Create your own Beyblade MFB character!

Heres Mine:

Name: Galaxy
Beyblade (made-up or not): Galaxy Phoenix W105MS
Beyblade type (Attack, Balance, Defense, Stamina): Stamina, and Attack
Beyblade's description: Galaxy Phoenix's Face Bold is a clear Face Bolt and it has Phoenix's Pic on it. Galaxy Phoenix's Clear wheel is color blue and it has pointy parts on it. Galaxy Phoenix's Metal Wheel is color Blue combined with Red and it is the same as Galaxy Pegasis's. Galaxy Phoenix's Track is just like Galaxy Pegasis's but it is color dark blue. Galaxy Phoenix's Bottom is clear and it is color dark red but it is just like Burn Phoenix's but it still has the metal tip.
Character Description: He has a hair just like Sasuke's from Naruto Shippuden. He has red eyes, he is calm and doesnt like to talk that much. He wears a black cloak. Blue Shoes, Black gloves, Black Launcher grip with Blue rubber grip. He uses a red string launcher that has the rubber thing on it and the suspension.

That was mine!!! Hope you guys liked it.!!
my caracter blaze mitofagi black red and blonde hair has red and black jacket and red and white grip his bey is death serpent lpwt
Character name- Ichiro Uzuko
Bey Name- Elite EtruscanSB145FM/WB
Bey Type- Defense/Attack
Special Move- Hydro Spiral(creates three whirlpooles and attacks while using defense and lastly it puts the other bey in one and it is trapped and finally it strikes at it).
Looks a little like this but with black hair and eyes are not that wide.

Charcter Description- Ouiet, Lazy, Smart. Cousin of Hiyoma. Has three friends Ryo, Harasma, Daichi. His beyspirit is ok but it grows each time he battles. His strategy is to counter attacks and uses his knowledge. His favorite kind of battle is Tag Team only when it is with his friends. His rival is Hitoshi. He is even tempered level he gets mad when Ichiro talkes smart(bad smart). Age 13

Bey Description- Metal Face. Elite is a half defense and a half attack side. Attack has three spikes and defense has a barrier around it. Enrgy ring has a meduim weight too it with a blue and yellow pattern SB- Spike Barrier can change from attack to defense. FM/WB- Fast Moving in water/ Wide Barrier stays in one place for protecting. I wiil work on him more later.
here's mine

bey:lightning pegasis 90 wf/rf (it can be reality)
personality:not fond of talking but friendly

description of beyUnhappyit can be reality)fast,agrresive,right spins.

description of person:cool,friendly,quiet,more likely like benkei (fat,strong)
Lightning Pegasis? Possible, but unlaunchable.
Name:Gadget(real name: Kanitia)
Beyblade (made-up or not): Earth Orso GB145 PCS
Beyblade type (Attack, Balance, Defense, Stamina): Defense
Beyblade's description: A Polar Bear. Based off the Ursa Major Consolation. PCS stands for the Polish Coat Sharp( Polish Defense/ Coat Sharp) Letting hims slides on the sharp point without tipping over as if sliding on ice.
Special Move: Frozen Wasteland- Goes to center of stadium and spins causing the air current to blow making it so cold the stadium freezes
Ice Hammer- Tilts to rubber part of PCS and attacks with tremendous force as if the opponents being froze and attacked
Character- A dark skinned bulky guy. Has a bearish appearance. Often seen with baggy black pants and a blue hooded shirt or jacket tail button up. Often seen with a skateboard in tow. Has a very calm personality with a strategic battle style. Often loses his cool when someone calls him fat, and turns very aggressive. When not blading he's skateboarding, inventing, or playing video games
Name: Felix Gismos
Beyblade: Sky Eņģelis IB105 WB
Beyblade type: Balance
Beyblade's description:
Eņģelis means Angel in Latin. This Bey are quite the Balance type. It's track have small iron balls attached under for Stamina and Defense. It's Fusion Wheel is white and have small flat parts sticking out of it, looks like wings nearly, which works like sharp blades for Attack. The Tip itself are round to maintain balance thou it does not have so good friction. Eņģelis Special Ability is Spirit Blessing which is known by some. Spirit Blessing will increase the spin and balance of the Bey by a small amount which can have a fatal effect on the opponent.
character name: Crow Taylor
character desc:he wheres a black jacket red/blue shirt and red pants he uses the digital power launcher (my fav launcher) and he has 6500 points (powerful eh?)
Bey name: dark demon EC145 LSHF
bey parts: you all know about dark and demon clear wheel has three head like things that are on the side the demon face just has a picture of a demon on it Tongue_out and EC145 is eternal claw 145 the claws on it spin when touched (like ED145) its like C145 but the claws are stationary and the whole track turns when hit his tip is left semi hole flat it has half a hole on it but the part thats not a hole is on the left
bey desc: the bey spins left,thats it oh and its more powerful than the Anime version of Lightning L-Drago
Name: A.J
Beyblade Confusedhining excaluibur rwc145RWB
Beyblade type Grinefence
Beyblade's description:The heaviest bey out there .It builds up it's defence through the battle using the oppenents strengh .When a stamina type hit it the clear wheel acts as an attack type and sends the bey out of the arena.Its has good spin steal ability. The bad thing about it has poor stamina; enough to defeat an offensive type with sleep out . So when versing a stamina type it relys on the hybrid wheel and clear wheel to get it out of the dish. Its special arena shining slash similar to hornthrown destruction ; a fatalblow thataffects the beys balance nad stamina.

