Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force.

I am making a beyblade spin off series for the Elemental Warriors: Defenders of the Solar System series.
The Epic Beyblade adventure of the kids before they were Elemental Warriors. The Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series is a spin off series of the Elemental Warriors as young kids in the second grade in Centennial Elementary School in Plano, TX. This is the begin when they start to play in the Beyblade World Championship in 2000.
Young TJ Thornton, Ethan Lee, Katie Scherer, Drew Myers, Shelby Scott, & Steve Lekas first met Raven Storm Mack and Angel Armstrong in the regional tournament of North America to form The Elemental Bladers team that will competition in the World Championship.
This team will be battle against teams in Europe, Russia, Africa, Japan, Hollywood,CA, Brazil, and China

The Bit Beasts of the Elemental Bladers obtain two different elements in them for crazy & powerful move & attack.

The Team Elemental Bladers from America:

members: TJ Thornton, Ethan Lee, Katie Scherer, Drew Myers, Shelby Scott, Steve Lekas, Angel Armstrong, & Raven Mack.

Team White Tiger Zhang X from China:

Members: Rio Han Wang, Mao Mai, Goa Yuan Li, Kike Xian.

Team Super All Star Breakers from Japan:

Michigan Darker, Tackier Strong-son, Emmy Yodeler, Eden Wheezes, and Stein Rusher.

Team Majestic Cali-bur from Europe"

Elbert Kongo, Enriches Torn-an, Soph-era / Olivier Poland, Johannes McGuire.

Team Barth Ganglionic from Brazil:

Miguel-o Marcia, Hilda Asgard, Clan Ravages, and Aaron Silvia.

Team Babushka Boys from Russia:

Kalevala Valor, Lean Papal, Torrance Romero, & Brogan Kuznetsk.

Team Wild Saint Fang Shields from Africa:

Goya Tate min, Dunkirk Harridan, Marie, and Josue.

The tournaments in this special series are:

American regional Tournament in Austin, TX.

European Tournament in London and little Greece battle tour competition.

Little Battle Tournament in Hollywood, CA back in North America.

Brazilian Tournament in Brazil, South America.

African Tournament in somewhere in Africa.

Japanese Tournament in Tokyo, Japan.

An extra chapter with be made when, I finish the chapters for this series.

Whicih of these Team with be the champion on that Tournament in the off spin series.

America Team - Elemental Bladers.

Chinese Team - White Tiger Zhang X

Brazil Team - Barth Ganglionic

Japanese Team - Super All Star Breakers

Europe Team - Majestic Cali-bur

or Russia Team - Babushka Boys.

Put your answer below the post.
To be honest, I find some of the team names as well as member names... let's say a little too inspired. There's certainly some obvious similarities to team names from G-Revolution and MFB Baku.
This are the team with their member'beys in this spin off series of the Elemental Warriors.

The White Tiger Zhang X team from China:

Thunder Lion Black Lightning -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008190857]

Scratching Lynxic -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008185729]

Swinging Monkey -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008185825]

Axe Gal-Bear -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008190435]

Super All Star Breakerz from Japan:

Triple Eagle 3 -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008190531]

Needle Tri-Scorpio -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008190658]

Catch Sea-gator -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008190711]

Charging Bullhorn -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193526]

Boulder Bison -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193552]

Majestic Cali-bur from Europe:

Legend Griffin Destroyer -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193800]

it's change mode parts -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193813]

Sickle Salami-Blaze -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193859]

Twin Ampicillin-Draco-r -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008193938]

Spear Uni Striker -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008194021]

The Babushka Boys from Russia:

Blitz wolf Ice Frost -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008194103]

Wave Whale Grand Sea -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008194153]

Falzor Slash Winger -
[Image: latest?cb=20181008194233]

Strike Land Serpent ail-
[Image: latest?cb=20181008194306]

Which one of these beyblade do you like & why, tell that on the reply button below the post.

The Beyblade teams in the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series.

The White Tiger Zhang X team is a combination of White Tiger X & Wang Hu Zhong Team.

Combine Wang Hu Zhong's four hundred year knowledge and the White Tiger X's fierce training make this team, a strong longest wall in history, A team that represent China in the World Championship.

The Super All Star Breakerz team, This is a combination of the PBB AllStarz & Star Breakers.

Uniting the All Starz's technology and Star Breaker's data research, make this team as a technology Data lab for the World Championship and is a technical team that represent Japan and battle the Elemental Bladers team in Tokyo, Japan.

The will type the other teams later.
Here are the Cover for the Elemental Warrior's Beyblade Elemental Force series on Fiction Press or in Fan-fiction for Beyblade series.

[Image: latest?cb=20180916163444] 
E.Ws Beyblade Elemental Force Series Vol 1 Cover.

[Image: latest?cb=20181020093746]
E.Ws Beyblade Elemental Force Series Vol 2 Cover.

[Image: latest?cb=20181020093817]
E.Ws Beyblade Elemental Force Series Vol 3 Cover.

[Image: latest?cb=20181020093835]
E.Ws Beyblade Elemental Force Series Vol 4 Cover.

