Beyblade Random Thoughts

No a Pirannah Plant bey duh.
Has anybody had difficulty bursting aH.St.R?

It could just be a mix of my worn X' driver and a somewhat shoddy launch, but I have difficulty beating the aforementioned aH combo with anything besides spin equalizers. The aH combo is extremely well balanced as well despite the lack of a level chip. In terms of parts, I am using the Tokai version of aH, AD starter's Sting, and TT R2's Revolve.
Here some name I came up with iron tyrannosaurus, thunder pterodactyl, king Godzilla, dark werewolf, storm loch ness or grand Titan these are made that might be good for beyblade
Here’s a thought I’ve had for a while: the Cho-Z Layers were made in a way that forces them to have a lot of weight to be good. The same goes for God Beys with metal, since sX and nL have way too much recoil to be made of just plastic. The moment that the Turbo Beys were decided to not have metal, they were doomed. Layers with a lot of recoil and a fragile design like Z Achilles and Bloody Longinus weren’t that good to begin with, so the Turbo versions are some of the worst Layers in existence. aH didn’t suffer much due to its thick and relatively smooth design, but Turbo Layers are really only riskier God Beys at this point.