Create your own Beyblade MFB character!

Name: Lauren
Beyblade: Rock Leone D125WB
Type: Defence
Appearance: Brown hair, light brown eyes, blue shirt, blue jeans, one black glove, converse shoes
Bio: The cool and collected type but don't get on her bad side. She is a strong blader and is known for her fearsome special move known to destroy everything nearby including the beyblade, areana and even the blader. But don't get it wrong she is no villian. In fact she becomes a close friend of Ginga after they meet on the hill overlooking the river in Kenta's hometown. She has a big crush on Ginga too. Smile
Name Arashi Bey MF Bakushin Susanow 100RF real Wears jeans sneakers and tshirt with Susanow's face on it. Special move Furious Storm Tearing Blast a giant raging electrified whirlpool is formed around susanow who then rams into the opposing bey destroying it. Personality calm but gets angry if someone downtalks him.
Name: Trey Robinson
Bey: Flame Eagle WA130RSF
Type: Balance
Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, red t-shirt with black jeans, running shoes (he hates converses and the like)
Bio: A nice fellow, has some very good friends, used to use Clay Aquario until his birthday, when his parents bought some beys and put together Flame Eagle for him.
Special Move(s):

Giga Flame Wing Burst- Flame Eagles track begins to spin real fast, then flames start to rise, engulfing everything in the arena. A giant eagle mad of fire rises out of the face and lets loose a loud attack cry. The bey rams the opposing bey into the air, where the rising fire stops any chance of an attack.

Rush Flame- Flame Eagle surrounds itself with a bright flame and starts to move really fast, quickly attacking the opposing bey, used as a counter.

Name: Dennis Spirin
Bey: Storm Wolf T125CS
Type: Attack
Appearance: Brownish hair, blue eyes, blue t-shirt with red track pants, running shoes
Bio: A really nice guy just like Trey. Sometimes can be over-confident. Likes to beybattle with friends. Has had Storm Wolf ever since he was a little boy. Can be quick to anger.

Special Move(s):

Tornado Fangs: Wolf starts to spin faster and faster until the track whips up a tornado shaped like a wolf. Then Wolf charges into the opponent and smashes it out of the ring.

Twister Howl: A twister is created by the track. Then a Wolf aura appears around the bey and Dennis too (only if he's really mad.) A loud howl is heard, and Wolf's attack power is increased by 2x
Name: Blake Hiratomi
Beyblade (made-up or not): Enigma Ifrit DC120SWB
Beyblade type (Attack, Balance, Defense, Stamina): Attack/Stamina
Beyblade's description: Enigma= Fusion Wheel with Four Claws
DC120= the Dragon Claws spin track which has four claws on it. SWB= Swift Wide Ball which gives more stability and balance than a wide ball
Character's description: dark Brown hair dark brown eyes wears a red and black jacket dark blue jeans
Name: Odin Anvindr
Beyblade: Norse Odin GB145RSD
Type: Balance
Appearance: Missing right eye, normally wears and eyepatch to cover it, always has a fur on his body, always wears his grandfather's dog tag, and wears a hoodie that has "Ragnarok" written on it
Bio: His family is dead, and his only connection is his grandfather's dog tag. For more information, read "Ra's story 1: Ancient Beys"
Special Moves: Sky God Blizzard, where ice coats the enemy beyblade, while the bey stays spinning inside the ice; Valkyrie's Wrath, where he slams his opponent's beyout of the stadium; Special Move Rune Marker, where a rune is placed in a random plce on the stadium; Aesir Technique Ragnarok, where the rune explodes and destroys much of the stadium.
'Nother cause I'm bored.