[Image: latest?cb=20190707083110]
E.Ws Beyblade Elemental Force Series Special Vol Cover.
Hey guys, check out this story idea, for my Elemental Warriors x Beyblade crossover story: The Elemental Bladers vs Avatar Psychic Team

A Elemental Warriors x Beyblade Crossover series,

Plot: The Elemental Warriors were invited to Beybattle in a place called the Neo Grand X Battle Tower somewhere in N.D / North Dakota’s forest mountains, but the bad guys want to steal the Elemental Blader’s Bit Spirits to suck out their powers for evil world takeover plan. At the entrance, when Angel & Huckle were almost hit, they were saved by Dragoon V2 from Tyson Granger and the BladeBreakers were at the main entrance to handle lots of security Blader gear robots, while the Elemental Bladers head to the first battle stage, where Katie is battle against Avatar Jim. Katie win the battle, but her Draciel was taken by the Bad guys, so it Drew turn to battle Avatar Selima & win about his friends.

Ethan is going to bring a beat down on the group that hurt Kai’s friend & classmate in London school, in the final battle, Tyson vs Avatar Kane to save the remaining Bey Spirits of the Elemental Bladers. At the building begin to crushing down on TJ & Katie went up to get Draciel out the storage room and get out from the destruction.


The Elemental Bladers:

TJ Thornton

Ethan Lee

Katie Scherer

Drew Myers

Shelby Scott

Steven Lekas

Angel Armstrong

Raven Storm Mack

Strawbie Thornton

Orangina Lee

Lennon Scherer

Angie Myers

Bluebette Scott

Ginelle Lekas

Huckle Armstrong

The BladeBreakers:

Tyson Granger

Max Tate

Ray Kon

Kai Hiwatari


Hilary Tachibana

The Avatar Psychic Team:

Avatar Kane - Latrell

Avatar Goki - Hane

Avatar Jim - Ilian

Avatar Selima - Ramella

The Beys in this story

Elemental Warrior’s Beys:

Dragoon Hurricane Victory - TJ Thornton

Dranzer Flame Volcano - Ethan Lee

Draciel Aqua Fortress - Katie Scherer

Driger Lightning Vulcan - Drew Myers

Strata Dragoon Earth Spike - Steven Lekas

UniPegasus & Bison Charger - Shelby Scott and Angel Armstrong.

The Bladebreakers beys:

Dragoon Victory 2 - Tyson Granger

Driger Vulcan - Ray Kon

Draciel Viper - Max Tate

Dranzer Volcano - Kai Hiwatari

The Avatar Psychic's beys:

Cyber Storm Dragoon - Avatar Kane / Latrell

Cyber Fire Dranzer - Avatar Goki / Hane

Cyber Water Draciel - Avatar Jim / Ilian

Cyber Lightning Driger - Avatar Selima / Ramella

Tell me about this idea in comment, please.
These are the Plot for the beginning & the first three chapters of the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force spin off series:

Beginning: E.Ws: Beyblade Elemental Force Vol 1 - This is an Elemental Warrior's spin off series of the Elemental Warriors as young kids, that tell TJ how he got his family's sacred spirit, Fire Wind Seiryu / Dragoon from his grandpa & started his beyblade journey to becoming a world champion with his friends, in the first volume of the Beyblade Elemental Force. There are 8 chapters of the very first volume of Beyblade Elemental Force.

The Chapters:

Chapter 1: Starting Fresh - TJ went to the store to get some stuff & he beybattle against a boy named Hever, soon Shelby & Steve arrived at his grandparent's house. Then the three kids find someone that stealing beys from young kids, so they meet Raven that tell them about to beat him.

Chapter 2: The Rise of the Fire Wind Blue dragon spirit - After TJ defeating the creep, He face against a mysteries person with a blue bey that have a red Phoenix bird with Aqua flame wings on it, during the battle, Dranzer Flare destroyed TJ's beys into pieces. Then TJ's friends, Raven, Steve, Shelby, and his grandpa help him to make a new bey & the spirit, Fire Wind Seiryu enter his new bey & named it, Dragoon Cyclone in the battle in a incomplete building site for the mysteries person to revealed himself to be TJ's friend, Ethan Lee from Centennial Elementary School. In battle, the two tops started hitting each other, when they released the two spirits, Seiryuu renamed Dragoon & Aqua Flame Suzaku renamed Dranzer to fight in one second. When the battle is over in a tie, Ethan quit the gang & free raven.

Chapter 3: Arrived of an old friend - When Raven, Shelby, Ethan, & Steve are helping TJ to master his Dragoon Cyclone bey, at a dog accidentally fall into a raging river that send it up stream, then they meet their friend, Katie Scherer that help them to save the dog, They went to a beyblade toy shop to check Dragoon is okay. Katie & TJ decide to battle in the stadium, as a man in a suit from B.B.S.T.A (Beyblade Battle Star Tower Association) to invite them to enter the American Beyblade Super Star Battle Tournaments.
These are the Europe Team that the Elemental Bladers team of America battle against in the European World Championship:
This team is a combination of the Majestic & Excalibur with royal families & lots of pride in their title & battle.

[Image: latest?cb=20190809150409]

Their team name is Majestic Cali-bur Sabers.

[Image: latest?cb=20190809150448]

Elbert Kongo - The leader of Majestic Calibur Saber, & own Griffin Destroyer.

[Image: latest?cb=20190809150702]

Johannes McGuire - the powerhouse of the team with his Sickle Salami blaze.

