[Novel] The Andromeda Files: The End Of Eternity

"They shall travel
To another dimension
But a vacant one
Where none is new."

The Andromeda Files is a duology I'm working on and, hopefully, finish by December. This is just the First File.

Each phase of the novel will be viewed in .PDF; a .PDF may contain one or two phases. It depends on how much I write.

Prologue & Phase 1
WILL YOU EVER STICK TO ONE STORY!? Once again, absolutely beautiful BBP! I can't wait for more... I'm so jealous of you!
It's completely natural for me to change stories. If you've been here for long enough, you'll get used to it. Tongue_out

Anyway, thanks. Next chapter shall be up by the 9th.
I know right!?!? Anyway, this is epic-ally awesome. Keep it up and post the chapter now.
Love the story BP!!! Awesome!!Waiting for next chapter......
Thanks for the critics so far everyone! And I haven't got around to finishing Phase 1 because I plan to have 2500+ words for each phase of the story.
Good job BBP! Very suspenseful! Another great story!
It was hard, believe me, Psylent. But I finished Phase 1!
The story will now be read in .PDF! Read it here!
Alright. I'll make the changes. And glad you find the humor...humorous. Expect the chapter on Saturday.
Anything else before I start on Phase 2? (This is obvious but this post was made to ask for more comments.)
Fixed some errors and added the Phase _ - end thing. I'll have a Phase up tomorrow!