Character's description: AJ from coma village and also hyouma's best friend . His bey was also superior to s pegasis and r aries. He is almost the same as hyouma ; he was very close to Jinga.
BeybladeConfusedF Hurricane Hydraxx FD145RD
Bey type: Defense

Stone Face W/ Hydraxx design on it(6g): A 3000 year old facebolt, it's bit beast was sealed by Hercules, who was sealed in a facebolt as well after his death, and became Tornado Herculeo.

Clear wheel:
Hydraxx (3 grams): It looks like 7 dragon heads, arranged in a Heptagonal manner.

Metal wheel:Hurricane(32.9 Grams) It has an Earth-like design but with 7 spikes surrounding it, making it ineresting for attack.

Track:FD145 (4 Grams) Full Defence 145 : Designed like S130 but bigger circumference.

Bottom:RD (1 Gram) Rubber Defense: Basically D,but made of rubber.

Repelling Current:Makes air with the metal wheel and repels all opposing Beyblades very far from it.
Ultimate Wrath of the Hydra:the Beyblade makes six clones. The clones attack the opposing Beyblade then the Real one knocks it out.

Character: Not much is known about him, except he is Male, Wears a Red shirt,Black jeans,Shades,A trench coat, rubber shoes, and of course, a brief.He has a Digital Power Launcher (Special Hydra Version,the only one in existence) and he has OVER 9000 points.
dudes name: tenshin
dudes gender: dude
dudes job: ninja hero
dude looks like: white skin, red eyes, loose fitting dark purple clothing looks kind of like the battle armor seen in fist of the north star. has a mask he sometimes wears that looks like a futuristic skull.
dudes Bio: the sole retainer of the anciant assasination art, fist of the heavens. he trained along side 3 other dudes but only one could inherit the art and the others would have their fists destroyed or memorys erased. the art could be used to heal or destroy. he lived in a world like fist of the north star, except the year wasn't 199x it was like way later and he got sent to the mfb universe but it like over lap'ed with his a little bit so now its like metal fight of the north star.
dudes Bey: shuriken orso; it has a razer sharp ninja star attached and its heavely modded with spikes, but by this time no one cares if you mod a bey violently because people are trying to survive.
Name: Kurai hikari (means dark light)
Gender: male
beyblade: hell tenshi ( tenshi means angel)wa130 msf
beys type: balance
Special moves: hades edge, huge wave of lava rises up behind tenshi as it charges, possibly destroying his opponents bey. angel wing, tenchi begins shining and rising in the air using it's wa130 track and doges everything for a few moments.
Bio: Kurai was abandoned at birth and named himself Kurai Hikari because of his odd personality. he's not schitzo but he has a dark and light side. found his bey in his cradle. his bey stores a near limitless power but it can only be released when Kurai, or someone close to him, is in mortal peril.
My guy looks and acts like me in person, and always changes the Bey he uses!
(Nov. 30, 2010  2:29 PM)tenshinshinobi Wrote: dudes name: tenshin
dudes gender: dude
dudes job: ninja hero
dude looks like: white skin, red eyes, loose fitting dark purple clothing looks kind of like the battle armor seen in fist of the north star. has a mask he sometimes wears that looks like a futuristic skull.
dudes Bio: the sole retainer of the anciant assasination art, fist of the heavens. he trained along side 3 other dudes but only one could inherit the art and the others would have their fists destroyed or memorys erased. the art could be used to heal or destroy. he lived in a world like fist of the north star, except the year wasn't 199x it was like way later and he got sent to the mfb universe but it like over lap'ed with his a little bit so now its like metal fight of the north star.
dudes Bey: shuriken orso; it has a razer sharp ninja star attached and its heavely modded with spikes, but by this time no one cares if you mod a bey violently because people are trying to survive.

