Draciel F

I saw this as one of the more recent pages posted. Not to be harsh, but it can use work. I'm not too fond of the combos used as they make them sound better than they really are. The metal balls + a spin free shaft really lacks a decent amount of endurance from the weight. The Fortress Base is pretty mediocre for defense compared SG Metal Ball and is horribly outclassed by that as well as Customize Grip in terms of usage with a bearing and shaft. Also, Attack combos are supposed to be fast.

I know there's a lot of versatility with that BB, but just because you can customize it in many ways doesn't mean it needs to be up on the wiki.
G, you basically nailed all of my concerns and things I've heard about it in the past. I wish you were still writing articles LOL.
the article looks great Gakaxy! the only problem i have...the "Use in ____ Customizations" cateagories are all being shown as main cateagories. shouldnt they be sub cateagories?
Yo guys, with all the discussion here about 4 balls +1 in shaft being the legal max, I'm going to alter the current article to point that out, as there is no way that could even be remotely legal to get 6 in. 1 in each pocket, and if you don't use the SG oil ball, you can keep balls in TWO and ONLY TWO of the holes (parts of the SG block off one set). You can try to pile balls on top of the pockets, but it a) interferes with launching, b) sometimes come out of position and move around, and c) is so illegal I'd not be surprised if they wouldn't even allow it in the anime.
If you consider that legal, you can pack in a couple more with the right weight disk, though they also sometimes move around.

As well as that, I will give the article a look over in general, especially with what Guardian Odin and others said back on BBF in mind. I will post any changes here and/or in errors on the wiki.

The article goes a bit over-the-top with the defensive properties, as can be seen from use/looking at it/reading the BBF archive, it's shape adds way too much recoil (and air resistance), and SG oil ball has really poor defense.

So yeah, I'll give it a look over while on holidays.

Edit: Sorry this post is a bit rushed, I'm packing/preparing for holidays so I'm in a hurry Tongue_out

EDIT 2: On re-reading the article more thoroughly, I'll leave the ball thing for the rewrite, no point making two edits and I want it approved first anyway, and I think it needs a bit of a rewrite, but it
If approval takes too long, I'll bring it up in errors on the wiki and change it by itself or something. Shouldn't be that big a rewrite though, it's a pretty good article, I just think it could be slightly better Tongue_out
Corrected errors, fixed some stuff, made some improvements, and other things. The original article severely overstates how useful the base is (you can go look through the “Best Parts For Each Type” thred from the BBF archive for some info to back that up, and obviously I tried it myself. Mc Frown also stated he regretted mentioning it, hah.
As can be seen in this very thread, 6 balls is neither possible nor legal. Go try putting two balls in each pocket. There are poles there to prevent that, and having one sitting on top of the pocket is the same as loading balls randomly into any other base, and interferes with launcher attachment, and as such, it isn’t legal. Also, not describing SG Oil Ball separately was a very odd choice...

But yeah, this should be a significant improvement. Enjoy!

| image = DracielF.jpg
| full item name = Draciel Fortress | item number = A-35
| beyblade system = [[4-Layer]]
| beyblade type = [[Defense]]
| starter or booster = Starter

==Attack Ring (AR): Eight Spike==
* '''Weight:''' 5 grams

Eight Spike consists of two sets of four protrusions, the first resembling tortoise heads, and the other four represent turtle feet. Each face is framed by two feet-shaped protrusions, to enhance the turtle-like appearance. All of the protrusions are almost completely flat on their contact points, producing heavy [[recoil]] and little else. This Attack Ring continues the tradition of Draciel ARs being completely useless, performing poorly in all fields and having absolutely no competitive use.

==Weight Disk (WD): Eight Balance==

See [[Balance Weight Disks]].

==Spin Gear (SG): Right SG (SG Oil Ball Ver.)==
See [[Spin Gear]].

