack!" as his bey tried to attack the purple one.

"Nice try my friend, but here is what a real attack looks like! Strata Dragoon go!" as the purple bey use a very hard attack on the green blue / cerulean beyblade at the loop, Izumi said, "Balling Tickle Strike!"as his bey charge at Strata Dragoon Earth Spike, but it went through around the stadium in hyper speed that caused its' sub Elemental Attack Ring (Sub E.A.R) to spin very super fast.

Tokyo SB said it as he saw the tops going at each other, "Look like those bey players are gonna have a game, playing chicken!" "Ok, Strata Dragoon! Full head charge attack!" said Steve. When the two beys hit each other in the contest of strength for 10 mins until Izumi lost some stamina, Steve's use it as a chance. Strata Dragoon uses its' sub E.A.R to knock the cerulean / green blue bey out of the stadium like a flying rock in the air, then landed by Izumi feet, when it stops spinning. Tokyo SB said, "Incredibly, Steve Lekas is the winner of the 2nd session!" as he saw the green blue / cerulean top got knockout.

Izumi said it to the U.S. team, while picking up his bey, "Man . . . you guys are different after the charity battle." "Duh, because we level up through the tournament." said Steve. When both Steve and Izumi went back to their team benches.

While the crowds loudly for Steve's win. A belizean girl, who have twisted light purplish blue hair in braided through 3 hairbands, cool ice blue eyes wearing Belizean clothes in violet blue with a Iliac purple skirt, & teal green shoes walking up to the beystadium, while carrying a long fishing pole that have a bey attach to it. The announcer said, "Time for the 3rd and last match, here is a girl from the Belizean's river, Spin Starter's lovely, Luiza Daiana." as the crowds cheer.

At western stand area, Emmy said, "Everything ready for recording on Angel's beybattle data, Professor." "Excality." said Pr. Iris. Tokyo SB said, "On the Elemental Blader' side is the Alicorn Lunar Girl, Angel Armstrong!" as she walked to the beystadium to face her opponents. Hick is holding Apriell in his hands to watch Angel's 1st battle. When the two girl bey players reach the beystadium, Angel asks Luiza, when she sees that fishing pole on her shoulder, "Hey, why did you bring that fishing pole to the beystadium?" "Oh, you'll see." said Luiza.

Hick said it to Raven, "Hey, Raven. What the deal with that fishing pole, dude?" "Well, by analyzing it . . . the pole is a custom made bey launcher for a long distance launch, can't wait to see how it works." said Raven.

Tokyo SB said, "Let's do this! Get ready!" "3 . . ." said Spin Starters. Elemental Bladers said, "2 . . ." "1 . . ." said the crowds. Both Angel and Luiza said in unison, "Let it . . . Rip!" as the girls both launch in two different launch distances. The beyblades went around the stadium's tracks as Uni Pegasus caught up to the light purple bey. Luiza said, "Sorry, girl. I'm too fast for your bey to keep up." "Yeah right! My Uni Pegasus got the power to catch up to you, Uni Pegasus go faster!" as the rose pink went by Luiza's top. The Belizean fishing girl said, "Wha?!" you went past me, so fast." "Now try to catch up to me!" said Angel as the two beys went around the tracks.

Luiza said, "Try this, Multi Decoy Schooling!" as her bey created 10 multi after images around the real one that shocked Angel to say, "What?! It can make clones of itself?!" while Uni Pegasus gets attacked from every side. As a shine of light that reflects on Uni Pegasus' weight disk to Angel' shirt to give her an idea. She uses the light in the building on the 11 light purple tops until the real one shines a bit on the right. Luzia said, "So, are you scared of my move?" "None." said Angel. Luiza said, "Huh, why not?" "Cause, I found the real one by using the light." said Angel as her Uni Pegasus attacked the top on the right that caused the clones to disappear.

"Uh, how smart . . ." said Luiza, upset. Angel said, "Try again, handle this girl." as their beys zoomed through the tracks on the stadium at high speed. Angel said, "Give up?" "No way!" said Luiza. The two tops were hitting on each other, while neck to neck. The announcer said. "Whoa! Those bey are like race cars on a track!"

At the U.S team bench, Shelby said, "Their speed is something." as Raven & Steve hear a low unwell voice from the left to be TJ being carried on both Ethan and Drew' Shoulders, while Katie walks alongside them. TJ said, "Go . . . Angel, yeah!" "Oh TJ, how is your stomach?" said Steve. Drew said, "A little, but he needs some time to rest." "Yep." said both Ethan & Katie.

Luiza said, "Time to show what the people in my home called me, the girl of the Belizean River?" as her light purple created 21 after images of itself, while jumping in the air toward Uni Pegasus. Tokyo SB said, "Snap . . . Luiza is using an attack in the air!" "Ok, Angel. Ready to be eaten by flying piranha fish beys, done like dinner." said Luiza. Angel said, "I don't think so, this bey got horn and wing." as her bey turns around to charge at the attack. Shelby said, "Wha!" "She is going at her, head on!" said Katie.

Luiza said, "You're not kidding for coming at me?" "No, but I'm going to make flying Piranha Shish Kabobs, Uni Pegasus!" said Angel as her bit spirit came out in full beauty. The rose pink started to channel whitish silver moonlight elemental energy covering, while it jumped toward the bey schooling. Angel said, "Let's get to it, Uni Pegasus' Special Attack Move, Alicorn Moonlight Strike Horn!"

Uni Pegasus went through the bey schooling in one strike causing the after images to disappear, while the real one was flipping around as Luiza said, "I think, when it lands, I'll be fine." "Oh really, Uni Pegasus one more time!" as Uni Pegasus uses the same move again, turns around for the final strike to hit Luiza's out of the beystadium with full power, Luiza said, "Wow that something!" "My 1st beybattle in the world championship is awesome." said Angel as her opponent caught her bey from the air. Tokyo SB said, "What a final attack! The score is 0-3 meaning the Elemental Bladers have advanced to the semi final!" as the crowds cheer loudly.

The bey player & helpers shouted, "All right!" "Yeah . . ." said TJ. in the western area, Pr. Iris said, "Got all of it, Emory?" "Yes, all three files for the last three members of the U.S. team." as they left their seats. Luiza said, "Hey Angel, you're strong for a little girl?" "I have been training with my friends for almost two weeks, your decoy move kinda shocked me a little." said Angel. Luiza said, "Thanks, you don't be honest, you are a great player of that bey." "Well thanks, I'd like to battle you again sometime in the future." said Angel. Luiza said, "Me too." as they both headed to their benches.

TJ said it to both Steve and Shelby, Wow, even without the four of us, you three made it to get the team to the semi final . . ." "Yeah, but when you get better after the day off to compete for the semi final." said Steve. Shelby said, "Yep!" as a photographer with Zaka toward Shelby. Zaka said, "This guy is here to take some pictures of you for the samba CD's cover, we'll be in the hall, coming?" "Sure, can he also take some of my Bison Charger?" said Shelby. Zaka said, "Sure, maybe your bey will join in the cover."

Shelby takes her bey & samba clothes with her, while following Zaka and the photographer to the hall for the pictures. TJ said to the team, "Guys, we're going to win this championship." "We're will, woo!" said the other, while TJ gave off a silent large fart, while staying in place like 15 feet away from the group to say, "Hey guys, mind getting me a fruit salad of pineapple, orange, & grape, if you mind?" "Surething, TJ." said Ichigo as they laughed with their friends.

Now the U.S team have now reached the semi final thanks to their three last member's performance for their 1st World Championship battles. Wonder what the semi final will be like?
Hey guys, checked out, the 34th chapter of the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force Series.

Chapter 34: Magic witch babysitter adventure

In the hotel room of the U.S team during 11:30 pm at night, the kids were sleeping in some Queen sized beds (Ethan, Drew, Steve sleep in the far one, middle one has Katie and Shelby, while the one near the window has TJ, Angel, and Apriell on it). While the pets sleep in the big pet bed. Suddenly the window just opened by some magical energy wide open. By the light of the full moon, there are seven shadowy figures being in flying broomsticks like witches.

As they put something like a bundle to the bed near the window, while one of them said, "Are you guys sure?" "Well this is for our baby special examination back home." said the one with a large curly hair curl. The one with the ribbons said, "This is why all witches don't do this in some years." "Mmm-mmm." said three of the shadowy figures. The one with the small pony tail said, "We will get our little buds at midnight the next day." "Yeah you girls are right, but three of us will watch her like in a spy movie." said the shadowy figure with two buns hairstyle as she magically put something floated down to be landed on the queen sized bed that TJ, Angel, and Apriell were sleeping in. When the little witch-like shadowy figures fly away in the night.

At 6:00 am in the morning, TJ & Angel wake up to see each other to say, "Morning. (Heh x5) you too, Apriell." as the little apple baby woke up to see their smiling face that made her smile. Angel got out from bed to the front to see something, then said, "Hey TJ, take a look at this!" As he looks at the front of the bed to see a golden yellow haired baby girl sleeping, she has four colored beads (Light blue, Light green, Orange, & Pink), two white hair scrunchies for her pigtails in a white, silver, and pink baby onesies clothes. The little baby girl opened up her light brown eyes, then smiled at both bey players, when she saw their faces.

Apriell crawled to the new visitor to say, "Hi." as the two baby girls became friends out of the bat, while the other members of the Elemental Blader woke up as Popper went up to the bed to see the newcomer. The Jackabee pup sniffed and licked her as her hair beads started to glow, while some sparkle appeared around Popper as he started to float in the air.

The U.S team were shocked by Popper in the air for 10 mins. Drew said, "That was amazing!" as the pup floated down on the bed. "I never seen a baby do that trick, is that telekinesis' levitation?" said Ethan. TJ said for another opinion, "Maybe she is a baby witch like the ones that fly on a broom?" "Mmm-mmm." said Katie, Shelby, and Steve in unison. Angel looked at the four pigtails haired girl infant's onesies and had a hoodle on it that had a name that said, Florania Nakinoyama, then said, "Oh right. Uh Florania?" "Ba." as the new infant has answered her, so that means it is her name. While the two baby girls play with the pets, Lenore, Bella, and Hick walk in from their room.

Shelby said, "Well, that might be that little girl's name." "Good morning, who is that little girl?" said Bella as she looked at Florania, Katie said, "Well both TJ & Angel found her on the bed." "She appears on the bed like a magician." said Steve. Lenore said in amazement, "Woah, that will be something to see." "Hey, are you guys watching her?" said Hick.

Angel said, "I guess so, have learned to take care of one baby like Apriell. Now it is a challenge to handle two babies at once. Let's do this." "Yeah." said the other members. Bella said, "Hey, where is Raven?" as she looked around the room. TJ said, "He is checking on our beys to get ready for the semifinal after this day off, I like to ask that same question for Ichigo & the other three."

"Well Ichigo, Mania, Angelia, and Gariga are working on something for the final battle with the Super All Star Breakerz, they said it will be done after the semifinal." said Hick. Raven came out of a room in the U.S team's hotel room, holding his teammate's beys in his hands, while saiding, "Guys, your beyblades are ready to hand the beys back to their owners.

Caralana was cuddling on Florania's crest. "This is Florania Naki - no - yama." Shelby tries to say it. Katie said, "Angel found her name in her hoodie, but her name is kinda long & hard to say?" "Well in this country, people's names have many meanings in Japanese." said Raven. TJ said, "Let's get dressed and have some breakfasts, I'm hungry." "Yeah." said the others as they got dressed & ate some breakfasts. Both Angel and Hick walk out of a big store with Florania to get some snacks & baby stuff for the babies. Florania said, "Ah (giggles)." as she has a piggy back ride on Hick' shoulders. Angel said, "Look at Florania like the ride." "Oh cool, let's head back to the hotel." said Hick. when the three of them went to the hotel." a girl with bright reddish brown eyes, Maroon red hair in a buns style through some magenta hair scrunchies and hot pink ribbons, which one scrunchies have a yellow music note on it, including mini cone - shaped buns in the front of the big ones wearing a cerulean blue with yellow / gray shirt on top a maroon vest, Hot pink skirt, gray shorts, & dark pink shoes went to the same store.

She went to the window to see a poster of the U.S Beyblade team launching their beys, so a male shop owner in a greenish blue shirt and brown pants walk up to her, then said, "Oh, you're interest of that beyblade team poster of the U.S.' Elemental Bladers." "The Elemental Bladers?" said the buns hairstyle girl. The shop owner said, "Yeah, they're a group of kids, who won both European & Chinese World Championships from my customers and other people, who watched them play. Those kids got special talented skills to make them the favorite of the World Championship. In fact, one of them came here with a boy and infant girl to get some stuff, it was the player in the white clothes. So those kids might win this Championship too." said the shop owner showing the girl Angel's image on the poster before heading back to the office.

The reddish maroon bun hairstyle girl thinks back to the hotel room to see seven kids in there that look similar to the U.S. team, then said, "So those kids are the Elemental Bladers in that hotel room." at some stair benches, an eight year old girl that has dirty chocolate brown hair in a double knot ponytail tied in a light orange ribbon, mango / tangerine color eyes wearing manga glasses, golden yellow / orange shirt with flamingo pink ribbons, white long sleeves, orange / pink stripes skirt, cool white shorts, socks, & pink / orange shoes walk by to see 3 kids were talking about something.

She went to the child in reddish gray and blue green pants then said, "Hey, what are you three talking about?" "We're talking about the U.S team's Drew Myers & his Beyblade best battle in the World Championship." as the kids show the glasses girl, some video of Drew's beybattle through the world championship. The glasses girl said it as she saw Drew's face on the laptop screen, "That boy was in the hotel room and he is a member of that team, I wonder how his friends handle Florania?" as she walked on after saying goodbye to the 3 kids.

Back at the hotel room, Lenore was making some funny faces & hairstyles to make the two infant girls laugh, while Bella is using an easy cooking book to make a special berry juice in two baby sippy bottles. The bey player members were on the middle queen sized bed talking about how Florania got to their hotel room. TJ said, "I think she is a magical baby witch." I guess so, but someone might have dropped her in our room, because even an infant witch can't fly on the broom by herself at that age." said Angel. Raven said, "That be it." "Yeah." said the remaining members as the two little girls drank the juices. In a CD place in uptown Tokyo, a girl that have amethyst / dark purple crest length hair with a small side tail through a lavender hair scrunchie including curled strands wearing a orchid T-shirt on top of a long lavender / white vest with sleeve, a three colored skirt (golden yellow, red violet, and wisteria), light purple shorts, whit sock, & yellow shoes went inside the store to see lots of CD including their covers.

When she reach to the cash resigner, waiting for the person to find something till she found a CD cover that have Shelby Scott in her samba clothes with her Bison Charger bey by five rows of flower beds as she said it to herself, "So that girl was in that hotel room. . ." as a tall teenage man wearing red / purple / orange uniform walk up to her to said, "Excuse me ma'am, you seen interest to that brand new samba music CD, the manger said, this CD cover was made by Zaka Ricardo, a samba dancer that have the Elemental Blader' Shelby Scott on it cause she want to be a good fashion designer from yesterday." "I think I'll get those two more in different music." said the purple shaded haired girl.