If you're going to post, at least make up your character.

Devil The Beyer: We don't all know the ins and outs of your personality, so perhaps it would have been better to elaborate.
I kind of intended to make a charicter profile that would seem humorous. for example useing the word dude a lot or mashing together the 2 worlds of beyblade and fist of the north star. I am sorry if it seemed like I didn't put a lot of thought into it.
Beyblade (made-up)Confusedhadow Ape
Beyblade type:Attack and stamina
Beyblade's description:A small beyblade with all new parts apart from Flame sagiterios performance. Specil move ten nives of death wich lets it copy an oponats move ten times.

Character's description:Just looks like a black silouet.
Name: Phantom
Gender: Boy
Bey Type: Defense
Bey: Tsunami Poseidon X145WD (made up bey)
Bey description: Face bolt has a triton with water surrounding it. Tsunami looks like waves crashing into each other. Poseidon Ring is blue and has 4 tritons on the ring. Tsunami Poseidon can spin left and right.
Character Appearance: Phantom has a mask covering only his eyes, and has black spiky hair. Often wears a black jacket with a triton on the back of the jacket.
Personality: Cruel, but mostly misunderstood.
here's my characterJoyful_2

Name:Zezti Kamamuno(pronounced ses-T)gender:boy
Beyblade (made-up ):Frost Tundraal AF100PS
Beyblade type (Attack, Balance, Defense, Stamina):balance type(mainly attack)
char personality:he thinks it freezing cold in the summer and it warm in winter
he is a nice guy who is jealus of kiyoya trying to defeat him.
char description:yellow hair with outer rim coloured black,wears a body warmer with a green and yellow scarf covering most of his face leaving nose and eyes he also wears black trousers with faulds coming down made of green and yellow feathers.

Beyblade's description:the creature/spirit is a yeti.its frost fusion wheel has spikes all around the edge;it has a big spike every three spikes.RIGHT SPIN
the spikes represent the icicles it uses in its special move.its spin track is called AirFlow because it uses miniture turbines to power up the bey's spin.the performance tip is called Plate Spike because a plate like form is around the performance preventing it to wobble or the fusion wheel touching the ground.It's moves are 1.icicle strike:lots of icicles gather around the bey then shooting out towards the enemy.2.impact crush: the bey freezes the enemy's bey's fusion wheel causing it to become blunt then striking it(this move is mean but he only uses it on the dark nebula)making the fusion wheel shatter! 3.Ultimate move frrr-freak storm: a huge storm gets created freezing the whole stadiumsend ing the enemys bey flying out of the stadium!(just like king lion terrain blast)IMPORTANT face bolt sign: a pawprint labled T.U.N with a cross behind it.
Another one...

Name: Za-Run-Zai (inspired by the name Raz-Al-Ghul)

Bio: (Working)

Beyblade: Erroneous Valcon (falcon) VB130P


The face bolt resembles some a sort of zombie Falcon with lightening eyes. The spirit in this bey is powered by an artificially developed intelligence.

Erroneous is as thick as dark, but takes the image of a fragmented saw made of stone. Slightly Asymmetrical, and highly jagged. The name can be called Erroneous for the fact it is one of the more rough-textured wheels.

Valcon is sort of inspired by the Virgo wheel, but it takes the shape of four Eagle heads flying in alternating directions. This has a chain pattern molded into it. A unique function of this Clear Wheel is, that it uses a denser plastic compared to most others.

Vibration Barrier is a bidirectional resistance track. It is a pair of compact shields the shape of fins, with stiff suspension springs keeping it into a center position. When impacted, the wings can actually push the opponent back with controlled recoil.

Piston, despite the name, has nothing to do with jump. This tip bears a switching cap that can enable free spin when turned left, and basic attack when turned right. The name is just fitting to the function it bares IMO.