SG Oil Ball contains a metal ball with an oil reservoir above it, similar in design to a ball point pen. The oil lubricates the metal ball, decreasing friction between the stadium surface and beyblade itself, similar to (albeit less effective than) a bearing and shaft such as that seen in [[Wolborg]]. This produces little movement from the centre of the stadium, which is generally desirable in [[Defense]] and [[Endurance]] type customisations.

However, defensively, this lack of friction produces numerous issues, resulting in an easily knocked out or even destabilised beyblade, and as such it is not particularly popular. In terms of stamina, SG Oil Ball is only compatible with Fortress Base, which has poor aerodynamics and life after death, and as such is not commonly used.

Fortress Base’s ability to hold metal balls provides some measure of defense, however the inability to use an [[Metal Driger|HMC]] with SG Oil Ball makes this largely redundant, compared to SG Metal Ball.

==Blade Base (BB): Fortress Base==

* '''Weight of BB Only:''' 12 grams (Note that at least one set of metal balls must be used for it to be legal).
* '''Weight of BB with 1 set of metal balls (Original Weight):''' 14 grams
* '''Weight of BB with 2 set of metal balls:''' 16 grams

Fortress Base is a rather versatile part, being able to fit many different SG setups in place of SG Oil Ball. However, its shape produces a fair amount of recoil, alongside air resistance, generally decreasing its use in both stamina and defense.

Fortress Base can hold one set of metal balls in its pockets, and two additional metal balls in the small holes in the Blade Base. However, this is not possible with SG Oil Ball as part of the casings obscure all four holes. As such, a different SG and tip must be used (see Using Different SG’s/Tips in Fortress Base below for a list of all compatible setups).

Defensively, this base is outclassed by its predecessor, SG Metal Ball, and due to its bumpy, recoil shape it is generally not considered a worthwhile part, however, it still has some defense use, alongside use in more obscure weight-based customisations.

===Compatible Spin Gears, Shafts and Tips===
Fortress Base can fit a huge variety of tips, shafts and spin gears, which is arguably its most notable property.
The most competitively notable setups include: [[Wolborg 2|SG (Bearing Ver 2)]] Shaft in either its own casings or [[Burning Kerberous]]’ Double Bearing Core casings, the shaft of [[Driger F]]’s SG (Full Auto Clutch) in its own casings, and the tip of [[Dragoon V2]]’s Customise Grip Base with any regular Normal or Neo SG.

==Use in [[Defense]] Customization ==

Fortress Base is unique in its ability to make Hybrid Defense Types, combining both Grip and Weight-Based defence in a single combo.

* '''AR:''' Smash Turtle ([[Master Draciel]]/[[Kid Draciel]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' Left SG (SG Bearing Ver. 2) ([[Wolborg 2]])
* '''BB:''' Fortress Base (2 sets of metal balls)

This combination is difficult to KO, combining the attributes of Weight and Grip-Zombie based Defense Customisations, resulting in high friction with the stadium surface which compounds the already sizeable inertia from the heavy weight.
However, in being a hybrid, it compromises some of the ability of both types: Fortress Base has a poor shape for spin stealing and stamina in general, and the extra weight hinders this even further, especially the placement of metal balls, making it less balanced than [[Draciel S|Draciel S’s]] Base, SG Metal Ball. In using SG Bearing Version 2 instead of an HMC, the combination is also not as heavy as pure Weight-Based Defense Customisations. However, it is still a powerful defense customisation, if not necessarily a primary choice.

==Use in [[Upper Attack]] Customization==
* '''AR:''' Upper Dragoon ([[Kid Dragoon]])
* '''WD:''' 10 Heavy
* '''SG:''' Neo Right (Heavy Metal Core) ([[Metal Driger]])
* '''BB:''' Fortress Base (1 Set of Metal Balls)
* '''Tip:''' Customise Grip Base Tip ([[Dragoon V2]])

The weight of Fortress Base holding a set of metal balls increases the ability of this combination to maintain a high RPM, generally desirable for Upper Attack Customisations. However, the height of Fortress Base, and the poor stamina means it is often better to use more conventional setups.

