BeyLotto & #BeybladeInAction Contest Results

Hello there Bladers!

This has been long overdue, and we apologise for the delay! Naturally, we wanted to wait until we had all the spreadsheets in from the BeyDays events to ensure that everyone who participated in our festivities was entered into our BeyLotto! We'll be starting with our #BeybladeInAction results first!

#BeybladeInAction Results!

We had many action-packed entries, and it was great to see everyone's creativity! In particular, we were looking for images that stood out without needing to be edited, but some of our edited submissions were fantastic as well. But who will our prestigious Thief Phoenix go to...?

[Image: 18644826_307500629685859_3300412247892819968_n.jpg]
...@[Forbidden 1]!

Congratulations! Make sure to pop us a message with your full name, shipping address, and phone number and we'll get your Phoenix out to you!

[Image: beylotto.png]

Yes, we've finally drawn the winners for our BeyLotto! We had an incredible 164 entries in this year's BeyLotto, with most coming from our 12 BeyDays events as well! Thank you all our participants this year!

As a reminder, we have 30 winners of Bit Boosters, and 10 of these will also win physical prizes! As a reminder of the Bit Boosters available...

And our 30 lucky winners are...!

JoJo [Jp0t]
@[volt aoi]
@[Naru Blader]
@[U wot m8]
@[Dark Soul]
@[ashton pinto]
@[Ninja Blader]
@[Bey Bread]

Congratulations! Make sure to leave a comment with your Bit Booster choice!

But who are our 10 physical prize winners? Without further ado...

10th: Wyvron W2 Booster
...ashton pinto!

9th: Doomscizor D2 Starter

8th: Nepstrius N2 Starter

7th:  Kerbeus K2 and Yegdrion Y2 2-Pack
...Dark Soul!

6th: Doomscizor D2 and Unicrest U2 2-Pack

5th: one B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4, B-00 Booster Dranzer Spiral .S.T

4th: one B-67 Random Booster Vol. 5, B-00 Booster Dranzer Spiral .S.T

3rd: B-00 Driger Slash .H.F (Darkness Ver.), B-00 Booster Dranzer Spiral .S.T

2nd: B-00 Dragoon Storm .W.X (Gold Ver.), B-00 Booster Dranzer Spiral .S.T

1st: B-00 Premiere Set!
...Bey Bread! (Wait, you're not Brad...)

Congratulations to all our winners! Make sure to pop us a message with your full name, shipping address, and phone number and we'll get these out to you!

And once again, thank you to everyone who participated in our BeyDays festivities! Here's to next year!
This is super dope!!! Thanks guys!

I'll take Booster Garnet please :3
SUBARASHI!!!  I'll take Garnet please! "Cause I'm stronger than you"
(Sep. 04, 2017  9:37 PM)Sniper Wrote: SUBARASHI!!!  I'll take Garnet please! "Cause I'm stronger than you"

Ayyyy, nice reference
There really should be a thread for Steven Universe XD
Congrats to all the winners!!

I'll take the Vivid bit. Thanks Smile
Thank you to everyone who participated and to ~Mana~ for putting together all of the results to get these winners selected!
Congrats to all the winners (including me, lol)
Congratulations to all the winner and many many thanks to WBO for keeping these awesome contests. It really brings people around the world together.

Will take bit booster AZURE!!
Ahh I didn't placed this time but np! Beycongrats to all winners

I PMed ~Mana~ just the way it was mentioned above for beyblade in action. Didn't get a reply though since. I know he must be getting many PMs a day but if he sees this post I would request him to check his inbox once again. Thanks :D
I did see, and I had thought I’d replied as well! Apparently I must’ve forgotten to actually hit the send button? :’)

Rest assured, I definitely got the message!
I didn't notice I won a bit booster. Yo so I'll take a bit booster Azurite.
Just noticed the tag message, haha. Congrats to all the winners!

I'd like a JADE Booster, thanks!
Ruby please. Ha didn't expect to win anything...
Boy am I late or what, had no idea I had won anything. Can I take ruby please? Thanks everyone for putting the whole thing together.
Haha, I completely missed this >.> Could I get amethyst please? Thanks for putting this together!
Only slightly late here...uhh...


Guys, look up! It's raining Bit Boosters!

@[ClaraM] ...Killerken!

JoJo [Jp0t] ...WBBA Caesar!

@[Sniper] ...Unicorn!

@[ronitnath] ...Hades!
It's rare!

@[FIREFIRE CPB] ...Odin!

@[TourePilot] ...Whiger!

@[Naru Blader] ...Phoenic!
It's a rare!

@[Chimera] ...Saramanda Ifraid!
 Ooo, a shiny secret rare!

@[Cake] ...Counter Leone!

@[Ninja Blader] ...Horusood!

@[ThaKingTai] ...Minoboros!

Thanks for your patience everyone! Those of you who haven't requested your Boosters or provided details for your prizes yet, please do so soon! You wouldn't want to miss out! <3
(Nov. 06, 2017  4:48 PM)Bersilus Wrote: How does one take part in This?? Smile

It's already done, but Beylottos usually take place in a major event like Plastics Remebrance or Beydays.
Wooo thanks a lot. Got a rare one.
what bey-blades can you use in tournament
(Dec. 01, 2017  11:35 PM)excalius Wrote: what bey-blades can you use in tournament

depending on format. but here you can find info about pretty much everything tournament

BTW next time use Question About WBO (correct me if I'm wrong?) thread
Can you do a tournament in Australia Queensland Bundaberg on may 16th please

That you can use burst and metal fusion tournament
Wow! I won Wyvron. Congrats Forbiddon 1

Edit -  Ill take Bit Booster AZURITE @[~Mana~]