Back at the U.S. bey team's hotel room, Angel and Katie were giving both baby Florania & Apriell a bath as the two infants got their hair shrubbing with baby shampoo. Hick, Steve, and Raven watching some videos on Raven's laptop. Shelby uses the babies' clothes as models on a sketch book for baby clothes designs. Angel & Katie came out from the bathroom with the two little baby girls in red and white baby towels in their arms. Shelby said to Angel, "So how was the baby ladies bath?" "Well, it was fine, when I dry on Florania's bare bottom, she let out a little gas toot." said Angel.

When the two little girls put their diapers on, crawling on the bed that Shelby is on. Florania taps on Shelby's right leg to get her attention, while patting on Apriell's clothes. Shelby said it as a guess, "Uh, you want to try wearing Apriell's clothes, do ya?" as the baby witch answered it as a cheer reply.

Then Apriell crawled to Florania clothes to pat it meant she wanted to wear hers too. Angel said, "It looks like they want to wear each other's clothes." "Ok, I'll do that." said Shelby as she put the babies' clothes on the infant girls swapped with each other (Apriell wore Florania clothes & Florania wore Apriell's). The Elemental Bladers looked at them, while Shelby said, "What do you guys think?" "Look good." said her friends. TJ said, "How about me, Ethan, Drew, and Popper take the two of them to a park for some fresh air, besides we need to practice for the semifinal." "Yeah." said both Ethan & Drew as they took the two infants to a park.

At a place called Yoyogai Park in Shibuya city, Tokyo, Japan, where Florania and Apriell are shoveling the sand, while Popper looks after them. TJ, Ethan, & Drew were in a practice beybattle for their upcoming semifinal round tomorrow as Dragoon F.S (Fantom Storm), Dranzer Fl (Flare), and Driger Th. F (Thunder Fang) were in a three head on battle. In the other side of the park, a 1st grade girl that have magenta crimson eyes, pinkish maroon winged fluffy hair wearing a maroon / light blue blouse shirt that have yellow wings on each side plus a flamingo pink heart at center, magenta / wild berry skirt, bay breeze shorts, & reddish maroon sock, and shoes with another one, who have jade green eyes, golden yellow blonder hair with pink highlights in two medium low ponytails by a modbury hair bands that have two white flowers & wing fluff on the end wearing a white long shirt that have golden yellow, light green, and magenta on it, light blue shorts, & golden yellow / yellow green shoes walk through the park to see lots of kids having fun beybattle.

When they walk to a store with some on, one showing the news of the World Championship as S.B (Super Blade) DJ appears on the T.V. to say this, "Hey Beyblade fans, it's me, S.B DJ! I'm going to show the highlights of the beybattle between the Elemental Bladers and Spin Starters, here is the first one, Shelby uses her finishing move on Zaka Ricardo." as he shows Shelby's Bison Charger' Special Attack Move on Zaka's bey. Next is Steve' Strata Dragoon bey' sub E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring) goes as fast as a wheel ring to knock Izumi Nahuel's Beyblade out of the stadium.

S.B DJ said, "This one is Izumi Nahuel getting a sonic hit by Steve Lekas' Strata Dragoon great strike move on the 2nd session." that amazed the golden lemon blonde twin ponytail girl in excitement for her to say, "That so cool!" "Now, check out this one, Angel Armstrong's Uni Pegasus makes flying piraha kabob on Luiza Daiana's bey." as he shows the last session of Angel's bey special attack move at Luiza's bey that impresses the pinkish maroon winged fluffy haired girl by Angel's braveness to say, "She is good." "These three gave their best beybattle yesterday to make their team, the favorite to win the tournament after our own Japanese team, The Super All Star Breakerz." said S.B DJ as the T.V. turn off. When the kids went about their own business, the golden lemon blonde haired girl said, "Hey Pokuka, those two were amazing in that tournament." "Yeah, I know, Hamana. Maybe we could cheer for them in the world championship." said the pinkish maroon winged fluffy haired girl as they walked to the park to see more park beybattles.

At the park, Shelby, Angel, Steve, and Katie arrive at the spot where the three boys battle as Popper cuddles with Florania in 20 mins. A pair of floating big indigo gloves grab Apriell, drag her behind some trees, suddenly Popper starts to alert the U.S. team to the sand box, Angel says, "What wrong, Popper?!" as she looked at the sandpit to see Florania, but Apriell wasn't there.

TJ said, "I know, Apriell is not here?!" "What?!" said the others. As the kids panicked for 10 mins, until Popper sniffed something in the air that TJ noticed it to say, "Hey, I think Popper is smelling on Apriell' scent, if he follows it that will get us to her baby nappers." "Hey, maybe Popper is smelling the apple orchard & vanilla scented baby shampoo that I use on her hair." said Katie. Angel picked up Florania, then said, "I think, whoever napped Apriell, they thought to have Florania because she was wearing Florania's clothes." "Yeah! Let's go!" said the U.S. team as they split up into three groups to find the baby nappers, who have Apriell.

In the central area of Tokyo, Jp by a market street, a girl, who have chartreuse golden yellow hair with light brown highlights tied in a looped through medium orange cream colored beads, two thin long shoulder length forelocks, a bright yellow hair clip on the left corner, golden yellowish green eyes wearing a golden yellow that have light green / orange color including two orange bead with white ribbons, a yellow skirt that have mango orange on the top, white skirt pockets including lime green marks, black shorts, and mango orange shoes walk the street to see a picture of Katie holding her Draciel Water Shield on a beyblade stand.

A little dark dirty brown haired little girl wearing a pink / yellow dress holding a light green bey & yellow beylauncher and ripcord in both her hands. The chartreuse golden yellow haired girl said, "Hey, what are you here for?" "Oh, I want to get the picture of Katie Scherer over there." as the little girl pointed to the picture. The chartreuse golden yellow looped girl asked the little girl a question, "So, why do you like Katie Scherer so much?" "Because, I like her shining skills in the 1st preliminaries." said the little girl as she launched her bey to the picture frame to win it.

Katie, Shelby, Steve went to the east, TJ, Angel, Florania followed Popper in the south, then in the north, Ethan and Drew looked high & low to find the nappers. When the two boys walk through the short tunnel as a girl with dark cerulean blue hair that form a braid on her forehead, two navy blue ribbons held long ponytails, ending flare hair at her shoulder including a large curled piece of hair pop up, cerulean blue eyes wearing a dark blue / lime green shirt on top of a brown / cerulean blue vest, lined blue skirt, blue jean shorts, and light blue shoes walk near the other side of the tunnel to see both the boys out of it, so slowly follow them & listen their conversation as Drew said, "I hope we find Apriell soon . . . Is something wrong, Ethan?" "Well . . . is that . . . I wonder what made my brother so bad back home in beyblade?" said Ethan looked a little worried.

Ethan said, "But, I must know what happened to him during that time until then, let's go find Apriell, bud!" "Yeah, those creeps are going to see rainbow stars, when we get them!" said Drew. The two run to find their friends, the dark cerulean blue haired girl remembers the similar thing to her and said, "I kinda feel the same like him. . . I felt that when my parents divorced after an accident on my head." as she looks kinda sad for Ethan.

The five U.S. members find TJ, Angel, Florania, and Popper in a long wide street, Shelby said, "So, is this where the baby nappers went?" "Popper's nose led us to this place, so Apriell might be here." said Angel as the U.S. team followed the jackabee pup, where they heard some voices in an alleyway, so they sneaked by the entrance. TJ and Ethan peek 1st to see a tall man, who have mix Hispanic & Asian skin, grayish purple hair including a big goatee, red violet eyes wearing a purplish blue magician mage suit on top a grayish white shirt, little golden orange glasses, black pointy shoes, plus a mini black / violet cape standing.

When four kids appear from nowhere in the shadow, a long maroon haired boy with jade green eyes wearing short grayish red violet shirt, light orange shorts, and gray shoes holding baby Apriell in his hands, a short golden blonde haired girl with greenish blue eyes, tied by yellowish orange hair bands make three pigtails on the bottom wear a light violet shirt, yellow cream pants under a white skirt, and rose pink shoes. In the left, a medium long sea greenish black haired boy with amber orange eyes wearing a grayish cobalt blue shirt, olive green pants, & laser yellow shoes, then a short tangerine thin haired girl with light rosy pink eyes wear a butterscotch orange dress, light lagoon blue short, and kelly green shoes.

The four kids said it in unison, "Master Alexagio Getayo." "My loyal students, Zyan, Kali, Syrus, & Ella, the KESZ Magic. Did you have the baby?" said the tall man. Zyan the long maroon haired boy handed Apriell to Alexagio as he said, "Yes, we have sir, here." "Hey!? This is the wrong baby girl!." said Alexagio, handing the baby to Ella, the short tangerine thin haired girl. Kali, the short golden blonde haired girl said, "Wha! How could we have grabbed the wrong baby girl from the park?!" "Yeah, I use my magic big float hands to get the magic witch infant in the white / silver clothes, but I only saw their heads down by a pup. I would like to know the hair color." said Syrus, the medium long sea greenish black haired boy.

Ella said, "Hold it, wonder if those kids will find us." "There's no way, those colorful brats, can't track down a group of wizards!" said Alexagio. Apriell sticks her tongue out at the wizards (blow raspberry). Zyan said, "I think we will be fine in the clear?" Suddenly the U.S. team walked in the alleyway to face the wizard group. The K.E.S.Z Magic and Alexagio shocked in both fear & surprise to see the Elemental Bladers.

The reddish maroon buns haired girl looked down at the alleyway in a pink / hot pink / magenta witch dress, gloves, boots, and hat clothes, when she heard a voice say, "Hey Miyumi, over here, girl!" as see the dark cerulean blue haired girl appear in a blue version of the witch outfit riding on a flying broom. When the blue haired girl landed by Miyumi's left side, she said, "Oh Raiko, what up?"

"This world is not bad, what the . . . Alexagio & the K.E.S.Z Magic are here in this place to kidnap Florania." said Raiko as she looked down to see the wizard group in the alleyway facing the U.S team. Miyumi said, "Yea . . . but they're got themselves messing with the wrong group, those ones on the other side are the U.S Beyblade team, the Elemental Bladers." as she explained to Raiko that the kids in the hotel room, where they drop baby Florania in, were the two timed winning, Elemental Bladers staying at.

In the alleyway, Angel put Florania on the ground by Popper as the members loaded up their beyblades, TJ said, "Hey you five! That is our friend's baby sister, let her go!" "Well . . . how about a trade, we'll trade this little red haired girl for the witch girl?" said Alexagio that caused Popper to growl at him. Kail snapped her fingers for a beigoma like top in yellow to appear in the air, then on her palm said, "If you kids want a fight with tops, you'll get it." as the others did the same thing like her. TJ said, "Alright . . . if you guys don't do it peacefully, then you do it the hard way. Elemental Bladers, let's do this!" "Let it rip!" said the Elemental Bladers as they launched their beys at them. The K.E.S.Z Magic launch the tops.

Both bey and tops begin to attack each other in the middle of alleyway, as the dirty chocolate brown haired glasses wearing girl flew to the girls in her orange version witch outfit on the rooftop to say, "Miyumi, Raiko. What going on?" "Hazade?" said both girls. Miyumi said, "Well, Zyan's group have follow us from our world to this one to get Florania." as they went by Raiko, while she said this as she watch the battle, "Hey girls, hurry, come check out this epic battle!"

Strata Dragoon E.S (Earth Spike) and Bison Charger took on the sea greenish blue battle top for Syrus. Kali's battle against Dranzer Flare & Draciel (Water Shield), Driger T.F (Thunder Fang) handle the dark orange battle top for Ella, then Zyan's violetish maroon battle top took on both Uni Pegasus and Dragoon F.S (Fantom Storm). The young wizard uses their magic on the beys like floating pebbles & sticks that cause Katie to say, "Hey, you guys use magic, are you all witches too?!" "What, no. we're wizards, we're being called by the king of our wizard mage world to catch that witch baby." said Kali. Zyan said, "Yes, but some of our people don't want to have war with the witches. Because the king is my uncle . . ." "Is your king, stupid idoitaic moron, it wrong to use an innocent little witch baby's magic to hurt the witches. Both magic users live in the same world, war will never solve this problem! Time to show you five, how the Elemental Bladers handle in beybattle, Dragoon!" "Go!" said the other members as their beys went full charge at the K.E.S.Z Magic's tops.

The U.S team's bit spirits come out of the beyblades that freak the wizard group off their socks in a moment, three of them attack first. Steve said, "Strata Dragoon!" "Bison Charger!" said Shelby. Angel said, "Uni Pegasus!" as the purple, orange, and light rose pink beys do a triangular ring to surround the 4 tops, then attack from every direction in' n out the afterimages to weaken the tops.

TJ said, "Let's finish this!" "Yeah!" said Ethan, Drew, & Katie in unison. When the four saint beast beys enter their Elemental Force states as their bey players said it together, "(Yell) Go, Elemental Force!" as the four dualed elemental / colors gem like streaks headed toward like K.E.S.Z Magic's tops to finish them off with a big rainbow colored energy bang that cause the tops and the wizard group in the air like 7 feet for 10 mins, while Alexagio lose his on Apriell for Florania to make a bubble of magic, when her hair beads started to glows as Apriell was inside of the magic bubble.

As the rainbowly flash with little smoke fainted down for the U.S. team to see the K.E.S.Z Magic & Alexagio passed out on the ground, While Apriell floated down to the Elemental Bladers, then into Angel's arms as the magic bubble popped (pop). TJ took 3 steps forward as the wizard group got up on their legs, while he said, "Hey, fancy pants with the goatee and his sidekicks! Go tell your king, that this witch infant's magic is not used to taking over or hurting people, if not the human group called the Elemental Bladers will give him a merciless beat down beyond his thoughts." as the wizards make four RVT wheelers out of magic.

As the wizard mages get on the vehicles, Zyan walks up to TJ, then says, "I'll tell my uncle about that, and I think the baby witch's mother will be proud of you for saying that, I'll see you again in the future." When he gets onto the last RVT wheeler with Alexagio behind him, the four wheelers lift up in the air. When Miyumi, Hazade, and Raiko were watching them, the wizards left the world to their Wizard Mage World.

Hazade said, "So they left back to their world?" "I guess those kids give them a good hard lesson by their beyblades, let's go get the others to pick up Florania, then bring her back home. Comin' , Miyumi." said Raiko. Hazade said, "What wrong, Miyumi?" as she and Raiko get on their brooms. Miyumi said, "Well is something on Zyan's face, I think he looked a little better after meeting that boy in red. So let's go get our daughter." as the three witches fly to find the others. Back at the hotel, Angel swapped both Apriell & Florania's clothes back on them.

Hick, Bella, and Lenore were watching the world championship's highlights from the two preliminaries rounds, while the U.S. team were taking pictures of Florania with Apriell playing along Popper & Caralana. Shelby said, "So, where do we find Florania's mother and the place to go to?" "I don't know? But, the wizard told me that her mother will be proud of me for saying it to him.