==Use in [[OHKO]] Customization==
* '''AR:''' Whale Crusher ([[Seaborg 2]])
* '''WD:''' 10 Heavy
* '''SG:''' Left SG (Full Auto Clutch) ([[Driger F]])
* '''BB:''' Fortress Base (2 sets of Metal Balls)

This combination is quite awkward and Self-KO's extremely easily. It is imperative that you make an early hit with this combo or you will be outspun. That said, it is quite a fun combination to play around with, even if it isn’t particularly useful competitively.

ImageGrinracielffront.jpg|Draciel F (front view)]
ImageGrinracielfsideview.jpg|Draciel F (side view)
ImageGrinracielfparts.jpg|Draciel F parts
ImageGrinracielfbb2.jpg|Blade Base - Fortress Base (top view)
ImageGrinracielfbb1.jpg|Blade Base - Fortress Base (side view)

==Other Versions==
* '''Draciel F''' - Crystal Version
* '''Draciel F''' - Hasbro [[Metal Master]] Version
* '''Draciel F''' - Hasbro [[Hyperblades]] Version (Turquoise/Light Gray)
* '''Draciel F''' - Black Version (Random Booster F)

Like other Draciels, the Attack Ring is worthless. The main draw of this base is its Spin Gear and Base, the former of which is rather unique, and the latter having a wide range of applications based around its ability to add weight to the various tips and spin gears it is compatible with. However, it is generally outclassed by other, more specialised parts, such as [[Draciel S]]'s SG Metal Ball (for Weight-Based [[Defense]]), and [[Dragoon V2]]'s Customize Grip Base (for Grip-Based [[Defense]]), and as such is only recommended for those who have a particular taste for defensive customizations (in which case it is a solid choice once one has already made the staple defense purchases), or those who already have all of the core parts in plastics, and wish to experiment further with more obscure customizations.

[[Category: Plastic Beyblade]]
[[Category: Beyblade]]

So yeah, there you go. If it gets approved, or if I get time, I'll finish the formatting too, but for now, that should be good to go, aside from maybe some spelling/grammar checks.
Um excellent choice for defence? That clearly can't be right since everyone buys Draciel S over this for defence.
No, it's an excellent choice for those who really like defense types because it is able to blend both types to create unorthodox defenders. The article makes clear Draciel S is a better choice, but I do think I could tweak that a little.

EDIT: Give it a look, should be fixed :3
Yeah that's better. One thing though: Hasbro Hyperblade ver. After you do that I think it's perfect.

Last of the Formatting is Complete, though I'm sure Kei will want to look this one over, seeing as it's another fact-checking-wasn't-done-what-the-hell-guys thing.

EDIT: Still want to make some changes, just noticed I left in some retarded combos.
Working on getting this done now and clearing out some of the horrible combinations I wasn't confident enough to remove when I wrote it.

However, there's still a ruling issue.
I'm not even sure it should be legal to use this base without SG Oil Ball, the two balls in the pocket are able to exit their pockets and float around the beyblade with any Wide WD.

In terms of the current article's description: With some gimmicked spin gears, SG bearing 2 for example, you can force another two balls underneath it in the pockets and the shaft will keep the SG in place enough to put base clips in. Normal SG's float around and are difficult to hold down, and all sit a few mm higher in the base, which means any balls placed on top of the holes in the base can then float around no matter what WD you use and are then like jamming metal balls into any other base. Even without them, it leaves a gap between the WD and BB, as well as making certain casing/shaft setups barely protrude past the bottom of the base (wolborg 1's for example).