As for the special attack, it's "Chains of delusion", something that can affect others Facebolt Spirit's independence.
Name: Aj Mishima

Beyblade (made-up or not): Kirin Cheetah V105 HS

Beyblade type (Attack, Balance, Defense, Stamina): Attack

Beyblade's description:
Facebolt: Cheetah- A yellow face bolt depicting a Cheetah head.

Energy Ring: Cheetah-A yellow energy ring with a cheetah pattern going around it.

Fusion Wheel: Kirin- More or less like a lightning fusion wheel except it has claws molded into the metal.

Spin track: V105- Vortex 105 is a spin track that allows the bey to spin 3x faster than any other bey.

Performance Tip: GS-Gravity Sharp is a performance tip that allows the bey to stay close to the stadium thus making it hard to knock over or get a stadium out.

Special Move:
(Attack)- Kirin Reverse Claw> Allows Kirin Cheetah to chase the opponents bey into making it spin in reverse thus decreasing it's speed then it attacks head on repeatedly.
(Defense)- Heavy Vortex : Kirin> Allows Kirin Cheetah to spin so fast that it creates a vortex of lightning and can basically dodge any attack. (but it is not invincible)

Bio: Aj Mishima wears a yellow t-shirt depicting a Cheetah. He also wears a black jacket, black pants and white nikes. His personality is calm, and ferocious in battle. He is 14 and loves to play basketball and beyblade.
Name:Johnny O'Neal
Beyblade (made-up or not): Requiem Jupiter 100 MSF(Metal Semi Flat)
Beyblade type (Attack, Balance, Defense, Stamina): Attack (destabiliser)
Beyblade's description: the facebolt of Jupiter is dark green depicts a modern 'urbanized' version of the Greek God Jupiter with a slight smirk and electricity coming from his eyes. Requiem is silver metal wheel and looks similar in shape to Bakushin except that it has 5 overflapping protrusions. Jupiter is a black and dark green clear wheel which consists of three small lightning bolts placed to extend the metal wheel protrusions. the 100 track and base of the metal semi flat track are black. The Beyblade's special move is Thunderbolt Hurricane which is the beyblade creating massive upward winds embedded with electricity

Character's description: Ill do this later
if you're posting so much on the bey it might as well go into the "Create your own MFB Beyblade" thread.
(Nov. 18, 2010  9:40 PM)Wraith Wrote: Name: Kakashi Nero (roughly translated as 'Black Scarecrow')
Bey: Shadow Corvus SF(Spike Fan)120RS(Rubber Sharp)
Bey type: Defense
Bey description:
Face: The face has eight black feathers and a red eye. The face depicts Corvus, one of the 88 constellations in space.
Clear Wheel: Corvus is very similar to Aquilla, except for the eagle's heads shape, which on Corvus the beak is sharper and curved. It is brown.
Metal Wheel: Shadow is a strangely shaped wheel, it resembles Thermal, but has only one gap. In the gap there is small, jagged spikes.
Track: SF looks similar to C145, but when launched, the claws unfold and connect, forming a spiked fan that is black (similar to Night's creation FF, credit goes to him for the idea). It's brown as well.
Tip: RS:
Special move: 'Spinning Exploding Shadow Bomb!' Corvus goes up the side of the stadium then lands in the centre. It dissolves, appears next to the opponent and blasts a wave of shadow outwards. As a note, when he launches against a strong opponent he throws of his pads, giving him much more speed.
Character description: Wears a black cape, a black face mask (cowboy style), black boots, a MF-X around his neck and heavy wrist pads. He holds his Bey similar to Ginga, with holders for Corvus, Launcher etc. Also, has spiky black hair.

