Beyblade Burst: Shield (BURST STANDARD)

  Brooklyn, New York
Tournament Results
Kings Games
1685 E 15th St
12:00 PM on 12/22/2019

Most official Beyblade Burst gear can be used.

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5 cash  

This is a $5 Dollar Venue fee.

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Hey Everyone!

We're back at it again with another tournament at Kings Games!

Our current tournament date is Sunday, December 22nd, 2019 at Kings Games for a Beyblade Burst Format tournament!

Important Information:

1. Tournament Registration begins at 11:30am. 

Please plan to arrive at Kings Games before registration starts. The later you arrive, the longer it will take to start the tournament.

2. The Tournament begins at 12:00pm. 

You will not be able to register after 12:00pm. Even if you are joined to this tournament on this thread, if you are not registered by 12:00pm or arrive after 12:00pm we will be unable to fit you into the bracket.

Tournament System:

Depending on the number of participants we will use one of the following systems to run the first stage of this tournament:

Swiss (17 - 32 Players):
Bladers play 5 rounds. After the first round, bladers are paired based on their match history. Bladers with the highest records face each other, then the second-highest, etc. The top eight players advance to the final stage.

Double Elimination (33+ Players):
In Double Elimination, there are two brackets: the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket. After losing once, Bladers are sent to the Losers Bracket. If they lose for a second time, they are eliminated from the event. Once both brackets have been completed, the top eight players (top four from the Winners Bracket, top four from the Losers Bracket) advance to the final stage.

Participant Cap:
Due to safety and the fact that there is another event being held at KG, this tournament will have a 64 PARTICIPANT CAP. Please join soon if you would like to participate


Imperial Dragon Ignition'

RBV 18 Rock Joker

GT RLV Vol 3 Grand Pegasus

1st place will have 1st pick, 2nd place will have 2nd pick, and 3rd place receives the remaining prize.


The tournament will take place at Kings Games, rain or shine. Please pay the venue fee at the cash register on the first floor. The tournament will be held on the second floor.

Please Arrive On Time

Please be sure to arrive ON TIME for this tournament. We will start registration at 11:30 AM and will begin the tournament at approximately 12:00PM. If you think you're going to run a bit late, please let me know via a post through this thread or a PM and I'll see what I can do!

If you plan on attending, please click the blue JOIN TOURNAMENT button at the top of this page!

Need-to-Know Information

1. During Registration, Open Your Account Page

Open your account page on your mobile device (if possible) during registration to help us keep things quick.

2. Arrive On Time

You must arrive by the tournament start time to enter. We cannot add new players to an event once it begins. If you're running late, contact the host.

3. Stay Aware of Your Belongings

We do everything possible to ensure a safe environment, but can't be held responsible for lost or stolen goods. Keep your gear close by!

4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

This event is likely to last at least a few hours. If you can't commit to the entire tournament, you're welcome to come watch and play for fun instead!

5. Listen For Your Username To Be Called

Your name will be called when it's time for your next battle. If you need to leave early or take a break, tell a judge. Missing a match could mean disqualification!

Does anyone here collect bakugan. Might come to this event to sell things like diamond bakugan or metal fight parts i don't use if anyone is interested

Also haven't gone to a tournament in years but if not all seats are filled when tournament starts, i might want to enter. I still collect all the beyblades but don't have gachi or cho z cuz u know hasbro a dummy for making the beys with no metal
(Dec. 21, 2019  4:27 AM)DeceasedCrab Wrote: Oh my goodness. Can anyone recommend the closest subway stop to Kings Games? Is it the King's Highway stop on the B and Q line?

I'm well versed with subway travel, but I've never traveled that deep into Brooklyn on the Q. How reliable is it on Sundays, and are there any issues I should know about?

I looked this up, and I think they're just running a little slow, once every 10 minutes.

That is correct. The closest stop is the King's Highway stop. There's been a fair bit of construction on the weekends so that is what is causing delays. Please plan accordingly!
1 day more and I will go beyond my limits!
Hi Lazerbeams, I won’t be able to make it to the tournamen this Sunday.I got a lot of appointments to attend to and I have to do something very important. Have a great day.
Prize Update:

Imperial Dragon Ignition'

RBV 17 Rock Joker

GT RLV Vol 3 Grand Pegasus

See you all soon!
(Dec. 22, 2019  2:51 PM)LazerBeamz Wrote: Prize Update:

Imperial Dragon Ignition'

RBV 18 Rock Joker

GT RLV Vol 3 Grand Pegasus

See you all soon!