[Image: latest?cb=20190809151108]

Enriches Torrance - The Rome boy with stylish hairstyle go for double attacks of his bey,Twin Amphi Dracor


[Image: latest?cb=20190809151040]


The last one is Sophera / Olivier Poland - With her bey, Spear Uni-Striker that brings this French girl mastery of the power.
Hey Guys, I made the symbols for the remaining 6 Bey teams of the Planet Earth:

From America, Team Elemental Bladers:
[Image: latest?cb=20191219032023]

From China, Team White Tiger Zhang X:
[Image: latest?cb=20191219032040]

From Japan, Team Super All Star Breakerz:
[Image: latest?cb=20191219032057]

From Russia, Team Babushka Boys:
[Image: latest?cb=20191219032113]

From Africa, Team Wild Saint Fang Shields:
[Image: latest?cb=20191219032138]

And from Brazil, Team Barth Ganglionic:
[Image: latest?cb=20191219032153]

Tell me about these, and what is your thought on them?
This is the beginning & the first two chapters in the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force Series:
Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force

Beginning: It is the started of the Elemental Warriors before they got their power & abilities, when they met two of their friends and go on a big adventure of Beyblade & battle against lots of players and sacred spirits in tournament.

Chapter 1: Starting Fresh:
In time of History, players battle with skill, technique, & powers in many different sports around the planet, but now there is an epic battle of new Heroes with mythical Elemental Spirits during this era and before the Elemental Warriors awakened their powers. As a young boy with brown spiky hair & red eyes was looking through the Attic to found a thin small memorial with the center is a picture of a dragon on it. The little boy went down with the small memorial stone in his grandparent’s house living room.
Then a man smooth hairstyle said, “Hey TJ, did you find something you like in the attic?” “Yeah Grandpa, I find this thing.” as he shows the small Memorial to his grandfather. (Gasp) “Oh that is the family sacred beast spirit.” “Sacred beast spirit?” said TJ. As his grandpa explain this to his grandson, “This is the spirit of the blue dragon of fire & wind, Dragoon that been passed down from generation to generation and now he is your now.” “For real?” said TJ. His grandpa said, “Yes, and Dragoon will alway there, if you need help.” as his grandma walk in and said, “Hey Curtis, we out of cheese & eggs, can you send TJ to get it from the store?” “Sure, Clare.” as his grandma to give him the money & he grab a white top with four dragon head, a blue launch shooter, & a red string like winder with him to the store.
After he gets the cheese and eggs, some kids with a stadium dish & one of them said, “Hey kid, time for you get ready for battle.” “What battle?” “Battle of these.” said the boy holding a light yellow-green top. “Huh, Beys eh.” said TJ. “Oh come kid, are you ready to fight.” “Oh, right, let's do it!” as put the groceries on a bench, Put the red winder in the blue launch shooter, while the white top is thrown in the air. TJ grab it load on the launcher & get ready to battle with go do the other boy. TJ said, “Get ready?” “My name is Hever and I'm good to go.” The little girl said, “Ok, ready 3… 2… 1... !” Then Both TJ and Hever said in union, “Let It Rip!” as the pull the ripcords to launch the tops in the Stadium dish. As the three kids watching the battle. The beys begin to hitting each other, then TJ’s bey go for the finishing move to knock Hever’s bey out the stadium & landing on TJ’s right hand. “Uh, How you got me so bad?” said Hever. TJ said, “Hey the bey is good in battle, but you need more practice on this.” “But, why you’re good in beyblading toy?” “Oh, My grandpa given this bey after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, I have been working hard on it to get something awesome.” said TJ as his pick his bey & groceries. Hever said, “Hey, where are you going?” “I am going back to my grandparent’s house, see ya.” as he ran back to the house.
As TJ made it to his grandparent’s house, two kids were at the front door & TJ know them. There was a brown haired double ponytails girl with orange eyes and a brownish gray buzzcut haired boy with gray eyes, then they both said, “Hey, TJ.” “Shelby, Steve, nice to see you guys.” as he let them in with him. In the living room, TJ introduced his friends to his grandparents, “These are my friends from Centennial Elementary School, Shelby Scott & Steve Lekas and guys, they are my grandparent, Curtis & Clare Griffin.” “It's nice to meet you two.” said both Shelby and Steve in union. Suddenly they hear some of lot knocking from the door.
TJ walk up to the door & open to see who is calling, it was the three kids that with Hever that challenge him by the grocery store. The girl in blue & green dress said, “Help TJ, there is trouble in the park and someone is stealing our beys!” as she crying & hugging him. Steve said, “What someone is stealing beys from kids in New Orleans that is rude and mean.” “Come on guys, let go find out what is happening,” said Shelby. As TJ, Shelby, and Steve follow Hever’s friends to the park to see a gangster kid stealing the kid’s beys from their battle. TJ walk to him & said, “Hey jerk, give everyone here their beys back!” “Flat Chance, kid there is no way you can beat.” said the gangster. As TJ pulled out his bey from his right pocket & said, “Ok I will battle you for them, if you got the guts to back it up?!” “Fine, but don’t cry when I take your beys from you & the name is Randy Jones.” when the two get to battle, a short black haired boy with goggles carry a beystadium & said, “Wait a minute, I got something to show.” “What is it?” said TJ. As the goggle boy show TJ, Steve, Shelby a zig zag & swirl spin move marks on the stadium then said, “TJ look at this beystadium, the movements are different from other bey’ spin movements in battle.” “Huh?” said the three kids in confusion. “Come Randy, I sure your blading skills goods, but just them to show I mean.” said the goggles boy. Randy said, “Yeah, if that boy have better words to fight with?” Then Shelby walk up by the boy with goggles & said to Randy, “Oh yeah, well TJ got some good skills in his bey back in School!” then the goggle boy stomp on Shelby’s left foot to quietly up. Then Randy pick up the stack of stolen Beys & said, “I don’t have any time for nonsense.” “Hey, you are now leaving?” said the boy with goggles. Randy said, “Yeah, I be going now.” Steve said to Randy, “Go ahead & try you chicken coward, TJ is going to beat you!” Then the goggles boy did the same thing on Steve’s right leg zipped his mouth.