Suddenly, the window opened up wide by themselves, then a little group of witches floated down on their brooms to walk inside the room. The eleven kids were shock by the little witches' arrived, while Florania look happy to see them as Miyumi pick up baby Florania in her arms, TJ said it as he step up a bit, "Hello, my TJ Thornton and these guys are my friends of the U.S. team, The Elemental Bladers." "Oh nice you all, I'm Miyumi Hoshikaze, the adoptive mother of Florania Nakinoyama. These girls behind me are my friends, little sis, & cousin, Pokuka Hoshikaze or Kerukaze, Hamana Kokihata, Hazade Minawara, Raiko Senkawa, Onkoto Kenawa, and Himoki Asugaka." as the pink witchling walked up to TJ for a good thank you hug.

Pokuka & Hamana ran up to both Steve and Angel in excitement, Pokuka said it to Angel, "Hey, I saw your battle highlights on T.V. so bravely, may I shake your hand?" "Sure." said Angel as they shaked hands. Hamana said, "Yeah, your battle highlights on T.V. Steve, it was incredible! I like to cheer for your team in the championship!" "Thanks." said Steve. Katie said,

"Hey, do you think she and four of her friends are too young as mothers?" "Yeah?" said Shelby. Drew said, "I think I saw a history video about the youngest mother in the world, who was 5 years old." Hazade, Himoki, & Onkoto were shocked by what Drew said, then said it in unison, "What!? A 5 years ol mother, 4 years younger than us?!"

Raven, Bella, Lenore, and Hick walk to great the witches as Raiko walk up to Ethan to give him a hug & said this to him, "I have heard your story of your brother, I know, that feeling with parent divore." "Geez, thanks." said Ethan as the witchlings walked to the patio, while Himoki the yellow witchling gave a double peace sign to Katie. When the little witches got on the brooms, Miyumi said, "Thanks for looking at our daughter and we like to cheer for your team through the rest of the world championship to see you all being no. 1 on this planet." "Go for it!" said her friends.

The Elemental Bladers said, "We'll do it!" as the young witches fly away in the night sky with Florania. Angel said, "Well TJ, this day off was something incredible." "Yeah & I bet our semi final battle will be more wild than this!" said TJ.

The U.S. team has encountered magical beings from another realm to babysit a strange baby, now through that, the Elemental Bladers can battle any type of opponents in the future.

Hope you like this chapter.
Hey guys, guess what. I meet the the 3D Beyblade maker, Ghostmaster in Mercari.com: https://www.mercari.com/u/972522073/?tra...8748147279 that he going to make the Beyblades in my Elemental Warrior's Beyblade Spin off series on his site for everybody to see & get to try out after finishing the anime only and released OG Plastic Gen Beys plus getting the Weight Disk from Shapeways.com

Here is a link to a categories for the E.Ws (Elemental Warriors): Beyblade Elemental Force's Beys at: https://elemental-warriors-defenders-of-...ade_series.

Ghostmaster can go to each of the beys if the category to find their blueprints to make 3D Printed models in 3D Printed Website or Cults3d.com: https://cults3d.com/en, So people can try them.

I wonder, what beys, he'll be making first? Also I plan to give him, a redesigns blueprints for Wolborg 3 by combine the best features from both Wolborg 2 & Uriel / Ariel 1 (Wolborg 3) into one. The Design of this one will suits for the Wolborg line for Tala style.

Ghostmaster, good working on the Anime Only Beys, but how the one I made one that I made, These Beyblades are combination of all three generations of Beyblade including mode change, special feature, and mores. Well, maybe I just have see how he can make them cooler then the Blueprints looks.
Here is the 35th chapter of the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force series:

Chapter 35: Battle in the samurai life to the rising sun

In Tokyo's national stadium, the crowds went wild for the semifinal today. Super Blade (S.B) Tokyo DJ said this to the crowds, "Welcome, everybody to the semifinal round between the U.S' Elemental Bladers & the Ecuadorian / Aruban' Savage Nature Slam Dunkers!" as the people get to their seats.

At the bench of the Elemental Bladers, TJ is with Ethan, Katie, Drew, and Raven to say, "I'm wondering how the other three are doing on their break?" "After they went through the 2nd preliminaries for us to advance for the semifinal, we're sure to own them for it." said Katie. Ethan, Raven, & Drew said it in unison, "Agree." At the same time, somewhere in Downtown Tokyo, Shelby, Steve, and Angel walk through some alleyways.

Angel said, "Hey, why are we going through an alleyway?" "Because, a kid told me about an alleyway beybattle in this part of the city." said Steve. Walking about 3 mins, Shelby heard a beyblade spin with another for her to say, "Hold on, be quiet. Hear those sounds, that be beyblades spinning." "We might be close to it." as they keep walking toward the sound.

Back in the stadium, "The Elemental Bladers take a good close look of the Ecuadorian / Aruban's beyblade team on the other side as they are wearing funny clothes of both countries. Katie said, "Well, they look like sofa potatoes, then tough bey players." said Drew. Raven said, "True, but we have to still guard, if those guys got through this championship, so far? They might have hidden powers to surprise their opponents?!" "You're right, let's keep our eyes open on anything that they have to throw at us." said TJ. Ethan said, "Yeah." As S.B DJ said this to the crowd, "Time to start the semifinal with the Elemental Blader' Silent Sharp Tiger Fighter, Drew Myers against the Savage Nature Slam Dunkers' lizard man, Alexandrus Blas!"

As a light brown short haired Aruban boy with orange brownish eyes wearing a greenish cyan shirt & purple ripped shorts with torn shoes walk up on center floor, same go for Drew as he loaded his Driger Thunder Fang bey onto the Elemental Electric Beylauncher with the white tiger head on it. Alexandrus pull out his artichoke green bey with some mango orange on it, then said it to Drew, Hey, my bey got some special tricks that would knock your socks and bey off." as he loaded his onto an army / avocado green bey gear (right Beylauncher & ripcord winder).

In the alleyway, the three U.S Bey players walk into an area that have street bey players during a back alley beybattles. Steve said, "Hey, look at lots of these bey players in the street." as the 3 kids walk through the middle, while seeing a lot of beybattles to the far side to see a buff brown skinned Japanese boy, who have grayish white spike hair with a red marks on the right, Golden orange eyes wearing a light green shirt that have magenta sleeves, magenta brownish crest pads with gray metal spikes on shoulders, tan brown short wristbands, White / gray short with cerulean blue sleeves, white socks, & lime green shoes battle on four players at once.

In a grayish orange beystadium, a tan sand brown bey with a circle ring on the E.B.B (Element Blade Base) attacks all four tops in two hits as its owner said, "Ok, finish them off!" as the four beys were flying in air in seconds till they landed by Steve and Shelby's feet. The Black Japanese bey player said, "Too bad, I won." as Angel picks up the four beys, then returns them back to their owners.

As the whole crowd looks at the U.S Bey players, then shocked in both surprise & joy. The black Japanese boy turns around to see the orange, purple, and white U.S players in front of him to say, "Oh, you might be the three players that beat the Belizian / Bolivian team, Spin Starters." "So, you saw our battle highlights on T.V. yesterday?" said Shelby. Steve said, "So, who are you?"

The black Japanese bey player introduced himself to the Elemental Blader's last three players, "My name is Tackier Strongson & this is my hard pounder bey, Boulder Bison." as he shows his beyblade to the kids. Shelby said, "Another bison bey." "Well, this is a back alley street beybattle area, you good." said Steve. Tackier said, "I think so, purple boy? My team has probably got the data on all 6 of you guys." "Wait, are you a member of the Super All Star Breakerz?" said Angel. Tackier said, "Yeah, but I'm a kinda rebel player of the group, how about we have a battle in this place, who wants in?" "I'm in." said Steve. Shelby said, "Me too." as the both of them step up a bit. Tackier walked to the other side of the orange grayish beystadium, then said, "Ok, you two will feel my hard pounder bey' strength. Let's get to it." as he loaded his bey onto a sand brown beylauncher attached to a light whitish gray launcher grip with 3 plastic black spikes on the bottom, including a tan brown ripcord winder in the beylauncher.

In the same time back at the stadium, Drew got ready to launch as the stadium floor opened up to reveal a beystadium that has a Japanese wetland with tidal flats, six coastlines, & 3 big rivers, plus it has a beystadium center on the middle coastline. As the Jp announcer said, "Ok you two, let's get this party started!" During the same time in the back alley, Steve & Shelby loaded their beys, while Tackier said, "Here we go!" In both locations, the battle begins in sync timing. The crowds said, "3 . . ." "2 . . ." said both Alexandrus and Tackier in sync. Then Drew, Shelby, & Steve said it in unison, "1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said both Drew and Alexandrus in unison as they launched their beys into the beystadium floor. When the beys were launched to the stadium, while Tackier, Shelby, & Steve said it in sync, "Let it rip!" S.B DJ said, "Now they're off into the Wetland Coastal Beystadium, look like Drew is going fast and strong at Alexandrus!" as Drew's gray bey gives the artichoke green one a good rapid barrage beating.

Back in the alleyway, Strata Dragoon & Bison Charger were attacking Boulder Bison on both sides, Tackier said, "Well, you two aren't bad, but can you kids keep it up?" "We're just started!" said both Steve and Shelby in unison. The purple & orange beyblades use their momentions to tip off a little of the tan brown one's balance for 6 seconds till their owners say it together, "Here we go! Double Strike Blast Attack!" as the two U.S beys hit the tan brown bison bey out of the beystadium to stop spinning by Tackier's feet. The people in the alley were shocked and surprised by it, while Angel called it as a referee for the 1st round, "Both Strata Dragoon & Bison Charger got a ring out finish, points 1-0."

The two Elemental Blader's members said it in unison, "Oh yeah!" as they high five each other. Tackier said it as he picked up his bey, "You're good to get me, but I got more tricks that Boulder Bison have to throw down." Back at the Tokyo National Stadium, Driger Thunder Fang was giving Alexandrus' bey a good hit in the beystadium. Drew said, "Time to show that lizard dude, a can of tiger claw butt whooping, charge attack, Driger!" as he commands his bey to use a super charge electric attack to send the artichoke green top into one of the rivers for the Japanese announcer to say, "Whoa, that was some attack by Drew and Driger." "I don't think so, I'm not finished yet." said Alexandrus. Drew said, "Why did you say that?" as the river's water started to shake for 10 seconds till the artichoke green bey jump out of it into the air like 12 feet above Driger for its owner to said, "Try this, Igecko Sneak Attack!" "The Ige - what?" said Drew as Alexandrus' bey used a dive attack on the gray top to send it out of the beystadium, then stop spinning as it landed between Drew's feet.

S.B DJ said it to the crowds, "Incredibly wow, with a move like that, the winner of the 1st session is Alexandrus Blas for the Savage Nature Slam Dunkers giving them a point." as Alexandrus jumped into the stadium's river water for a wet splash victory. Drew picked up his bey from the ground, while his opponent said this to him, "So, you like to know about my bey and its move." Drew said, "Yeah, what is this Igecko?" at the stand, some seats on the left side by the U.S. team bench, Lenore said, "What the heck is an igecko?" "I think it is a crossbreed between a gecko & iguana." said Bella.

As a flashback started, when Alexandrus told a story on how he got his beyblade, "I remember, when my parents got a pet gecko, while I was with my pet iguana, Sela looking at the wave. A golden orange Jeep drives up by a beige brownish custom design safari house, where his parents walk out of the jeep. While Alexandrus' dad carries a reptile tank with a gecko in it. Ten images show the two reptiles in different spots in the same areas. Alexandrus contine tell his story, "Back then both Sela & Inden the gecko usually sat on different rocks for some weeks, till they sat on the same place together for several months.

Alexandrus come out of his house to looking for the lizards everywhere as he said, "Then one day, both of them were gone for some weeks in the springtime, until I found them made a nest under my house's pouch soon later, Sela & Inden's 1st hatchling was born and something else was there by it.'' As the first gecko / iguana hybrid hatchling came out of its egg, the artichoke green bey was near it. The little Igecko pushed the bey out of the nest for Alexandrus to pick it up & said, "Woah, I've always wanted a beyblade! Sela, Inden thanks!" as the flashback was over.

When he walked back to his team bench, he said, "And that's the story on my bey." "Uh . . ." said the Elemental Bladers in confusion. On the stand, Bella said, "That was a weird thing to get a beyblade from two reptiles that usually fight each other." "I wonder what weird backstories the other members have?" said Hick. Back at the alleyway, the players were ready to start the second session, Tackier said, "My bey got more tricks on it." "We'll see about that." said Steve. Shelby said, "Let's do this, get ready!" as the crowds start the countdown, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . !" "Let it Rip!" said all three, while they launched their beys into the stadium.

As the battle started, the purple & orange beys attacked Boulder Bison at the beginning but they weren't slowing it down. Steve said, "Hey, what happened to our beys?" "Let's see." said Shelby as she looked closer to see that their beyblades are blocked by a moving ring-like feature on Boulder Bison's B.E.B (Blade Element Base). Shelby said, "What is that part?" "Oh, well that is a special feature for Boulder Bison, the circle defender ring can deflect & defend from any attack like this!" said Tackier as his tan brown bey began to make both Strata Dragoon and Bison Charger lose lots of spinning powers in 30 minutes until Boulder Bison tapped a little on both beys, while they slowed down then stopped spinning completely leaving Tackier's the only one left. Angel said, "A double sleepout finishes." as the crowds were shocked and amazed.

Tackier said, "Looks like we're tied up, the third round will settle it." "Yeah . . ." said both Steve & Shelby in unison. Back at the National Stadium, S.B DJ announced the second session to the crowds, "Ok, time for the second session of the semifinal! Is the Savage Nature Slam Dunkers Sea lion bouncer, Mal Alfgot against the Shell Shocker, Katie Scherer from the Elemental Bladers!" as the crowds cheer loudy. Before Katie left to the stadium floor. Raven said, "Be careful Katie and don't let your guard down, they may not look tough, but can surprise you with unimagniation tricks." "Got it." said Katie.

As the stadium floor, Katie loaded her Draciel Water Shield into the launcher same go for an Ecuadorian boy with long violet blue hair, brownish orange eyes wearing magenta violet / light gray Ecuadorian clothes, who have a magenta haze bey onto the same colored beylauncher get ready to battle. S.B DJ said, "Already, let's get ready! 3 . . . !" "2 . . . !" said the Savage Nature Slam Dunkers. Then the Elemental Bladers said, "1 . . . !" "Let it . . . Rip!" said both Katie & Mal in unison as they launched their beys into the stadium. The green and magenta haze beyblades went around the Wetland Coastal Beystadium's center for 6 minutes until Mal's bey attack first as it hit Draciel in like 11 feet in the air, then repeat it as the green top fall down in a very close flower attack pattern like a sea lion doing a ball balancing in the circus.

Mal said, "Go, Sea lion bounce hit Attack!" "Whoa, Draciel is getting an up n down ride by Mal's bey! Will it sap Katie's out of spinning power?" said S.B DJ. Ethan said, "Look, Katie's bey has started to lose some spin." As the U.S team sees on the monitor, Draciel loses some rotation speeds. Mal said, "Well dudette, here is the background story of my bey." as a flashback shows him & his bey at a rocky clear area. Mal said, "One day, when I was playing with my bey, it slipped on some silme to fell into a medium size pool." as the magenta haze top had taken a drip into a middle size pool of seawater, while Mal's past self said, "My bey, no! How did I get it back?!" Suddenly a young sea lion appeared from the water, balancing the magenta haze bey like a ball on its nose. Mal said, "Later a sea lion came out from the pool to play my beyblade in a circus trick?"

