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Heey guys, I'm known as milkychipz, simply because my nefu, littlechipz wanted me to sign up on Twitter etc with that username He's been asking me to sign up so he can acheive the Amber face sometime soon, and I thought it was well known that Im his "supplier". I didn't think it was a bad idead though, but I probably won't be as active as chipz is. I don't have any MFB, but alot of HMS with some plastics and I seem to have forgotten about them so I'll just give them to my nefu. I'm really just a seller, but chipz has practically been lecturing me on these Top-Tier combos etc that I don't understand o_0 Never the less, it seems interesting and I might be able to get an MFB or two... I will post a link to my [SHOP] once I open it.As stated before, I'm a collector of particularly rare HMS and i seem to have given up on Beyblade and have decided to assit my nefu in selling them. Thank you.

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