Also, placing the two balls inside the BB but not in the pockets (only possible without sg oil ball blocking the tops of the holes) also elevates the Weight Disk a bit, and while you can invert a balance or wide WD to do this, inverted or not they are very prone to floating around. As such, it means having that slight gap between wd and BB, not to mention the poor balance the results from only two of the holes being covered. They a

Personally, I feel that the inclusion of the "platform" on SG Oil Ball - required to keep the balls in place with wide WD's, and also restricting it to 1 set of metal balls while serving no structural purpose - indicates that it was not intended to be used with any other spin gear.
The poles inside the pockets that prevent another two balls being added indicates that adding more into those pockets, as was done with draciel s, was intentionally prevented here.

In the past, the actual method for adding 6 metal balls to the BB was by using a size of metal ball takara and hasbro never produced for the beyblade line, that were tight enough to fit into the four holes in the base, and sit flush there. This is, of course, illegal now, but I think this is where the 6 ball idea has come from, and then people have tried to explain it incorrectly with more illegal modifications that result in a beyblade that is more of a baby rattle than a legal combination.

We don't allow the use of extra balls in the holes of first gen BB's, and that was actually ADVERTISED by Takara (and worked with standard beyblade metal balls).

Banning it has no real competitive effect because the BB sucks anyway no matter how much weight you give it, no good tips with an HMC and without an HMC it's just heavily outclassed by everything.

On the other hand, there are a few small indications that other shafts may have been intended, basically the width of the hole in the base, and the fact the only worthwhile combinations with it require using different SG's, but as I said, more of a baby rattle than a legal combination.

Basically, today I'll be writing a copy of the draft where only SG Oil Ball is legal. If necessary I can do the others, however, I feel very strongly that Fortress Base was ONLY intended for use with SG Oil Ball, one ball in each pocket, and absolutely nothing more.
Well, the Draciel Metal Ball Defenser actually actively talks about the insertion of an additional set of metal balls and even advises combinations for that modification ...

I would still like to see pictures, but if Takara advertised it in the past, perhaps it should be written about normally, but then a simple sentence is added near the end of the part description that this practice is now illegal under the WBO Organized Play Rules.
MBD was advertised in the spinup guide books with four metal balls, but not through two in each pocket - the holes in the base are able to securely hold two regular sized metal balls and have gaps at the top which allow them to be pushed out with a pen/screwdriver/sharp beyblade tip/whatever. Theoretically this allows for the use of 6 balls total in MBD's base, though it does decrease the stamina of the base. A few BB's were mentioned in the spin up guide book as being able to do it, Grip Base can for example, by unscrewing it, removing the tip, placing the balls in the holes, and then replacing the tip. A lot of crazy stuff was mentioned in that first volume, but these ones (particularly MBD) seem very intentional in terms of design.

I have not seen Takara advertise anything involving more balls with Draciel F, but I don't have the instruction booklet. It would be odd of them to place the otherwise functionless poles in the pockets if they intended more than a single set of metal balls to be used, though, which I feel is an indication that only a single ball was to be used in each pocket. Also, using more than two metal balls is impossible with SG Oil Ball.

It was also odd for them to include that platform if they intended the base to be used without SG Oil Ball - though SG Oil Ball being swapped is covered under the "SG-Tip-Part's are swappable rule", and the hole for tips *is* the same size as those of most bearing bases, also, while the balls can shift out with a wide WD, it's not all that common in battle due to the centripetal force or whatever, so in retrospect I think that is probably fine, and serves to not render the base entirely useless, but again, only with two metal balls, anything else raises the SG or WD and leaves a gap.

That said, neither my spin up guide books nor my sonokong Draciel S instructions indicate it is able to be used with four metal balls either - but in that case there's nothing specifically designed to prevent it either.

As I said, when I discussed it with R0ckbull, who was in a Takara country back in the heyday of plastics, he told me their way of doing it was with four additional balls of a spec not made by takara, forced into the four holes of the BB, which would no longer be legal - and I've seen this with Fortress Bases on Y!JA (I think Dark_Mousy had one with that setup, and maybe the poles in the BB removed as it was holding two in each pocket like a Draciel S, which Draciel F cannot do without modification).
What I assume has happened here is people have taken the six balls thing with no information on how it was done and tried to reverse engineer it under the current rules, resulting in a very, very awkward setup that doesn't work quite right and shouldn't be legal.