Randy said it to TJ, “We fight under the big highwall by the train track at 6:30 pm, got it?” “Yeah, I got it but, if I win, you have to return those beys back to their owners,” said TJ. as Randy said, “I'm sure you get a huge battle beat down after I am done with you.” As he walks off away Shelby & Steve whack the goggles boy on the head, then said in Union, “Hey, that hurt you knows!” “Ah, sorry about that, but I have done that before you two get things more worse.” said the goggle boy. TJ said, “Ok, But who are you, dude.” “Oh my name is Raven Storm Mack or Raven Mack & I’m here in New Orleans with family on a vacation, then learning about beyblading in this city,” said Raven. TJ, Steven, and Shelby said in unison, “Learning about Beyblading?” “Yeah, I got data about the three of you guys.” As Raven pulled out a light blackish gray laptop to show a beybattle video of Hever & Randy’s beys in the stadium. Raven said, “You see the green one is Hever’s bey and the orangish brown one is Randy.” “That battle look epic excited in there.” said TJ. Steve said, “Hey wait, look at that.” “Keep watching the video.” said Raven as the Green Beyblade top hit the Orangish brown one & knock out on upside down. Shelby said, “So, the winner is Randy.” “Hey, that is the reason why, Randy’s bey is heavier then Hever’s and heavy beyblade can last longer in the beystadium different from regular ones.” said TJ. Hever said, “Wait is that bey is heavier, how you going to beat that?” “TJ must launch his bey, faster like 4 or 12 times faster to beat, but it can't be possible to do it.” said Raven. TJ said, “I will try it & do harder to do a technique that make my bey faster like a shooting star!” As him stand up on the floor. Shelby said, “You sure about this?” “I am.” as he ran back to his grandparent’s house.
During Dinner time, TJ said to himself, “Go faster, go faster (X3)” Curtis said, “TJ . . . TJ . . .” “Yes, Grandpa.” said TJ. His grandpa said, “Listen your mind & think about how to find the answers.” as TJ look at his fork & thought up an idea. “Thank grandpa, later.” said TJ as he went to his room. He glue stick two ripcord winders together as x3 times longers & test it on the bey’s rotation. As TJ launch his white bey top on the stadium & said, “Ah man, It going three times faster & I don’t know how to get 9 time more to that jerk. Great, now . . . How can I beat Randy?” When he thinks about of to win against Randy’s heavy bey, he saw a light blue & red lights in the night cloudy sky, TJ run up to the window to see a blue dragon with fiery red wings on it. TJ said, “Is that the Wind Fire Dragoon the blue dragon & what he doing?!” as the blue fire wind dragon heading toward TJ, he walked backward as the dragon went through the window in a bright flash of light, when he awake & said, “Woah, that was a dream or it telling me something?” as TJ look at his bey & remember the dragon, he got an idea, “Hey, that might be the answer!” said TJ. He got his bey, launcher, ripcord winder & a white gadget with him to the backyard.
In the front door, Curtis Griffin let an 8 years old Orange-Red scruffy haired girl with a 1 years old baby girl, a jackabee pup & a Tabby Coon Kitten by her in the hall. When they hear a voice, the pup run to the sound, while it owner & Curtis follow him, as they enter the backyard to see TJ doing a new launching technique as him fell down, while the pup lick TJ on the right cheeks & he said, “Ok, now try it again.” “Excuse me, sir My sister & I going to the place to get some sleep.” said the 8 year old girl. Curtis said, “Sure thing, I think your puppy is going to stay watching my grandson.” When TJ’s grandpa took to their room, TJ fell down again & said, “I got to master this technique to beat him.” as he try it again, while the jackabee pup get to catch his bey.
As the next day at 6:30 pm, the kids were gathered by the train track yard with a big beystadium. Shelby said, “Where is TJ?” “I don’t know?” said Steve. Randy said, “Where is that kid, I don’t got time for that shrimp.” “I just got here, you stupid!” said a voice as the kids look from the left to see TJ with a jackabee Pup & his owner following him. He walked by the other side the stadium for battle, while the girl stand by Shelby, Raven, & Steve in the crowd & said, “Hi, my name is Ichigo Barica, over there is my puppy, Popper.” “Oh ok, Now we see the battle in hand.” said Raven as he getting his laptop ready to record the battle & check the data. TJ said, “Let get the beybattle started!” as Randy & TJ get ready to battle. The gangster see TJ’s Ripcord winder look longer & said, “Ha ha, you made your ripcord winder 3x times longer, but that won’t work on my beys.” “Let see is that true?” said TJ. as he attach his bey into his launcher & take 6 steps back to be ready. Randy said, “What you try do, little boy?” “You will know & watch it.” said TJ. Hever’s Friend, Adam, the boy wear a yellow and brown short & black pants walk up to be a referee, then said, “Alright, guy get ready . . . Let it Rip!” as TJ run in top speed, then jump about 6 feet in the air & launch his bey, while Randy launch his. As TJ’s white bey headed down to the stadium like a shooting star, Raven said, “Wait a minute, I got it, By making ripcord winder three times long with TJ’s running & jump technique, He got his bey to spin 18 times faster.” “Woah!” said TJ friends. TJ said, ``Go get him!” as the two beys begin to battle in the stadium. “Hey, I have more time, if you give me your bey.” said Randy. Shelby said, “Wow, check TJ’s bey spin rotation in the stadium.” “Yeah, it have more speed then Randy’s.” said Raven.
As the beys started to hit each other in battle, the white bey hit super hard on orangish brown one cause it to hit the wall to lose some spins, one of the kids in the crowd said, “Wow, that bey got nailed hard.” “What, how can a bey be so powerful & speed?” said Randy. TJ said, “Finish this!” as his bey use a powerful attack on Randy’s bey and sending out of the stadium. As the orangish brown top fall to the ground, the crowds cheered for TJ’s victory. Raven, Shelby, Steven, Ichigo, & her pup run around TJ to celebrate his win, while the kids get their beys back. Raven said, “TJ, That was a great battle and the powers you put into your bey is amazing.” “Oh, no problem that way very good & you guys help me out in this battle.” said TJ. Ichigo’s puppy, Popper started barking at Randy from running away with the remaining beys in the bag as the kids chase, they stop to a mystery boy in a Navy blue hoodie cloak and he walked up to Randy to said, “I’m disappointed for you, Randy.” “No, come on please wait, don’t!” said Randy as he got slapped down by the mystery boy & some throw out of the bag. TJ run over the stranger, then said, “Hey, you, what gives you to hit someone that lose the battle!?” “I am the Ocean Flame Phoenix, second hand of the Bey Creature Sharks.” said the mystery boy. TJ said, “Ok, come on let blade.” “Wait TJ, Don’t battle him, I know about that gang, they baddest group of bladers in this area.” said Raven. Ocean Flame Phoenix said, “I accept that challenge with you in battle, but meet my bey, Dranzer Fire Changer.” as he shows a blue beyblade top with an image of a red fire phoenix in the Bey Bit. TJ thought, “Wow, that look like Dragoon’s on that memorable in my Grandparent’s house.” as The two boys get ready to battle as TJ said, “Let it rip! As he launches his bey in the air, while Ocean Flame Phoenix launch his on the ground. TJ said in his head, “Let go, buddy.” “Time to see, what you got, TJ.”
Now TJ is versus a mystery blader with a blue bey in the stadium, but how TJ could beat this bey?