I think you meant to put 17, not 18.
(Dec. 22, 2019  2:53 PM)BuilderROB Wrote:
(Dec. 22, 2019  2:51 PM)LazerBeamz Wrote: Prize Update:

Imperial Dragon Ignition'

RBV 18 Rock Joker

GT RLV Vol 3 Grand Pegasus

See you all soon!

I think you meant to put 17, not 18.

Thanks. It's been corrected.
What is the link to the tournament matches so we can monitor?
2nd place in my second tourney ?
I had a lot of fun at the two tournaments yesterday! It was cool to play against an entirely different set of bladers than I'm used to battling. Kings Games is a great venue, and they're fortunate to have access to it. Thanks to the organizer and all the other judges for running the tournaments.

Here's some notes on both tournaments on Sunday.

-I decided my chainmail gauntlets were too impractical to use during matches. I got to wear them at other times.

- Ravinchen has a good Lord Blitz combo! Your think it wouldn't have better LAD than Archer Hercules on Outer Xt+, but it does! I forget the tip, think it was Xt+.

-I tried to make Liner' and Revolve work, but I kept getting outspun. Can't win em all!

-Thank you to RandomBlader64 for helping keep people out of the tournament match area. We really do appreciate the help.

- I was incredibly surprised when LazerBeamz announced the first tournament would be double elimination! I hadn't had one of those events in months. It's always a little scary, because 2 losses and that's it. Most of the bladers I judged were okay when they got eliminated. We should try and make the possibility of double elimination more clear ahead of time, in the thread maybe.

- LazerBeamz is incredibly practiced at getting young participants to pay attention during announcements. We should do everything we can to be quiet and listen to announcements. That means all of us, including judges! No talking, not ripcords, no bey launching.

- There were a lot of times where bladers would be called to a tournament stadium, but they would be too wrapped up in free play to listen. Pay attention, bladers!

- Don't drop trash on the ground! That's called littering, and if you do that, you are doing bad deeds! Some of you are very messy.

- We had some issues with rules changes behind the scenes. Some of the committee members were trying to implement rules changes, but weren't being clear about which formats were getting which changes ahead of time, and whether or not it applied to all tournaments. The committee is making sure we get rule changes more solidly in stone in the future instead of on a case by case basis.

- Kings Games has a natural tournament stadium area, with room for 6 stadium tables. But when those aren't in use, people need to steer clear! We had a lot of people entering that area when they weren't blading or spectating, and that's no good. Bladers, you and your spectators need to clear out of the tournament match area when it's not your turn! Your questions might be valid, but you need to get a judge or organizer to come with you to the Freeplay area to ask it. That includes people who sometimes judge during other tournaments, but not this one. Let's keep that space clear so we can get the tournament going!
I recommend getting some orange cones and caution tape. People can't help but listen to those.

- One reason people kept walking into the organizer area is that the organizer table was at the back of the tournament match area. In order to ask questions, they Had to walk in there! Hear me out: move the Organizer Table to the front boundary of the tournament match area, just behind the artificial wall, and make sure there's easy access for people to ask questions on the other side of it. In Maryland at the venue I use, there's a long path to the tournament area, but the organizer table is right next to it; people can ask questions without going in there. Try it in NY!

- Finals calculation is the bane of my existence. I was glad to help with it, and I hope I didn't screw it up, like I have done twice in the past. In double elimination, there's no calculation to be done, it's actually kind of nice! But in swiss? It's a nightmare. We use Challonge for our brackets, but we don't use their tiebreaker rules. It's a complicated mess of looking up who defeated who in same record matches, and who has higher buchholz. I hate our tiebreaker rules, but I abide by them. I've raised the idea of going by Challonge tiebreaker rules to the committee enough already, but I think for now I'm just stuck with them.

All in all, some good tournaments!
I go into nervous breakdown mode when doing tie breaker for Swiss.  I too think it would be better to follow Challonge rules.  I had to explain to someone once why he didn’t get in and he was 7th or 8th on Challonge, that was hard and I am glad to be alive.
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