Name: Johnny Nectar = No need for Japanese names
Age: 17
Before, Johnny was quite chubby and tended to wear dungarees. He had a freckly face and hair that obscured the top half of it. He had rolled up sleeves and always had a smaile on his face. After he joined the city, however he lost some weight (but remained chubby) and started wearing street clothes to fit in with the crowd. He wore Black Jeans and a Purple Hoodie, and the pocket patch of the hoodie had Draciel's Face on it.
The Face was a graffiti Turtoise, facing the front. The right shadings of the Turtoise were black, and the left shadings were purple, which blended with the Jacket. Under the Turtoise were the letters 'DCL', a shortened version of Draciel.
Johnny's parents were farmers, so he spent most of his time herding sheep, breeding chickens, and milking cows. One evening, he went swimming near the Yard, and he found a turtle, sinking so he grabbed and pulled. It was heavy, but Johnny was a strong kid so he was able to fish it out. When he pulled it out, he was surprised by it's appearance. It looked like a black and purple rock on the ground. It's shell was Black, and it's Body was Purple. He carried it into his room without his parents noticing, and kept it on the top bunk of his bed. Johnny soon dosed off to sleep, but when he woke up, the Turtoise was gone. He checked his whole room for it, then he opened his special Drawer, the Drawer he keeps all of his important things in. And his Bey was completely different. It used to be a Clay Aries 125S, but he carried it and it was much heavier. It was Black and Purple, just like the Tortoise. He had known where it went know.

Soon after, he leaves to join the city to enter Tournaments.
Rock Draciel GB145D. The reason why I gave him this bey is because the Plastic Draciels had Two Metal Balls, like GB145. Rock has a similar shape to Draciel's Attack Rings, and it has high recoil, so that made it a lot like Draciel. The Draciel Clear Wheel is 6 Turtle Heads, fitting the shape of the Rock Metal Wheel. It is almost as Heavy as Bull and Aquario, but not quite. I gave it a D bottom, because Draciel MS had a Sharp Core, though I enhanced it by giving it D. I didn't want to spend too much time on the bey.
Special Move:
Gravity Wave = Draciel's GB145 Track magically starts loading with more and more metal balls, and this makes the bey heavier. It then leans over on the flat side and Rams into the opponent with a large veil of water around it.
I always liked Draciel. That's probably why I'm obsessed with Rock.
OMG! I have all of the draciels except draciel MS. (lol)
BTW, I made one an attack type ( I LOVE attack types.)
Counting up to #3 here

Name: Theodore Fares

Beyblade(s): Mad Exlynk 90F, Static Exlynk 90EF (Eternal Flat, I am basing this off a custom Paintjob Beyblade I designed)

Alignment: Passively aggressive antagonist

Short Bio- Theodore Fares is part of the Dark Paradigm academy, in fact, he is one of the very first to use an A.I. based spirit instead of a mythological one. He is twenty-four years of age, at least 5.12'', and usually wears a plain white trench coat and suit pants. Outside of the disciplinary compound, he wears a white faceless mask with a red 'X' painted finely onto it. He is capable of Bey battling even in the most unorthodox conditions, much like any other veteran in the academy. But outside of the uniform he is very passive aggressive, recluse, and is obsessed about interfering with various scientific laws.

Facebolt: Exlynk's facebolt looks pretty plain in the normal light, being that it is just a thin red 'X' on a white facebolt, But in the right view there is a slightly visible blood-stain border. This depicts that the A.I. is in fact, a dark entity. The "Spirit" is capable of corrupting any computer data when commanded to, and even hijack control of local networks.

Clear/Energy Wheel: Exlynk uses a signature colored version of the androgynous wheel, a slightly aesthetic modification of the Leone clear wheel (The segments are more square, instead of trapezoidal, and the vents are straight lines). The "vent" patterns are red while the "tile" patterns are white. This was the same on the previous version.

Metal/Fusion Wheel: Static is a passive hybrid of Mad and Lightening, although that part of the description is purely aesthetic comparison. There are three smash claws which partly takes off the lightening wheel. Those points, if positioned correctly, would align with the red vent patterns. The blunt "teeth" has a right-positioned
likeness of the mad wheel. This produces an even amount of recoil and basic smash.