Chapter 2: The Rise of the Fire Wind Blue dragon spirit
As the battle has started, TJ thought to himself, “Alright, with my bey spin 18 times faster, that dude can’t beat me.” when his bey hit Dranzer Fire Changer into the air, but it fell down slowly on the safety. TJ said, “No way.” “Impossible, Ocean Flame Phoenix’s bey is draining some powers from TJ’s making the two battle same equal power and strength.” said Raven. As the two bey tops headed, TJ said, “Full Power Attack!” “This fight is about to end.” said Ocean Flame Phoenix. As the beys hit each other so hard, but Dranzer Flare jump into the air, Raven said, “Woah.” “What is that boy doing right now?” said Ichigo. Then Ocean Flame Phoenix’s went back down to the stadium & smash hard to destroy TJ’s white beyblade in 1 million pieces outside the stadium. TJ said it in shock, “My bey.” as got on his knees and said, “(ah x3) He totally destroyed my beyblade.” “See that, Randy. If the opponents thought for the upper hand for a moment & take it from them, you can win.” “Say what, why you little jerk.” said TJ. Ocean Flame Phoenix said, “Come on you, let's get out of here.” “Get back you, hey let me go!” said TJ as he runs after the mystery boy & being stopped by Steve & he said, “TJ, calm down, I know that got broken your bey spirit, but we will help and you have to make a plan to beat him.” “I just you are right, Steve & that dude, got inside of me for my weakness, but I can make one to defeat his bey, O.F Phoenix, I will get you!” said TJ.
In the next morning, Shelby, Raven, & Steve headed to TJ’s grandparents' house to see how TJ doing from his battle with Ocean Flame Phoenix. As the kids went to the door, Ichigo was wearing a pink shirt & light yellow short to open the door for them, then said, “Hey, you three. What brings you guys here?” “We here to check on TJ’s conditions.” said Shelby. Ichigo said, “Oh, well he is very upset & depressed about his bey being completely destroyed, now he is on the sofa with head down in thinking for a new plan.” “Oh.” said three kids as they went inside the house. On the sofa, TJ was thinking a way to beat Ocean Flame Phoenix in battle, while Ichigo’s little baby sister, Apriell trying to cheer him up. TJ was talking to himself, “How can I beat a bey so strong? Like how?” as he see some blue lights from the memorable of Dragoon with some red light around the circle. TJ grab Apriell in his hands to look at the dragon & said, “Hey Dragoon, can you hear and what are you telling me?” as the dragon shout a roar inside his head & TJ felt some type an energy flowing inside of his body. Shelby, “(TJ x 3) where were you space out in?” “Oh, sorry for the space out thing, I was hearing a dragon roar inside my head.” said TJ. As the 4 kids went to the room that TJ is sleeping in & Raven said, “We are here to see you because we’re sorry about your bey being destroyed.” “Thank you guys for caring for me & do any of you know about that gang?” said TJ. Steve said, “I heard about from Adam, The Bey Creature Sharks is a group of baddest bladers that they searching for an ultimate beyblade in the area.” “What type of bey, do that gang are looking for?” “I heard from others, that they are looking for a special bey with ultimate thing called a Bit Spirit inside of it.” said Raven. Shelby said, “What are these Bit Spirits?” “I have learned about them in some book from Archaeologist of different, they said, they are ancient animal spirits of many animals like tiger, eagle, lion, & bear, some are human warriors, while others are mythical creatures like dragons, unicorns, & pegasus, but I bet they’re looking for one of those in some beys.” said Raven. TJ jump from the bed & said, “I think we need to stop them from looking for that bey, but I’m no good without a bey.” Then his Grandpa, Curtis & said, “TJ, come here.” “Yeah, grandpa?” said TJ. as his grandpa holding a light blue & white box in his hands, then said this to TJ, “Listen, I know you love the bey that I have given you so much, then I think this one will help you out on your battle.” as he give the box to TJ, inside it, were white beyblade parts, & his grandpa give a special blue bey launcher with an L on it. TJ said it in confusion, “Hey Grandpa, what the L stand for?” “Oh that mean for left rotation or counterclockwise give the more powerful hits & speed.” said his grandpa. As the three kids said in unison, “Wow, cool.” as TJ’s grandpa left the room, TJ turn to his friends & said, “Alrighty, guys. Looks like we are going to make this bey to beat O.F Phoenix.” “Wait a minute, What the heck, you mean we?” said Shelby. TJ said, “We, I mean the four of us.” “Excuse me, I think you mean the five of us, because I want to help you with your new bey.” said Ichigo. TJ said, “Ok, let's get to it.” “Yeah!” said the 4 kids as they started to build TJ’s new left spin bey.
Back at the Bey Creature Sharks’ hideout, Randy getting a punishment for losing to TJ & he said, “Wait, I really very sorry.” “You have degrate us, Randy, normal we never have someone to be defeated in battle.” said the boss of the gang as some of the members stop Randy from saving his bey & said, “(No x 2) please, you don’t do this to me.” “Too bad, so sad.” said the Boss. Randy said it as he begging, “Please, anything then this!” “Do it.” said boss to his bladers as they said, “Spike Saw Shark, Let it rip!” as they launch their beys to hit Randy one at a time, when the beys were hitting on Randy’s, he said, “No, stop it, not my bey!” As the three beys keep hitting the Orange brownish bey in the stadium, then Randy’s bey was scatter into hundreds of pieces. The boss said it to Randy, “You have disappointed me & the gang, Randy.” as three boy carries Randy out of the hideout & the boss speak to his Spike Saw Sharks, “Well boys, did we have report for that bey in this areas?” “Yeah, one of the members told us, that kid from your second hand’s battle is building a bey & a boy named Raven Mack have got some smart for beyblading.” said one member. The second member said, “I think he got the data in his computer laptop.” “Good, I be leaving to Russia with some Bladers, make sure get that