BB-91 Ray Gil 100RSF Draft: Finished at Last!

I'll check it out and edit it when I can use my computer (iPod, currently.)

Now I just wanna see what Kei says.
(Dec. 30, 2010  9:09 PM)UnLeAsHeD Wrote: Also if u have a strong arm and a beylauncher u can make RSF move in a flower-like pattern like RF, R2F and CS. I've been doing it alot lately and it avoids attack combos well at the start which is when they have the most power. U can add that if u want, might help

i also noticed that
(Nov. 26, 2010  6:28 PM)Ray Joker Wrote: Bottom: RSF
Weight: 0.7 grams
RSF, or Rubber Semi-Flat, is an SF Bottom completely made out of rubber. It is essentially a sharp tip with a flattened rubber end. RSF displays Attack qualities and Defense qualities, moving in a aggressive movement more so than SF. RSF has been tested primarily as a Defense Bottom, as it is less aggressive than RF or R²F and its performance is more similar to RS. It’s drawbacks, however, is that it has shown weaknesses against Left-Spin Beys such as Lightning L Drago, much like RS, and it pales in Stamina when compared to WB, allowing Plastic and Metal Attack Bottoms to outspin RSF quite easily. It has an advantage as a Defense Bottom, however, primarily because of the rubber preventing recoil from Attack Wheels such as Vulcan and Ray.

Due to recent tests, RS has shown to be slightly better than RSF, having higher win rates for the most part in a series of tests comparing the two. However, RSF is still a top-tier Defense Bottom and is on par with CS as a Defense Bottom.

MF isn't even released yet so take the bolded section out. Also put the two paragraphs together cause there's not much point in them being seperate.

Ray Gil 100RSF contains valuable and top-tier parts. RSF is the most significant part of Gil, as it is a top-tier Defense Bottom, and 100 is a top-tier Attack Track. While Ray is predominantly outclassed by wheels such as Vulcan and Lightning, and hasn't served a useful purpose against RSF, RS, or CS, RSF and 100 make up for it. Every Blader should own at least one of this Beyblade.

I think you need a full stop after when you finish listing the defence bottoms. Also I don't agree with the final sentence, I don't think every blader should own one of these... mainly since Ray and RSF are outclassed even though RSF isn't outclassed by much. I would say something like this for the last line:

Although not an essential purchase with Ray and RSF being outclassed by other parts this is still a good purchase.
Thanks, Ultrablader!

RSF is outclassed? It was top-tier in the Competitive Combos listing, only beaten by RS, but should we still call it "outclassed?"

I always thought outclassed meant it was not in the top-tier listing.
(Jan. 09, 2011  5:30 PM)Ray Joker Wrote: I always thought outclassed meant it was not in the top-tier listing.

Outclassed means there is something that does its purpose better.
Like Daegor said. RS is better than RSF so it is outclassed. Personally since Ray is heavily outclassed and I already own RS i'm only ever getting one for collection purposes. I don't really see why anyone would get this since Ray is outclassed, 100 is easy to get, RS is better than RSF and Grand Ketos is pretty much the same price as this. But that's my biased opinion. But I think the my overall section is accurate.
Thanks for confirming this with me guys!

I'll make the changes as soon as I can.
Also it should be noted that 100 has use in destabisers.
Edited some things, and added a destabilizer customization section to 100.

Thanks guys!
I think it's pretty much done now. Anyone disagree with this?
It's actually pretty good. There are a few things I would change, the most glaring one is this:
(Nov. 26, 2010  6:28 PM)Ray Joker Wrote: Bottom: RSF

But otherwise, yes, I'm pretty sure it's fine.

Now we just need confirmation from Kei.
The whole thing?

(Thanks, by the way.)
(Jan. 10, 2011  11:38 PM)Ray Joker Wrote: The whole thing?

Check out the title of a Bottom section on Beywiki and you'll see what I mean.
Ah, sorry about that, and thanks!
Before I comment on anything regarding the article itself, I must ask; has there been any testing done comparing the first and second mold of Ray? I haven't tested the second mold myself yet. It's not as important anymore given that Ray is outclassed, but the information should still be provided if there is a noticeable difference in performance.
I actually have the second mold of Ray, and I can score a 70% + against MF Earth Bull C145WB using a worn RF. My luck with R2F is pretty bad, as I need to wear mine down a bit more.

I don't think there's a huge amount of difference regarding the two molds, as I've compared my tests to other people's tests on the first mold of Ray. It's the same in my opinion, but some validation tests might be needed.
Would you be able to post your results for Mold 2 and somebody else's results for Mold 1?
Sure, I can do that.
Ray=destabiliser wheel.
Ah, I look up into that soon.

EDIT: There hasn't been much testing on it, so is it really necessary to add?
I feel like many Wheels can "destabilize" ... it's the Wheel and Bottom that really make the pure "destabilizer" type. So, unless Ray is proven to be the absolute best Wheel for that type, I don't feel like it is worth mentioning.
I was thinking about that too, as it's not worth mentioning.

My Ray Tests:
MF Earth Bull GB145WB vs. Ray Phoenix 100R²F
Standard Testing Procedures
Worn RF

It's pretty good at it though so I think it should be mentioned. Look in the destabiliser thread. There are some tests on this in there.
Ahh even Chipz get a clean 70-90% against MF-H Earth Bull GB145WB. Thats Ray Mold 2 correct, Mold 1 seems to be stronger and yet Ray Gil come with Mold 2?

Doesn't Flame do a better job? I would think that Flame would be better due to Ray's recoil.


Yes, I'm using Ray Mold 2. There doesn't seem to be a huge difference.

Ray also comes with the Ray Unicorno booster and Aurora vers.