I'm not entirely sure what is intended earlier in this topic where four balls are discussed, I assume it's two in the pockets and two in the base but again, that forces up the WD and stuff and there are other bases you can just jam balls into exactly the same.

I'll try to take some pictures of the various setups with two, four, and six metal balls, though I only own beyblade spec metal balls so obviously I can't do the old style takara method.

EDIT: Four metal balls (two in pocket, two in base) doesn't leave a gap as I think I said in my previous post, not sure what I did to get that to happen. That said, you can use a wide defense to do the same thing with grip base amongst others.
Oh, if there are poles, they definitely should never be removed ...
Yeah, but there are ways to stick a total of 6 in without the poles.

It's also worth mentioning that SG Metal Ball's pockets are a size which prevents balls from flying out when using any SG, however fortress base requires SG Oil Ball to prevent this happening.

Anyway I'm taking some pictures now to show the various ways it is done and the issues with them in terms of "this probably shouldn't happen in a legal setup"

I personally think it was intended to be used with SG Oil Ball only, which is evident in the design requiring that to keep its balls in place. However, I'm not sure if we want to ban that, as it would need to be specified in the rulebook as an exception to the sg tip rule as well as completely removing the small amount of comeptitive use the part has.

EDIT: Okay, I just want to state that there's no way this base was designed to hold 6 balls. The only method to hold interfering with launch puts undue strain on the base clips and the lower part of the ball holders - mine has gone white at the joint and a crack has appeared, which wasn't there at the start of today.

Also, using the same methods used in the various possible 6-ball setups I've managed to fit a total of 10 12 standard metal balls plus two of the smaller ones from Gaia Dragoon into it - and it's launchable too!
I'll post pics once I work out just how much weight I can force into here using the methods that are basically legitimised by beywiki (the lack of specificity helps but there's no way to get 6 in that isn't obviously and ridiculously illegal, and even four is basically equivalent to jamming a metal ball into the core of an HMC).

EDIT: Managed to fit 14 regular metal balls into the base, and all eight of the Gaia Dragoon metal balls I had (I have two more in the SG's but I can't be bothered removing them, but I could probably jam those in somewhere too). You can also fit two of gaia dragoon's balls in an HMC alongside a regular metal ball which is about as legit as the base thing, for a total of 15+10 metal balls and an HMC (though the heaviest possible setup removes one gaia dragoon ball from the SG and uses Ariel's tip instead of Dragoon V2's). This is completely launchable, though the small gaia dragoon balls my fly out of it if hit right. I'll have pics to show the 14 metal balls in there and so on soon. I need to crop and resize them.
For anyone interested, the weight of Fortress base, an HMC, ariel 1's tip and 14 balls is 31.2g. 20.3g is the base and the balls alone. Just using regular base clips too (wyborgs could add even more weight if you were really getting into it).

Pics will still be a little while, I've got 111 to go through and find the best of each angle and crop/resize/annotate and so on.
Okay, here we go. I'll spoiler the images as there are around 28 throughout this post for various things, I wanted to be as thorough as I could (though I did forget to take a couple of minor shots, being me!)

Here's a draciel base with no SG, and two balls. As you can see, the base has poles. You cannot fit more than one metal ball in each pocket due to these poles.
You can also see the holes of the base. These are where metal balls were pushed into for the way people used to put 6 balls in it in WBBALand. Of course, this required a size of metal ball takara never used in the beyblade product line during plastics at least. I own all metal ball parts, though I've not tried Draciel G or V2's due to being un-removable and therefore illegal, they both look too small (G's look about the size of Gaia Dragoon's/Draciel V's, V2 slightly larger perhaps but still too small).