"Hey, thanks pal (laugh)." said past Mal as the flashback ended. Mal said, "Now I got the sea lion beast spirit power style in my bey." "Wow . . ." said Katie. Raven said, "Mal's bey is acting like an energy cushion to absorb all of Draciel' spin energy." as the green bey is on half of its spin strength. Lenore said, "Come on, Katie! You have to beat him before Draciel loses all his powers!" In the next 10 mins, Katie commands her bey to attack, "Go Draciel! Let's get them!" as Draciel charged up to attack, but suddenly the magenta haze top headed toward back to its owner by water hovering.

Mal said it after he caught the sea lion spirit powered bey in his hands, "Aw . . . man." "By a forfeit, Katie Scherer is the winner of the 2nd session!" said S.B (Super Blade) DJ, while the crowds cheered for her. Katie was confused and shocked to win. Mal said, "Well, my bey got scared by your turtle (giggles)." "Wait . . . I won by a forfeit retreat?!" said Katie. Mal said it before heading back to his team bench, "Oh well, it was fun. Draciel is one tough turtle to beat. Katie said, "I guess, it was luck?" as she walked to the U.S team bench.

Raven said, "That was an unexpected win." "That was too weird to see." said Lenore. Mr. Rolando said, "Yes, Katie is a tough & determined little girl." While back at the alley, Steve, Shelby, and Tackier loaded their beys for the last round. Tackier said, "I'm gonna pound you two into a dualed color paste." "You'll try to do that." said both Shelby & Steve in unison. Before the start of the third session, S.B DJ said, "Time for the 3rd session, it is the Elemental Blader's hot shot ace, TJ Thornton facing the armored big lug, Danilo Alfric of the Savage Nature Slam Dunkers!" as the audience shouted very loud.

TJ walk to the stadium's center floor to see a thick and tall Ecuadorian / Aruban shorten grayish cyan green haired boy with light sand colored eyes wearing a big light tan brown shirt, moss brown shorts, moss green sandals including a pad resembled a giant turtle shell on his back with an old school design fishing rod folded up. Danilo said it to TJ as he pulled out a bulky army / dark moss green bey that had some designs resembling both tortoise' shell and armadillo's armor, "Hey little guy, take a look at my bey. It will be hard to beat, so I call it, the Armtoise tank grenade." "Huh, what a weird design bey in your hand?" said TJ. Danilo said, "I know you think is weirdly freaky, but it true to the last details."as aflashbac started to show a bunch of kids picked on two giant tortoise as Danilo said, "One day, when I was walking by the beach area of the forest with my armadillo friend, Dal." as his past self walked to the giant tortoise to said, "Hey, leave those tortoises alone!'' Later, the two of them sit by the giant tortoise on the floor.

Past Danilo said, "Whoa, good thing that we come to help you two, mean we're now F.F.L (Friend For Life), if you two want to repay me for my help, I'll like to have a beyblade of my own. So I'll join Alexandrus and Mal in the World Championship." as the two tortoises show a nest of tortoise eggs with some hatchlings crawling out as one hatchling rolls a rounded bulky egg to Danilo, while Dal sniffs the egg in 6 sec. Suddenly the egg crack open to revealed the Armtoise Tank Grenade bey for Past Danilo to said, "Oh a bey, thank a lots." as the flashback ended.

TJ said, "That was a lame freaky story, this tortoise is going to be swift from the beystadium, come on!" "Ok." said Danilo as they loaded to launch into battle. As both areas are about to start at the same time, when S.B DJ said, "Now get it started!" "3 . . . !" said both TJ & Danilo. Shelby, Steve, and Tackier said this in unison, "2 . . . !" "1 . . . !" said the crowds loudly as all five players in both places launched their beys and said, "Let it . . . Rip!"

At the Wetland Coastal Beystadium, Dragoon Fantom Storm use its' speed to use a rushing flower attack pattern on the Armtoise bey, but bounce back like 3 feet away on every hit. Danilo's top stayed spinning strong like a tortoise got a shell of both armadillo & testudines shell's armors fuse together. TJ said, "Man, that thing is tough like a middle sized boulder and the big guy looks dazed, while looking at his bey. Is he watching it spin or channel his energy to it?" Dragoon tried again like 6 times before it went to one of the coastlines to save some energy.

S.B DJ said, "Danilo's very own Armtoise tank grenade is not pushing either an inch by Dragoon's fast attacks." It is a hard problem for my grandson to handle." said Curtis Griffin. Ichigo said, "I wonder, how will he handle this one?" as TJ thought up an idea, while Raven said it to Ethan, "That bey is made out of the material that is similar to both tortoise shell & armadillo's armor shell to make it super tough." "Yeah, but it looks like TJ is thinking of a plan to beat it." said Ethan. At the back alley, Strata Dragoon and Bison Charger doing a wildflower attack pattern in double version at both Boulder Bison' sides for 20 minutes. Tackier said, "Ok, taste this orange girl!" as the tan brown bey used a very hard upper attack to knock the orange bison top out the beystadium then, landed as it stopped spinning between Shelby's feet.

Leaving Steve's bey by itself to handle Tackier as Steve said, "Don't worry, I'll win this for you, Shelby . . . Go Strata Dragoon!" as the purple bey charged at Boulder Bison in high force. In the national stadium of Japan, TJ closed his eyes, while a fiery red flare aura appeared around him, then the red aura energy went to the white bey to give it a super charge including a boost of spin rotation. S.B DJ said, "Woah, Dragoon is gaining more rotating speed like it got more energy from somewhere?" as the white bey went into the water, when Danilo said to his opponent, "Hey, why did you do that?"

"To bring a new strong wind of fire to make armadillo and tortoise soup out of your bey." said TJ as a giant fiery hurricane appeared out of the water with an air wave about the size & shape of a meteor blowing around the stadium, when TJ said, "Check out this move! Dragoon's New Special Attack Move, Phantom Meteor Blaze Hurricane!" as the gigantic twister of fire, wind, & water suck up the armtoise tank grenade bey, then shoot it out of the beystadium, which it stops spinning on the right side of Danilo's feet.

When the gigantic tornado disbursed, the JP announcer said it from watching the finish of the match, "Wow! The winner of the 3rd session, TJ Thornton for the incredible finish with the score 1-2, he got his team to the final to face the Super All Star Breakerz!" as the crowds cheered for the U.S team loudy. While the Elemental Bladers celebrate with a high five party, suddenly the Savage Nature Slam Dunkers walk up to them as TJ says, "Uh, what is it?" as Alexandrus pulled out a poster of the U.S team on the left side by a blank area on the right, then said, "Can you four sign this?" "Can we shake your hands?" said Mal. Danilo pulled out a camera with the flasher down to say, "And take a team picture with most of its members?" "Sure thing." said the U.S. team, when the Ecuadorian / Aruban team got those three things done quickly.

Danilo said, "Good luck in the final." "Are you going back to your home countries?" said Katie. Mal said, "Nah, we're going to stay to see guys in the final round & get the 3 members that are not here for the semi final." "Don't worry Shelby, Steve, and Angel will be here for the final." said Drew. Alexandrus said, "Cool, we're there to see them." as the weirdo trio walk off. TJ said, "Speaking about those three, I wonder what they are doing right now?" Back at the alleyway, Tackier is pounding Steve from above as he said it in his head, "Ha, this kid is not so tough to handle, it will be easy."

"Aw, Strata Dragoon hangs in there . . ." said Steve as his purple bey struggled to push back. Shelby & Angel said it in unison, "Oh Steve." "Give up little guy, that won't stop it. Face it, you're toast." said Tackier. Boulder Bison went back for a final attack, Steve started to glow in a purple darkness element aura around his body, which caused his eyes, hair, & bey into a light african violet color that shock his teammates, opponent, and the crowds as he said, "No way, we'll going to win this battle & the world championship with our friends! I will win this battle for both me and Shelby, let's do it . . . Strata Dragoon's Elemental Force!" as his emitted colored top charged at the tan brown bey with a shadow rocky elemental streak in purple & golden yellow colors. Tackier said, "Alright, let's see, what you got? Go! Special Attack Move, Boulder Bison's Avalanche Drop Boost Rock!" as the tan brown bey jumps 20 feet in the air, then creates a giant scorching orangish brown boulder sized rock around itself, while hurrying down toward Strata Dragoon.

As the bey of the shadowy earth golden yellow dragon emitted its own energies into the Sub Elemental Attack Ring (Sub E.A.R) with a dualed colored outline plus hyper speed spin as Steve said, "Time to break that boulder, here we go! Special Attack Move, Strata Dragoon's Earth Darkness Cutter!" when the two special attack moves collide at each other in full force for a few seconds till Strata Dragoon cut open the rock with powerful strength straight toward to hit Boulder Bison out of the beystadium landed by boom box as it stops spinning.

Angel calls it, "Strata Dragoon with the ring out finish, Steve wins. And the scores 2-1, Shelby and Steve are the winners of this battle!" as the crowds in the alleyway cheer for their victory. Tackier said, "Tch, I guess you two got me & show that power on Boulder Bison . . . I think my teammates will not see them coming in the final?" After like 2 hours, the three kids walk to the Tokyo National Stadium, when they saw the Savage Nature Slam Dunkers power walk to them in excitement. Angel said, "Who are those guys?" "They might be the team that our friends fought?" said Shelby. When the Ecuadorian / Aruban bey team came to them, Mal said, "Hey, you three are the last members of the U.S team, mind you guys sign this and we can shake your hands?" "Also take a photo of you guys with one of your friends after the semifinal." said Danilo.

The three Elemental Bladers said it in unison, "Ok, sure." "What about the match?" said Angel as they did the hand shaken, autograph sign, & picture taken. Alexandrus said, "Well, your friends won to go to the final, we're gonna stay to see you guys battle the JP team." "Dang, we'll have fun taking them down, especially one of the Super All Star Breakerz in the back alleyway." said Steve. When the Savage Nature Slam Dunkers left, they heard some voices that said, "Hey guys, up here!" as the orange, purple, and white bey players look at the entrance to see their teammates with the helpers behind them. Angel said, "Come on!" as they run to their friends in joy about their good day.

Now the U.S team are going to the final to the JP team, The Super All Star Breakerz plus Steve has unlocked his Elemental Force abilities to beat the JP team's own Tackier Strongson. Let's see how the Elemental Bladers handle these technological bey players in the final for the Japanese World Championship.
I got a Beyblade 3D Maker called Ghostmaster from Mercari.com, say he will make 3D Printed version of the Beys in my Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force series.

Ghostmaster will make two beys: Sickle Salami Blaze & Catch Seagator including the Elemental Force powered up state designs of these five beys:

Dragoon Cyclone

Dranzer Flare

Draciel Fort Shell

Driger Spark

ThunderLion Black Lightning

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This is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force series:

Chapter 36: The epic battle of America & Japan skills

In a hotel meeting room at the Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel on the 6th floor in the afternoon, a tall company man with brownish custard blonde hair, cyan eyes wearing a business navy blue suit and grayish black shoes looked at both U.S & JP teams on their strengths. When the door was opened by Pr. Iris said, "Mr. Dougeol McSmith." as the whole Super All Star Breakerz team walks in the room including Tackier Strongson. The man turned his head to the JP team to say, "Ah, Pr Iris, I'm pleased to see the team reach the final with an intriguing result." "Thank you, sir." said Emmy. Michigan said, "There's nothing that we can't handle in the tournament." "Indeed, but those Elemental Bladers from the U.S. got through their rounds without slowing down." said Mr. McSmitch.

Eden said, "I'm surprised to see those little squirts make it to the final?" "With seven members that would be something." said Stein. Mr. McSmitch said this, while the screen change to show three beybattle videos (one of the American regional tournament final between TJ and Ethan, one of the Chinese World Championships fourth final on both Drew & Rio Han Wang and the last one on Katie's rematch on Enriches Torrance in Rome, Italy), "These videos show the U.S team epic battle, but also show something impossible." "What is impossible, sir?" as all videos go to the Elemental Force state active scenes as the five beyblades (Dragoon Cyclone, Dranzer Flare, Draciel Fort Shell, Driger Spark, and Thunder Lion Black Lightning) enter the emitted powered up state that shocked the JP team.

Pr. Iris said, "What is it anyway, sir?" "From the people in the B.B.S.T.A it is called Elemental Force, a powered up that lets the beyblade, a temporary boost of speed, power, & emitted a gem-like luminous glow." said Mr. McSmitch. Emmy said, "We don't even have data info on this powered up ability on our files, sir." Lekas from the Elemental Bladers, who unlocked his version during my battle." said Tackier pulling out his bey from his right pocket.

Michigan said, "Really, that's strong?" "It even beat a bey' special attack move in minutes." said Tackier. Mr. McSmitch said, "Listen, we gotta win this, before the U.S team uses that ability in the final." "Yes sir, the Super All Star Breakerz will do a promising win in the final." said Pr. Iris. Mr. McSmitch said, "Good, now let's talk about the battle order for the final tomorrow." as the meeting starts. In a hotel room of the Elemental Bladers, Raven said to the others between the two queen sized beds, "Ok, the 1st two matches will be for TJ and Drew cause to use their evolved F elemental Beys, but we don't know who'll battle in the third round." "Yeah, since the JP team got lots of data on TJ, Drew, & Katie." said Bella.

Lenore suggested this idea to them, "How about someone, who they don't have data on?" "Maybe they got little info on Steve, Shelby, and Angel & none for Ethan, these four might help us?" said Drew. Katie looked confused through the plan, then said, "Hey guys, I'm going outside for some fresh air." as she walked out of the door. TJ said, "Hey, let's think of a way to choose who'll battle in the 3rd session." as they nobbed to agree.

Somewhere on the rooftop pin house patio, Pr. Iris was looking at the city's horizon on a high view for some minutes until she heard the door open, then to see who was out the door. Pr. Iris said it as it turned out to be Katie, "Oh Katie, why are you here?" "Well, just getting some fresh air, same?" said Katie. Pr. Iris said, "Yes, I really see you as a beyplayer, your mom might be very happy for her little girl battling the world through Beyblade?" "I think so, what about you? Have somebody or one to be happy with?" said Katie.

Pr. Iris smiled & said, "I do, you see, before I became the chief director, I had a family of my own, who was living somewhere in North America and hoped to see me at my work." "Really, are you married?" said Katie. the H.P.D.P director said, "Indeed, a nice man with two creative genius sons that got some traits from me. Also my last name is Gearson." "Gearson? Wait, you're Mike & Rach's mother?!" said Katie. Pr. Iris said, "Oh, you know my sons and husband, Leth?" "Yes, they help their friends out in the U.S regional tournament, even your youngest son redesigned my bey's part once." "Really, Mike did that?" said the Chief director. Katie said, "Yep & many more without them, the U.S team would never have been the best." "I see, I want my boys to be proud of me for my works." said Pr. Iris. Katie said, "We'll, I want my team to be the best on the Earth even through the tough battles, we'll promise to become no. 1 together." as Pr. Iris headed to the door before she said, "Well, between skill against tech in the final is something, but Katie . . . you becoming a yellow sunlight hope for your team." as Katie looks at the two lion constellations: (Leo and Leo Minor) with a bright yellow star for 8 minutes.

