Create your own Beyblade MFB character!

Name: Emerald
Beyblade: Galaxy Byxis SE145R2F
Type: Attack
Spin Direction: Clockwise
Owner: Rai Katsou
Beyblade: Rain Killerken B : D
Type: Stamina
Name:Aiden Kadumi
BeybladeConfusedamurai/Knight Griffin
Bey Description:Has A griffin emblem in the center that is green and has two swords in the back and front on the top it has these type of wings that when it gets to a certain amount of spin speed it starts to like levitate at a certain at a certain height.The forge disk has two swords to in the back and front and when the disk gets to the halfpoint the bey starts to wobble a little bit bey also spins counter clockwise
Character description:He has green spiky hair green velcro shoes he also wears a green vest on and has a white undershirt on that has a A on it he has a green launcher with a black handle and a red glove on his right he is left handed and he has a green headband on his forehead.
Name: Ryu motoya
Bey: sinister signereus (forge disc)-DB "double layer"
Driver: atomic (at')
Type: attack and stamina (also spin steals)
Bey description: Ryu motoya is a mysterious blader everyone don't know,he has a left-spin beyblade SINISTER SIGNEREUS,signereus has a doubled-layered forge disc that other bey don't have,next the atomic unlike drain fafnir,he has a spin stealing ability too,the driver can be atomic' or nothing' , it can
hand-spin too!
The bit beast of his bey is a Dragon-skeletal cyborg with four eyes (2 in the right and the left) the eye color can turn red for rage mode and black color for absorb mode,Ryu motoya has a red eye on the right and black eye on the left,His hair color is white,hairstyle (kaneki hairstyle) he has a jacket colored white with dragons colored gold,the jacket has no no sleeves on the left his left arm has a tattooed dragon wrapping on his arm,his gloves color is black pure black
His pants color is black-grey
Thanks :-D