Here's it with SG Oil Ball. As you can see, SG oil ball blocks off the holes, and as I'll show you later, is the only thing preventing the balls from moving out of the pockets. It covers the poles too. This prevents any more than two metal balls.

Here's a picture of SG oil ball disassembled. As you can see, the platforms serve no structural purpose, and only seem to be there to prevent ball shifting or addition.

Now onto the various non-stock setups.
First off, here's one with Wolborg 2's SG and two metal balls, a side on just to show that everything is in order.

Here's what happens with wide defense if you shake it around a little. AR Removed so you can see it (also I didn't get a good shot with the AR on, but they're in the same position they were in with it on.) As you can see they can move around very freely. That said, exiting the pockets from here isn't too likely in battle as it takes a fair bit of movement to dislodge them, but I've had it happen against some of the more powerful attackers a few times.

Here's with a 10 Heavy, held upside down to show how far they can move with that. They can exit the pockets but unless your AR is loose there's no way for them to move around.

Okay, now onto the stuff that shouldn't be legal:
Here's the main method of fitting four metal balls into the base. One in each hole the SG's triangular protrusions (that you can't see clearly here, they are visible in later shots) don't obstructBad balance, and as you'll soon see, it's very questionable in terms of legality.

Here's what happens when shaken with wide defense (heavy WD's are less prone to this). As you can see on one side both balls have exited their positions. Didn't remove the AR this time, as doing that causes balls to fall out.

That may well be all fine and good, except it opens the gate for this kind of stuff. A few pictures here, showing grip base and BB Semi Flat with extra balls inserted through similar methods. In the case of grip base, the two balls shown are held in place perfectly. It takes a little effort to get them under the WD holes but they stay there.
BB Semi flat is included to show another example of how it's done (it's easier to do with four layer bases but a whole bunch of 5-layer ones can do it too), this is with a 10 balance WD. Sorry for the unclear image but there are two balls on each side. There's also a side-on of grip base showing slight WD Elevation and also a picture of SG Semi Flat on a launcher to show it can be attached (the balls must be kept out of the way of the protrusions launcher prongs attach to).

Here's another method of adding two more metal balls. It's one of the two methods required to use six metal balls, when used with the previous method. It's also the only four-ball method that prevents everything floating around.
This first image demonstrates where the ball sits. This is the only way of having two balls anywhere that could be considered "in the pocket", though it sits on the pole.

Here's a side-on showing this method used in the less-floaty six ball method. As you can see, the SG holds it in place but is slightly elevated, putting strain on the base clips. It's easier to push the second set of pocket balls in afterwards, otherwise you have to angle the sg to put each clip in and so on. The pole-sitting balls also push the balls in the pockets down- and outward, putting extreme strain on the pocket holders. You'll see some white marks on one of mine later, those weren't there this morning.

Here's two side-on shots of this six-ball method assembled, showing the gap it leaves.

The first picture in this spoiler shows a wolborg sg and shaft in fortress base with two balls. The second shows with four balls using the above pole-sitting method. As you can see, it sits lower. The angle doesn't demonstrate how much lower it sits all that well but it's very noticeable in person.

Here's the other method for getting 6 balls in there, the two additional balls sit above the pockets, next to the SG instead of below it. This is a position that the balls in the holes can sometimes move into, and if done without balls in the holes, they tend to move into the holes by the end of a battle (often during launcher attachment). This puts less strain on parts than the previous one, so it's arguably saner. Arguably.

Here's this assembled with 10 Heavy. As you can see it's quite a gap. Poor AR choice to show it though, but eh. Not sure what SG I was using, as I can't see the tip it was probably either an HMC and dragoon v/v2's tip or wolborg's sg/shaft.

As you can see, the launcher didn't go on well. One of the balls didn't move aside and jammed in place, leading to this.