Track: This is a black version of the 90 track, the second lowest track that actually exists.

Tip: Eternal Flat is an NSK bearing based free spinning point, it is slightly bulkier than the generic flat. The color is clear Crimson.

Special Moves List:

(Executed via code command)

404 Primary Execution

502 Meta-Gateway defense

503 Forbidden Bloody 'X'
Off topic, but Draciel used to be my favorite bey, and is now my second favorite.

Anyway, I agree with Megablader9.
Here's a list of Beyblades I am making for characters in the Dark Paradigm series.


Clay Aggregate WD145D (With "Androgynous" wheel, Raibaru's first Bey, Gold w/ Black 2tone)

Wind Aggregate WA130XF (Androgynous Ver., Salmon. Supporting character A -pending name-)

Heat Aggregate ED145SF (Heat Aggregate's color, track and tip will vary)

Mad Aggregate 125S (Mad Aggregate's color, track and tip will vary)

Acid Aggregate 100WD (Light wheel equivalent to poison, color, track, and tip will vary)


Counter Aggregate CQ125DD (Raibaru Sado's second Beyblade, series part 2. Orange, Gold, and Black. 2nd class clear wheel, Painted Metal Wheel, Close-quarters 125, Dynamic Defense)

Storm Aggregate WB120XF (2nd class clear wheel, Supporting Character A 2nd Beyblade, Wide-Blade 120, Salmon)

Earth Aggregate SW145BS (2nd Class clear wheel, Generic Earth wheel, Switch 145, Ball Sharp. Umber)

Screw Aggregate TSA145WRB (2nd Class clear wheel, Chrome metal wheel, Telescopic Adjustment 145, Wide Rubber Ball, Copper)

Ray Aggregate 130RF (2nd Class clear wheel, Yellow-detailed Ray, 130 Medium High, Rubber Flat. Atomic Yellow)

Dark Aggregate SWP120B (2nd Class clear wheel, Generic Dark, Switch Propeller 120, Ball. Pewter/smoke)

Cyber Aggregate TRI125ED (2nd Class clear wheel, Iridescent metal wheel, Trinity 3-point 125, Eternal Defense. Pure White)

Poison Aggregate 85CS (2nd Class clear wheel, generic Poison, 85 lowest, Coat Sharp. Sage)

Rock Aggregate TSA145JB (2nd Class clear wheel, Metallic Teal Rock, Telescopic Adjustment 145, Jog Ball. Smoke Blue)

Flame Aggregate M145Q (2nd Class clear wheel, generic Flame, M145Q molded together. Rust)

Killer Aggregate FC145WD (2nd Class clear wheel, Pewter Killer, Flip-Cap 145, Wide Defense. Atomic Yellow)

Infinity Aggregate T125EMS (2nd Class clear wheel, Generic Infinity, Tornado 145, Eternal Metal Sharp. Clear w/ metal flake)

Galaxy Aggregate MA130RF (2nd Class clear wheel, Generic Galaxy, Metal-Assist 130, Rubber Flat. Onyx)

Burn Aggregate 230EWD (2nd Class clear wheel, Generic Burn, 230 Extreme High, Eternal Wide Defense, glass clear)

Tornado Aggregate AD145WB (2nd Class clear wheel, Deep Purple Tornado, Armor Defense 145, Wide Ball. Lavender)

Refer to previous Retread Posts for other characters

well heres my character

Name: Tessyga Roku
BEY DESCRIPTION: blue metal wheel, dark blue energy ring, clear face bolt, phoenix performance tip, clear blue spin track 100
APPEARENCE: Tessyga has white hair, tan skin, blue eyes, wears a white vest and baby blue t shirt he has a metal launcher a bey pocket holder and he is a handy mechanic
PERSONA: funny as possible, gets serious when it comes to blading
Mine would be like this

Name:Genka ( his nickname is lord of the blades )