Kakashi is actually quite friendly.
Name: Itachi Kururgi
Bey: Heat Hydraes 135RF, later Divine Hydraes EG(Engine Gear)135MB(Metal Ball).
Bey Type: Attack
Bey Description:
Face: The face says 'Hydraes' in the 'Leone' font. The face depicts Hydra, one of the 88 constellations in space.
Clear Wheel: Hydraes is green, and it is similar to Pegasus, Wolf etc. because it has nine dragon heads around the edges.
Metal Wheel: Divine:,r:22,s:0
Track: EG135 is a normal 135 Track but with a lever sticking out. When this lever is hit the EG winds up. When it reaches 18 degrees, it releases a boost of spin.
Tip: The Metal Ball tip.
Special Move: 'Double Quad Crusher' the eight heads of Hydraes grasp the MFB spirit of the other Bey, then the ninth head burns it.
Character Description: Wears a green coat, fingerless gloves and has a cybernetic left leg. Has green spiky hair.
Some more:
Name: Reji Gaiden
Bey: Mad Volpos CH90Q, later Whirlwind Volpos CH85(Change Height 85-110)WB/F(Wide Ball/Flat)
Bey Type: Balance
Bey Description:
Face: The face shows a fox leaping. The face depicts Vulpecula, one of the 88 constellations in space.
Clear Wheel: Kinda resembles Virgo. Nine elegant tails swirls across. It is crimson.
Metal Wheel: Whirlwind is a three-wing wheel, like Storm, Galaxy and Genocide. This part is capable of Force Smash, because there is a certain pattern in the shape that allows it to occasionally grasp the other Bey and throw it downwards.
Track: CH85 is a clear pink track the changes height. No shape difference between it and CH120.
Tip: WB/F starts as WB, but if the Ball is pulled back via small levers, it becomes F. F is more effective in this way, but WB is worse. It is pale red.
Special Move: Furious Missile Impacter. Volpos charges and it's head sets on fire, and then the rest of it does. It turns into a flaming missile, and rams the opponents Bey.
Character description: Orange matted hair, best friend of Itachi.
Name: Iruka Kodoji (Dolphin Master)
Bey: Sphere Dolphin EMC(Extended Metal Claw)175XS(eXtra Sharp)
Bey Type: Stamina
Bey Description:
Face: The face shows a dolphin with waves in the background. The face depicts Delphinus, one of the 88 constellations in space.
Clear wheel: Very smooth. Light blue. Has a flipper on both sides.
Metal Wheel: Sphere is perfectly round, with small wave-like shapes in certain places. This is the best Wheel available for Stamina, in their world. It is blue.
Track: EMC175 was made because of the 45 Track. Low attackers were dominating the game. EMC can reach far, and can easily cut the opponents Track.
XS: eXtra Sharp is the only S-series bottom not suffering from balance issues. It is very Stamina-giving.
Character description: Kodoji has pale blue hair and vibrant blue eyes. He wears a white jacket with the sleeves torn, similar to Kyoya-san. Everything else he wears is blue.
Special Move: Tsunami Crasher. Circles the stadium and shoots water at the enemy. Then blast water into the air.
These four are in a team called the Galaxy Warriors. They were the best in Japan before they left for training.
nice one wraith! my new bey!

name: Arix Dranity

description: the same as before.

Bey: Orbit Drahelix G (gravity) 90 X (extreme.)

Bey type: ultimate balance

clear wheel: a black and gold version of Drahelix, with 6 heads instead of 4.

Fusion wheel: orbit, it has the ability to change it's shape, as the metal wheel is in parts, that are on almost hinges and can change into pretty much any shape.

G90: gravity, increases gravity around the bey so much it's almost impossible to stadium out, and is because of a gyroscope, and earth magnets in the track...

X: can change its shape to suit its opponent by segments shooting up into the track.

special attack: gravital ultimate orbit! well the shape of the bey becomes almost perfectly round and causes so much air power going round that it pushes the other buys around, using help from the magnets, and it can shoot at mach speed nocking them out of the stadium.

team attack: ultimate mach drahelix: read my story, it describes it their.
Here is Mine

Name- Ichiro Uzuko Age- 12 Gender- Male
Bey Name- Ecipse FoxB145TM
Description- Fox energy ring has nine tales on it and its color is red and metallic. Eclipse is has a ninja star with 4 points on it. B145 2 Barriers around the center and it can take absorb recoil damage.TM Tall Marks make bey move easy on tough platforms. So if its on the street it will ove like its on a smoothe surface.

Special Move- Midnight Strike ( The top lets everything loose like ED145 is loose but Fox lets everything loose and hits at the opponet with full strength).
Spacial Chinese Force Fox (Fox gets a barrier around it and it has a 3 fireballs, 3 waterballs, and 3 wind spheres all around it and it stickes to the opponet and all of them hits it once when one makes contact.

Name Description- Looks like this in anime.
Fox looks like this when using special-

But he is a little different. Has black hair,White jacket,Black pants, Fingerless gloves, Brown Skin and a pouch on his belt which has his gear and bey. He is lazy,cool, and smart.