When she enters the U.S team's hotel room, Katie sees her friends doing something on the middle queen sized bed with Apriell sitting there. TJ sees her by the door as he goes up to Katie & says, "Hey Katie, good you're here, we just have a way to find who will battle in the final session, come with me." "Ok, sure." said Katie. The two kids went to the middle bed to see four beys: (Dranzer Flare, Strata Dragoon Earth Spike, Bison Charger, and Uni Pegasus) at the near front of the bed with the little apple girl on the other, Katie said, "What this?" "You'll see, put your beyblade between Ethan's & Steve's." said Raven as she put her Draciel Water Shield between Dranzer and Strata Dragoon.

Shelby said, "Ok, here is our final battle selecting idea, Apriell will pick one out of these five beys & that bey will show who'll battle in the third session of the championship's final." "Ok, here are the beyblades that Apriell will pick one from, Dranzer for Ethan, Draciel for Katie, Strata Dragoon for Steve, Bison Charger for Shelby, and Uni Pegasus for Angel." said Raven. Shelby said, "Well Apriell, we want you to pick up one out of these five beys, so we'll know who will battle in the final's third session." as the little girl wondering which one to pick up for some minutes till she looks at Katie, then grabs Draciel in her right hand to show that Katie will battle in the final round.

Drew said, "So, Katie is the one to battle the 3rd round of the final?" "Why did you pick up Draciel, Apriell?" said TJ. as the little apple girl said this, while waving the green bey for Katie, "Katie (x4)." as the yellow colored member picked the little one up in her hands, then said, "Mmm do you want to be with me in the baby carrier on my back during the final like TJ and Drew?" "Yes, yea." said Apriell. Shelby said, "Well that settles that, but what about the battle orders between them & us in the final.

TJ said it as he got an idea, "I think to have an idea, we'll use the five beys that I got from the H.P.D.P Beyblade H.Q to be the JP team in 15 different orders to ours for a good training before tomorrow." as he pulled out those five beys: (a yellow-orange eagle bey with two eagle head follow by the wings, a green-blue alligator bey with 3 gator claws, a yellow scorpion bey with 4 right pinchers in magenta, a brown bull one with the horns, and finally a tan Bison (Ox) bey with two ox head & horns) from the left side of his carry bag to the bed. Steve said, "Ok, how about the best ones of the Super All Star Breakerz." "Yeah, I think Stein, Eden, and Michigan. Those guys will bring the JP team to victory." said Raven.

As the kids put the yellowish orange, yellow, & brown beys in 9 different battle orders until, they got one in the order of these players in the final: (Stein 1st, Eden 2nd, and Michigan last). Angel brought a middle size grayish black beystadium (standard) by bed on the floor for TJ, Drew, & Katie to the final like one at times. TJ goes first on the brown bull bey followed by Drew practicing at the yellow scorpion one then Katie uses the yellowish orange eagle bey last in 12 minutes before tomorrow. At 6:30 am in the morning, the Elemental Bladers get ready for the final.

When they went out of the hotel's front entrance with all the E.B Helpers behind them, TJ said, "Alright guys, let's go win this tournament in Japan?" "Yeah!" said the other members as they got on their bus to go for the final of the J.P championship in the national stadium of Tokyo.

At the stadium, the crowds were revving up for the final to start. Curtis and Mr. Rolando were sitting with the E.B (Elemental Blader) Helpers, when the research secretary walked by to say, "Well now, nice to see you again, Augustus Rolando." "Ah, Dougeol McSmitch, it is a pleasure to see you again." as they shake hands, but tighty on each other, then Mr. McSmitch said, "Wonder how those colorful beyblade groups against the supreme technologic might of the Super All Star Breakerz?" "Don't underestimate the Elemental Blader's capable abilities to handle even touch foe in battle in the championship including the JP team." as they let go to go back to their own seats.

Hick said, "So that guy is the secretary for the JP team?" "Seems like it, little dude?" said TJ's grandpa. Ichigo gave a sign to her friends: (Mania, Angela, and Gariga) in 20 minutes as the JP announcer said, "Ok, everyone. This is the final of the JP World Championship! Now let's meet the teams!" as crowds look at the right side corridor when the JP (Japanese) Team enters the stadium floor. Some people cheered for them, while SB DJ said, "Our Japanese representative, they use supreme level of technology to the final, the Super All Star Breakerz!"

"Whoo!" said some of the JP bey team's fans. Then Super Blade DJ said this, when he saw the U.S team coming out of the left side corridor, "Their Challenger, shining from the U.S.A. when they arrive to this tournament, this team became the favorite to win the final, the seven stars of different elemental colors, the Elemental Bladers!" as a very huge loud cheer burst around the stadium building by a lot of the U.S team's fans, while Ichigo said, "Ok, now!" as her friends pull out a long & big hand made team banner that have a shooting star with 7 colors: (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and white) in a blackish navy blue outer space background with words on it that say, (Go Elemental Bladers! To victory!).

The Elemental Blader's helpers said it in unison with the fans, who see it on the monitors, "Go Elemental Bladers to victory!" while the teams that fought against them, the Tri Renegades, Spin Starters, & Savage Nature Slam Dunkers sitting in some front row seats that 5 rows across from the E.B Helper's seats. The Japanese announcer said, "Dang, the Elemental Bladers got lots of fans after seeing this young rookie team battle in the tournament to become the world championship's favorite for winning it in multi colors of seven." As the kids headed to their benches with Apriell on Katie's back, the same went for the JP team except with some science requirements to analyze the Elemental Blader's powers.

Eden said, "Are you squirts, ready to be crushed?" "Fat chance, we're been practicing last night in the battle order that you guys might use on us!" said Drew. as TJ pulls out the same three beyblade tops that he, Drew, & Katie use last night, out of his right pocket. Then said, "These ones on my hand, see?!" as Emory took a closer look at those three beys on the monitor to say, "Pr. Iris, those are . . ." "Yes, it seems that Katie's group used the early prototypes last night." said . Michigan said, "The early prototype designs of our beys, they use some useless tops as our team's battle order.

"Yeah that goes for those shaddy and lame bey gears that their mechanics made." said Stein. Eden said, "Totally also out of class (laugh)." as both Raven and Gariga got a little mad from the JP team's members talking trash about their works on the U.S team's gears. Raven said, "Hey, no one talks that way about my work." "Yeah, we put a lot of effort on them, come on guys, give those JP players a good beat down!" said Gariga.

The announcer said this as the final sessions started, "Ok, time to start the final on the 1st session is the bovine charge football player of the Super All Star Breakerz, Stein Rusher facing the Elemental Bladers' own Blaze Typhoon of aero fire, TJ Thornton!" as the crowds loudly cheered. The stadium floor revealed a beystadium that has a mini scale model of Tokyo, JP in it. The DJ, S.B said, "I presented the Tokyo Streetway Beystadium for the beys to go full charge in there, now take your positions, players." as the two opponents get to their places. Shelby said, "TJ, take that bovine on the rope!" "I'm going to have a barbeque from that dude!" said TJ as he loaded his Dragoon Fantom Storm into the electronic elemental beylauncher ready to launch. Stein got his gear ready to go (Charging Bullhorn on the football printed beylauncher). S.B DJ said, "Let's get the 1st round of the final begin!"

"3 . . . !" said the JP team. The crowd said, "2 . . . !" "1 . . . !" said the US team. TJ and Stein launched their beys as they said it in unison, "Let it Rip!" as the two tops went around the beystadium. Dragoon went through some streets at the east area, while the brown bey headed to the south in the stadium to Tokyo's time square area. S.B DJ said, "Their off, Bullhorn headed toward the time square spot of the dish, as TJ's Dragoon went around the streetways at high speed, while it's after image clones toward Stein's from any direction." as the multi clones of the white bey headed toward Bullhorn in full charge, but Stein's bey plowed through with monsterly strength in one huge hit. TJ said, "Woah, I'll attack behind him, while he is busy with the clones. Attack Dragoon, on the bull behind!" as his bey went full speed on Bullhorn's back side as it on the last thirty after image clones, but Stein said, "Think you're clever to attack me, while I handle clones? But, I do it faster than a touchdown!" As his bey went through the remaining clones then knocked Dragoon out of the stadium as it got close to Bullhorn, which landing between TJ's feet stopped spinning for DJ S.B to say, "Incredible strength! The winner of the 1st session is Stein!" as the crowd cheered. TJ thoughted it to himself, "Man, I need to think of a new plan against this rampage bull in the next round?" as he picked up his bey.

The 1st round of the Japanese World Championship, but Stein got the first session, now TJ needs a turn around chance to win the next one.

Hoped you guys liked this chapter & tell your thoughts on it, please?
This is the 37th chapter of the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force Series,

Chapter 37: The Slam Dunk Sting of Tri Scorpio

On a nice cloudy morning at 8:30 am in Tokyo, JP was the final between the Elemental Bladers & Super All Star Breakerz, while Stein Rusher took the 1st session from TJ Thornton inside of the Japanese National Stadium. After picking up Dragoon Fantom Storm, TJ thinks on some way to win the 2nd session, same thing with his teammates in their team bench, really hard, while at the JP team bench, Pr. Iris said to herself, “Sorry Katie, but the Super All Star Breakerz promised Mr. McSmitch that this team will win the tournament tonight if your friends can use the powered up, Elemental Force.”

TJ looks at his bey partner in his left hand, while he throws on some ideas, “I might use the Pegasus Constellation star move above the air or use Fantom Blaze Hurricane on the whole stadium? Mmm-mmm, hold it. I think there is a chance to plan on it.” Shelby said, “I think TJ is devising a plan to win the 2nd session of the 1st round!” “Yeah, he is elaborating a good one to use on the 2nd session.” said Raven.

As TJ loaded his white top into his electric beylauncher including his red dragon ripcord winder, while he was taking his position. Stein took his as he said, “Prepared to be beaten for the 2nd time?” “I think my bey & I got some plans to win this round.” said TJ. as the announcer, SB DJ began the second session. SB DJ said, “3!” “2!” said the crowds. The E.B Helpers with the fans said in unison, “1!” “Let it rip!” said both TJ and Stein launch their beys into the stadium at high speed. Bullhorn went on the attack full charge, while Dragoon made 10 afterimage clones from fiery air as a diversion, while the real one went up on the scaled model buildings to the rooftops.

SB DJ commented on the beybattle as he said, “Whoa, TJ is doing something with the 10 clones as one on the rooftops going to the back.” “Really, I push through those afterimages to you, kid.” said Stein as his brown bey ram through the clones as they disappear into warm smoke. Dragoon jump from building to building models. The chase of Beyblade was getting more and more going as the brown top kept after the white one as it went through the model buildings to dodge & psyched away for 9 mins. In the time square area, the white top went up on the tallest building structure model to get like 30 feet in the air, while Stein said, “Take this, Death Beautiful Touchdown!” as the brown bull bey uses its power to do a touchdown smash with beautiful spark like confetti on the building model’s bottom level, which causes the model to tremble down on itself.

SB DJ looks up to find Dragoon to say, “Wow, TJ has launched into the air after Stein tries to crush the structure down!” “Alright!” said his fellow Elemental Bladers. Charging Bullhorn started to wobble from using too much power to give Dragoon Fantom Storm a chance to finish it off as it fell down with maximum speed and powers, while TJ said, "Time to win this session, Dragoon! Go, Fiery Wind Dive Bomb!" As the white bey emitted two Elemental streams of fire & wind spiraling twisted around from a very long height that hit Stein's bey out of the stadium with so much force for the cheering fan and crowds to give applause for TJ, while the Japanese announcer said this to the crowd in the audience, "TJ has won the 2nd session with amazing tactics and skill to get Stein out of the beystadium." The Elemental Bladers were happy for their friend, while the JP team were shocked and surprised while Dragoon returned to TJ's left hand. Ichigo said, “Yes, TJ gotta win to tie up the score!” “(chuckles) That my grandson!” said Curtis Griffin sitting by Mr. Rolando. Hick said, “Now he need one more to win.”

As the bey players loaded their for the third session, Ethan said, “Ok, how did he handle the 3rd session from Stein?” “Maybe our byd might have a plan to turn the table?" said Steve. Then the Japanese announcer, SB DJ started the countdown, “Let’s get the last session of the 1st final round, ready 3!” “2!” said the E.B Helper & fans in unison. The whole crowd said, “1!” “Let It Rip!” said the bey players as the beys were launched to the stadium.

Dragoon went in a zig zag movement through some area of the stadium, while Bullhorn went to the time square spot to wait for its opponent to arrive, TJ said, “Vanishing Flare Wind, partner!” as his top vanished into thin warm air for some minutes until it struck Stein’s from behind then disappeared again. Raven looked up at Stein’s background on his laptop, Shelby said, “Hey, what are you doing, Raven?” “I’m looking up on Stein’s history.” as he is looking it out on his laptop.

Inside of Stein’s football design, earphones have a radio communication that links to Pr. Iris’ headphone-like communicator, when she says something through it to Stein, “Stein, keep him occupied until we analyze his movements.” “Will do Professor, but this kid is moving so randoming over the stadium.” said Stein. Emmy said it to Pr. Iris as she is trying to look at TJ's tricky random movements, “Professor. . . I can’t make any sense with TJ’s datas, it appears to be something new that he is doing.” “TJ is using a new strategy on Stein we don’t have data on?” said Pr. Iris. At the U.S team bench, Raven finds it on the football bey player’s background in his laptop. As he said it to the other, “Here we go, according to this intel on Stein’s history, he used to be a good pro football player for the quarterback for sometime in 8 years until he got replaced because of his short temper where he switched to beyblading.”

“That will help, if we get him in a temper outburst for us?” said Shelby. Steve looked at the monitor screen to see something to say to his teammates, “Guys, look at Dragoon!” “Huh?!” said the others as they looked to see TJ’s bey started to lose some spin rotation. SB DJ said, “I don’t believe it, TJ’s Dragoon bey is losing some powers, it went to some building for cover.” “Come on, you think those model buildings will protect you from me.” said Stein as Bullhorn crush some models, but Dragoon slip through to the other side of the stadium as the brown bey tries like 15 times, when they reach the time square area as TJ said it after looking at his almost wobbling bey partner, “Hey Stein, give me your best shot, if your bull is too much as a calf to hurt little me?!” “Okay, I'm going to give your bey a one way ticket to the stars in space, Bullhorn!” said Stein as he commanded the brown bull top to attack the white left spin top with a lot of power behind in one strike.

Super Blade DJ said, “I’m wondering what TJ is doing, If he wants to lose or has a plan under his sleeve?!” as the beyblades collided with each other, but TJ wasn’t hit so hard to get knockout instead it kinda slowed Bullhorn in its track. The Elemental Bladers said in unison, “No way, TJ survived the attack!” “Wait . . . TJ is not slowing Stein on the spot, but also draining some of his spin energy, Pr. Iris.” said Emmy, looking at her tablet computer.