From here on, I throw all restraint aside. I've combined the various methods into a method I call "cramming as many balls as you can wherever they'll fit", though really it is just a combination of the above methods.

This first setup uses Gaia Dragoon's smaller balls (roughly the same size as Draciel V's). I think there are about 8 of those small balls hidden in there and I later managed to fit 10 in total, which is where I ran out of them, while I have two more in the SG's of my gaia dragoons, it wasn't worth the effort (the two extras I already had were from a broken draciel v, but they're the same size).
This is, of course, in addition to 15 regular sized metal balls. Two Gaia Dragoon balls and one regular one are in the HMC, which is not considered legal but I was really seeing just how "ballsy" draciel f could get haha. Ariel's tip is heavier than Dragoon V2's, even though it means only using one small and one large ball in the SG, the total is still heavier, if anyone was wondering. It is launchable but usually the small balls will fly out, so it's a safety hazard.

Back to a more "reasonable" setup, here's my 14 regular ball setup. First from the top, as you can see four balls float in the base on each side, basically using the "above pocket" method. It's not like metal balls don't float through these positions in above setups anyway. In addition to those, there's one using the first 4-ball method on each side, one in each pocket, and one on each pole below the SG.

The pocket balls are best seen in this underside pic. As you can see I'm using Dragoon V2's tip (Ariel 2's is heavier, I just couldn't be bothered removing Dragoon V2's.)

And here it is on a launcher, side on. As you can see, it attaches just fine. This is why one of the balls on the gap side of the SG is piled up, to make more room for the prongs.

And here it is spinning. Early detachment is definitely a hazard with this setup, but only happens about a quarter of the time as long as you're careful with the attachment. Between that and the weight it didn't move very fast haha.

So, onto rulings:
The most sane four ball setup, which is resting them on the base holes, would still open the gate for up to 12 balls packed into the base, and both that and the above-pocket method open the gate for cramming metal balls into every other base that can fit them. The only one that doesn't open that up, and the only setup that allows the use of SG's other than Oil Ball without ball shifting on any WD, is the most questionable of all of them due to the extreme strain it places on structurally weak parts (pocket support and base clips). Any method of using six throws all pretense of sanity aside, and opens the gate to just jamming balls into every orifice they can possibly be forced into.

Of course, as I said, removing the ability to change SG's would remove the small use the base has. I think we'd be okay to allow that but limit it to two balls in the base. It's a blader's choice if they want to use a weight disk that risks imbalance due to ball shifting, and it's generally not that huge a risk, fortress base has appalling stamina whatever you do with it anyway.

Enough detail for you? I put my fortress base on the line for this, so yeah :3
Man, you are amazing. Send your fortress base my regards. Considering how my phone hates anything pic heavy and I can only see a few pics, is there anything in their about a legal setup for a 4 ball setup with the SG oil ball? (2 balls in each sliding pocket) From what I can tell, that seems to be the limit, as the other 4 holes get blocked off.
You can only fit one in each pocket due to the poles Smile
It is weird that there are four holes (the "pockets" you mention ?) in the base ... However, for certain, nothing should ever leave a gap.
I call the holes "holes", the pockets are where the balls sit in the first image.

Those holes are an aesthetic theme also used in draciel S, though draciel s's aren't as long.
So, with SG Oil Ball, only two metal balls can reasonably be fit because the "platform" blocks anything else, and with other SGs, you can basically put as many metal balls as you want, but they could fall out, cause gaps, cause launcher issues, etc. ?
All correct except that they don't fall out, though they can (and do) shift around inside.
Oh, I thought you had written in your other (long) post that, either when too many metal balls were inserted or that certain Attack Rings were used, the balls could actually fall or fly out.
I was probably talking about the smaller metal balls of Gaia Dragoon, or at the least confused by them in the past, as I recall thinking regular balls would fly out but I don't know how I could have possibly managed that.
And do you have any instruction sheet or anything in the Spinup volumes that could imply the addition of metal balls at all ?