Draciel F

...except the left spin gear/grip base which techicly has a left spin gear built in!

but a minute ago you just got off stating HMC and Fortress Base dont work? could you elaborate please?
Grip base is right spin, derp. Plus it does NOTHING for defense.

Fortress base has a gaping hole in the bottom, just like Customize Grip Base, or Bearing Base, or Dragoon V, or Burning Kerberous's Base. A shaft will go in there, as will it's specialized Spin Gear, SG Oil Ball.
If you put in any sort of left/right generic SG or Neo Left/Neo Right with Normal/Magne/Heavy Metal Core, you're stuck with a useless BB that is illegal for use.
It's not that hard to understand.
Updated with some news! Smile
Thanks to Mc Frown!
pics will most likely be up by the end of today. my laptop is BACK!
btw, the fortress base section needs a minor clean up
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edit:Who knows the item number?
It's on Beywiki under the "Beyblade Products" article.
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i think the world is out to get me...the marco function on my Digital Camera broke. it is being fixed, but the pics i had when it was working werent really good to begin woth. you will have to forgive me galaxy, i cannot post the pics as promised

Dam you digital electronics! DAM YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!! (*sobs in corner*)

this is a very irratating and frustrating day for me...

irregardless, this draft looks very complete minus the gallery. can we get this approved already? i noticed that the forum has all these good drafts, and yet they are never made into articles by the admins (since it seems they can only create pages)
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I'll try to do some pics Smile
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I have the bitchip, AR, BB, and WD.
Sadly I have lost my SG Oil Ball.
I could take pictures of those however.
which version do you have?

good news! my mom fixed my camera( dont ask me how) and i think i know why my pics turned out crappy...see i was putting a crystal colorless bey on a totally white drop background. i think for once in my life, i will have to use a black drop background! this should be interesting...hopefuly, nothing important like my bey or camera will decide to kill themselves
didnt the hasbro ver get rid of the metal balls though to avoid choking hazards?
seriosly? they are scared of the harmless spark disk, yet they arent afraid of the metal balls
I invented the fastest beyblade OHKO super self KO combo ever today:
Whale Crusher
10 Heavy
Left SG (SG Free Shft Ver.)
Driger F Shaft
Fortress Base (2 sets Metal Balls)

Faster than Grip Base too.

It can OHKO ANYTHING, providing it makes EXTREMELY QUICK contact.
interesting. the low friction of the metal balls is good for speed, however the weight does work agianst it. it is a good thing that the weight will also increase KO potential....start a thread for this combo and do tests please. i am curious now...

btw, fortress base can hold up to 7 metal balls yes? 1for the tip and the other 6 in the pockets?
sounds like i am gonna be running an illegal operation. muhahahaha!

thanks for confiring this Mcfrown. we should mention this in the article (max # of balls possible and then WBO and TT/Hasbro restrictions on the # of balls)

edit: i hate my itouch. dammed spelling errors everywhere!
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fortress base section needs alot of work. some rewording and many other things
More specifically??
Quote:The Fortress Base is one of the best BB for Defense type customizations. It has a round metal tip which makes it an excellent Beyblade for defense since it has a tendency to remain in the central area of the stadium in order to avoid attacks. The metal tip causes less friction between itself and the Beystadium which normally allows it to get knocked around in terms of defense, but its ability to hold up to 2 sets of metal balls prevents this because of the increase in weight.

This BB is awesome.It can hold up the Bearing SG (Wolborg 2) and the Full Auto Clutch. When it hold up only 1 set of metal balls,during his spinning the metal balls are on the external part of the two pockets,when his spinning is going to finish,the metal balls are in the internal part of the two pockets.
This provide to give you two effect,one give you endurance,and the other one defense!

First paragraph is full of run on sentences

"This beyblade is awesome" isnt a phrase that someone should have on a wiki.

In a new paragraph, it is better to resate the name of the subject or person, or in this case, the name of the object."It" doesnt belong there, however any other mentions of the name later on in the paragraph can be replaced with something general, like "it"

The last section of bolding....that whole thing is carrpy. a BB is not gender specific, so you cannot use "his" and also, the whole thing is full of grammer and syntax errrors

as for that last line, it is just not a good line at all

edit: you also might want to add info on the number of metal balls included, how much metal balls the bb can hold, and how the WBO and WBBA legal limit of metal balls is 5
I will correct asap Smile !