Eden said, “Whoa . . . that kid got some smart on that plan?” “Totally, Stein sure got foolishly served by a little boy.” said Michigan. When Dragoon absorbs more energy from its opponent to increase his rotation speed more & more. Ethan said it as he looked at it on the monitor screen, “TJ is doing a bullfighter or cowboy slowing down a raging bull, while absorbing Bullhorn’s extra powers from him.” “Yeah, that's right. TJ is using a new plan and strategy that they didn’t get data on, so we can make brand new ones that have never been seen by everyone before.” said Steve.

Raven said this as he look on his laptop, “Not only that, but Dragoon is getting more rotation spin speed from Bullhorn extra energy from the attack, since TJ’s bey spin counter clockwise and low of spin speed mean Dragoon can spin steal any clockwise bey in the right direction.” Back at the beystadium, Stein is getting a little angry from TJ’s absorbing stand for a while, then said, “Ah! Come fight me like a player, kid!” “And use all my energy & power ramping like you, nah I pass.” said TJ. Pr. Iris said to Stein, “Stein hold back on the attack!” “Yes, ma’am,” said the Football beyblade player, but his bey went a little wild as Dragoon moved back like 15 feet away.”

TJ said it as his bey was spinning so fast like 20 times faster, “Thank you for the recharge from your extra power to help me win this session. Dragoon, special attack move, Phantom Meteor Blaze Hurricane!” as his Dragoon beyblade unleash mega hyper fiery hurricane in the beystadium’s center sending Bullhorn flying out of the stadium plus the wind blow Stein far back and landed to the floor, so hard on the gut caused him to be unconscious as the flame hurricane calming down for SB DJ said it to the crowd, “Yeah, with the score 1-2, TJ & Dragoon have won the 1st final session that give the U.S team to the lead!” as the audience cheered for TJ's victory in 9 minutes.

Suddenly the JP DJ said this announcement to the whole crowd, “I can't believe it, Bullhorn is still spinning after being knocked out from the beystadium!” as the bey bit started to lift up in a bright brown light which brought out the bull spirit, but it went out a little rampage around the stadium floor. Like in a rodeo, Bullhorn was bucky around like a rocking bull that gives an exciting or shocking feeling to the whole crowd. TJ walked in a distance to the bull spirit and bey as he said, “Hey overgrowth cattle patty, I’m going to tame you down!” As Stein's bit spirit turned around to see the boy, while he removed the red vest from his red shirt as a matador (bullfighter) cape, he waved  it to Bullhorn, then said, “Toro Toro . . .”

The bull bit spirit get in a charged off position, he glared at TJ, while pawing his hoof on the floor for the Japanese DJ to said this to the whole crowd, “Folks, we going to see the brave bey player, TJ handle the Super All Star Breakerz’s bulking crazy bull, Bullhorn!” as he breathes the air through in the nostrils (Rrrumph x2) for 10 minutes then rush thrusted his legs to the boy in red, but he quickly dodge to the right, while he says, “Ole!” “Ole!” said the fans of the U.S team. Bullhorn tried again as TJ dodge to the other side, then said, “Ole!” “Ole!” said the crowd. Bullhorn was so ticked by TJ’s dodging, he fully charge at him, but he run toward the bit spirit of Stein as Dragoon got out of the stadium by itself to its owner, when the two was barely close to each other, the white left spin beyblade make a heated updraft wind for TJ & itself to jump like 20 feet in the air as they both landed on Bullhorn’s neck for the bey player of Dragoon to cover the bull bit spirit’s eye, his bey slip into his left pocket.

The bull spirit does a wild bucking from side to side, then jumping some spots away from the teams. TJ said, “Yee haw! Riding 'big spirit bull-y!” as his beyblade team saw the very 1st beyblade half time bit spirit bullfight rodeo live with all the people in the building. Drew said, “El TJ-o! Super sonic flarer boy, arrida toro!” as Bullhorn was bucking around the spot, where the three teams from the E.Bs (Elemental Bladers)’s previous rounds got them an epic halftime show.

SB DJ said, “Bullfight cowboy, TJ is handling the bull of Stein in a bullfighting, rodeo version.” as the brown bull bit spirit uses up all his energy to pass out cold cause it to fall on his left side for TJ to uncover Bullhorn’s eyes, then jump off from his neck to the floor for him to say to the whole crowd, “Yee haw, Ole!” “Ole.” said all the audience, while Bullhorn returned back to the bey as it stopped spinning completely.

The crowd both clapped & cheered for TJ’s great performance in bullfighting also rodeo together as a best thing ever in the world championship, when a bright red matador / cowboy mix hat was fled to him from above, TJ look up to see Antonio Martin and Pedro Vicente from the Tri Renegade looking down from their seats on the stand with joyful smiles. Antonio said, “Bravo young one, you got some skills like a matador.” “And a little courage for a cowboy.” TJ said it to them, while putting on the hat, “It is my pleasure, partners.” as he picked up the brown bey with his right hand, while Stein got up his feet to say, “Ah . . . What happened to the battle?” as he rubbed his head.

TJ threw Bullhorn back to his owner after he said, “Hey, football dude, I won the last session & 1st final round, head up and think fast!” as his opponent catches his beyblade with both hands before both of them head back to their own team benches. While the center floor got ready for the second final round, Mr. McSmitch pulled out a phone from the right side arm of the seat to contact Pr. Iris (buttons pressing) As Pr. Iris pulled out a mobile tablet-like phone from her white lab coat’s left pocket, while she answered the call, “Yes, McSmitch?” “Professor, that was not as planned.” said Mr. McSmitch, a little disappointed.

Pr. Iris said, “I’m known, sir. Because the bey player, TJ somehow manages to make a new strategy and lead Stein into it, he is able to turn the table on the plan, but Eden Wheezes will handle the next session.” “He better for your sake.” said Mr. McSmitch as the call ended. The S.B DJ said it to the crowds for the next session of the tournament, “Ok everyone, time for the final 2nd round between the dunking stinger, Eden Wheezes against the tiger tamer, Drew Myers!” as the crowds cheered loudly. In the JP team bench, Pr. Iris said to Eden, “Eden, we don’t have info on Driger Thunder Fang so far, so use TriScorpio’s propeller like E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring) to hold at the center, if Drew tries to get it?” “Yes Ma’am & Stein. Your bit spirit gave a bucky wild performance with that red kid to tame it.” said Eden as he left to the stadium floor.

Drew walked down to the spot, while he said it in his head, “If TJ learns a new strategy during his battle, I can too.when he & Eden got there, the stadium floor opened up to revealed a semi bowl like beystadium that floating above the floor with six bended pillar in a circle on the beystadium outward for the Japanese DJ to say, “Here it is, the Zero O.G Hovering Spin Beystadium, which float in zero gravity or zero G for the beys to battle crazy like in outer space! Now take your positions!”

As both Drew and Eden get ready to launch, the yellow propeller like scorpion bey is loaded into a basketball hoop like custom launcher grip in orange-yellow colored with a basketball printed pattern on it plus a magenta ripcord winder through a yellow right spin beylauncher attached to it. Driger is loaded onto Drew’s Elemental Electric Beylauncher with a black ripcord winder, then takes their launch positions as Eden said, “Are you ready, green kid?” “Yeah, but I’m going to chop that stinger off your scorpion.” said Drew. Super Blade DJ said the countdown with the crowds, “3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let It Rip!” as both bey players pulled the ripcord winders to launched the beyblade tops into the beystadium, Driger Thunder Fang went around in high speed, while Needle TriScorpio spin in the center, which also make the beystadium itself to swaying around by the bey’s movements in it.

The two teams were shocked to see the stadium dish spinning along with the beyblades, TJ said it in excitement, “Dang, a moving beystadium that cool!” “I wonder how Drew’s bey handles attacking Eden’s in the stadium dish?” said Ethan. The gray tiger bey attacked the yellow wide circle top like 6x times, but it didn’t affect TriScorpio’s balance and stamina for Drew to say, “What the heck!” “What wrong, can’t get my bey off of the center?” said Eden. Raven uses his laptop to analyze TriScorpio’s feature & movements in the beystadium’s center to find the answer to said it to the others, “That it, TriScorpio is like the bey owned by Harita Vahid from the Dazzling Charmers.”

“Really, those two have something in common?” said Steve. Shelby Scott said, “Like what?” as they both looked confused. Raven explained it to them, “You see, both Harita’s bey and TriScorpio both have helicopter propeller like fins upside down, which also allow the beyblades to stay down to the ground stilled by downward force along with zero low center gravity.” “Wait, I battle a type like that by hitting underneath the E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring).” said TJ. Back at the stadium floor, Drew said to himself, “Ok, TJ knows how to beat a beyblade using downward force back in the Chinese championship, so I do this.” as Driger Thunder Fang gets down low to do an uppercut attack in tiger claw style.

While using increased speed to attack TriScorpio at one side as it, while the gray bey tries to get the yellow scorpion propeller bey tipping to the other side, so it’ll stop spinning by scraping on the beystadium. As Eden’s bey was almost scrapped to the other side, but tipped back to slam Drew’s to the stadium instead because it scraped bounce out of the dish, which landed behind Drew, while stopping spinning.

The Japanese DJ said it to the crowds, “TriScorpio have won, the 1st session of the final 2nd round with its’ Wide E.A.R!” as the people go wild loud. Drew picked his Driger with his left hand as he said to himself, “I think , I need to think of a new strategy. If I can't attack to the side, I'll attack from above.” While Eden grabbed his bey to get ready for the second session, at the U.S team bench, Katie said, “I’m wondering how Drew managed to beat Eden in that beystadium?” “We might see it in this one.” said TJ. Pr. Iris contacts Eden through a basketball shaped earbud to say, “We got some data on Drew’s bey, Eden.” “Yep, I'll take the second one in a sec.” as he loaded TriScorpio onto the beylauncher, while in a basketball launch style.

Drew got ready to go as the Japanese announcer said, “Let’s get the 2nd session started, 3 . . .” “2 . . .” said the crowds. Then the Elemental Blader’s fans say in unison, “1 . . .” as both bey players pull the ripcord winders, while saiding, “Let it Rip!” When the beys went into the beystadium, Driger went around the stadium like 6 times as the G force along with the wind allowed it to float into like 30 feet in the air for Drew to call his bey’ Special Attack Move, “Ok, I’m going to attack from above! Driger’ Special Attack Move, Tiger Hurricane Thunder Fang!” as the white tiger bit spirit came out of the bey bit through a dualed green shaded light, while creating fang shaped wind waves inside a lightning hurricane around the bey as it dived down toward TriScorpio at full speed.

Suddenly Eden command his yellow bey to use the stadium’s edges to flip over upside down to fly toward Driger, which emitting a dark magenta aura over B.E.B (Blade Elemental Base) as Eden said this to Drew, “In basketball, you have get through area of the game with a high aim to the hoop for me, now I gotta dunk you to the floor. TriScorpio, Special Poison Hammer Sting Bolting Dunk!” as a magenta light lifted up on the bey bit, while a scorpion animal spirit came out of it flying toward the tiger spirit. Super Blade DJ said this to the crowds as he saw the beyblade attacks in the air, “No way, the beyblades are going out in midair of poison, wind, & thunder elemental energy balls in green and magenta for 7 seconds.

Until the scorpion bey knock off Driger a bit to flip right side up to strike down the gray tiger bey with a strong heavy venom force of a hammer in a basketball player’ slam dunk shot, while the scorpion bit spirit, TriScorpio use its two in one stinger to stung Drew’s bit spirit on the back at the beystadium. As when Eden’s bey hop off Drew’s, Driger return back to the gray bey bit as its bey slowly spinning for some seconds until a completed stop, while standing for the JP DJ to said it, “Dang, TriScorpio’s dunking sting attack have paralyzed Driger to win the 2nd session round of the tournament’s final plus tied up with the Elemental Bladers!”

While the crowd clapped loudly. The yellow bey returned back in its owner’s left hand as he said to Drew, “Well, you got some skills, but I won because of my style of Pro Basketball in beyblading.” After Eden left to his team bench, Drew picked up his bey from the dish with his right hand as he said, “(Grunted) I didn’t expect TriScorpio to use its wide E.A.R to fly toward Driger & win the 2nd round like that.” at the Super All Star Breakerz’s bench, Pr. Iris was pleased with Eden's win. Pr. Iris said, “Excellent battle, Eden. we got some good data on Driger Thunder Fang.” “Thanks, Professor.” said Eden as he sat between Stein and Michigan. Tackier said it to him, while leaning on the team bench’s box side, “That was an airboard battle.”

“Yeah, that was better than mine.” said Stein, while clutching his hands on the knees for being defeated by TJ. Eden said, “Yep it was but, I got to emit that green kid have some thoughts to use the wind and zero gravity to go that high for a sky diving attack. So Michigan, it's your turn next.” “Mmm-mmm, I will take on any of the remaining ones of the U.S team.” said the JP team leader as he got up. Emmy said it to Pr. Iris, “Professor, which one of the Elemental Blader’s members, would they send to face Michigan?” “Who knows, but be ready for data analytics.” said Pr. Iris as Emmy gets ready on her tablet laptop. She thought about it in her head, “It might be Katie or Ethan, maybe the other three, Shelby, Steve, or Angel. We have to see if their energy levels change or not?”

In the U.S team bench, Drew was a little upset in the 2nd round of the final, till Katie went up beside him as Apriell patted his head to cheer him up. Katie said, “Don’t worry pal, I’ll win this final round for us to take the championship together!” “Yay!” said Apriell Barcia. Drew looked at his friend to say this to her, “Well you’re right, so go take him out!” “You got it!” said Katie holding her green top.

Now the score is tied with one win & a loss, is up to Katie to battle Michigan and his Flying bey, TriEagle 3 for the final round, let’s hope she has the skills to handle them?”
Ghostmaster from Mercari.com will make 3D Printed version of the Beys in my Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force series.

Ghostmaster will make two beys: Sickle Salami Blaze & Catch Seagator including the Elemental Force powered up state designs of these five beys:

Dragoon Cyclone

Dranzer Flare

Draciel Fort Shell

Driger Spark

ThunderLion Black Lightning

Strata Dragoon Earth Spike

Bison Charger

Uni Pegasus

Here is a list links to all the Beyblades of this Spin off series in the Elemental Warrior's franchise:

Plus the links for Ghostmaster 3D Printed Beys stuff on some websites:

Mercari.com: https://www.mercari.com/u/972522073/?tra...8748147279

Shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ghostmaster?li=pb

Cults.3D: https://cults3d.com/en/users/Ghostmaster/creations

and Esty: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GhostmasterGam...1253738597

I hoped you guys, will like to buy one from him to try them out in battle & tell me your thoughts on them in year 2023.
I got a big news, one of the Beyblades from my Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force Series into reality through 3D Model in Shapeways.com by Ghostmaster:


Sickle Salami Blaze:

Being on Shapeways.com: https://www.shapeways.com/

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/

If you want to know to see how this Beyblade do in battle, order one & see for yourself.
Here are the E.A.R & B.E.B parts in 3D version of Sickle Salami Blaze: https://elemental-warriors-defenders-of-...4AuBAoKPDc in my Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force Series made by Ghostmaster.

