Beyblade Collection

(Jan. 08, 2012  1:28 PM)john-flip-pride Wrote:
(Jan. 08, 2012  1:26 PM)th!nk Wrote: Lol, thanks. Trying to compile a list of hasbro's releases where they changed things to engine gears and stuff Tongue_out

No worries bro Tongue_out I just thought of making it EG since in the show Galeon 2 was as fast as Driger G. So First Clutch Base would be used for that idea, and Zeus's fits perfectly since it's a first clutch Smile
Awesome collection Bro! XD I hope you receive your package soon.
JR_Tiger, yeah I hope that's tommorow Smile it's been like almost 7 weeks now thanks to them lazy postal workers due to the holiday period... Yeah I was just taking pics of my 2011 recap Smile thanks for the compliment bro, my collection wud be no way near where it is now if it wasn't for you Smile Cheers! Grin
It's taken 345 days, but I have reached the 50 beyblade benchmark Grin Finally!

S.D.C's Beyblade Collection:
Warning: large Image
I'll take that heavy Rose Gold Face of your hands guys Tongue_out_wink
Nice Collection!

I see Duo Uranus at the top, was that intentional? Tongue_out
It deserves a row to itself, it is just that awesome Tongue_out Although, I think mine may be a bit light Crying But I don't have proper scales to measure it, so I cannot be sure.
Sweet collection SDC. Now all you have to do is wait for the mods to give you a rose gold face. Cute
With some of the 4D beys you have there you could win some matches at the Perth Tourney XD
Oh man you have duo.

Glad I'm not able to make it to the meetup thing now, that would be a real pain to face.

Speaking of face, hopefully someone will be along soon to give you yours Tongue_out
Thanks guys, and Th!nk my Ultimate DX arrived yesterday Grin

Wow, I can make the great and feared Th!nk shake in fear, I underestimated myself (or the influence of Duo on the metagame, probably the latter)
@S.D.C: although it's common sense that the collection photo you posted is indeed yours. But there's small rule that states that you should include a piece of paper with your name written on it. Perhaps you could update your picture according to the rule to speed up your Rose Gold Face process
Yes, as Uwik has said we do need a piece of paper with your screen name on it included in the picture.
Ok, fair enough rule. Here is a re-unload with my name on it:
Warning: Big Image
I think that's the same image as last time, isn't it?

EDIT: Fixed now, give this man a face Tongue_out
Yeah, I linked to the wrong one. I changed it immediately after I saw it was wrong, you must have viewed the image in the one minute that the wrong image was up Tongue_out
Nice work...

Poof! [Image: rosegoldface.png]

You've got your face!

Woo! Thanks dude!

It seem you have given me most of my faces Tongue_out
(Jan. 12, 2012  4:08 AM)Arupaeo Wrote: Nice work...

Poof! [Image: rosegoldface.png]

You've got your face!


...I am going to have to start urinating on your fire hydrants...
I didn't know that octopi could support themselves high enough to actually do that...
I have no objections to doing it while suctioned to it, if that is necessary.
Please Subscribe Grin
Your link is irretrievably broken. Please change it when you can to the direct link for the file you wish to share.
Congratulations on your Rose Gold Face!
Thanks! Although i feel bad that those images are horribly big Unhappy
heres my collection