boy & his computer.” said the boss. The Spike Saw Sharks said in unison, “Yes sir.” While in TJ’s grandparents' backyard, TJ was testing out his new bey with Steve, He is holding the new left spin blue beylauncher & white bey, ready to launch the same thing with Steve, as he holding a black beylauncher, an orange ripcord winder, with a purple bey. TJ said, “3 …” “2 …” said Steve. TJ said, “1, Let it rip!” as the two boys launch their beys into the stadium for a test battle. TJ’s new bey spin in the left & attack with powerful hits, Steve said, “Go get him, Strata Dragoon!” “Go, Full Force!” as The white bey was going super fast speed like a blue whitish blurr that hit Strata Dragoon out of the stadium. Steve said, “Wow, your new bey is powerful strong against my Strata Dragoon Earth Spike.” “Thank, Steve.” said TJ. Raven said, “Look at the stats, your bey power is half to Ocean Flame Phoenix’s Dranzer.” “Only half, not bad keep doing it & your bey will catch up to Dranzer’s level, TJ.” said Ichigo. Raven said, “I know that bey have power to Dranzer, but how do we find a way to beat it?” “Well, I’m not giving up that easy, because grandpa & you guys help me out with this new bey and I will be going to master this one to beat O.F Phoenix’ Dranzer bey for a rematch.” said TJ. Shelby walk to him, holding an orange bey and said, “Ok pal, how about battle me & my Bison Charger bey next?” “Hey guys, sorry. I going to the hotel, I check some of the data for your beyblade power level.” said Raven. TJ said, “Sure thing, see ya later.” as Raven left TJ’s grandparents’ house to the hotel, but before he reached the hotel, three beys surround him & the Spike Saw Sharks appear in a triangle shaped ambush.
Raven said, “Hey now, who are you three.” as they grab his laptop & take he to their hideout, two of Hever’s friend saw this happen for Raven and they both said, “Let get, TJ!” Back at the Griffin’s backyard, TJ’s white left spin bey has hit both Strata Dragoon & Bison Charger out of the Stadium in one strike, TJ said, “Alright, this bey making some results from our battle.” as he holding his new bey. “That bey is going to surprise Dranzer in battle.” said Shelby. Steve said, “Let go for another match.” “(TJ x 5) where are you, pal?” TJ, Steve, Shelby, & Ichigo run around the house to see Hever’s friend by the front door. TJ said, “Hey two, what's going on?” “TJ, Steve, Shelby.” said the boy & girl. Shelby said, “What, you two totally serious about it?!” “We saw the Spike Saw Sharks ambush Raven.” said the girl in the blue & green dress. Steve said, “Where do they take him?” “I think to their hideout in a abonand factory house.” said the boy in yellow shirt & red short.” “I think if we follow them that lead us to save Raven, But there will be many more in the hideout.” said the girl. Boy said, “We better hurry, I think Raven will be serious dangers.” “Oh those Stinky Bey Creature Sharks!” said TJ in anger. Ichigo said, “Wait a sec, TJ where are you going to.” “Huh, what you think, I going to their hideout to save Raven!” “But, TJ there are no way you can beat the gang second hand blader alone.” said the boy. TJ said, “What, we can just standing here doing nothing for our friend, mmm, wait a minute. My new bey is left spin one & I think we’re going to slave the sharks, then rescue Raven.” “Said what, you crazy, dude.” said Steve. Shelby said, “TJ, listen that bey have almost Dranzer’s power about 5% from each other.” “I know, that would be impossible, but I going given it with all powers into it.” said TJ. Steve said, “Are you sure, I do not like you will lose another bey.” “Will like they said, a man's gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” said TJ. Ichigo run to TJ and said, “Hold on, TJ. We don’t you go doing this, alone & come on, let go save our friend.” “Yeah.” said TJ. As the kids join the other kids to save Raven from the Spike Saw Sharks, everyone expects TJ. TJ walk back inside to the living room & said this to the memorable of the Flame Storm Seiryuu, “Hello Dragoon, I came here because our friend, Raven is in mega big danger and I don't know how to do it. Grandpa told me, I need from you, cause you been in my family for many generations, so Dragoon, if you can hear me, give a sign to help me & my friends, thanks.” as He see baby Apriell & popper by him, while TJ pick Apriell in one hand, the memorable started to glow in bright blue light with Rudy red flame, make Popper to barking at it and TJ turn around to see it happen. As a beam from that lights went around TJ, Apriell, & popper to released it’s dragon form with blue and red flame wings looking at TJ as he said, “Woah, this is just crazy, last time that was dream of the dragon, but this is for the real thing. Ah man, he is going toward me!” as the fire wind dragon spirit headed toward them, but he entered TJ’s new bey, while the three of them floating in red & blue stellar outer space. After that, TJ fell down on his butt and look at his bey to said, “No way, Dragoon has went inside to my bey.” as the Bey bit started to glow, then show an image of a blue dragon with fiery red & sky blue wings on it. TJ got on his feet, then said it from looking at his bey’ bit piece, “Woah, this is your answer? Dragoon, you want to be inside my bey. Huh, well, Ok.”
