Best Beyblade villain

(Aug. 01, 2019  3:59 AM)Dt20000 Wrote: Definitely Brooklyn

By my calculations, here’s the ranking of all of the villains, based off of your inputs:

10. Ashtem
9. Tala
6. Hearts, Zeo Zagart, and Ryuga
5. Red Eye/Shu
3. Rago and Phi
2. Lui
1. Brooklyn

I don't think I would count Hearts as a villain TBH. Yeah, he's a bombastic and arrogant blader who expresses joy from exposing Aiga's dark resonance but it's more that he wants to have an intense battle rather than use it for any malicious intent (much like Lui but less sadistic). He never reaches any levels of evil or destructive behaviour like Lui, Shu or Phi and just wants to have fun (in a non-destructive way).