Dark Knight Genbull (Crystal Up Mode) 85RF

Dark Knight Genbull (Crystal Up Mode) 85RF

This is a rather oddball Attack custom I came up with, putting Dark Knight's/Ronin's massive contact point (the lump where the metal pin on the Chrome Wheel enters the Crystal Wheel) to good use. This combo is extremely effective against most 145-height opponents, from my testing, though right-spin Attack KO's it easily.

Parts choice-

I haven't done much formal testing, but informally I tried this against Libra AD145WD, Burn Cancer AD145WD, and MF-H Libra CH120RF. The Stamina customs had no chance; they got tossed out of the stadium easily. Libra CH120 beat Genbull a lot, but not all the time; often, they would KO one another at the same time, or Ronin would get a good shot and KO Libra. Libra's weight was actually the only thing that saved it.

Formally, I tried this against the best Defense custom I could make- MF-H Libra TR145RB.

The results:

More testing:
While those are good results, I would recommend testing against more than 1 Combo before starting a combo thread Wink
(Jan. 18, 2014  5:39 PM)DRAGON KING Wrote: While those are good results, I would recommend testing against more than 1 Combo before starting a combo thread Wink
Agreed. Also Cake, do you have either a Burn or a Hasbro Phantom? If so, can you post tests against Phantom/Burn 85MF? Thanks Smile
Yeah, I'll get some Gravity testing up and make some semi-formal 10-round tests vs. Stamina to back up my other statements. I just felt that since it put up >50% against top-tier Defense, it was worth mentioning.

I do have Burn; I'll get some testing done with Burn Cancer 90MF (sorry I only have one 85)

Added Burn WD testing to the OP.
That combo isn't top tier, there isn't a official tier list yet.
True, but unless Libra gets banned in between now and when the list is finalized, MF-H Libra (insert heavy Track here) RB/RSF is going to be on that list.

Added Libra WD testing.

Added Burn MF testing.
Hey cake proper name would be Dark Knight Genbull ( crystal mode up)
But glad to see you around again
Yeah, I wasn't sure if typical Synchrom naming applied, thanks for the pointer.

I'll fix the OP.
Why doesn't it show the kos?
You don't have to do the KO'S, but it is helpful if you do.
FWIW I don't think that lump is the only contact point, the corner on the "cape" design or whatever also does a lot of hitting and honestly from seeing it in action I think all of the little details may actually be doing something because it's too consistently aggressive for those two points where I see wear to be the only real contact points. Fantastic Crystal Wheel for attack though and it's cool to see it in use. Would like to see more tests vs GB145/R145 defense and so on, see how it does with KO's/OS's there. Other than that, a cursory test against something like MF-H Libra 230CS would be good, if you can do that. Lastly, a benchmark with another good LTAC would be good too. I do not know what attack wheels you have, though, so I can't really recommend anything.

In future, especially seeing as you've stated it can sometimes outspin defense, please do include counts of KO's/OS's in the results themselves. I'm not sure whether it is or isn't mandatory but frankly, it absolutely should be as it is integral to properly seeing how a customization works from test results, and having it plain and easy to see is very useful for getting a feel for the combo at a glance.
I can do some MF Pegasus 85RF vs. MF Libra TR145RB benchmarks; I'll try to see if GuardianRevizer will let me borrow the GB145 I traded him, for further tests.

I'll have to update my sig too, my parts list is really out of date.

And sure, I'll mark the KOs and OSs. tbh the OSs were pretty unexpected, I'll make sure to record them in the future.
Sorry about the double post, but I felt this was pretty important so I wanted to give this thread a bump; edits don't get marked as new posts so I was afraid no one would notice Uncertain

Anyways, I have more testing results! (with Kos and OSs this time woo)

Vs. MF-H Libra GB145RB
And a benchmark:
Well, I noticed 'cause it's on a low track, it would get those results with Libra. That's why Pegasis never got close. What you should have done was benchmark with another LTAC. Though, I don't mean to sound rude. I know how hard testing can be. Maybe you could use MF-H Beat 90RF/R2F/LRF. DK Wyvang RF.
Ah, carp, should have thought of that before doing the benchmark Tongue_out
I don't have Beat, but I can do a Pegasus LTAC or DK Wyvang tomorrow.

My sig is updated now btw, with a full parts list, if you ever need to know what I have.

I'm always happy to help test though, glad to be getting all this input Grin
Lightning would probably be best, if you have it, seeing as it is also left spin. DK Wyvang hasn't been tested for LTAC and personally I do not think its balance is good enough. Pegasis is a viable secondary option but Lightning would be better.
Even though it's banned, could I use Gravity in left spin? I don't have Lightning and I hate borrowing from GuardianRevizer XD
I think that would be acceptable, so go for it. I have to discuss that with the staff however I think Gravity remaining as a benchmarking wheel would be in the format's best interests.
I saw a similar combo (using Wyvang not Genbull) in a LTD discussion thread tested against a Bakushin LTDC, something I'd meant to do. So I borrowed GuardianRevizer's Bakushin for a bit (he was whining about the paint getting scratched up so I only got 10 rounds in) and did some testing.

DK Genbull 85RF vs MF-H Bakushin Sagittario II 90RB
Genbull wins: 3 (2 OS, 1 KO)
Bakushin wins: 7 (6 OS, 1 KO)
Genbull %: 30%
Genbull really couldn't effectively spin-steal from Bakushin; Bakushin's sloped sides and low track made it difficult to properly spin-steal, and KOing only worked once when Genbull smashed HARD into Bakushin right at the start. My second attempt at that strategy resulted in Genbull deflecting off of Bakushin and earning Bakushin a KO instead.

EDIT: 900th post! yay arbitrary numbers

I also did some more testing, which turned out to be rather unusual.

First the benchmark th!nk asked for forever ago Tongue_out

MF Gravity Perseus 100RF (seemed to match DK Genbull's profile best at that height, though 90 might have been better, idk, too late now Uncertain ) vs MF-H Libra TR145RB
Gravity wins: 15 (5 OS 10 KO)
Libra wins: 5 (4 OS 1 KO)
Gravity %: 75%
Interesting thing here is that I was attempting to replicate Genbull's use in Gravity, to make it a better benchmark - I played it safe and went for an OS rather than trying for a OHKO a lot of the time, using this combo more like an aggro spin-stealer than an Attack custom. That Gravity STILL got KOs half the time with an eerie degree of ease really shows how it deserved its ban... I could probably have hit 90% or so if I went for the KO straight out rather than going for a more Stamina-oriented approach.

Next thing is Genbull vs MF-H Libra 230CS.
Genbull wins: 8 (all KO)
Libra wins: 12 (all OS)
Genbull %: 40%
I was expecting complete domination by Libra here. When I did the first round and Libra went sailing out of the stadium, I was shocked. I thought Genbull was way too short to touch Libra. However, if you get Genbull to bank and hold an angle, it can reach up juuust enough to nail Libra's underside HARD. I was plagued by wall-saves and good hits at the wrong time here, so the results may be a tad skewed, though I doubt Genbull could pull off more than 60% even on a really good day. Still surprising, though.