Blade:omega pegasus 100RF
Blade Style: Attack all the way as a left spin blade it absorbs spin
personality: complete opisite of Ginka except he is stronger than Ginka but he is easy to make friends

what he looks like he has hair like kai he wears a Black jacket White pants brown shoes and a black scarf his eyes are colored red.
name-Tsukada Shichirobei

beyblade- killer orion uw145 cs

mysterious behind the schenes guy

(orion has spears circleing the wheel tell me for a better design)
Name: Rugger Fabble

Beyblade: Tranquil Gravirega 125PRCT (Plastic Rubber Change Tip)

Bey discription: Similar face disign to Perseus, lightish blue entwined line design for clear wheel, metal wheel looks similar to Hurcleos metal wheel. Stamina type.

SPECIAL MOVE: DIMINUENDO STORMS (increaces gravity on the field for every OTHER BEY)

Description: ALMOST tan complecion. Has Long black hair With pointy White Highlights That spike off to the left at the peak of his brow.

Blue eyes. Long face. Short black coat that cuts off at the waist and off at the arms. White teeshirt and intricate metal necklace that looked like a clock that had arrows pointing arrows outward with a blue jewl at the center.
Long Grey pants, Fit. BLack and red shoes, red flameish look. Dark red gloves.

Personality: Quiet, nice, helpfull, but when danger is about, he is verry protective.
Name: unknown (cant think of one)
Bey: Flame Bull
Bey Description: Pretty much a mix of flame saggitario and Dark Bull.
Bey Type : Stamina
Character description: Dark red jacket, Black shirt with Flame Bull on it, Tan Baggy pants and hair similar to Gingka.
Bio: Quite Unfriendly, But talkative.
Special Move: Flame charge

I didnt put much thought into this, but ya know Grin
Track and Bottom? You need to add that.
Name: Matsumoto Shin
Bey: Kinetic Dragon SC145MWD
Description: The facebolt depicts the chinese zodiac sign dragon. The clear wheel is red and the design is pretty much a pegasis clear wheel combined with a pisces clear wheel. So the clear wheel is a red clear wheel with edges shaped like wings and the and shows a shark swimming through the ocean. The Kinetic fusion wheel is like the Rock fusion wheel but the edges are spiked. SC145 is Spiked Claw145. It's like C145 but the claw are facing downward and a little bit sharper. The Claws are now adjustable to the angle you want if you launch it.It's useful if you want to hit your opponent. And last MWD is just simply a wide defense tip but just metal and its "wideness" is decreased.
Type of the Bey: Defense/Stamina
Character Description: Shin always wears a blue jacket and a yellow-japanese styled shirt. He wears grey jogging pants and white sneakers with red lines. His hair is like Yugi's hair but a little bit shorter and is color black. His personality is like gingkas and has an alter ego whose personality is like Sasuke.
Special Moves: Dragon Spiked Claw and Kinetic Dragon bite.
Sweet! It'll have no problem outspinning most beys. It sounds like pure stamina to me though.
Name: Toriyami

Bey: Freddy Fish SW100M

Freddy is a round wheel with excellent weight distribution. (flywheel) Fish can be used in destabilizers as it has slopes, much like Cancer and Bull, although it is shaped similarly to Virgo.

The rest is abbreviated for Swim 100 Metres...

Character Description: Very much like Chikorita (PKMN Starter)
Hey! I was gonna change my name to that! Littlechipz stole my hypothetical name! Anyway, That idea is pretty cool. I like Chikorita too. I was just about to make one based on Meganium.
Haha, a little off-topic, but its kind of an Iceburn

I beat you to it Smug

Yeah, I forgot to mention what Swim100M does. Its a bearing, like Wolborg MS's... And M is really wide...
I was gonna do that to PO Ultrablader, since he started with Megablader2, I wanted to go to Ultrablader9 to make him mad... That sucks... Off topic. Sorry.