At the Bey Creature Sharks’ hideout, one of Spike Saw Shark’s members was holding Raven’s computer laptop & looking for the data of beyblading, then said, “Let find that data.” “Hey, hand off my laptop.” “Forget it, kid.” said the other members. Raven said, “Why you!” “Huh, that's it. Where is the rest of that data.” said the first member. Raven said, “Oh, the rest is in my head, but I not talking.” As the group of kids have arrived in the entrance & TJ said, “Hey, creeps get off on our friend.” “TJ, you guys.” said Raven. One of the Spike Saw Sharks said, “Huh, looks like we got a mod of little brats & small fries.” “I take you all on, win over you jerks!” as he showed off his new bey at them. Raven said, “No TJ, don’t do it, that bey only is half powers to the Bey Creature Sharks gang’ second hand.” “Raven, don’t you worry, because I got a buddy in this, that like to say hello.” said TJ. Raven said, “Cool.” “Hey boys, time to see what these kids got against us.” as the rest of the Bey Creature Sharks appear anywhere to battle the group, when Ocean Flame Phoenix appear in front of Bey Creature Sharks to said, “Hold on, I take his challenge.” as he look at TJ’s new bey. On a giant big beystadium about the size of four pool table, TJ & O.F Phoenix were on their positions for battle. Then TJ said, “Hey buddy, this time, I will beat for my friend, Raven.” “You sure about it, TJ?” said O.F Phoenix. Both Shelby & Steve were confused about their friend knowing his name. TJ said, “Wait, how do you know about my name?” “Oh, that maybe because know about you, TJ.” as he removed his cloak to releashed a boy with short black hair and blue eyes that surprise TJ, Shelby, & Steve in shock and in unison, “Ethan Lee?!” “You three know this boy?” said Ichigo. Shelby said, “Yeah, he is our classmate from Centennial Elementary School in Plano, TX.” “Ethan, what is this, you the second hand of this gang & why you do this?!” said TJ. Ethan Said, “Because my big brother is the boss of the gang & he have left to Russia for a visit from his friends, I have followed his orders for something that he wants.” “Ethan, I felt sorry for you because your brother is a jerk to treat his own little brother like a tool to get what he wants, but I am your friend, so let's have a battle right now!” said TJ as he pulled out his New bey with Dragoon on it. Ethan did with his Dranzer Fire Changer and said, “Ok, Let do this.” as the bey bits started to glow & reacting to each others because of the spirits inside their beys. Raven said, “TJ, be careful!” “If you can hear me, Dragoon. We are going to at a battle for the first time together, I need your help & give me a sign please, Let do this, partner. Hey Ethan, you’re ready?!” as both TJ & Ethan loaded their beys onto the launchers and said, “3 … 2… 1…” “Let it rip!” said TJ. as the boys launch their into the stadium going around & around in different rotations.
“Left spin rotation cool, but you can’t beat with that!” said Ethan TJ said, “Oh yeah!?” as the two beys hit each other, as Dranzer Fire Changer jump into the air and try to smash Dragoon just like TJ’s old bey, then he said, “Dragoon, look out!” as the white left spin bey begin to go around super fast to generate a tornado of fire & wind elements in it. Shelby said, “Wow, TJ’s new bey have made a fire tornado.” “Yeah look, Dranzer F.C is headed to the outer wind of the tornado.” said Steve. As Ethan’s Dranzer hit the fiery wind to falling to the beystadium. TJ said, “Yeah, I got ya!” “No, this is far from over, Go Dranzer!” said Ethan. As Dranzer Fire Changer landing back to the stadium. Ethan said, “Let's see which bey will win.” as both the blue & white beys went around the stadium, then Dranzer’s bey bit begin to glow in bright red with a blue outline around it. TJ said, “Hey Ethan, your bey started to lift up like a light.” as Ethan’s bey begin to hit, TJ’s bey begin to glow bright blue with a fiery red outline.” TJ said, “What the heck is going on here?!” “I don’t know.” said Ethan. As the beys bit started to glow brighter & brighter like two giant ultra light bulbs. TJ said, “Woah, that getting weird.” as the bey bits releashed a blue dragon with fiery red / sky blue wings and a red phoenix bird with aqua blue / magna red fire wings out of the beys, then surprise the kids around the stadium.
Raven said, “No way, those two beasts are something incredible.” as the two beast spirits headed to each others in a headbutt, then a blast of red & blue energy cause the beys to fly back to their owner, Ethan caught Dranzer Fire Changer & TJ got Dragoon. TJ said, “Wow, that was cool.” “Dude, that was awesome.” said Steve. TJ said, “No way, you saw Dragoon, he & a red phoenix bird was about to headbutt each other.” “That might be the dragon spirit in that memorable from your grandparent’s house and how he gets inside your bey?” said Ichigo. Ethan walked up to Ichigo & said, “Let me explain, TJ’s blue fire-wind dragon and my red water-fire phoenix spirits are two outs of the 4 Legendary Elemental Sacred Saint Beasts that chosen the two of us as partners.” “Woah that cool.” said both Shelby & Steve in unison. Spike Saw Shark & Bey Creature Sharks launch their beys at the group, but TJ, Steve, Shelby, and Ethan launch their against them with full force. TJ said, “Go Dragoon!” “Take them down, Dranzer!” said Ethan. Steve said, “Strata Dragoon, full power!” “Attack, Bison Charger!” said Shelby. As Ichigo & other kids from the park watch the four beys taking down the gang’s a lot at a time, Dragoon & Dranzer cut the rope to free Raven & get his laptop back. Then some of the members run away to somewhere else.
After battle, on the sidewalk to TJ’s grandparents house, Raven said, “Hey guys, thanks a lot for saving me.” “No problem.” said the four kids in unison. Shelby said, “TJ, Ethan, look like me & Steve got spirits in our beys.” as they both showed the two boys, their bey bit images of a Golden dragon with rocky shadow wings & an orangish brown bison with earth elemental armor and horns. Steve said, “Hey Ethan, where are you staying?” “I’m staying at my Dad’s brother place.” said Ethan. TJ said, “Oh Ethan, one day, when I meet your big brother, I am going to teach him a lesson that he will never forget.” as he pulled out Dragoon. Steve said, “Are you sure your bey have enough power to battle him?” “It’s will.” said TJ. Raven said, “I think we need to check it’s power level with that dragon spirit inside of it.” “No thank, I think Dragoon like it inside my new bey.” said TJ. Ethan said, “Hey, do you want to name your bey?” “I think, I will name mine, Dragoon Cyclone!” said TJ. Raven said, “I like it, you sure think that through because it generate wind & fire in the attacks.” “Yeah, Dragoon. I think you and I are going to have a great adventure & battles together.”
Now TJ got a new bey, an old friend and his very own spirit to help him to battle the world, what TJ & Ethan going to meet the other two bladers with the other 2 beast spirits in the future.

