Beyblade Videos
I got mentioned at 18:04-18:13.
Make sure to tune in to my unboxing of Union Achilles at 6:00 PM EST!
EDIT: I've come from after the premiere to say that you should still watch it even if it's just a normal video right now Tongue_out
wacht my battle with turbo warrior if you like and subscribe
Heeyy guys. You know, I started a channel for beyblades,.but I'm not sure if I should keep going. It's going to be a lot of metal fight (and some burst) but the quality isn't the best. Just trying to see who is interested. Pm me if you are, and I will tell you what bey's I have, and you can tell me what battles. Just a reminder, I have an old model of a Motorola phone, so the quality isn't good.
Thanks go 1000!!
TechnicalBlader will return.