The E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring): Flame Crack Sickle

[Image: dfnfcgx-7440cb07-3a07-4613-8698-af06e837...ECzaPHEbfM]

The B.E.B (Blade Element Base): Salamander Semi Flat Base

[Image: dfnfcgr-cf61f896-c7a0-41cf-87d2-1f5bf768...cFqhKLY8s4]

The designs of the parts look almost like on the blueprint concept for it, but I think it look cool. Now I like to see what it can do in battle?
I made some vote for the Beyblades of the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force Series for Ghostmaster, a 3D printed Beyblade maker: to do in certain groups after  Catch Seagator & Draciel Fort Shell:

1st groups:

Dragoon Wind Attacker
Dragoon Cyclone
Dranzer Fire Changer
Dranzer Flare
Strata Dragoon Earth Spike

2nd Groups:

Uni Pegasus
Bison Charger
Driger Spark
Tri Eagle 3

Last Groups:

Scratching Lynxic
Thunder Lion Black Lightning
Charging Bullhorn

Also he said, he'll do some demonstration & Beybattle videos for them on his YouTube Channel, Ghostmaster. These beys will be available on these Three sites:

Being on Shapeways.com: https://www.shapeways.com/

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/

Cults3d.com: https://cults3d.com/en

If you want to know to see how this Beyblade do in battle, order one & see for yourself.
Here is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Elemental Warriors (E.Ws): Beyblade Elemental Force Series:

Chapter 38: A great home run in the final session

Inside the big National Stadium of Tokyo, the whole crowd were revving up for the final’s third session (round) of the Japanese world championship. The stadium’s center floor opens up to reveal a supersize baseball field shaped like a beystadium. The teams were preparing to get ready for the last final round.

S.B (Super Blade) DJ said, “Alright, time to see who wins the final round of the Japanese World Championship in the Diamond Base Corner Beystadium between the Elemental Bladers & the Super All Star Breakerz, now select your players.” as the JP team sent Michigan Danker to the beystadium. By the stand, Lenore was thinking about the battle order that Katie's group thought up as she closed her eyes and said it in her head, “Please, let help guide the E.Bs (Elemental Bladers) to victory.”

At the U.S. team bench, Shelby said, “Ok, it's time for the final battle of this championship & Michigan is ready to go.” “Let's hope that Katie is up to this challenge?” said Steve. As their friend in yellow got up from her bench spot to Raven, while holding her gears in both hands as their team mechanic said, “Oh man, this is going to be something in the final.” “ Don’t worry, it will be fine, our group has gotten so far in the championship. There is no way, I’m not just quitting now.” said Katie as she headed to the stadium floor, while TJ said to her, “Katie, strike out that pitcher!” as she gives a thumb up for that saying. When she reached the center floor, Michigan said, “Huh, you going to battle with a baby on your back?" as he look at baby Apriell in an apple red baby carrier backpack on her back

Katie said this to him, while she pulled out her bey, Draciel Water Shield from her left pocket, "My bud, TJ and Drew did this in the US Regional & CN World Championship,  So I can do that too plus this turtle is gonna snap your eagle out of the sky." "Mmm, let's see if you try? Come on!" said Michigan as both of them got ready to launch. As the Jp DJ announcer pulled out a mic to say, "Alrightly, let's get this final battle started!" Michigan doing a pitcher style launch, while Katie doing a normal launch stand with little Apriell cheering for from her back. When the whole crowd begins the countdown, "3 . . ." "2 . . ." said the E.Bs Helpers. Then the DJ said, "1!" "Let it … Rip!" said both Katie & Michigan as they pull their Ripcord winders to release their beys into the beystadium.

As the 1st final round began, Draciel was headed to the beystadium center at high speed, but hit so hard by a golden yellow / orange blazing ball, which turned out to be TriEagle 3 spinning on home base, while the flames disbursed around it. Katie's bey was flying in the air like 20 feet until it landed on the right side of Katie’s feet. Stop spinning, while SB DJ said, "Dang, what a stadium knockout finish for the Super All Star Breakerz’s Michigan’s win!" The crowds go wild as the baseball based beyplayer blow air kisses to the ladies in the stands, while Katie picks up her Draciel bey from the floor. Apriell said, "Katie . . ." Looked worried about her. At the U.S team bench, TJ said, "Man, that guy is fast for a former Pro baseball pitcher." "Katie needs to think of a way to beat it." said Ethan.

By the JP team' side, Pr. Iris said this in her head, "Katie, sorry but, the Super All Star Breakerz need to win by Mr. McSmitch. Back at the stadium floor, Katie said it in her head, while looking at her bey, "How can I beat a fast & jumping beyblade that soars like a fierce eagle?" As she lost some of her confidence until she heard TJ giving a pump up speech to her, "Come on Katie, you got this, you need to go through a different battle tactic and plan!" "Different tactic & battle plan? (Grunts) Hey, what did you think me and Draciel were doing in the 1st session!?" said Katie with an upset look.

TJ continues the speed, "You went through some hard tough beybattles even ones that you never battled, you got power within that never released before, Katie! And it was not just me, who felt that hidden strength, but Draciel believed it too." "Draciel felt that strength . . . really?" said Katie looked at her Draciel W Sh (Water Shield) in her left hand. TJ said, "Remember how you beat Enriches before even the one with Emory (Emmy), you have gone through those battles by your will with Draciel. Now you two, need to use those ideas & experience to show Michigan, how a turtle fights in the wild and show your true strength to those JP's Bey players!"

"TJ. . . Thanks. You're right, I have learned from lots of beybattle experiences & thinking of new strategy ideas with Draciel, time to put those things to the test against TriEagle and I have an idea plan for its baseball style beyplayer." said Katie as she loaded her bey onto her launcher. At the U.S. team' side, Raven went up to TJ, then said, "Hey, TJ! What was that about, how to give her some confidence?!" Feeling somewhat embarrassed. TJ said, "Well it better, then worry about Michigan's power and stats!" “He’s right, we handled & beat the bests from two championships like the Majestic Calibur Sabers, White Tiger Zhang X, Dark Monster Haunted Bladers (D.M.H.B), and many more like them.” said Shelby. Steve said, “Yeah, we will defeat any opponent & improve our skills.” “Ok right, we’ll never call quit on any beybattles until we poured every ounce drop that our bey spirits got,” said Drew. Ethan said, “Yep, Katie has to utilize all the experience in the 2nd session against a tough bey player like Michigan.” “Hope you guys were right?” said Raven, looking very worried about it.

When Katie got to the stadium floor, Michigan said, “So, are you scared of that, little girl?” “No, I’m not scared of you or your big eagle, not even the biggest one, the harpy won’t keep me down. Your jumping ability won’t help you in the 2nd session, better not miss, if you can?” said Katie as she got in position except she is doing the baseball batter launch style for the second session. Michigan looked a little upset as he got ready, while on the monitor, Emmy was surprised to see Katie using that launch style.

Pr. Iris said, “Wait that launch style. . .” “The launch stand she used on me at the H.P.D.P HQ to amplify her beyblade’ speed abilities.” said Emmy as she pulled out her bey, Catch Sea Gator from her pocket. The announcer said, “Look at that launch stand, it's similar to a baseball batter.” “I know some best batters can hit a fastball in the right spot & movements!” said Raven, while the 2nd session of the final round got underway. S.B (Super Blade) DJ said,” Time to get started!” “ 3 . . .” said the crowd. JP team’s Eden and Stein in unison, “2 . . .” “1 . . .” said the U.S team together. Then Katie & Michigan launch to the stadium after they said, “Let It Rip!” as Draciel W.Sh (Water Shield) goes super fast to meet TriEagle in the center spot of the Diamond Base Corner beystadium in an instant for S.B DJ to see the green turtle bey holding down the orange-yellow eagle one on its track. As he said, “Incredible, Draciel held down on TriEagle’s attack with its double set of metal balls to muster the strength behind!” as Emmy looks at her computer tablet on Katie’s power level, then shocked in surprise at the current result as she tells Pr. Iris about it, “Professor, look at this, the reading shows that both Katie & Draciel’s power levels have spiked up like 5 or 6 times then the previous ones!” “That can’t be impossible for a player and bey to reach, can they?” said Pr. Iris in a questionable thought. At the stadium floor, Michigan was having a little tough time with Katie as he said it in his head, “Why is this girl not going down, no one can handle it.”

Time to show you how turtles attack in the water! Draciel go get him!” said Katie. Michigan said, “Oh crud . . .” as the green defense type bey’s bit begin to glow bright purple along a yellow outline to summon the black turtle of light & water, but her opponent’s eagle bit spirit by a bright golden yellow light from the amber (orange-yellow) bey’s bit come out to fight as the two bit spirits attack with their beyblade hosts for 8 minutes until some dazzling yellow sparkle energy particle appear around Draciel’s WD (Weight Disk), which caused Michigan to be push back so hard to leave the stadium, while TriEagle return back to the bey bit. The orange-yellow eagle bey fell from like 25 feet in the air, then stopped spinning as it landed in front of its player after it rolled in an almost circle. SB DJ said it on a mic to the crowd, “Katie is the winner of the 2nd session to tie up with Michigan, now the third final session will be the tiebreaker!” as the people cheered loudly to her along with her teammates said it in unison, “Already!” “Katie did it!” said the E.B Helpers in sync. After Katie picked up her bey, Apriell said it to her in joy, “Yea, yeah! Kadie (Katie) wins!” “Mmmm, yeah I did. Well Michigan, how do you like me now?” said Katie as the baseball based beyplayer picked up TriEagle from the ground, then said, “You got lucky, but I’ll win the last one.”

“No, I’ll win it! If you use any special secret weapon or tactics on me, give it your best, if you & the JP team are a bunch of flightless chicken birds!” said Katie as Pr. Iris is offended by that request. Emmy said, “Pr. Iris . . .” as she said something to Michigan, “Michigan?” “Yes ma’am?” replied the baseball beyplayer. Pr. Iris said, “Use your secret weapon, the Power Yo Yo Pitch launch, if Katie submits this, we won’t fail on it.” “Yes ma’am! Ok little Katie, you will be honored to see the preview of this launch that I’m saving for the final world championship.” as he detaches the grip from the yoyo beylauncher, then holds it on the opposite hand. Pr. Iris said it in her head, “Katie, you and Draciel have some type of a determined will to handle any opponents with more power then you, if you can beat Michigan’s beat play.” As the baseball player gets ready, Katie thinks of a good strategy for the last round.

By the U.S team bench, the Elemental Bladers were thinking about a way to beat Michigan’s power yo-yo pitch launch. Raven said, “How can she handle something that she has never seen before?!” “We have to put faith in Katie & Draciel with our full support. Go Katie!” said Drew. Shelby said, “You go, girl! Take that pitcher out of the stadium!” “You can do it!” said TJ, Ethan, and Angel in unison. Steve said, “And got it with your all!” as she heard friends cheer from behind to give her some confidence and said, “Thank you guys, I’ll never give up on this, no matter how much power is thrown at me, all I know if I lose as less, I give every bit of fighting spirit that I got to the end.” suddenly her bey emitted a light from the bey bit that caught the attention of both teams even the JP announcer said it in curiosity, “Whoa! What with that purple & yellow light from Katie’s beyblade?”

When Katie looks at the light, she finds herself floating in a strange yellow outer space dreamscape as something comes up out from a wave of light, which turns out to be Draciel. Katie was shocked for a moment, then said, “You’re here, Draciel?!” as her turtle bit spirit said some words to her, “(Giggles / Chuckles) Of course, I’m!” “Whoo, that is cool!” said Katie. Draciel said, “Yep, I heard your friend cheering for you and I am also here to lend a claw or shield? I’ll be there by your side, now are you ready to take that baseball beyplayer and big prey bird down into the water?” as he pulled out his left claw in a fist toward Katie, but near her. She look at her bit spirit for 6 seconds, then as Katie give a fist bump back for him, while the dreamscape started to lift up into brightness for Katie to get back into reality, then loaded her Draciel onto the beylauncher as she said, “Already, let's do this together, Draciel!” that shows bright confidence in her face. Katie uses the batter launch style again as some yellow energy aura appears around her that surprisingly shocks everybody in the whole stadium. When both beyplayers get ready to launch, Super Blade (SB) DJ said, “Ok! Time to get the final session under way, countdown!” “3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .” said the whole crowd. Katie pulled her ripcord winder very fast with water drops of light elemental spark released as she said, “Let’s It . . . Rip!” “Alright take this, Special Attack Move, Tri Eagle’s Fast Destiny Ball Needle Attack!” said Michigan as he  launched like a baseball pitcher, his bey ignited in fire to be sharp like a needle at its destination target to attack in full power toward the beystadium. As the two beys hit each other, the amber (orangish yellow) eagle bey pushed the green turtle bey almost to one of the walls, while TriEagle was summoned from the bit to give extra power to the attack. The U.S team watched their friend being hit with a lot of strikes, then said in worry unison, “Katie . . .” “Please stay strong, Katie . . .” said Lemore, praying for her friend’s battle in the seat.

Michigan said, “Look like I got this, no sweats, huh?!” as he sees Katie with her eyes closed and her Draciel Water Shield going into its elemental force state by charging color from green to bright yellow for him to say, “What the heck is happening to her bey?!” as the U.S team knows about that light with a gem-like fragment showing for Drew to say, “She is reaching the next awakened level like I have.” At the JP team’s bench, Emmy begins analysis on Katie’s beyblade with Pr. Iris along with some research equipment, which show a massive energy reading coming off from both Draciel & his beyplayer. Emmy said, “I can't believe Professor, is this the Elemental Force abilities that McSmitch told us, not let the U.S team use it?” “Seems like it, but this one is giving off so much energy, then any techno beys put together . . . is it possible that power can also handle Tri Eagle’s?” said Pr. Iris.

While TriEagle uses so much power, Draciel absorbs the extra leftovers as it fully changes into a Topaz Yellow color with the WD (Weight Disk), metal balls, and ball tip in a metallic purple color surrounded by a dualled element ring of both water & light. Katie said it in her head, “Ok, time to do this, even if technology can muster up to willpower, but that can be beaten. I’ll believe in myself and my bey to use this new level to win this.” as she opens her glowing eyes, while her hair and eyes change into Topaz Yellow with the same color aura including planetary symbol of Venus with both sunlight ray line & lightning bolts appear on the forehead. Then Katie shouted out loud, “Draciel, Elemental Force Awaken! Go!” as the turtle bit spirit was summoned to face the eagle bit spirit. Michigan said in his head, “Oh snap, I use so much power on that little girl, but she uses it with that strange power up.” TriEagle snooped down on Draciel in full force, but the turtle spirit grabbed him with his right arm, then smashed him to the floor. Super Blade DJ said, “Ah man, unbelievable Katie is overpowering Michigan in a rising whirlpool of light and water elements.” as the Super All Star Breakerz’s equipment try to measure Katie’s Elemental Force Awaken, but can’t handle so much power. Pr. Iris said, “What happened, Emmy?!” “It seems like that the Elemental Force Awaken is too much for the equipment to handle with extreme energy surge!” as the research tools started to short circuit or blow up by Katie’s new power.

Raven said, “I see, a super computer can’t handle very massive amounts of extra powers because the system will malfunction even those highly advanced in tech.” “That is the same for Techno Beys, they may have power, but the Elemental Force can surpass it.” said Drew. Suddenly Shelby realized something, then said, “Hey, I noticed something funny from the JP team.” “Really like what?” said Steve. As Shelby explains, “I think that they’re trying to defeat us because they don’t want us to use Elemental Force on them, which can’t be measured by energy reading.” “Hey, you may be right on it.” said Raven.