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These are the ripcord Launchers of the Beyblade Elemental Force series in both left & right launcher's designs.

The Left Launcher:
[Image: latest?cb=20200104182128]

[Image: latest?cb=20200104182243]

[Image: latest?cb=20200104183540]

[Image: latest?cb=20200104183559]

The Right Launcher:
[Image: latest?cb=20200104183730]

[Image: latest?cb=20200104183750]

[Image: latest?cb=20200104183810]

[Image: latest?cb=20200104184422]

The right launcher with the gears like grip, Beylog-pointers, & Ripcord winders:
The Catapult Star Grip, Marking Launcher grip, Spring Shot Launcher Grip, & Bey Launcher Grip.

These gears are combination of Original, Metal, & Burst series.
This is a Bey log Pointers: that are used for bey-players in the Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force series, it is a combination of the Beyblade Battle Analyzer of the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade / plastic Gens, the Bey-Pointer of the Metal Sega / Metal Fight Bey with a little from the Bey logger of the Beyblade Burst sega.

[Image: ddob58c-d9978740-1faa-4fe2-a27d-f435d2b2...X0iT7dfYgA]

The designs of the Bey Log Pointers

The Bey-Log Pointer attach to the Right or Left Launchers:

[Image: ddob5bi-d85e1257-9f40-4be5-aa40-0677470f...z6OViSDTQI]

[Image: ddob5ac-ac9f9e1a-4063-4171-ad94-d5a9387b...RVwTmIebpc]

[Image: ddob5am-2b0df02a-3037-4739-9a5f-264ebb2a...S9EKNMUuSE]

[Image: ddob5as-9e9a6a9b-71d8-444f-b363-c7ca6c92...rrTLYIDLGA]