Back at the stadium floor, TriEagle use its loaded spring tip to jump up to the midway of the dualled elemental whirlpool to do a side sky dive on Katie with the eagle spirit follow it by snooping down, but when Michigan’s got close to Draciel, Katie said, “Ok, time to shell shocked that pitcher eagle out the ballpark!” “(Go x4) Kadie ged him! Dwaciel doo! (Katie got him! Draciel too!)” said Apriell. Katie calls out her final move as her turtle spirit gets ready, “Here I go, Special Attack Move, Draciel’s Water Lightning Metal Ball Shield!” as the metallic spheres in the B.E.B (Blade Element Base) move to the outer area, which create an electricity aqua-like shield surrounding it. The amber orange bey hit the electric - hydro shield, but it reflect the attack back except 8x full as the turtle bit spirit punch the eagle one with an aqua electricized fist on the crest cause Aquilian spirit to return by into the amber bey bit as the eagle bey was flying from the beystadium like a home run. In 60 feet in the air, TriEagle 3 stop spinning, when it landed by the middle between its owner & team bench for the announcer to say, “Incredible, with a super mega grand slam, Katie has won both the tournament and Japanese World Championship for the Elemental Bladers!” as the crowds go wild for Katie’s victory (Crowd cheering).

The JP’s team were shocked by Katie’s victory on their faces, while Pr. Iris said, “I don’t believe she even outpower TriEagle by that power. . .” as TJ, Shelby, Drew, Angel, and Raven went to Katie & Apriell to celebrate her win. Angel said, “Yeah, girl!” “Totally!” said Drew. Raven said, “True that, because you unlock your Elemental Force Awaken, we won the JP tournament and Championship!” “Agree!” said both TJ & Shelby unison. Katie said, “(Giggles) Thanks guys!” as Pr. Iris walked over to the U.S team bench area at the same time, when Lemore, Angelia, and Gariga walked by Ethan & Steve. Pr. Iris said it to Katie, “Well done, Katie. You’re sure a shining light of the Elemental Bladers and a dazzling one as that.” “Thanks, guess back to the developing board?” said Katie. Pr. Iris said, “Kathie will be proud of you, mind telling her that I say hi same go to my family?” “I’ll do that, when I see them.” as the rest of the Super All Star Breakerz come over to congratulate them. Even Tackier Strongson joined the group & said, “Man, you kids really got my teammates with some good moves.” “Hey! Don’t count your buds out like, dude.” said Stein. Eden said, “Yeah, be good that you got beaten before the final.”

Emmy said, “Well, sorry what we said about your gear equipment, your friends really do some nice work on those electronic bey launchers.” “I gladly accept that as an apology.” said Raven as Gariga said something to agree with him, “Me too.” “Ok, I’m surprised that Katie did a batter style launch against a pro pitcher like me.” said Michigan as he shook hands with Katie, when she said, “Well, I kinda made up that one for a speed boost as I battled Emmy for the first time.” “I guess, that's true . . .” said Emmy as she cuddled by Apriell’s cuteness as the little apple tot 1st said her name a bit in babies (Toddlers) talks, “(Em-my x2).” Suddenly Shelby and Steve noticed Pr. Iris headed toward Mr. McSmitch, so they followed her. As she confronts her boss. Pr. Iris Gearson, may you explain this?” said Mr. McSmitch. The Professor said, “Our analysis & research are good enough flawless to make use of the data in the hard drives.” “But the team lost and failed to keep the U.S team from using the Elemental Force power.” “I knew it, so you guys really want to beat us before using the Elemental Force.” said a female child voice behind them as they looked to see Shelby Scott and Steve Lekas of the Elemental Bladers walking toward them.

Steve said, “Shelby noticed it for a while.” “Ok, spill the beans, on that about the Elemental Force & let’s me guess you don’t have data and power level measure?” said Shelby. Pr. Iris said, “Correct, sir?” “Mmmm, that power is something impossible for any player to do, even our own. The Elemental Force abilities may have hidden potentials in them as I saw from some beybattles of you kids on the internet, but look like I saw the power up in its 2nd stage. What made it possible for your group to use it?” said Mr. McSmitch.
Steve answers his question, “The Elemental Force is kinda sync between both bit spirits and players in a true bond for the love of beyblading like us through a spiritual connection in heart & souls to unlock certain levels of these powers.”

When the U.S. and JP teams walked to them as Pr. Iris said, “I see, it is a power up in spiritual and human infused energies, that even our advanced tech can’t make.” “Now, I see why that ability is impossible to reach & beat from that.” said Michigan as his teammates nobbed their heads for yes to agree. Suddenly five lights appear to glow in their pockets as they pull out their beys, which have their bits lifted up. Emmy said it in shock, “Professor, what happened to our beys?!” “I don’t know?!” said Pr. Iris as those lights shoot off the bey bits to the left side of the JP team bench to reveal themselves, who turn out to be their bit spirits: Boulder Bison, Seagator, TriEagle, TriScorpio, and Bullhorn.

The Super All Star Breakerz & the whole crowd are shocked to see what is happening as Pr. Iris said, “What is going on?!” as Katie went by her, “That ok, my friends and I have experience with this like our last two championships, I think this one for me.” Katie headed toward the JP team’s bit spirits as they bowed to her, while she did a curtsey bow to do the same. As the five bit spirits give some friendly roars (friendly animal noises). Michigan said it in confusion, “What was that?” “Well, we don’t know, but I believe the opposing team’s bit spirits come out on their own because they seem impressed by some things that our group overcame.” said TJ. Eden said, “Ok, so . . . why did our Bit spirits bow to her?” “I think they honor Katie because they are impressed by her bright bey light spirit & Elemental Force Awaken.” said Lemore as TriEagle with the other JP Bit Spirits returned back to their bey hosts.

Pr. Iris went to both Raven and Gariga, then said, “Excuse me, I think you two got some good futures with those talents, maybe some of our facilities will like to take those skills on some projects.” “Really, awesome!” said the two mechanics as the professor walk by Mr. McSmitch as she says, “Sir, I think we should think more on the players & less on the beyblade tops.” “You’re sure about it, Professor, from those kids?” said the JP team’ secretary, when the two adults looked at the Elemental Bladers, Pr. Iris said, “Yes sir, I think the future of beyblading will be open through them.”

After the JP championship’s closing ceremony, the Elemental Bladers were at the lobby area as TJ said, “Ok, that our third championship, now the final one is waiting for us, now who wants to be ready for this!” “Heck ya!” said both the other and helpers in unison. Mr. Ronaldo said it as he walked up with TJ’s grandpa, Curtis, “That's the spirit. Now listen, you kids will go ahead to the Final in Russia. The two of us will catch up after some JP bey player’s interviews with some of your fans.” “True that. Now TJ, being good for your Final in Russia?” said his grandpa. TJ said, “Sure thing, gramp.” “(Laughs).” said the other in unison laughter.

Now with the Japanese World Championship, all wrapped up by the U.S team, the rainbow colored stars of seven can battle at the Final championship in Russia.
Hey Guys, Ghostmaster is going to make the 3D printed designs of both Driger Spark & Dragoon Wind Attacker after he converting some Plastic Gen Beys into HMS like Apollon MS:

Dark Gargoyle

Rapid Eagle

Rushing Boar


Pierce Hedgehog

Except he going to make HMS version of these beys that resemble their original shape like their Original Plastic Gen looks.

Since he got the 3D Printed designs on both his Shapeways.com & Cults3d.com:

Dragoon Grip Attacker & Spin (Ultimate) Dragoon or Proto Dragoon to fused together to make Dragoon Wind Attacker either ways

Also Driger Slash & Master Driger (Knight Dranzer) for the creation design of Driger Spark

Then He might make there two following after them:

Dragoon Cyclone - by fusing the reverse (Left Spin) version of Dragoon Grip Attacker with the modified Dragoon Storm from his Prototype DG S design including it's modify AR (Attack Ring), Reverse Dragon.

Also Bison Charger - Now with the new modified E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring) version of Bison Horns from the reverse version of the AR (Attack Ring) for Beigoma Battle (N.G.B.B) series bey, Neko Chan

Elemental Force States version for Dragoon Cyclone, Driger Spark, & Bison Charger:

Dragoon Cyclone (DG Cyclone) - Fire / Wind Elemental style in bright red
Driger Spark (DI Spk) - Wind / Lightning Elemental style in bright green
Bison Charger (BC) - Earth Elemental style in bright orange

Maybe even do two Demonstration Beybattle videos:

First: Dragoon Wind Attacker vs Bison Charger
Second: Dragoon Cyclone vs Driger Spark
Hey Bey fans, check out this Beyblade designs. From my own Beyblade Elemental Force Series, Driger Spark made by Ghostmaster, a 3D print Beyblade Maker.

Here are some website, where you got this beyblade:
Shapeways.com: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ghostmaster?li=pb

Tiger Attacker E.A.R (Elemental Attack Ring) - https://www.shapeways.com/product/UPE9ZU...3&li=shops

[Image: 342224403_804568347194439_91110023750398...e=6446106D]

Metal Sharp Base B.E.B (Blade Element Base) - https://www.shapeways.com/product/TFV5DQ...9&li=shops

[Image: 342064769_196376136497764_86019034201520...e=6445B0BF]

Cults3d.com: https://cults3d.com/en/users/Ghostmaster/creations
I found out on Ghostmaster's future plan to make his own website for complete 3D-Printed Beyblades with the holographic sticker set attached. This way buyers can have everything complete on arrival. This will take time and investment but with our support, he can make this a reality very soon. These models take many hours of work to complete but he is determined to release them all. With our support, the more time he can allocate to 3D modeling thus the faster these designs will become available.
Hey Guys, I got a talk with Ghostmaster on Etsy.com, He say that he got lots of different 3D Printed Beyblade Projects including one that is remaking the Gen X beys into Plastic Gen HMS (Heavy Metal System) beys. He going to squeeze some of the Elemental Force Series Beys in there like in one or several months.
I talk to Bench Blade for how to use some materials on Dragoon Cyclone & Dranzer Flare from my Elemental Force Series, but when I saw some of his latest videos, I decide if him can use that Ultra Durable Polycarbonate Plastic and Stainless Steel to build them with.
These are the images of the third volumes in the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force Series.

The CN (Chinese) World Championship images: China Journey

[Image: dg0y4ne-7b347126-7f6d-485d-a343-9936bb8a...ChuMS6Sg2I]

[Image: dg0y4ob-3e29d5e9-e612-4300-a270-bd5c5902...0whCSdRaZg]

Chapter 17 - Hong Kong Bey Street Battle:

[Image: dg0y4nb-4530b0cd-1e1e-49f6-b2fd-a01ee3cf...5Op7Wgpig8]

Chapter 18 - Red Phoenix vs Monkey pt 1:

[Image: dg0y4n7-3700a1eb-a344-45ff-bd08-11994d3f...dzWjXOCh-o]

Chapter 19 - Beijing Chinese World Championship Circle:

[Image: dg0y4n0-407b83d4-bed4-4231-b472-2d7787df...S2TnPX7WFk]

Chapter 20 - Red Phoenix vs Money pt 2:

[Image: dg0y4n3-4f3f5ba1-64bb-4f92-a3e1-ff12e580...me1LEXFeYU]

Chapter 21 - Legend of the Thunder Wind Byakko Warrior:

[Image: dg0y4mu-de6ac18b-6ab0-4338-9fcd-402810b8...0xfMmi-IeU]

Chapter 22 - The Tiger's Claw & Lion Fang Technique:

[Image: dg0y4mo-d07047a8-92c9-45b1-9f9b-4fb0d34b...RdklyO8xVw]

Chapter 23 - Water Light Black Turtle get a new shell:

[Image: dg0y4nw-ab1cd86a-6bcb-4815-846e-c1707e7d...ib2v3PzrQk]

Chapter 24 - Legendary History of the 4 Sacred Elemental Beasts:

[Image: dg0y4ns-072e803f-bc4f-4b6f-bdc7-ec7f6c69...y8ChVJKOHc]

Chapter 25 - Mountain Power of the Axe Bear:

[Image: dg0y4no-8fb43dec-4610-4ecb-9b5e-043bb3bc...DK_TuOen0o]

Chapter 26 - Lynx Cat vs White Tiger, Elemental Cat Fight:

[Image: dg0y4nj-5195959d-3f4e-49be-8f71-0a698970...XP0XqsyA70]

Chapter 27 - The Black Lion Shocking, Battle Lightning Beast King:

[Image: dg0y4ng-12f4b19f-e8ae-486d-8490-30ccdf4e...7DHlZ--Meo]

The JP (Japanese) World Championship: Techno Trip to Japan:

[Image: dg0y4pq-367c16fc-e9a0-4905-94e6-9fbd986e...6O-1kPMYFI]

[Image: dg1joqi-d29630f1-3c67-4240-8620-c74d9cff...7aPnx8ONTg]

Chapter 28 - Japanese trip to the H.P.D.P. Beyblade Tour:

[Image: dg0y4pg-733d62ac-0c9c-4185-ae83-af39bfc7...miDSNbDQBw]

Chapter 29 - Bey Training in nature:

[Image: dg0y4pn-7c7e14eb-2f7d-47ae-88e8-413d4dad...we3jy2n8Gs]

Chapter 30 - Katie's way of laughter:

[Image: dg0y4pd-4d4fb8cf-a091-4ca7-bfda-ccf2e636...af8jB3V9-A]

Chapter 31 - Battling in famous Tokyo:

[Image: dg0y4p1-b2561d05-5dfe-4d0d-b6d3-4454e395...xKLBXXewzc]

Chapter 32: Firing Beys at pirate ahoy!

[Image: dg0y4p7-a7789bf3-b1bd-49b6-8ebc-ac851525...ikLvVQLzow]

Chapter 33 - The element trio powers of orange, purple, and white:

[Image: dg0y4q8-13fdcb92-9f8f-4785-b1a6-8d0351b7...IKbYITBWVM]

Chapter 34 - Magic witch babysitter adventure:

[Image: dg0y4pv-9e8e0830-235b-4e0e-b47a-077a98db...u9oy-G0FYU]

Chapter 35 - Battle in the samurai life to the rising sun:

[Image: dg0y4pr-d75627cc-6588-4947-a02b-6a3b025e...rxyvFvJ1W4]

Chapter 36 - The epic battle of America & Japan skills:

[Image: dg1caiq-6a5b3457-93f9-4b5b-bcc7-b3d469cb...y55RnaNfc4]

Chapter 37 - The Slam Dunk Sting of Tri-Scorpio:

[Image: dg1caim-81423f21-8b8e-4944-8c82-5418d98a...3Nx9lQoVGY]

Chapter 38 - A great home run in the final session:

[Image: dg1caik-4a6bb06a-d704-43f6-94fb-9f4faa50...7796YNK9Bs]

Chapter 39 - Elemental History of the U.S.A's bey team:

[Image: dg1jomq-6d2cb497-eec8-4c4a-8ea0-bbab8ba5...iNRHDtf5CM]